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The emphasis of our organization is to collect and preserve historical material, reprint historical books and pamphlets, continue to record cemeteries, and to make the public aware of the rich heritage in Jefferson County, Missouri.

All transcriptions are copyrighted by the Jefferson County Historical Society and are available for your personal use only. They are not to be sold or reproduced for any commercial purpose, or used on any other web site.

We meet at 2:00 on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the DeSoto Library. We do not charge for membership, and everyone is welcome to attend! 

January 2015  Caveland Skating Rink history article added & State Hospital (Fulton) 1850-1910 added to Court Records

February 2014 Jefferson County Missouri Marriages from 1839-1850 have been added to the site.

August 2013  Added Presbyterian Cemetery at Gamel and the 1900 County Ward Book was added to History Articles.

February 2013 Baker (aka Hillcrest) School article and photos have been added to the "Schools" page.

November 2012  Jefferson Co. Marriages through 1838 have been added to the site.

June 2011 The Heritage News Our society newsletters, containing interesting articles about Jefferson County, MO have been added to the site. Find the index in the menu on the left under "History Articles."

March 2011 Passports have been added to the site! These records are from the early 1900's and include photographs of the applicants! Kay Clerc Fakhar has transcribed an index for this outstanding collection. Find them in the menu on the left under "Passports."

March 2011 1826 Petition to move the county seat from Herculaneum to Hillsboro, complete with signatures! Find it under the "Courts" section.

Sept 2010 John Linhorst has created a wonderful tool by taking the 1876 & 1898 historical atlases of Jefferson County and creating a series of overlays for use within the Google Earth software. It gives the user a good look at how things have changed (and how some things have not changed!) in Jefferson County. Check them out under "Land Records, Maps & Place Names" on the menu at left.

July 2010 The Old Settlers List 1864 - 1950 has been added to the site. Transcribed by Betty Olson, find it under "History Articles." Also Carole Goggin has supplied us with a Jefferson County MO Place Names list. Find it under "Land Records."

Feb 2010 More cities have been added to the Historical Postcards and photographs on our site. More towns will be added soon!

Dec 2009 Funeral Home Records have now been added to our site! These records are from the Mahn, Mothershead, Fink, and Dietrich Funeral Homes, and now include the older Coxwell and Stovesand records! 

See the Jefferson County Leader newspaper article featuring several of our members in their quest to find and replace the gravestone for former county collector John Williams!

Contact Information for Members

The following members can be contacted for information concerning Jefferson Co. Missouri history. I've included their areas of expertise, although there are many crossover areas. If your original contact person feels someone else can better answer your question, your email will be forwarded.

Lisa K. Gendron (Website, Genealogy & General)
Betty Olson (DeSoto history)
Dave Hallemann  (Cemeteries & General)
Carole Goggin  (Court  and Land Records & Cemeteries; Also may be contacted for professional genealogy services)
Kay Clerc Fakhar  (Newspapers)



Kay, Carole, Dave, Lisa (left to right)

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