Jefferson County Historical Society

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"I Remember When" Memories of Jefferson County, Missouri

  • Once More With Feeling By: Alice Melvina Pinnell Turner. Memories of Fletcher, Calico Creek, Big River, McKean School and Oak Grove Church. Names include Pinnell, Williams, Merseal, Maness. Transcribed by Cecilia Naes Gehm
  • Howard Agers Interview
  • Dale Bruff Interview
  • Adelaide Camp Interview
  • Ada Edwards Interview
  • Paul Franz (and wife) Interview
  • Les Jones Interview
  • Lucy Ladd Interview
  • Frank Magre Memories Transcribed by Lisa K. Gendron
  • Samuel John Marsden & wife Lillian Virginia Hensley Interview  Transcribed by Lisa K. Gendron
  • Olive Murrell Interview
  • W. Scott Null meets Jesse James - Hematite
  • Betty Olson
  • Blaine Olson
  • Nola Propst Interview
  • Sylvester Scott Interview
  • Sandra Stewart Interview
  • Charles Wall Interview
  • Mary Alice Weber Interview
  • William Weaver Interview
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