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Church Records - Jefferson County, Missouri

  • Index to the book "History of Jefferson County Baptists from 1798 - 1949"
  • Bethlehem Baptist Church Records This is an outstanding collection of records by Jaclyn Morgan, including photographs of the original handwritten documents! Names include: Bittick, Brown, Carrow, Eoff, Evans, Graham, Harrison, Huskey, Lee, Manion, McKay, Pounds, Wideman, Williams, Wilson
  • Baptist Representatives 1866
  • First Baptist Church - DeSoto Pastors 1867 - 2000
  • History of Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church
  • Presbyterian Baptisms - DeSoto 1903-1912
  • Presbyterian Church Register 1866-1943
  • Union Church of Antire: The beginnings of - 1839
  • The Churches of Jefferson Co., MO by Jo Burford
  • Sandy Baptist Church Pastors 1824 - 1999
  • Second Baptist Church - Festus Pastors 1953-2017
  • St. Martin United Church of Christ - High Ridge 1868-1968 New!
  • Zion Lutheran Church Pastors 1848-1960

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