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Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Additional Stones & Corrections submitted by Dave Hallemann & Jerry McKee
T41 R6 S18

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
AlvinJohn G.19021908Zion Lutheransame stone as Anna Brackmann & Herman, Edward & Emilie Schurmann
AppleOdellSep 1 1913Dec 151993Zion Lutheran
AppleLilyeApr 4 1914Jan 11 2000Zion Lutheran
BrackmannAnna V.W.Feb 09 1900Sep 15 1901Zion Lutheransame stone as John G. Alvin, Herman, Edward & Emilie Schurmann
BryantDonald DMar 26 1935Jan 12 1932Zion Lutheran
DietzConradDec 06 1864Nov 26 1890Zion LutheranOur Brother
DietzHenry JMar 18 1832Feb 26 1914Zion LutheranOur Father; Co.M 1st USRC Mo Inf
DietzJosephnone givennone givenZion Lutheran
DietzMargarethApr 26 1838Oct 06 1883Zion LutheranOur Mother
DittmerElsie CJul 23 1909Feb 16 1997Zion Lutheransame stone as John H
DittmerEmilie MJun 1 1896Aug 1 1984Zion Lutheransame stone as Helen
DittmerEsther D1916192?Zion Lutheran
DittmerHelen SAug 15 1898Apr 22 1979Zion Lutheransame stone as Emilie
DittmerHenryNov 15 1867Mar 19 1947Zion Lutheransame stone as Rosina
DittmerJohann FJun 19 1810Sep 04 1905Zion Lutheran
DittmerJohn E18391839Zion Lutheran
DittmerJohn HMar 15 1895Oct 25 1939Zion Lutheran
DittmerJohnSep 5 1863Feb 2 1952Zion Lutheransame stone as Louise
DittmerLouiseFeb 18 1863Jan 12 1949Zion Lutheransame stone as John
DittmerRosinaMar 16 1873Jan 16 1962Zion Lutheransame stone as Henry
DittmerSophia GMar 12 1831Apr 27 1921Zion Lutheran
Dittmernone givenFeb 13 1858Mar 2 1946Zion Lutheran
DouglasIrene MMar 23 1937Dec 16 1963Zion Lutheran
DrewsArthurJun 9 1908Apr 27 1986Zion Lutheran
DrewsElseJun 14 1912Aug 10 1994Zion Lutheran
DurinAngeles H.L.19131913Zion Lutheran
DuringCharles18611937Zion Lutheransame stone as Emma
DuringEmma18831964Zion Lutheransame stone as Charles
DuringWalter COct 15 1907Jun 22 1969Zion Lutheran
EmilLuthernone givennone givenZion Lutheran
EngelClaude E18951949Zion Lutheran
EngelHettie L How19021986Zion Lutheran
FrerickMariaApr 12 1876Dec 12 1881Zion Lutherandaughter of E & M
GoveroClaude E19301984Zion Lutheran
HaeckelEsias A18241855Zion LutheranRev, 1st resident pastor
HagelmanWelmerNov 24 1922Jan 3 1923Zion Lutheran
HuberAdeleJun 13 1914Jul 4 1990Zion Lutheransame stone as Werner
HuberAmalia DJul 9 1868Dec 12 1957Zion Lutheransame stone as Ferdinand
HuberAugustJul 22 1863Jul 30 1872Zion Lutheranson of Christoph & Christine
HuberBertha EJan 12 1883Aug 4 1889Zion Lutheran
HuberChristinaOct 10 1822May 31 1891Zion Lutheransame stone as Christoph
HuberChristophFeb 4 1819Apr 1889Zion Lutheransame stone as Christina
HuberErnstOct 22 1886Jul 13 1969Zion Lutheransame stone as Frieda
HuberFerdinand WNov 8 1858Jan 26 1928Zion Lutheransame stone as Amalia
