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Evangelical Lutheran Cross Cemetery
AKA Kerckhoff - Adjoins Sandy Baptist

Additions and corrections submitted by Dave Hallemann
T41 R5 S17

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemetery/BurialNotes
BrinkmanMartinMar 01 1869Jul 12 1890Evangelical Lutheran
ElrodHuberSep 01 1907Nov 29 1979Evangelical Lutheran
FleischmanWilliamMar 11 1911Jun 14 1983Evangelical LutheranPFC US Army WWII
KattlemannJoseph Roy1905none givenEvangelical Lutheran
KattlemannMay18691924Evangelical LutheranWife of Wm. G.
KattlemannWm. G18691910Evangelical LutheranSpouse: May
KerckhoffA.L.Jun 29 1864Nov 10 1886Evangelical Lutheran
KerckhoffAlfred18891891Evangelical LutheranSon of M.W.
KerckhoffArthur18791885Evangelical LutheranChildren of M.W.; same stone as Lola
KerckhoffCasper Hnone givenFeb 15 1899Evangelical LutheranAged 82 yrs
KerckhoffClarissa J18691938Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Jacob C
KerckhoffLola18831885Evangelical LutheranChildren of M.W.; same stone as Arthur
KerckhoffJacob C18641952Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Clarissa
KerckhoffJohn Grovernone givenMay 06 1933Evangelical LutheranMissouri, CHF. BOS'N MATE, U.S. NAVY
KerckhoffJosephine Stainford18761966Evangelical Lutheran
KerckhoffLouisaJun 17 1840Mar 2 1907Evangelical Lutheran
KerckhoffPaulineFeb 26 1885Aug 31 1974Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Wm.
KerckhoffS.L.Nov 1 1886Nov 5 1886Evangelical LutheranDaughter of Jacob C & A.L.
KerckhoffWm CFeb 6 1879Feb 21 1950Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Pauline
LinhorstJohn G18801973Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Dora
LinhorstDora M18831965Evangelical LutheranSame stone as John
LippmanMargarethJul 9 1819Oct 19 1889Evangelical Lutheran
MossAdel ANov 22 1905Feb 8 1994Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Harvey
MossHarvey LMay 4 1896Apr 14 1983Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Adel
RoeschHarryOct 1 1888Apr 28 1946Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Hulda Elrod
RoeschHulda ElrodMay 3 1909Oct 30 1999Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Harry
SchubelLaura LFeb 9 1911Sep 29 1997Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Mason
SchubelMasonJun 14 1905May 25 1971Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Laura
SchubelNellie EOct 31 1913Dec 24 1997Evangelical LutheranSame stone as W. Dwight
SchubelW. DwightApr 23 1908Dec 15 1977Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Nellie
SteinbachAnnanone givennone givenEvangelical Lutheran
SteinbachArthur JSep 27 1899Aug 8 1988Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Esther
SteinbachBruno18751935Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Etta
SteinbachClarice19291930Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Warren
SteinbachEsther HJul 15 1904Jan 19 1988Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Arthur
SteinbachEtta18761949Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Bruno
SteinbachErvin D19121997Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Leona
SteinbachLeona E19171985Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Ervin
SteinbachNelda19361940Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Richard
SteinbachRichard19321933Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Nelda
SteinbachRobertnone givennone givenEvangelical Lutheran
SteinbachWarren18281929Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Clarice
StuppJuliusOct 25 1897Jan 13 1968Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Sophia L
StuppSophia LOct 20 1903Mar 16 1984Evangelical LutheranSame stone as Julius
WhippleS.E.Apr 17 1835Nov 29 1899Evangelical Lutherannee Maxfield, Widow of H. Kattleman