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Woodlawn Cemetery

Transcribed by Blaine Olson
T39 R4 S3

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
AarantGwynne L.Feb 17 1945Apr 21 1975Woodlawn
AarantHoy L.Jun 04 1915Apr 9 1997Woodlawn
AarantMarjorie R.Apr 01 1918Oct 18 1994Woodlawn
AarnessClarence E.none givennone givenWoodlawn
AbernathyDorothy1933none givenWoodlawn
AbernathyJerry Gene1933Jul 1981Woodlawn
AbrahamCoar1898Jul 1982Woodlawn
AbrahamFrank1901May 1979Woodlawn
AdamsEdward R.Feb 04 1890Feb 17 1987Woodlawn
AdamsMary LucileDec 06 1900Feb 07 1989Woodlawn
AdersCharles W.Feb 27 1897Jul 18 1978Woodlawn
AdersNora E.Jul 08 1909Mar 23 1999Woodlawn
AdersPaul C.Sep 08 1928Sep 08 1928Woodlawn
AgersAlbert E.Nov 03 1915Sep 12 1978Woodlawn
AgersAlbert E.Sep 07 1885Feb 28 1943Woodlawn
AgersAllen O.Aug 08 1962Dec 18 1973Woodlawn
AgersAndrew J.none givennone givenWoodlawn
AgersHubert C.Mar 10 1918May 23 1983Woodlawn
AgersInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
AgersMamie S.May 21 1886Jun 13 1971Woodlawn
AgersRuth F.Mar 23 1913Oct 12 1974Woodlawn
AgersSelmaSep 16 1906Aug 12 1928Woodlawn
AgersWilliam T.Jun 07 1881Dec 23 1955Woodlawn
AhrensFred C.H.1891Jan 1953Woodlawn
AhrensKatherine1861May 1945Woodlawn
AhrensMaud E.1888May 1933Woodlawn
AidJosephnone given1929Woodlawn
AidMary E.none given1941Woodlawn
AkersGeorge A. SrOct 08 1919Dec 31 1995Woodlawn
AkersLarrynone givenJul 1973Woodlawn
AkersMary E.Oct 04 1920Dec 12 1986Woodlawn
AkinsAndrew J.Oct 10 1892May 19 1968Woodlawn
AkinsClara V.1903May 1973Woodlawn
AkinsEdna P.1902Jul 1969Woodlawn
AkinsEva MaeSep 21 1924Sep 28 1950Woodlawn
AkinsKathleen Elaine1954Dec 1972Woodlawn
AkinsO. Bryant1894none givenWoodlawn
AkinsRhoda F.1895Sep 1972Woodlawn
AkinsWilliam H.1902Jul 1982Woodlawn
none givenBurial Sep 11 1?5?Woodlawn
AltvaterAnnaMay 09 1873Jan 04 19??Woodlawn
AltvaterCharlesJul 17 1875Aug 26 1949Woodlawn
AltvaterJohnJun 07 1873Apr 03 1951Woodlawn
AmesCatherine1885Apr 1958Woodlawn
AmesJames D.1911Aug 1975Woodlawn
AmesLee C.18751946Woodlawn
AndersonBeth B.19161988Woodlawn
AndersonClayton1886Aug 1980Woodlawn
AndersonHugh M.1913none givenWoodlawn
AndersonJohn W.1937Nov 1971Woodlawn
AndrewsC.W.none givenBurial Jan 14 1?04Woodlawn
AndrewsMary M.none givenBurial Oct 05 1?59Woodlawn
AppleHazelnone givenBurial Sep 03 1954Woodlawn
ArensHarold A.1913Sep 1983Woodlawn
ArensMary A.1917none givenWoodlawn
ArensmezerRoy R.1899none givenWoodlawn
ArensmezerZelma M.1904Jan 1974Woodlawn
ArmanCheryl AnnAug 28 1954none givenWoodlawn
ArmanMalanie FayMay 10 1974Jul 26 1987Woodlawn
Armbruster3 unknownnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ArmbrusterCora E.1880Dec 1955Woodlawn
ArmbrusterEdgarDec 13 1884Nov 16 1981Woodlawn
ArmbrusterHesterSep 08 1888Jan 09 1975Woodlawn
ArmbrusterJennie H.Dec 01 1897Mar 22 1948Woodlawn
ArmbrusterJessie D.Oct 08 1897Jan 29 1965Woodlawn
ArndtDaisy L.19101987Woodlawn
ArndtJ. LeroyMar 18 1930Mar 21 1956Woodlawn
ArnettJames J.Sep 26 1907Nov 14 1943Woodlawn
ArnettKelsey AnnFeb 23 1998Sep 15 2000WoodlawnDaughter; SSA Stacey
ArnettMary MaeMay 03 1873Nov 25 1949Woodlawn
