Jefferson County Historical Society

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Land Records - Jefferson County, Missouri

  • Agricultural Schedules for Jefferson County, MO 1850 1860 1870 1880  (Missouri Secretary of State website)
  • Delinquent Taxpayers in Jefferson Co., MO - 1833
  • Delinquent Taxpayers in Jefferson Co., MO - 1866
  • Jefferson County Original Land Surveys by Jim Johnston
  • Early Jefferson Co. MO Land Owners
  • First Owners in Survey 2991 (or 877) by Dave Hallemann
  • Jefferson County Century Farms 
  • Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Missouri Historical Review 1909 by John L. Thomas
  • Jefferson County Historical Maps  1804-1860 by Lisa K. Gendron
  • Jefferson County Missouri Place Names by: Carole Goggin
  • Jefferson County Missouri Place Names 1928 - 1945 Western Historical Manuscript Collection, Columbia, MO
  • The Google Earth Project for Jefferson Co., MO  by: John Linhorst
  • Origin of Town Names by: Mary Blue  (.pdf file)

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