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Herrington Cemetery

AKA Baker

*verified by Dave Hallemann August 2008

T41 R6 S7

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
BakerJames Horacenone givenOct 06 1885HerringtonAged 6 yrs 7 mo
BallardElizabeth A.18581935HerringtonWife of J.W.
BallardJames W.18641950Herrington 
BurkhardtChristMay 22 1858Jun 28 1913Herrington
ButlerTyler ColeMar 26 2003June 27 2003Herrington"6th Gr Grandson of Bartholomew Herrington"
CadwalladerCharles W18571886Herrington
CadwalladerMary F18361903HerringtonSSA Charles
CadwalladerCharles18141887HerringtonSSA Mary F
CadwalladerDaniel H18681891HerringtonParents John & Josie; SSA Infant
ColeAnnie K.18711955HerringtonSSA William
ColeWilliam H.18701943HerringtonSSA Annie
DrinenMyrtle J19041927HerringtonSaid "Wife and Mother" on stone
DrinnenMollynone givenAug 1921Herrington
E.T.B.none givennone givenHerrington
none givennone givenHerrington
EllisEdward LeeDec 8 1894Thur Nov 7 1895Herrington
EllisLilly BellFeb 9 1892Tue Feb 9 1892Herrington
EtheridgeBessienone givennone givenHerringtonAged 18 days; (no stone found in 2008)
FoosyAugustAug 15 1852Aug 10 1933Herrington
FosterAlex H18591942HerringtonSaid "Father" on stone; SSA Millie
FosterEdna MOct 14 1883Mar 25 1931Herrington
FosterJamesMar 25 1774Jan 3 1867Herrington
FosterJames FOct 9 1815Nov 5 1887Herrington
FosterMaryJan 26 1791Feb 23 1857Herrington
FosterMillie F18631929HerringtonSaid "Mother" on stone; SSA Alex
FuchsJackMay 15 1951Jun 28 1988Herrington"For his restoration of this Cemetery" "Body donated to Science"
GoodeEmmaAug 22 1854Feb 2 1908Herrington nee Foster
GreenleeElijah18641938HerringtonSSA Maggie M.
GreenleeMaggie M18741926Herringtonsame stone as Elijah
HerringtonB.none givenSep 28 1821HerringtonIn his 82nd yr of his age
HerringtonBartholomewApril 10 1740Sep 28 1821HerringtonD.A.R. Plaque
HerringtonElizabethnone givenMar 16 1817HerringtonIn the 90th yr of her life
HerringtonJoshuaMay 27 1800Sep 14 1883Herrington"Erected by his daughter Margaret"
HerringtonSarah DrennanApr 26 1800Oct 15 1868HerringtonD.A.R. Plaque, Daughter of Revolutionary Soldier, William Drennan; "Moved from Belews Creek"
JeudeLouisAug 29 1838Sep 10 1896Herrington
JohnstonM. M.none givenMay 17 1886HerringtonAged 53y 9m 4d; (stone not found in 2008)
KeebyIda M18551925Herrington SSA Wm. Parrish
KeithDouglas Cnone givenMar 4 1896Herrington Son of T.N. & M.; Aged 1 yr 4 mo 18 days
KeithElder RSep 2 1873Apr 19 1893Herrington Son of N.& G. Keith
MarlerCarrie AnnJun 21 1887May 8 1932HerringtonSaid "Wife, Beloved Mother & Grandmother"
MarlerChristina19201931Herrington SSA George
MarlerFrankJun 3 1882Aug 8 1957HerringtonSaid "Father" on stone
MarlerGeorge19291931Herrington SSA Christina
MarlerPhilip T18661932Herrington
MorrisMarynone givenNov 8 1890HerringtonAged 75 yrs; (stone not found in 2008)
OgleThomasApr 18 1828Nov 17 1892HerringtonSSA Virginia; "Father"
OgleVirginiaSep 16 1837Mar 22 1920HerringtonSSA Thomas; "Mother"
ParrishWm T18541926HerringtonSSA Ida M Keeby
PotterWinnfred M19031935Herrington
RaneyMary Cnone givenSep 20 1910HerringtonAged 78 yrs 7 mo 20 days
RodemichBonnie FultsJan 10 1922Oct 8 2008HerringtonSSA Emmett & John
RodemichEmmett BApr 15 1904Feb 18 1994HerringtonSSA Bonnie & John
RodemichJohn EApr 25 1953Aug 20 1981HerringtonSSA Bonnie & Emmett
St. JohnEthel SJan 16 1888Jul 30 1888Herrington Daughter of John & Josie; SSA Infant
St. JohnInfantAug 30 1891Aug 31 1891Herrington Infant of John & Josie; SSA as Ethel
St. JohnJennieJan 03 1898Jul 10 1901Herrington Daughter of John & Josephine
VandiverWm.Jul 21 1822Feb 22 1865HerringtonAged 42y 7m 1d
WolffWilliam WalterOct 23 1881Mar 18 1889Herrington
Y.L.H.none givennone givenHerringtonfootstone in area of Louis Jeude
Y.P.A.none givennone givenHerringtonfootstone in area of Louis Jeude
YeidaJoshAug 19 1850Jan 05 1910Herrington