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Isidor Bush, of the firm of Bush & Son & Meissner, was born in Prague,
Austria, January 7, 1822.  He was reared to the printing business by
his father, in which he continued for several years.  His education was
limited until his eighteenth year, after which he was instructed by 
private teachers.  On account of his liberal views of a political 
nature he was forced to flee from his native country, and sought refuge
in America, landing in New York in 1849.  Here he established a retail 
news stand, which not proving profitable, after one year he went to St.
Louis, via the lakes and canals, making the trip in ten days.  After
having given his attention to the business of a general store in St.
Louis for a few years, in connection with Mr. Taussig, he removed to
Carondelet and continued the same business until 1857.  After several 
other engagements in the mercantile business in St. Louis he became
general ticket agent of the Iron Mountain Railway, which position he
held until 1867.  In 1865 he purchased a tract of land consisting of
260 acres, of James Foster and the State Savings Bank Association, and
immediately engaged in the cultivation of fruits.  His business rapidly
developed, and has reached mammoth proportions, being now carried on
under the firm name of Bush & Son & Meissner.  Mr. Bush was a member of
the conventions of 1861 and 1865 (see State History), which opposed the
secession of the State of Missouri, and has otherwise been prominently
identified with the leading men of the State, having been elected to a
seat in the State Legislature, occupied a position in the city council
of St. Louis, and served as president and secretary of the board of
immigration.  His marriage to Miss Theresa Taussig occurred May 7, 1844
in their native country.  They are the parents of one child, Raphael,
born January 7, 1845.