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Cedar Hill Baptist Cemetery
AKA Local Baptist

Additional stones contributed by Lisa K. Gendron
T42 R4 S19

Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathCemetery/BurialOther
AchordJackie Vernon19611961Cedar Hill Baptist
AddisonJames18851957Cedar Hill Baptist
AlexanderBernardOct 04 1900Feb 24 1962Cedar Hill Baptist
AlexanderJanenone givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
AlexanderJohnnone givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
AlexanderL.none givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
AtchisonPhebe E.Dec 16 1823Dec 28 1883Cedar Hill Baptist
BairElizabeth B.18991958Cedar Hill Baptist
BavencroftRobertnone givenFeb 02 1890Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 63 yrs
BeckOscar R.none given1935Cedar Hill Baptist
BergnerCynthia AnnSep 18 1858May 02 1936Cedar Hill Baptist
BergnerDavid J.none givenMay 24 1892Cedar Hill Baptist
BergnerFrank P.Apr 08 1853Sep 02 1923Cedar Hill Baptist
BergnerLindanone givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
BergnerMarvidnone givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
BergnerMary E.none givenMay 15 1896Cedar Hill Baptist
BergnerNathannone givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
BergnerWilliamnone givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
BittickIda Maynone givenApr 01 1888Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 8 yrs 11 mo 2....
BittickJamesDec 20 1811none givenCedar Hill Baptist
BlackDavidOct 16 1821Oct 02 1894Cedar Hill Baptist
BlackFannie G.18641933Cedar Hill Baptist
BlackFrancis H.Sep 01 1858Dec 24 1944Cedar Hill Baptist
BlackLenora E.Aug 28 1871May 06 1957Cedar Hill Baptist
BlackLouisaMar 15 1827Aug 09 1892Cedar Hill Baptist
BlackMary A.18601933Cedar Hill Baptist
BohleMargaretOct 03 1896Aug 24 1920Cedar Hill Baptist
BrackmanCassie M.Dec 08 1870Nov 23 1956Cedar Hill Baptistsame stone a....
BrackmanCharlesSep 16 1863Nov 30 1945Cedar Hill Baptistsame stone a....
BrackmanGeorge H.Nov 06 1865Nov 13 1939Cedar Hill Baptistsame stone a....
BrackmanGordonnone givenApr 05 1893Cedar Hill Baptist
BrackmanGottliebnone givenSep 14 1889Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 64 yrs 7 mo; Born in Prussia
BrackmanJohnnone givenMar 20 1890Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 22 yrs 7 mo 19 days; Born in Jefferson Co Mo
BrackmanLuluAug 09 1872Apr 01 1951Cedar Hill Baptistsame stone a....
BrackmanRoscoe L.Jul 09 1896Sep 18 1916Cedar Hill Baptist
BrackmannGottliebnone givenSep 17 1889Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 64 yrs 7 mo ?? days
BrackmannGottliebnone givennone givenCedar Hill BaptistGovernment marker
BrackmannHelenanone givenJan 19 1911Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 80 yrs 11 mo....
BrackmannJohn H.none givenMar 20 1890Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 22 yrs 7 mo 2...
BrewsterCharlotte F.none givenFeb 16 1901Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 48 yrs 4 mo 1....
BrewsterHenrynone givenFeb 26 1907Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 73 yrs
BrewsterInfantAug 24 1903Aug 31 1903Cedar Hill Baptist
BrownFinnisnone givenMay 02 1?66Cedar Hill Baptist
BruneAgnes M.Mar 06 1835Jan 05 1904Cedar Hill Baptist
BudarA.18341900Cedar Hill Baptist
BurgessFlorenceAug 14 1893none givenCedar Hill Baptist
BurgessLucy E.none givenDec 05 1892Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 27 yrs 11 mo
BurgessRoySep 19 1889Jun 21 1952Cedar Hill Baptist
BuxtonAmelia18701951Cedar Hill Baptist
BuxtonChristine18571933Cedar Hill Baptistsame stone as....