HuberFrieda SNov 20 1885Dec 13 1973Zion Lutheransame stone as Ernst
HuberJohn TFeb 14 1892Feb 18 1974Zion Lutheran
HuberWalter ESep 7 1893Jul 10 1982Zion LutheranUS Army WWI
HuberWerner FMay 22 1921Nov 9 1999Zion Lutheransame stone as Adele
HuckieCatherine MaryMay 20 1949Sep 30 2001Zion Lutheransame stone as Dee Jay
HuckieDee Jay AOct 6 1947none givenZion Lutheransame stone as Catherine
HuckieKenneth HApr 14 1974Jun 19 1990Zion Lutheran
KaiserA AugusteApr 24 1870Jul 30 1961Zion LutheranMother; same stone as Robert
KaiserK RobertJul 1 1868Mar 9 1951Zion LutheranFather; same stone as Auguste
KeiskerAnna Maria I.May 11 1821Oct 27 1878Zion Lutherannee Gieselmann; same stone as Heinrich, F.C Louise, Emma G & Emma E
KeiskerEdwin MOct 30 1909Nov 11 1955Zion Lutheransame stone as Mathilda
KeiskerEmma E.Oct 2 1863Oct 20 1864Zion Lutheransame stone as Heinrich, F.C. Louise, Anna Maria & Emma G
KeiskerEmma G.Jun 14 1862Jul 25 1862Zion Lutheransame stone as Heinrich, Anna Maria, F.C. Louise & Emma E
KeiskerF. C. LouiseAug 1 1855Sep 14 1883Zion Lutheransame stone as Heinrich, Anna Maria, Emma G & Emma E
KeiskerHeinrich WilhelmJun 10 1810Jul 14 1883Zion Lutheransame stone as F.C. Louise, Anna Marie, Emma G & Emma E
KeiskerHenryMar 14 1881Feb 23 1922Zion Lutheran
KeiskerJohn HenryOct 24 1857Feb 28 1944Zion Lutheransame stone as Magdalena
KeiskerMagdalenaDec 31 1862Mar 14 1938Zion Lutheransame stone as John Henry
KeiskerMathilda MMay 9 1911Aug 17 1997Zion Lutheransame stone as Edwin
KerckhoffJohn C.Oct 29 1850May 1 1880Zion LutheranHusband
KerckhoffLouisa18221867Zion Lutherannee Rige; wife of Casper
KerckhoffWalter18781878Zion Lutheranson of M.W.
KerckhoffWilliam18771877Zion Lutheranson of M.W.
KleyNorvel19111937Zion Lutheran
KneuselAlbert18631931Zion Lutheransame stone as Anna
KneuselAnna18781964Zion Lutheransame stone as Albert
KneuselHilda P19101983Zion Lutheransame stone as Lawrence
KneuselLawrence H19101989Zion Lutheransame stone as Hilda
KnokeElla HJan 16 1913Dec 6 2003Zion Lutheran
KnokeNorma Jean19411947Zion Lutheran
KnokeWalter F19171943Zion Lutheran
KremerJohn J.Sep 29 1826Dec 11 1904Zion Lutheran
KremerMariaJan 7 1841Jun 6 1892Zion Lutherannee Wittenburg
KuhlmannChesterMay 8 1938Oct 18 1964Zion Lutheran
KuhlmannFloraSep 28 1898Jan 10 1966Zion Lutheransame stone as Louis
KuhlmannHeinrich F. W.Nov 28 1887Nov 11 1914Zion Lutheran
KuhlmannLouisNov 12 1898Nov 29 1972Zion Lutheransame stone as Flora
KuhlmannLouis18491928Zion LutheranFather; same stone as Sophie
KuhlmannSophie18551939Zion LutheranMother; same stone as Louis
LindwedelCalvin HOct 30 1925none givenZion Lutheransame stone as Evelyn
LindwedelEvelyn KApr 30 1930Sep 19 2002Zion Lutheransame stone as Calvin
Linhorstnone givenMay 22 1919Dec 13 1920Zion Lutheran