ArnettStacey AnnMar 3 1974Sep 15 2000WoodlawnMother; SSA Kelsey Ann
AshcraftL.D.none givennone givenWoodlawn
AshcraftL.D. Mrsnone givennone givenWoodlawn
AshcraftLee OraFeb 25 1912none givenWoodlawn
AshcraftPearlSep 07 1877Jun 15 1952Woodlawn
AshcraftWilliam E.Aug 25 1913Sep 01 1981Woodlawn
AskewJoseph P.Jul 25 1930Feb 11 1988Woodlawn
AtkinsonJannOct 27 1?35Dec 22 1?58Woodlawnnee Wilson
AylesworthLarry J.1949Feb 1976WoodlawnFireball
AylesworthPearl G.none givennone givenWoodlawnBud
AylesworthRoscoe H (Joe)1915Nov 1974Woodlawn
AylsworthDora L.Oct 04 1893Dec 13 1986Woodlawn
AylsworthGeorge M.Jul 10 1879Mar 22 1954Woodlawn
AylsworthMaxine M.Dec 06 1?23none givenWoodlawn
BabbKathryn E.Aug 18 1890Apr 12 1962Woodlawn
BabbSamuel J.Feb 12 1896Jul 06 1972Woodlawn
BahrEmil R.1887Jul 1973Woodlawn
BahrEva M.1889Jan 1979Woodlawn
BaileyDale A.Mar 12 1922Aug 28 1989Woodlawn
BaileyDudley1893Apr 1965Woodlawn
BaileyElaineJul 03 1946Sep 13 1957Woodlawn
BaileyEmma M.1915none givenWoodlawn
BaileyEsther1909Jan 1968Woodlawn
BaileyEula D.Mar 01 1912Jan 01 1973Woodlawn
BaileyFrances S.Dec 18 1903Nov 02 1952Woodlawn
BaileyFreman1915Jul 1975Woodlawn
BaileyJesse F.Aug 15 1891Feb 02 1970Woodlawn
BaileyLawrence F.Sep 05 1944Feb 21 1959Woodlawn
BaischAlice I.1898Sep 1968Woodlawn
BaischCharlesJan 27 1871Dec 20 1957Woodlawn
BaischFred E.1895Mar 1976Woodlawn
BaischLenora A.1897Oct 1963Woodlawn
BaischMinnieAug 04 1875Feb 06 1964Woodlawn
BaischRudolph J.1897Jan 1966Woodlawn
BakerAmandanone givenBurial Jun 19 1?5?Woodlawn
BakerCharlesApr 02 1897Nov 13 1942Woodlawn
BakerCharles, Jr19241988Woodlawn
BakerCora MaeSep 04 1902none givenWoodlawn
BakerDaisyJun 30 1912May 11 1986Woodlawn
BakerEmily M.Sep 01 1854Nov 26 1939Woodlawn
BakerEthel M.18951989Woodlawn
BakerGary E.18481988Woodlawn
BakerHelen L.Aug 09 1924none givenWoodlawn
BakerHester E.1897Aug 1981Woodlawn
BakerIrene L.1931Nov 1981Woodlawn
BakerJanie E.1891Aug 1971Woodlawn
BakerJohn T.1894Jan 1982Woodlawn
BakerJohn V.1900Jun 1975Woodlawn
BakerLena E.1887Feb 1968Woodlawn
BakerMargaret J.Jun 19 1932Aug 17 1960Woodlawn
BakerMelvin L.18891971Woodlawn
BakerO. C.Feb 24 1851Apr 02 1910Woodlawn
BakerPaul LeonardNov 01 1928Jul 16 1967Woodlawn
BakerW. Lytle1888Oct 1959Woodlawn
BakerWalter D.Mar 30 1?16Apr 22 1?85Woodlawn
BakerWilliam C.May 07 1899Feb 28 1973Woodlawn
BakerWm. P.1885Aug 25 1900Woodlawn
BakewellJoseph A.1911Aug 1982Woodlawn
BakewellSelma B.1912none givenWoodlawn
BaldwinAnna M.1881Jun 1967Woodlawn
BaldwinArthur T.1880May 1969Woodlawn
BaldwinMartha J.1884Sep 1976Woodlawn
BaldwinSamuel D.1877Jul 1950Woodlawn
BalesElmer CaldwellDec 09 1898Dec 21 1977Woodlawn
BallardLeonard M.Oct 25 1921Aug 19 1981Woodlawn
BallardRose E.Apr 05 1928none givenWoodlawn
BanesClara BelleSep 11 1932none givenWoodlawn
BanesHarold LeeMay 12 1930May 31 1985Woodlawn
BaremoreEtta E.Jul 06 1893Jun 13 1955Woodlawn
BaremoreHarral L.1913Jul 1969Woodlawn
BaremoreJohn F.19111971Woodlawn
BaremorePricie B.1915none givenWoodlawn
BaremoreRoy E.Apr 15 1881Jul 05 1954Woodlawn
BaremoreThelma A.none givennone givenWoodlawn
BargerGeorge S.1895Feb 1977Woodlawn