BuxtonEllaNov 02 1891Apr 05 1926Cedar Hill BaptistParents: nee May
BuxtonJohn18571935Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Husband" on stone
BuxtonMary J.18351906Cedar Hill Baptistsame stone as....
BuxtonW. J.none givennone givenCedar Hill BaptistGovernment marker....
BuxtonWilliam J.18321888Cedar Hill Baptistsame stone as....
BuxtonWilliam J.18601936Cedar Hill Baptist
CarneyJacob18761959Cedar Hill Baptist
CarterAlice CooperAug 17 1875Dec 29 1951Cedar Hill Baptist
CloverMichaelOct 02 1853Feb 04 1917Cedar Hill Baptist
CoakleyJulianone givenApr 22 1892Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 44 yrs
CooperBayard G.Dec 01 1890Sep 22 1951Cedar Hill BaptistMo. Pri. 161st
CooperEdgar Dutton18801955Cedar Hill Baptist
CoxJoseph T.Oct 10 1884Mar 14 1957Cedar Hill Baptist
CrowMichael A.Jun 15 1?63Jun 15 1?63Cedar Hill Baptist
CrowSammy A.Nov 04 1?55Nov 26 1?61Cedar Hill Baptist
CrullAmandusnone givenMar 25 1892Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 69 yrs 6 mo 25 days
CrullAmandus L. V.Aug 29 1820Mar 23 1890Cedar Hill Baptist
CrullElmerMay 19 1892none givenCedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
CrullHuldaOct 22 1891Feb 11 1950Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
CrullMary A.Sep 24 1833Jan 25 1890Cedar Hill Baptist
CrullMary Annnone givennone givenCedar Hill BaptistAge: 57 yrs
CrullRalph RobertFeb 14 1925Dec 25 1959Cedar Hill BaptistMo. Cpl. USA Korea
DahlAlexanderJun 09 1869Sep 06 1897Cedar Hill Baptist
DaubertJacob JDec 20 1869Mar 26 1959Cedar Hill Baptist
DaubertKatieMar 28 1897none givenCedar Hill Baptist
DavisAnnama18411904Cedar Hill Baptist
DavisErnestFeb 29 1895Jun 15 1903Cedar Hill Baptist
DavisIda MaggieJul 04 1874Feb 11 1951Cedar Hill Baptist
DavisJames F1862none givenCedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
DavisJohn RJun 11 1872Sep 14 1907Cedar Hill Baptist
DavisKatyAug 01 1889Sep 15 1889Cedar Hill Baptist
DavisLenaFeb 25 1884Feb 08 1953Cedar Hill Baptist
DavisVirginia18691945Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
DavisWilliam S.Oct 20 1880Sep 28 1945Cedar Hill Baptist
DeVeyCharles H18931964Cedar Hill Baptist
DeVeyLouise M18921961Cedar Hill Baptist
DickhardtA.G.18561931Cedar Hill Baptist
DickhardtA.H.18901937Cedar Hill Baptist
DickhardtA.W.18921908Cedar Hill Baptist
DickhardtAnna18611922Cedar Hill Baptist
DickhardtSadie18841949Cedar Hill Baptist
DoldeDaniel GOct 19 1876Feb 04 1957Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
DoldeMary ASep 28 1886none givenCedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
DoldeRaleigh FOct 18 1915Jan 10 1931Cedar Hill Baptist
DollMary GSep 24 1863Sep 18 1912Cedar Hill Baptist
DollPhilip18621943Cedar Hill Baptist
DottFrankMar 13 1879Sep 23 1947Cedar Hill Baptist
DunniganBobby G19331934Cedar Hill Baptist
DunniganInfantnone givenMay 06 1951Cedar Hill Baptist
EckertMinnie1868none givenCedar Hill Baptist
EckertWilliam B.18641934Cedar Hill Baptist
EdensArthur J.Oct 16 1884May 27 1958Cedar Hill Baptist
EdensMabel C.Jun 28 1898none givenCedar Hill Baptist
EdwardsEdward T.Apr 27 1886Feb 13 1891Cedar Hill Baptist
EggersAlma C.1899none givenCedar Hill Baptist
EggersHelenMay 08 1920May 17 1941Cedar Hill Baptist
EggersHenriettaSep 25 1868Jan 23 1937Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
EggersHenry D.Dec 24 1861Mar 27 1943Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
EggersWalter H.18951955Cedar Hill Baptist
EggersWalter H. Jr.Aug 08 1927Apr 19 1936Cedar Hill Baptist
EichamierJosephnone givenFeb 22 1888Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 8 mo
ElengerMary Melissanone givenSep 20 1885Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 1 yr 6 mo; Born in Morse Mill Mo
FickenEmmaNov 29 1858Aug 2 1930Cedar Hill Baptist
FickenGerhardJun 8 1853Jun 17 1920Cedar Hill Baptist
FickenRobert EarlDec 31 1941Mar 11 1942Cedar Hill Baptist
FinnJimmie Leenone givenFeb 23 1953Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 16 yrs 1 mo 2....
