Member Photos


Lisa Gendron & Tim Ogle working in the James Donnell cemetery - August 2018

    Bill Haggard & Steve Huss - Senior Expo 2018

JCHHS Members at Fletcher House tour, Oct. 2017 - Front Row left to right: Sarah Sumner, Mona Faye Lewis, Lisa Gendron

Back row: Bill Haggard, Bernard Laiben, Dennis Bentley, Bobby Adams



Bernard Laiben and Lisa Gendron - Twin City Days 2017                                                        Kay Clerc - Fakhar 2016

                                                                                        Tim Ogle 2017

Lisa Gendron working at Peter McCormack, Stroup, and Myer cemeteries - 2017


Reception for Betty & Blaine Olson - 2016

L - R Tim Ogle, Dennis Bentley, Carole Goggin, Randy Moore, Blaine Olson, Bernard Laiben, Betty Olson,

Dave Hallemann, Sarah Sumner, Lisa Gendron, Glee Heiligtag Naes


 BlaineBettyOlson2016Appreciation.jpg CaroleTim2016.jpg

Betty & Blaine Olson                                                                       Carole Goggin & Tim Ogle 2016

BernardLaibenDec2015.jpg CaroleLisaJan2016.jpg

Bernard Laiben - 2015                                                                    Carole Goggin & Lisa Gendron - 2015


Tim Ogle, Carole Goggin, Dennis Bentley, Lisa Gendron, Randy Moore, Mary Blue, Bernard Laiben

 TimLisaJan2016.jpg  Jan2016CaroleDennisRon.jpg

                        Tim Ogle & Lisa Gendron                                                                 Carole Goggin, Dennis Bentley & Ron Goggin

TimOgleZionDec2015.jpg   CaroleRonTreeFeb2016.jpg

                                Tim Ogle                                                                              Carole & Ron Goggin


                                                Carole Goggin table at History Fair 2016

RandyDennisDonnellCem2016.jpg  LisaTim2016.jpg

                Randy Moore & Dennis Bentley                                                    Lisa Gendron & Tim Ogle



Kay Clerc Fakhar, Dave Hallemann, Ron Goggin, Carole Goggin, Lisa Gendron - 2010

Cecilia Gehm, Glee Heiligtag Naes, Sarah Sumner 2016

July2010SandyBaptistDaveLisaKayCarole.jpg  KayLisa.jpg

Dave Hallemann, Lisa Gendron, Kay Fakhar, Carole Goggin                           Lisa Gendron, Kay Clerc Fakhar -  2010


                                Blaine Olson, Carole Goggin, Betty Olson, Dennis Bentley 2015

BernardHematiteBensonMillDec2015.jpg  Lisa 2011.jpg

                Bernard Laiben                                                                                                 Lisa Gendron


                                Carole Goggin, Dave Hallemann, Lisa Gendron cemetery work


                                Kay Fakhar & Lisa Gendron 2011  Sandy Bridge


                                                Jim Johnston & Lisa Gendron reading tombstones

                                Kay Fakhar, Dave Hallemann & Jim Johnston


                                            Kay Fakhar                                                                                                                                      Lisa Gendron


                    Kay Fakhar                                                                                                                                              Dave Hallemann


                        Lisa Gendron                                                                                                                         Jim Johnston, Kay Fakhar, Dave Hallemann

                                                Jim Johnston, Dave Hallemann, Lisa Gendron 2011

November 11, 1980 - Jefferson Heritage & Landmark Society was instrumental in establishing the History Center located

at Jefferson College in Hillsboro. The above society members were the first committee/board of directors. 

Front row left to right: Jean O'Brien, Herbert Bruns, Elizabeth Golterman

Back row: Frank Magre, Howard Litton, Herbert Moss, Barry Ellis