BargerSylvia S.1899none givenWoodlawn
BargerWilliam H.Aug 11 1921Apr 10 1945Woodlawn
BarlowErnest1867May 1940Woodlawn
BarlowLydia1873Apr 1937Woodlawn
BarnettAlma F.1907Dec 1971Woodlawn
BarnettCarrel1900Apr 1976Woodlawn
BarneyEdna Colberg1885Aug 1964Woodlawn
BarngroveJohnnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BarnhartCharles H. Jr.1909May 26 1900Woodlawn
BarnhartCharles H. Sr.1883Sep 1935Woodlawn
BarnhartFrances V.1885Nov 1967Woodlawn
BarnhartMorris C.1915Mar 1977Woodlawn
BarnhartRussell W.1907none givenWoodlawn
BarnhartVirgie M.1919none givenWoodlawn
BarnhartVirginia P.1912none givenWoodlawn
BarrHelen H.1925none givenWoodlawnSpouse: Samuel ; Married Apr 25 1942
BarrSamuel T.19211989WoodlawnSpouse: Helen; Married Apr 25 1942
BartWilliam JohnSep 11 1891Jan 15 1967Woodlawn
BartonAlbertnone givenBurial Nov 22 1?4?Woodlawn
BartonFlorence J.none givenBurial Oct 24 1?73Woodlawn
BartonMildrednone givennone givenWoodlawn
BartonPearl L.1897Mar 1972Woodlawn
BartonWalter L.1894Mar 1954Woodlawn
BartzClara C.1888Mar 1969Woodlawn
BartzWilliam J.1891Jan 1967Woodlawn
BatesCarrie S.Apr 18 1894Dec 16 1985Woodlawn
BatesEmma E.1901Oct 1975Woodlawn
BatesIda1895Apr 1974Woodlawn
BatesWillie T.1890May 1953Woodlawn
BattlesDonna J.1949none givenWoodlawn
BattlesKenneth W.1941none givenWoodlawn
BattlesKenneth W. Jr.1965Jul 1969Woodlawn
BauerMabel A.Nov 30 1887Sep 29 1952Woodlawn
BauerMarjorie R.Nov 10 1919Jan 05 1965Woodlawn
BaughHomer F.Jan 26 1902Jan 12 1957Woodlawn
BaugherEdward E,none givennone givenWoodlawn
BaurNaida L.1920Dec 1939Woodlawn
BaurOliver L.1914May 1968Woodlawn
BayAlbert M.1890Sep 1976Woodlawn
BayEdith A,1893Oct 1966Woodlawn
BayEmily W.none givennone givenWoodlawn
BayNinin R.1887Apr 1973Woodlawn
BaygentsMrs.none givennone givenWoodlawn
BaygentsTom F.none givennone givenWoodlawn
BeanBruce A.19571982Woodlawn
BeanNorman L.1925none givenWoodlawn
BeanSylvia A.1925none givenWoodlawn
BechlerBarbara F.none givenFeb 07 1?56Woodlawn
BechlerDelmar1915May 1980Woodlawn
BechlerGladysnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BeckBlanche A.Nov 29 1889Aug 19 1976Woodlawn
BeckErnest H.1882Jul 1955Woodlawn
BeckJohn1853Mar 1938Woodlawn
BeckMae M.1916none givenWoodlawn
BeckMary A.1855Aug 1935Woodlawn
BeckMelville R.1899Oct 1962Woodlawn
BeckStella E.1899Nov 1977Woodlawn
BeckThomas J.Oct 02 1889Dec 26 1972Woodlawn
BeckVernon H.1917Nov 1976Woodlawn
BeckVirginia A.1914none givenWoodlawn
Becker?none givennone givenWoodlawn
BeckerEarl C.Mar 25 1909Mar 31 1970Woodlawn
BeckerElizabeth A.Apr 16 1890Mar 21 1973Woodlawn
BeckerHarryMay 20 1888Nov 01 1970Woodlawn
BeckerLouvenia1909Mar 1984Woodlawn
BeckhamAddie R.Dec 07 1890Jul 04 1986Woodlawn
BeckhamWm. DavidSep 01 1881Sep 01 1947Woodlawn
BeckmeyerAnna T.1910none givenWoodlawn
BeckmeyerChristian H.1864Mar 1932Woodlawn
BeckmeyerHenry A.1867Dec 1945Woodlawn
BeckmeyerJohn H.Sep 28 1898Jun 25 1986Woodlawn
BeckmeyerMary L.18711942Woodlawn
BeckmeyerTheodore H.1905May 1974Woodlawn
BecksteadFannye1888Aug 1971Woodlawn
BeelmanInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BeelmanJohn1888Jul 1948Woodlawn