FischerArthur CMar 26 1889Sep 9 1905Cedar Hill Baptist
FischerElmer HJun 23 1901Oct 19 1905Cedar Hill Baptist
FischerFred H18911941Cedar Hill Baptist
FischerLouis18651949Cedar Hill Baptist
FischerThomas18261908Cedar Hill Baptist
FischerWilhelmina18681939Cedar Hill Baptist
FreagulElissanone givenFeb 13 1888Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 64 yrs
none givenJul 21 1890Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 3 mo
GanzMaryNov 24 1863Jun 1 1894Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 30 yrs 6 mo 7 days
GonzBertha JaneOct 16 1893Oct 26 1893Cedar Hill Baptist
GonzHerbertJan 18 1895Mar 2 1895Cedar Hill Baptist
GonzJohnAug 4 1870Feb 7 1913Cedar Hill Baptist
GonzJoseph18611929Cedar Hill Baptist
GonzKatherine1869none givenCedar Hill Baptist
GonzMary18791954Cedar Hill Baptist
GonzWalter WNov 22 1905Jun 21 1908Cedar Hill Baptist
GonzWilliam18651926Cedar Hill Baptist
GrahamAnna CNov 12 1878Mar 9 1964Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone; same stone as Bart
GrahamBartJan 13 1874May 8 1953Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone; same stone as Anna
GrahamCurtis W18701954Cedar Hill Baptist
GrahamElizabeth18441920Cedar Hill Baptist"His Wife" same stone as Lafayette
GrahamEmilFeb 10 1882Jan 15 1895Cedar Hill Baptist
GrahamEvaOct 7 1886Jan 1 1899Cedar Hill Baptist
GrahamGertrude18861909Cedar Hill Baptist
GrahamGrace LeagueFeb 18 1883Mar 11 1967Cedar Hill Baptist
GrahamJenetynone givenNov 9 1896Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 7 yrs 3 mo 22 days
GrahamLafayette18381909Cedar Hill Baptist
GrahamMary JaneMay 21 1848Oct 12 1901Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 53 yrs 4 mo 2....
HahnEmmaAug 16 1900Aug 4 1939Cedar Hill Baptist
HanveyNancy AApr 10 1842Nov 28 1908Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
HanveyWilliamMar 16 1827Mar 6 1894Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
HarnessDavid FMar 21 1896Jun 23 1897Cedar Hill BaptistParents: Son of R.& F.
HarnessEdwin JJan 4 1889Apr 06 1950Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
HarnessFannieFeb 10 1859Sep 3 1917Cedar Hill Baptist
HarnessGeorgeFeb 10 1864Jun 03 1951Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
HarnessMyrtleFeb 4 1894Jan 3 1898Cedar Hill BaptistParents: Daughter of R.
