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Clarence C. O'Fallon, a stock-dealer of Joachim Township, is a native of 
St. Louis, Mo., his birth occurring March 27, 1857.  He is the eldest son 
of Benjamin and Sally C. (Carter) O'Fallon, of Irish and English parentage, 
respectively.  He was the recipient of a good literary education, his school 
days having been spent mainly in New York City and St. Leonard's-on-the-Sea, 
England.  December 28, 1880, his marriage to Miss Hattie Bates Johnson 
occurred, the result of which was the birth of one child, Nancy Lucas, born 
February 27, 1884.  Mrs. O'Fallon is the daughter of Dr. J. B. Johnson, of 
St. Louis and was born September 2, 1856; her education was acquired at the 
Convent of the Sacred Heart, St. Louis.  Mr. O'Fallon is a member of the 
Order of Elks, and his name is enrolled on the books of the St. Louis lodge. 
In political matters he is a Democrat.  He has been a resident of Jefferson 
County since 1881, and now resides near the site of what was once a formidable 
rival to St. Louis, Herculaneum.  He owns 325 acres of land situated on 
Sections 20 and 31, and is principally engaged in the raising of thoroughbred 
horses.  His residence is situated on a high bluff overlooking the Mississippi, 
which commands a delightful view. Mr. and Mrs. O'Fallon are church members, 
the former of the Episcopal and the latter of the Roman Catholic Church.