LinhorstAnna MDec 6 1822Apr 26 1900Zion Lutheran
LinhorstDora MJan 28 1901Apr 23 1971Zion Lutheransame stone as Edward
LinhorstEdward JMar 5 1893Nov 8 1978Zion Lutheransame stone as Dora
LinhorstHenry W18581927Zion Lutheransame stone as Sophie
LinhorstHerman HFeb 12 1854Jun 6 1907Zion Lutheran
LinhorstJ HermanApr 9 1809Nov 22 1888Zion Lutheran
LinhorstMartin HOct 8 1888Dec 23 1974Zion Lutheransame stone as Mary
LinhorstMary LFeb 21 1894Feb 26 1967Zion Lutheransame stone as Martin
LinhorstMeta LFeb 7 1882Jan 6 1946Zion Lutheran
LinhorstSophiaOct 27 1879Birth or Death (?)Zion Lutheran
LinhorstSophie18611949Zion Lutheransame stone as Henry
LutkemeierJ HeinrichNov 18 1857Sep 15 1881Zion Lutheranson of W. & M. Lutkemeier
MeierHanneAug 20 1844Oct 9 1866Zion Lutherannee Steinmeier
MeyerAnna18421914Zion Lutheran
MeyerAnna M18801957Zion Lutheransame stone as Fred
MeyerEmmaFeb 5 1891Apr 18 1957Zion Lutheransame stone as Mary
MeyerFred H18791952Zion Lutheransame stone as Anna M
MeyerHerman18411915Zion Lutheran
MeyerMaryMar 24 1861Apr 3 1935Zion Lutheransame stone as Emma
MeyerRudolph19061923Zion Lutheran
Meyernone givennone givennone givenZion Lutheraninfant sons of Fred & Anna
MillerAnnaDec 12 1888Jun 12 1935Zion Lutherannee Revoir
MuellerJohn18441909Zion Lutheran
MeyerAnna18421914Zion Lutheran
NauckeAlma MJul 22 1886Dec 23 1889Zion Lutheran
NauckeEdward T.F.May 15 1878Oct 15 1879Zion Lutheran
NauckeFriedrich ENov 4 1838Aug 15 1917Zion Lutheransame stone as Wilhelmena
NauckeFritz J.C.Mar 13 1875Aug 16 1877Zion Lutheran
NauckeWilhelmena AApr 11 1853May 27 1932Zion Lutheransame stone as Friedrich
NoackBertha C19082003Zion Lutheran
NoackGustave A18931962Zion Lutheran
NoackLaura18941931Zion Lutherannee Schraer
OehlertKatherine MNov 1 1914Nov 13 1995Zion Lutheransame stone as Rudolph
OehlertRudolph EOct 12 1911Apr 7 1975Zion LutheranMarried Dec 23 1933; same stone as Katherine
OttersteinJames LutherMay 15 1927Mar 10 2005Zion LutheranMarried Aug 27 1949; same stone as Patricia
OttersteinPatricia PeggyOct 17 1929none givenZion Lutheransame stone as James
PerrBetty JeanAug 3 1930Feb 11 1997Zion Lutheran
PetzoldtRodney DJan 18 1966Nov 2 1985Zion Lutheranson of Carry & Dorothy
PlassAnna18741931Zion LutheranMother
PlassEdward18741939Zion LutheranFather
PlassEdwin WMay 15 1916Feb 7 1991Zion Lutheran
PlassEmil WJan 22 1914none givenZion Lutheran
PlassEmma EApr 18 1908Dec 29 1992Zion Lutheran
PlassFlora EFeb 12 1912Mar 27 2005Zion Lutheran
PlassFriederickeApr 5 1815Feb 7 1879Zion Lutheran
PlassGottlieb H.H.May 24 1811May 21 1874Zion Lutheran
PlassMartin F18751941Zion Lutheransame stone as Minnie
PlassMinnie F18861976Zion Lutheransame stone as Martin
PookerCarolineMay 6 1851Aug 5 1934Zion Lutheransame stone as Wilko Sr.