HarnessMyrtle VMay 14 1894Jan 21 1961Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
HarnessRebecca AFeb 1 1868Jan 26 1944Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
HarnessRudolph18531929Cedar Hill Baptist
HeidbrinkFrederickOct 17 1861Nov 29 1928Cedar Hill Baptist
HeidbrinkHenryApr 29 1859Aug 4 1929Cedar Hill Baptist
HeidbrinkJuliaMar 24 1862Dec 22 1926Cedar Hill BaptistParents: nee Lony
HeidbrinkMargaretDec 13 1854Apr 5 1929Cedar Hill BaptistParents: nee Forrest
HeitmannBettyMay 21 1904May 28 1904Cedar Hill Baptist
HeitmannHenry18641958Cedar Hill Baptist
HeitmannLizzie18731939Cedar Hill Baptist
HeitmannMargret18691905Cedar Hill Baptist
HeitmannOtto Cnone givenFeb 26 1941Cedar Hill Baptist
HelabrandAmosMar 24 1840Dec 28 1865Cedar Hill Baptist
HelabrandAnnaJun 18 1819Jul 18 1885Cedar Hill Baptist"Wife of Bartholomew Helabrand"
HelabrandJohnMay 11 1856Jan 24 1882Cedar Hill Baptist
HelderbrandElisabethnone givenJan 27 1881Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 60 yrs 7 mo 5 days
HellerbrandCharley AAug 31 1847Nov 6 1906Cedar Hill Baptist
HellerbrandHenryFeb 13 1815Oct 2 1899Cedar Hill Baptist
HellerbrandRozellaJan 28 1873Oct 12 1873Cedar Hill Baptist
HelterbrandSamuel AJun 8 1856Nov 21 1893Cedar Hill Baptist
HenningerMary J18881957Cedar Hill Baptist
HerweckGeorge R18861937Cedar Hill Baptist
HerweckHulda M1892none givenCedar Hill Baptist
HildebranClaudy ROct 29 1882Dec 25 1882Cedar Hill Baptist
HildebranGreen18511897Cedar Hill Baptist
HildebranLouisa18541910Cedar Hill Baptist
HilderbrandAnnanone givenJul 18 1885Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 64 yrs 1 mo
HilterbrandBDec 28 1813Jun 18 1895Cedar Hill Baptist
HornCarrienone givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
HornEddienone givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
HornWilhelmOct 18 1824Oct 30 1885Cedar Hill Baptist
HornWilliamnone givenOct 30 1885Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 61 yrs
JabobsLillie FDec 14 1890none givenCedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
JabobsRoy JFeb 25 1917May 28 1959Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Son" on stone
JacobsAnnieFeb 28 1873Aug 3 1931Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
JacobsClifford M.Jul 19 1906Dec 11 1951Cedar Hill Baptist
JacobsFredJan 18 1867Sep 2 1932Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
JacobsGeorge E.Sep 14 1896May 24 1961Cedar Hill BaptistMo.Pvt. Provost
JacobsJames W.Sep 23 1892May 10 1953Cedar Hill Baptist
JonesEdithApr 3 1848Jan 30 1893Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 49 yrs
KellyEdward LoveFeb 19 1876Jul 7 1957Cedar Hill Baptist
KellyIva LillianFeb 1 1878Jun 7 1948Cedar Hill Baptist
KerberHenry O18911940Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddAddie18731947Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddAnna C1892none givenCedar Hill Baptist
KiddBert A19051936Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddBlanche M18941938Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddClatonAug 26 1891Aug 26 1891Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddEdithSep 18 1891Nov 22 1913Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddEva JNov 19 1893Aug 13 1894Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddGeorgeMar 3 1829Dec 27 1917Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddGeorge A18651940Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddHannah RJan 14 1828Jun 17 1896Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddHubertAug 02 1915Jun 16 1928Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddHughyFeb 28 1899Feb 28 