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Solomon Reutlinger, farmer and stock raiser, is a native of Baden, Germany, 
and was born February 24, 1846. He is the third son in the family of six 
children born to Moses Reutlinger.  His mother was Rebecca Dreifus, who was 
the first wife of his father, and died in 1848, when Solomon was but one and 
one-half years old.  Mr. Reutlinger was the recipient of an ordinary German 
education, and was reared to stock raising and the butchering business, his 
father having been an extensive dealer in stock.  December 31, 1871, he was 
united in marriage to Miss Nannette Wolf, also a native of Baden, Germany, 
and a daughter of Moses R. and Henrietta (Mersheimer) Wolf.  To Mr. and Mrs. 
Reutlinger five children have been born, viz.: Rosa, born July 18, 1873; 
Sigmund, born August 24, 1877; Morris, born May 7, 1880, died October 19, 1880;
and Ralph, born July 15, 1885.  In the month of November, 1885, Mrs. Reutlinger 
and the children came to America, and lived with her brother in St. Louis, 
where they were joined by Mr. Reutlinger, who took them to Prescott, Ark., 
where he engaged in general merchandising; a stay of sixteen months resulted 
in his loss to the extent of $1,600.  He disposed of his stock and returned to 
St. Louis, where the following five months he spent in prospecting, and finally, 
in partnership with his brother-in-law, W. Wolf, purchased 377 1/2 acres of 
land in Joachim Township, Jefferson County.  Mr. Reutlinger has since devoted 
his attention to improving the farm in various ways, the first cost of which 
at this time is $12,000. He is also extensively engaged in the raising of horses, 
mules and cattle, which he prepares for the St. Louis market; aside from this 
he provides the St. Louis Dairy Company with fifty gallons of fresh milk daily.  
The family are adherents of the Jewish religion, and are held in high esteem by 
those with whom they are associated.  Mr. Reutlinger is a member of the American 
Legion of Honor, holding his membership in Crystal City.  In political matters
he is a Democrat.