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O. M. Munroe, of the banking firm of Bakewell & Munroe, of De Soto, was
born in New York city, and is the eldest of twelve children born to
William O. and Matilda (Mortimer) Munroe, both natives of the City of
New York.  William O. Munroe, a contractor by trade, is now fifty-nine
years of age, and is a highly esteemed man of good business capacity.
Mrs. Matilda Munroe was born in 1837.  O. M. Munroe was educated at
Columbia College, New York City, where he graduated as Bachelor of 
Philosophy in 1879.  Soon after leaving school he ws employed by Carnegie 
Bros. & Co., of Pittsburgh, Penn., to inspect and purchase iron ore
for them.  He was employed by this firm about five years, and bought
large quantities of iron ore from Pilot Knob, Mo.  May 3, 1885, in 
partnership with his brother-in-law, under the firm name of Bakewell & 
Munroe, they established the Jefferson County Bank, which is the oldest
bank in the county.  They have thoroughly demonstrated their superior
fitness for their business by the very able manner in which they have 
conducted their affairs.  They have been remarkably successful, and
have gained the confidence of the public as to their financial ability.
In 1885 Mr. Munroe married Miss Mary Bakewell, daughter of Hon. R. A.
Bakewell, of St. Louis, who was judge of the court of appeals ten years
and is at present master in chancery; he is one of the most influential
citizens of the city of St. Louis, and one of the most prominent members 
of the bar of the State of Missouri.  Mr. and Mrs. Munroe have one child, 
William O., Jr.  In politics, Mr. Munroe is conservative.  He is a member 
of the A. O. U. W.