1899Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddIsabell18601935Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddJames ASep 21 1890Jul 17 1892Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddJennie COct 16 1866Dec 6 1932Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddJohnnieMar 12 1899Apr 27 1899Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddJoyce LeeApr 10 1933Feb 03 1935Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddMyrtleSep 13 1893Oct 10 1923Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddNoahOct 19 1860Mar 5 1901Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddRoy AJun 16 1894Aug 15 1912Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 18 yrs 2 mo
KiddSimie FDec 17 1895Jul 17 1896Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddW.E.Nov 2 1869Jan 27 1922Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddWalter LeeJan 31 1899Jan 7 1920Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddWalter Lee JrDec 14 1919Dec 22 1919Cedar Hill Baptist
KiddWilliam Grover18921962Cedar Hill Baptist
KimbleFloyd WJan 13 1937Feb 27 1958Cedar Hill BaptistMo. A2C 3420 St
KimbleHettie Leenone givenJun 27 1965Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 60 yrs 8 days
KitsonJ.T.Apr 14 1856Nov 2 1923Cedar Hill Baptist
KitsonMinnieOct 29 1865Jun 7 1926Cedar Hill Baptist
KitsonNorman AMay 15 1915Feb 28 1948Cedar Hill Baptist
KochCatharineSep 23 1846Sep 2 1907Cedar Hill Baptist
KochChristol18861915Cedar Hill Baptist
KochHenryMay 20 1877Dec 24 1897Cedar Hill Baptist
KochWilliamOct 12 1845Oct 14 1903Cedar Hill Baptist
KyleAlbertOct 7 1889Nov 21 1966Cedar Hill Baptist"Brother"
KyleAlice18641933Cedar Hill Baptistsame stone as James
KyleHughAug 18 1892Jun 26 1960Cedar Hill Baptist
KyleJames18601928Cedar Hill Baptistsame stone as Alice
LaumanHeinrichMay 31 1854Jul 2 1892Cedar Hill Baptist
LawrenceGeorge AMar 4 1875Mar 15 1941Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
LawrenceJohn HDec 27 1872Jun 27 1963Cedar Hill Baptist
LawrenceLouisa AFeb 24 1881Nov 28 1955Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
LawrenceMary ElizabethAug 20 1880Oct 19 1962Cedar Hill Baptist
LawrenceW. EdwardNov 9 1877Oct 11 1896Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 18 yrs 11 mo ?? days
LawrenceWillie CMar 08 1901Jul 18 1901Cedar Hill Baptist
LeagueLue D18441919Cedar Hill Baptist
LeighthauserCarolineJul 22 1828Sep 24 1904Cedar Hill Baptist
LucasBertha GDec 22 1884Nov 11 1960Cedar Hill Baptist
LucasElizabeth18371906Cedar Hill Baptist
LucasGeorge W18681944Cedar Hill Baptist
LucasHersy ANov 12 1892Jul 3 1893Cedar Hill Baptist
LucasJesse A18301902Cedar Hill Baptist
LucasJulia18711901Cedar Hill Baptist
LucasNathan JNov 22 1880Mar 3 1953Cedar Hill Baptist
LucasNorman P19111912Cedar Hill Baptist
LucasWilford JJul 22 1890none givenCedar Hill BaptistAge: 2 mo 5 days
LudemanAlberta MJan 21 1907none givenCedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
LudemanDonald HJan 24 1907Jul 09 1960Cedar Hill Baptist
LudemanDorsa FMar 6 1900Jan 18 1961Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
LudemanHenry18741963Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
LudemanJack Dorsanone givenSep 01 1963Cedar Hill Baptist
LudemanJoyce Leenone givenMay 24 1964Cedar Hill Baptist
LudemanLouise18751936Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
LudemennFrederick GilbeJan 11 1894Jun 27 1894Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 5 mo 15 days
MackeyLulu MayFeb 24 1880Feb 21 1911Cedar Hill Baptist
MathisEnoch S18701960Cedar Hill Baptist
MathisJames DonaldFeb 07 1931Apr 16 1965Cedar Hill Baptist
McElvainRichardMay 18 1947Jul 19 1947Cedar Hill Baptist
