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Zion Lutheran Cemetery (Old)

Transcribed by Mrs. Frank X. Muehlbauer & Mrs. Isabel Stebbins Giulvezan - November 1970
T41 R5 S13

Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathCemetery/BurialOther
CodyCharles FDec 17 1881Jan 9 1919Old Zion Lutheran Husband, Father
CordsWilhelm HeinrichOct 1 1883Aug 16 1924Old Zion Lutheran
HesseC. H.Apr 12 1851Feb 2 1930Old Zion Lutheran
HesseFrederickeAug 8 1851Mar 2 1923Old Zion Lutheran nee Steinmeyer
JacobyAndrewDec 6 1889Jul 4 1964Old Zion Lutheran SSA Flora
JacobyCarl AJun 14 1922Jul 3 1927Old Zion Lutheran
JacobyFlora MApr 30 1893Dec 11 1965Old Zion Lutheran SSA Andrew
JohnstonBabynone givenAug 13 1924Old Zion Lutheran
MengGeorge P18471923Old Zion Lutheran SSA Katherine
MengGeorge RobertOct 3 1927Oct 21 1927Old Zion Lutheran
MengKatherine18571935Old Zion Lutheran SSA George P
MossFrank WmFeb 16 1853Feb 29 1928Old Zion Lutheran Father
MossMaryJan 14 1863May 9 1934Old Zion Lutheran Mother
SchaferLouise AJun 28 1915Mar 18 1920Old Zion Lutheran
SteinmeyerAugustnone givenOct 29 1934Old Zion Lutheran
ThomasDorothy LMar 21 1921May 5 1926Old Zion Lutheran