PookerClara ENov 18 1888Dec 14 1916Zion Lutheran
PookerEdna DOct 23 1918none givenZion Lutheran
PookerEmilie CDec 18 1886Dec 1 1978Zion Lutheran
PookerHarold CJul 1 1915Sep 12 2003Zion Lutheran
PookerLorenze ENov 11 1917Apr 8 1992Zion Lutheran
PookerLouise WSep 25 1885Aug 29 1909Zion Lutheran
PookerPriscilla JApr 19 1929none givenZion Lutheran
PookerWilko GDec 30 1880Jul 19 1947Zion Lutheran
PookerWilko G., Sr.Jul 11 1847Sep 23 1940Zion Lutheransame stone as Caroline
PulsAnna B18751876Zion Lutheransame stone as Johanna & Anna B. Louise
PulsAnna B LouiseMar 6 1837Jul 3 1885Zion Lutheransame stone as Johanna & Anna
PulsJohanna MApr 26 1866Jan 10 1870Zion Lutheransame stone as Anna B. Louise & Anna
SchorrAnna M.L.Oct 15 1851Mar 11 1891Zion Lutheran Wife of Conrad Schorr
SchorrAnna MMar 28 1850Aug 23 1925Zion Lutheransame stone as H. Paul
SchorrConradOct 3 1839Mar 1 1924Zion Lutheran
SchorrDorathea A.Apr 1 1890Nov 8 1981Zion Lutheran
SchorrElmer PJul 29 1921Jul 30 1921Zion Lutheran
SchorrH. PaulMay 5 1882Jul 15 1963Zion Lutheransame stone as Anna
SchorrHeinrich JOct 11 1879Mar 16 1891Zion Lutheranchild of Conrad & Anna; same stone as Herman
SchorrHerman JOct 06 1884Jul 24 1885Zion Lutheranchild of Conrad & Anna; same stone as Heinrich
SchorrJohann COct 19 1835Oct 01 1903Zion Lutheran
SchorrLillian D.Jan 7 1918Oct 7 1987Zion Lutheran
SchraerFrankJun 6 1850Dec 21 1934Zion LutheranFather; same stone as Anna
SchraerAnnaNov 21 1854May 11 1932Zion LutheranMother; same stone as Frank
SchroederAnna JApr 29 1911Oct 21 1992Zion Lutheran
SchroederCarl L18941978Zion Lutheransame stone as Edna
SchroederEdna C19041968Zion Lutheran
SchroederLeslie FFeb 15 1910Feb 2 1980Zion Lutheran
SchulzAnna MAug 09 1889Mar 17 1895Zion LutheranDaughter of William & Bertha
SchulzClara AMay 23 1898Aug 9 1988Zion Lutheran
SchulzElizabth MJan 8 1883Jan 17 1984Zion Lutherannee Schraer
SchulzLydiaJan 6 1924Dec 25 1999Zion Lutheran
SchulzOtto EmilApr 26 1879Sep 24 1945Zion Lutheran
SchultzBertram19322005Zion Lutheransame stone as Lois
SchultzLois19332000Zion Lutheransame stone as Bertram
SchurmannEdward HJun 29 1866Aug 11 1867Zion Lutheransame stone as Anna Brackmann, John G Alvin, & Herman & Emilie Schurmann
SchurmannEmilie LMar 11 1864Dec 09 1881Zion Lutherandaughter of H & E; same stone as Anna Brackmann, John G Alvin, & Herman and Edward Schurmann
SchurmannHerman HAug 16 1836Sep 15 1899Zion Lutheransame stone as Anna Brackmann, John G Alvin, & Edward & Emilie Schurmann
SteinbachCarolineJan 26 1895Dec 29 1984Zion Lutheran
SteinbachCaroline M18831954Zion Lutheransame stone as Emil
SteinbachEdward JDec 7 1891Jan 15 1972Zion Lutheransame stone as Caroline