McElyeaHueynone givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
McElyeaIdanone givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
McKeeGus LNov 15 1867Nov 11 1948Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
McKeeIda ASep 6 1875Dec 12 1962Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
McKeePeggie EAug 22 1908Jul 15 1961Cedar Hill Baptist
McKeeverBessie18971975Cedar Hill Baptistsame stone as Thomas
McKeeverThomas18951978Cedar Hill BaptistSame stone as Bessie
MedleyAnna18871938Cedar Hill Baptist
MedleyEliza Enone givenJun 8 1889Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 19 yrs 4 mo 28 days
MedleyGeorge WAug 4 1874Jul 8 1932Cedar Hill Baptist
MedleyHarvey18711950Cedar Hill Baptist
MedleyMary Jnone givenFeb 27 1867Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 6 yrs 4 mo
MedleyMary M.none givenFeb 17 1890Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 3 yrs 4 mo 20 days
MeyerLouieJun 12 1855Mar 15 1905Cedar Hill BaptistSpouse: Minnie; Said "Father" on stone
MeyerMinnieDec 26 1859Mar 8 1926Cedar Hill BaptistSpouse: Louie; Said "Mother" on stone
MillerCaroline18591947Cedar Hill Baptist
MillerEdward18571929Cedar Hill Baptist
MillerLouise MFeb 23 1886none givenCedar Hill Baptist
MillerMamie18831933Cedar Hill Baptist
MillerNorman A19401953Cedar Hill Baptist
MillerWilliam HNov 17 1886Jul 21 1939Cedar Hill Baptist
MillerWilliam S19341955Cedar Hill Baptist
MillerWilliam SAug 17 1934May 29 1955Cedar Hill Baptist
MoeckelArnold JDec 9 1885Jan 16 1955Cedar Hill Baptist
MooreAda BMay 06 1904none givenCedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
MooreDaniel AMay 11 1902Sep 23 1958Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
NicholsBertha J18781933Cedar Hill Baptist
NicholsJames M1869none givenCedar Hill Baptist
NuelleJoseph FDec 20 1831May 6 1909Cedar Hill Baptist
NuelleLouise ENov 12 1849Sep 30 1936Cedar Hill Baptist
OberhausHerman HJul 1 1885Apr 16 1958Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
OberhausJaniceNov 11 1939Nov 30 1939Cedar Hill Baptist
OberhausLillie MAug 17 1888none givenCedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
OberkreamerAugust FJan 4 1884Dec 2 1957Cedar Hill Baptist
OberkreamerMary JMar 27 1887none givenCedar Hill Baptist
OgleLouisa E18531937Cedar Hill Baptist
OgleNathaniel S18481924Cedar Hill Baptist
PepersEmmettJun 27 1881Oct 4 1917Cedar Hill Baptist
PeppersAmandaMay 15 1861Oct 13 1951Cedar Hill Baptist
PeppersBertie D18861888Cedar Hill Baptist
PeppersIsaacMay 15 1856Jan 25 1937Cedar Hill Baptist
PeppersWilliam DNov 25 1860Jun 7 1900Cedar Hill Baptist
PeterAnnieAug 25 1854Oct 11 1930Cedar Hill Baptist
PeterJakeJul 21 1850Feb 19 1908Cedar Hill Baptist
PinkEmmaJul 31 1870Dec 29 1958Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
PinkGeorgeFeb 18 1859Jul 23 1945Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
PinkNoraDec 7 1900Jan 18 1901Cedar Hill Baptist
PinkOliver R19081931Cedar Hill Baptist
PinkOtto EFeb 04 1902May 18 1915Cedar Hill Baptist
PitmanLena Koch18861959Cedar Hill Baptist
RadeackarCharles HOct 7 1884Jan 24 1908Cedar Hill Baptist
RadeackarElizabeth MAug 1 1861Jul 29 1944Cedar Hill BaptistSpouse: Louis B.; Said "Mother" on stone
RadeackarGeorge BNov 2 1882Oct 28 1960Cedar Hill BaptistSpouse: Margaret; Said "Husband" on stone
RadeackarLouis18241903Cedar Hill Baptist
RadeackarLouis BFeb 20 1857Mar 19 1947Cedar Hill BaptistSpouse: Elizabeth M.; Said "Father" on stone
RadeackarMargaretJan 16 1891none givenCedar Hill BaptistSpouse: George B.; Said "Wife" on stone
RankinDoris19151917Cedar Hill Baptist
RankinGertrude L18861962Cedar Hill Baptist
