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Old Crystal City Cemetery


Recorded May 2007 by Kay Clerc-Fakhar, Lisa K. Gendron & Dave Halleman

Additional stones by Jessica Anderson and Laurie Pigue

T40 R6 S18 Survey 315

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
AckersonJno. O. Jr.Sep 6 1837Jun 9 1893Crystal CityThis is a concrete vault
AndersonD AlvahJan 27 1853Dec 28 1884Crystal CityStone Broken in half
BenoitJ. P.Sep 17 18??none givenCrystal CityStone Broken; Footstone
BesantGeorgenone givenApr 23 1896Crystal CityAged 43y 10m 23d
BrownFrankie TMar 4 1900Oct 30 1900Crystal CityDau. of W.H. & A.
BrownGeorgiaJan 30 1897Sep 21 1904Crystal CityDau. of W.H. & A.
BrownWilhelmina FMay 27 1895Mar 23 1907Crystal CityDau. of W.H. & A.
CarterMargaret AnnSep 16 1871Nov 13 1907Crystal CityWife of Wm. J.; Born in Lancashire England
ComptonEverett RJan 10 1890Mar 2 1901Crystal CitySon of R. & M.
ComptonMaggie EMar 6 1893Dec 24 1895Crystal CityDau. of R & M.
CottrillPeternone givenNov 19 1893Crystal CityAged 49 years
CunninghamJohnJun 16 1860Nov 12 1888Crystal CitySon of G & C; Our brother
DanielsWilliamineJun 30 1905Oct 9 1905Crystal City
DerqueBenjaminDec 13 18961902Crystal CityBrother
DerqueCharlesSep 29 18821884Crystal CityBrother
DerqueJohn BMar 8 1846Oct 23 1914Crystal CityFather; Born Cirey France
DerqueMary JosephineSep 10 1855Apr 4 1921Crystal CityMother; Born Ecomond France
DidatM. Louisenone givennone givenCrystal CityMother; Aged 64 years
DithmarFred Knone givenApr 4 1884Crystal City40 years; Erected by a few Crystal City Friends
Earls?Willie Rnone givenNov 23 1893Crystal CitySon of Wm. & E.A.; Aged 10y 10m 3d
EnderburyJaneSep 29 1833Jan 13 1888Crystal CityBorn at New Castle upon Tyne, England; Died at Crystal City; Wife of James
FletcherJanenone givenFeb 1 1889Crystal CityAged 41 Years
FrazierSarah SMar 21 1833Dec 27 1882Crystal CityAged 54y 9m 6d; Mother
G.G.none givennone givenCrystal CityFootstone
GoveroAimee R SweekJun 4 1849Feb 22 1891Crystal CityWife of Paul Govero
GovoroCharlie Wnone givenDec 8 1888Crystal CitySon of P & E; Aged 8y
GovroJosephnone givenSep 30 1888Crystal CitySon of D & A; Was killed on the Crystal City R.R.; Aged 18y 14d
HeddellGeorge WDec 7 1890Feb 12 1898Crystal CitySon of Wm & N.J.
HeddellGeorgina MMar 6 1901Apr 10 1903Crystal CityDau. of Wm. & N.J.
HeddellNancy JaneJan 6 1864Jun 10 1953Crystal City
HeddellWilliam WJun 12 1861Aug 1 1908Crystal CityBorn in London, Eng.
HeinrichJohn JacobApr 13 1846Dec 23 1927Crystal CityFather; SSA Philippine
HeinrichPhilippine MJul 29 1850Apr 4 1922Crystal CityMother; SSA John
HuckMichael1830Feb 26 1898Crystal City(written in German)
HurleyJohnJun 27 1884Jun 27 1884Crystal CitySSA Joseph; Children of J. & Julia
HurleyJoseph WJan 1 1887Jun 27 1888Crystal CitySSA John; Children of J. & Julia
JettLeona EOct 14 1909Dec 22 1909Crystal CityOur Darling Baby
JettMary FSep 5 1848Dec 2 1909Crystal City
JohnsonNilesnone givenFeb 4 1886Crystal CityAged 53y 11m 14d