SteinbachEmelie18541931Zion Lutheransame stone as Julius
SteinbachEmil O18781936Zion Lutheransame stone as Caroline M
SteinbachEmilie M18901989Zion Lutheransame stone as Otto
SteinbachHerbert T19041986Zion Lutheransame stone as Irene
SteinbachIrene A1926Apr 27 2015Zion Lutheransame stone as Herbert
SteinbachJulius18491931Zion Lutheransame stone as Emelie
SteinbachLinna HMay 30 1882Mar 22 1962Zion Lutheran
SteinbachOtto P18881929Zion Lutheransame stone as Emilie
SteinmeierAnnaMar 06 1804Feb 15 185?Zion Lutherannee Schloman; same stone as Cristian
SteinmeierAnnaSep 21 1829Apr 28 1868/69Zion Lutherannee Hetcker
SteinmeierChristianJun 24 1812Jun 30 1865Zion Lutheranon same stone as Anna
SteinmeierChristian FJan 18 1849none givenZion Lutheran"Son"
SteinmeierPeterFeb 06 1822Apr 14 1871Zion Lutheran
TemmingAnna JFeb 06 1831May 04 1900Zion Lutherannee Monkemoller
TemmingDanielNov 2 1892Apr 19 1970Zion Lutheran
TemmingHeinrich JOct 07 1855Aug 20 1893Zion Lutheran
TemmingHeinrich MMay 16 1822Aug 27 1903Zion Lutheran
TemmingJohn M18611927Zion Lutheransame stone as Louise
TemmingLouisa M18591941Zion Lutheran
TemmingLouise W18821958Zion Lutheransame stone as John
TemmingMartin GMar 25 1866Nov 07 1896Zion Lutheran
TemmingMartin H19091946Zion Lutheran
TemmingMartin WAug 15 1896Jan 29 1897Zion Lutheran
TemmingMary ENov 3 1889Jan 19 1974Zion Lutheran
TemmingWilhelm18541857Zion Lutheran
TemmingWilliam G19051945Zion Lutheran
TetzelGertrudJun 9 1903Jun 20 1984Zion Lutheran
WagnerPeter WJan 20 1902Sep 27 1973Zion Lutheransame stone as Ruth
WagnerRuthApr 11 1907Mar 25 2001Zion Lutherannee Mayhugh; same stone as Peter
WalkE.T.Dec 22 1831Feb 09 1891Zion LutheranMother; same stone as John
WalkJohnOct 26 1825Jan 09 1905Zion LutheranFather; same stone as E.T.
WallaceMarvin MJun 7 1919Mar 25 1988Zion LutheranS. Sgt. US Army Korea
WallnerLuther EmilNov 01 1901Dec 13 1901Zion LutheranSon of Pastor H.H. & M
WhippleJohnNov 29 1820Dec 25 1863Zion LutheranOur Beloved Parents; Father; Age 43 yrs; on same stone as Mary
WhippleMary CAug 07 1818Oct 11 1885Zion Lutherannee Hesse; Aged 67 yrs; Mother; on same stone as John
WienstrohtWilhelmFeb 01 1834Jun 01 ????Zion Lutheran(stone reset in concrete covering year of death)
ZederMaria18281912Zion Lutheran
ZelsmanFredJul 13 1855Dec 24 1944Zion LutheranFather; same stone as Earnstine
ZelsmanEarnstineJul 31 1873Feb 25 1952Zion LutheranMother; same stone as Fred
ZimmerlyEthel CeciliaJul 28 1921Oct 3 2015Zion Lutheransame stone as Marshal; married Jul 6 1940
ZimmerlyLillian MarieAug 31 2003Aug 31 2003Zion Lutheran
ZimmerlyMarshal EdwardJul 29 1917May 24 2002Zion Lutheransame stone as Ethel; married Jul 6 1940