ReabanFred ADec 25 1901May 16 1932Cedar Hill Baptist
ReinemerAnna KJul 7 1860Jan 26 1890Cedar Hill Baptist
ReinemerEffieJun 4 1890Feb 13 1915Cedar Hill Baptist
ReinemerEmma H18561924Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
ReinemerFrederick T18561936Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
ReinemerFritzMay 13 1829Mar 5 1900Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 70 yrs 9 mo 2? days
ReinemerGeorg G.A.Feb 6 1861Jan 15 1887Cedar Hill Baptist
ReinemerGeorge HJan 14 1890Mar 27 1890Cedar Hill Baptist
ReinemerJohannaMar 8 1832Oct 22 1897Cedar Hill Baptist
RicePearl HOct 29 1883none givenCedar Hill Baptist
RiceWilliam LOct 15 1877May 30 1954Cedar Hill Baptist
RoseAugustFeb 26 1874Oct 7 1933Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
RoseEmma19031920Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Sister" on stone
RoseEmmaSep 30 1863Jul 16 1950Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
RoseHenry18871919Cedar Hill Baptist
RoseHenryFeb 21 1858Apr 2 1936Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
RoseJohn18961919Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Brother" on stone
RoseKatharine18911919Cedar Hill Baptist
RoseLena18681930Cedar Hill Baptist
RoseLenaFeb 21 1879Sep 5 1930Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
RoseWilliam18601941Cedar Hill Baptist
RossWilliam CAug 07 1936Jun 08 1959Cedar Hill Baptist
SanneLouisNov 15 1889Nov 23 1894Cedar Hill Baptist
SchaedlerRonald LeeFeb 05 1939Dec 29 1957Cedar Hill Baptist
SchallomFrank18961952Cedar Hill Baptist
SchlenkerArthur19021960Cedar Hill Baptist
SchlenkerGeorge JJul 10 1839Jun 04 1910Cedar Hill Baptist
SchlenkerMikieMay 03 1894Jan 02 1921Cedar Hill Baptist
SchlenkerReginaMay 15 1845Mar 03 1917Cedar Hill Baptist
SchlenkerWilliamNov 11 1879Apr 28 1942Cedar Hill Baptist
SchneiderBernardJul 13 1860Jul 15 1936Cedar Hill Baptist
SchneiderMatilda BJul 08 1863Aug 16 1949Cedar Hill Baptist
SchubelFranklin ESep 04 1876Jul 16 1924Cedar Hill Baptist
SchubelLeRoy RusselFeb 18 1934Apr 21 1934Cedar Hill Baptist
SchubelLily EDec 16 1874Jan 30 1949Cedar Hill Baptist
SchubelVirgil IvanFeb 17 1930Sep 05 1930Cedar Hill Baptist
ScroederJohn H18731958Cedar Hill Baptist
SelfHarold COct 07 1899Nov 18 1951Cedar Hill Baptist
SelfJohn L18731939Cedar Hill Baptist
SextonBurl18931961Cedar Hill Baptist
SieversMahala EJan 23 1868Jul 31 1959Cedar Hill Baptist
SodarAntonNov 11 1873none givenCedar Hill Baptist
SodarNellie18871956Cedar Hill Baptist
SodarOttilieOct 28 1878Dec 31 1929Cedar Hill Baptist
StatzelPeternone givenOct 16 1893Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 40 yrs
none givenSep 14 1891Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 2 days
StewartArthurnone givenMar 01 1?54Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 68 yrs
StewartBertieFeb 02 1887Sep 10 1891Cedar Hill BaptistParents: R.P. & ....
StewartGertieSep 12 1891Sep 18 1891Cedar Hill BaptistParents: R.P. & ....
StewartNancy18581935Cedar Hill Baptist
StewartStellanone givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
StovesandBertha M18721930Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
StovesandErnest A18691946Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
StovesandInfantFeb 02 1894Feb 02 1894Cedar Hill Baptist
StummCharlesDec 17 1855Sep 16 1913Cedar Hill Baptist
StummEmilyOct 17 1858Apr 07 1942Cedar Hill Baptist
SullensElizaOct 24 1842Dec 05 1918Cedar Hill Baptist
SullensHorrace Inone givenJan 03 1890Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 15 yrs 4 mo
SullensMarsellus Gnone givenFeb 27 1898Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 35 yrs 8 mo 1....