JunckerMaryAug 16 1866May 1 1891Crystal Citynee Benad; Wife, Mother, Friend
KempAlfred CecilMay 26 1890Jul 19 1891Crystal CitySon of W. & E.; SSA William
KempWilliamMar 24 1858Feb 13 1902Crystal CityBeloved husband of Emily; SSA Alfred
KernTheoboldnone givenOct 28 1889Crystal CityAged 62y 5m 4d; Father
KiddSam HoustonOct 30 1852Dec 28 1895Crystal City
KurtzLenora LDec 18 1904stone brokenCrystal CityBaby stone; Daughter of S. B. & N.I.
LaprevoteAugusteApr 28 1837Jan 21 1889Crystal City
LaRoseCharles ESep 26 1861Feb 20 1923Crystal CityFamily plot surrounded by iron fence
MacnamaraDaniel Jnone givenJun 28 1883Crystal CityAged 3y 2m 4d
MaherHazelJan 29 1902Aug 3 1905Crystal CityDau. of Robt. & Marie
MarshJamesJan 16 1846Jan 20 1897Crystal CityFather; Born in St. Helens Eng.; Died in Crystal City; Iron fence surrounds these stones
MarshJaneAug 28 1850Dec 10 1891Crystal CityBorn in London, England, Died in Crystal City; wife of James
MastersonMartinnone givenJan 24 1888 Crystal CityAged 57? years
MattisonArthur1867?1921?Crystal CityHusband
MattisonEvanone givennone givenCrystal City
MattisonHarrynone givennone givenCrystal City
M.L.none givennone givenCrystal Cityfootstone
O'SullivanEddie Cnone givenJul 13 1895Crystal CitySon of E.O. & Mamie; Aged 1y 11m 3d
PickelWallaceJan 3 1890Oct 31 1891Crystal City
PriceSebert Inone givenOct 7 1893Crystal CityAged 43y 11m
PruneauFrancois XDec 25 1835Feb 11 1891Crystal City
PruneauPhilMar? 21 1871Sep 20 1884Crystal City
PursallMary Snone givenDec 7 1888Crystal City
RitterRobertnone givenFeb 14 1884Crystal CityAged 21y 3m 14d; Companion U. of H. Crystal Council No. 932
RobardsNancy & InfantFeb 21 1888Oct 31 1910Crystal CityWife & child of J.K. Robards
RodgersAmanda AApr 3 1873none givenCrystal CitySSA Carrel
RodgersCarrel DFeb 11 1865Jan 23 1932Crystal CitySSA Amanda
RodgersMyrtle Lnone givenMar 1 1898Crystal CityAged 1y 4m 16d; Dau of C.D. & A.A.
RodgersWilliam TMay 8 1894Apr 10 1909Crystal CitySon of C.D. & A.A.
ScottClaranone givenAug 4 1885Crystal CityAged 32y 8m 27d; Wife of John H.
SiebertEmma SDec 1 1883Nov 21 1889?Crystal CityDau of Michael & Polenia
UnknownGeorge 1855-190?   5 years SSA Maud, Oscar & ?
UnknownLouisaNov 4 1865Sep 3 1886Crystal CityAged 20y 10m 28d
UnknownMaud1855-190?   3 years SSA Geo, Oscar & ?
UnknownOscar1855-190?   1 year SSA Maud & Geo & ?
UnknownUnknownNov? 6? 18??Mar 10 1888Crystal CityStone Broken
Whiteside?arlApr 6 190?Apr 10 190?Crystal CitySon of M. & Florence; SSA Rachel; Edges of stone broken
WhitesideRachelApr 23 190?May 3 1907Crystal CityDau of M. & Florence; SSA ?arl; Edges of stone broken
WilliamsGracieOct 22 1891Aug 13 1895Crystal CityDau. of Newton & Julia
WilsonGuyMay 1 1888Jul 7 1888Crystal CitySon of R & M; SSA Mattie
WilsonMattie AApr 8 1859May 11 1888Crystal CityMy Dear Wife; SSA Guy
WolfJacobJul 11 1852Aug 14 1907Crystal City"Farewell my wife & children"
WoodyerAliceFeb 25 1879Aug 8 1896Crystal CitySSA Letty
WoodyerLetty EOct 23 1884Oct 25 1885Crystal CitySSA Alice