SullensN.B.none givenApr 21 1897Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 61 yrs 2 mo 3....
SullensWilliam D18681954Cedar Hill Baptist
SuraudPeter J18481937Cedar Hill Baptist
TreadwayMollie18831960Cedar Hill Baptist
TyerEdward EJan 23 1876Jan 10 1931Cedar Hill Baptist
TyerKatie GFeb 24 1881Apr 23 1906Cedar Hill Baptist
TyerMary18781929Cedar Hill Baptist
VoellingerArthur A Sr18841938Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
VoellingerArthur Jr18151921Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Son" on stone
VoellingerHulda18901939Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
VogtBenjamin HSep 05 1891Aug 29 1955Cedar Hill Baptist
VogtHelennone givennone givenCedar Hill Baptist
VogtHoward Leonone givenNov 14 1?43Cedar Hill Baptist
VogtJacob18811940Cedar Hill Baptist
VogtJohnJul 17 1861Jan 07 1915Cedar Hill Baptist
VogtPeter G.C.Nov 03 1886Oct 22 1955Cedar Hill Baptist
VogtRhoda FFeb 28 1871Jan 03 1955Cedar Hill Baptist"Mother"
VogtVirginia18921948Cedar Hill Baptist
VotawAgnesOct 12 1879Oct 14 1944Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
VotawFrankJan 20 1877Mar 27 1957Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
WenzelHerbert EMay 17 1?20Mar 18 1?59Cedar Hill BaptistArk.Tech. 5 95
WilliamsCharlesSep 12 1846Jul 09 1922Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone; Dr.
WilliamsDora CAug 13 1892Sep 05 1965Cedar Hill Baptist
WilliamsGladysAug 08 1894Aug 18 1899Cedar Hill Baptist
WilliamsHarry Lee19081956Cedar Hill Baptist
WilliamsInfantnone givenDec 18 1?51Cedar Hill Baptist
WilliamsInfantOct 23 1892Oct 23 1892Cedar Hill Baptist
WilliamsLee LNov 02 1879Oct 10 1935Cedar Hill Baptist
WilliamsSilas M18871957Cedar Hill Baptist
WilliamsSue EAug 18 1858Jan 09 1939Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
WilliamsUnknownnone givenOct 28 1892Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 1 hr
WilsonAmy JOct 23 1899none givenCedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
WilsonBertha L19071961Cedar Hill Baptist
WilsonDelmar C19151949Cedar Hill Baptist
WilsonHannah JNov 19 1875Jun 20 1944Cedar Hill Baptist
WilsonHazelApr 03 1?07Aug 29 1?13Cedar Hill Baptist
WilsonIsaacnone givenJul 02 1891Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 56 yrs 10 mo 16 days
WilsonJohn F1896none givenCedar Hill Baptist
WilsonLester CNov 19 1895Mar 27 1955Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
WilsonLucinda EDec 26 1864Jul 11 1924Cedar Hill BaptistAge: 59 yrs 6 mo 1....
WilsonThomas E18681952Cedar Hill Baptist
WilsonTillie18781957Cedar Hill Baptist
WilsonWilliam L18781957Cedar Hill Baptist
WohlboldFrankJun 24 1?05Mar 04 1?20Cedar Hill Baptist
WohlboldJennieJan 08 1881none givenCedar Hill BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
WohlboldRobertSep 10 1884Aug 11 1941Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Father" on stone
YoungAnna IDec 26 1894Nov 09 1926Cedar Hill BaptistParents: nee Pink
ZweigartElizabethAug 19 1880Feb 07 1938Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Wife" on stone
ZweigartPhilipMar 17 1871Jul 26 1939Cedar Hill BaptistSaid "Husband" on stone
ZweigartPhilipMay 03 1844Mar 23 1920Cedar Hill Baptist
ZweigartWilhelminaOct 01 1851Jun 16 1927Cedar Hill Baptist