BeelmanMazie1893Dec 1959Woodlawn
BehrAlma M.1924none givenWoodlawn
BehrJames T.1923none givenWoodlawn
BelewGrace M.Aug 18 1898Sep 08 1976Woodlawn
BelewJohn L.1873Mar 1949Woodlawn
BelewMary J.1872Jun 1960Woodlawn
BellAnna M.1890Dec 1954Woodlawn
BellEdward L.1891Jan 1984Woodlawn
BellHaroin J.1922Jan 1951Woodlawn
BellRuth V.1924May 1980Woodlawn
BellevilleJustine L.Sep 12 1905none givenWoodlawn
BellevilleRudolphFeb 13 1903Feb 19 1952Woodlawn
BennettJulie KayeMay 26 or May 1926Jan 17 1972Woodlawn
BentonClifford F.19081988Woodlawn
BentonGeraldine L.1920none givenWoodlawn
BentonRay C.1916Apr 1984Woodlawn
BequetteBertha H.none givennone givenWoodlawn
BequetteGracenone givenBurial Apr 26 196?Woodlawn
BequetteMargaretAug 11 1909Mar 2 1995Woodlawn
BergerAnnanone givennone givenWoodlawn
BergmanA.J.Jan 31 1900none givenWoodlawn
BergmanSusanne L.Sep 14 1898Dec 25 1981Woodlawn
BerkeleyLaura E.18721939Woodlawn
BernellHerbertnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BernhardtGeorge L.1900Aug 1966Woodlawn
BerryArthur S.1884Feb 1973Woodlawn
BerryCarvel R.1929May 1971Woodlawn
BerryEarl R.1898Nov 1972Woodlawn
BerryEtta L.1891Aug 1965Woodlawn
BerryLola T.1903none givenWoodlawn
BerryWilliam H.19291931Woodlawn
BickertonElizabethnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BickertonJames E.1927Nov 1961Woodlawn
BieberGoldie M.Jan 12 1928Oct 16 1972Woodlawn
BisplinghoffElla A.1902Mar 1979Woodlawn
BisplinghoffHerman B.1898Jun 1984Woodlawn
BisplinghoffLeo1863Jul 1945Woodlawn
BisplinghoffMamie1872Apr 1938Woodlawn
BittickJames W.1879Dec 1946Woodlawn
BlackLeatha C.Dec 25 1909none givenWoodlawn
BlackLester G.Dec 15 1908none givenWoodlawn
BlackmoreMinnie C.1904Feb ?? 1934Woodlawn
BlackmoreRaymond1901none givenWoodlawn
BlairRenee D.1957Sep 1974Woodlawn
BlakeBerthanone givenBurial Dec 13 196?Woodlawn
BlakeLaura E.18681927Woodlawn
BlakeWilliam H.1867Aug 1935Woodlawn
BlakeWilliam P.1902May 1965Woodlawn
BlantonAnderson F.May 15 1869Aug 21 1949Woodlawn
BlantonBirdieOct 13 1873Nov 26 1926Woodlawn
BlazerAlberta T.1906Mar 1977Woodlawn
BlazerBeulahnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BlazerElmer F.19041988Woodlawn
BledsoeCecyle1887Jul 28 1900Woodlawn
BlissDennis R.Jul 16 1?48Apr 05 1?74Woodlawn
BluckerJackJun 23 1925Oct 16 1988Woodlawn
BluckerRuby M.Mar 11 1927none givenWoodlawn
BluhmDanielnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BluhmNormannone givennone givenWoodlawn
BlumAnna B.19061987Woodlawn
BlumFred R.1899Feb 1984Woodlawn
BoehmCharles F.1894Oct 1971Woodlawn
BoehmElise1868Feb ?? ????Woodlawn
BoehmElla H.1891Dec 1950Woodlawn
BoehmJoseph1862Mar ?? ????Woodlawn
BoehmOscar1895Dec ?? ????Woodlawn
BoehmRose1898Dec ?? ????Woodlawn
BoggsJessie L.1887Sep 1952Woodlawn
BoggsLeroy I.1883May 1975Woodlawn
BohnertFloyde H.1915none givenWoodlawn
BohnertLeRoy J.1915Mar 1984Woodlawn
BooneFlorenceJul 27 1903Feb 14 1988Woodlawn
BooneGilbert T.Dec 31 1908Dec 30 1973Woodlawn
BourbonBarbara M.1892Oct 1972Woodlawn
BourbonHomer J.1895Jul 1957Woodlawn
BourbonMurielJan 31 1931Sep 26 1982WoodlawnBorn in Bliss, Mo
BouseEarl A.1899Feb 1966Woodlawn
BouseHallie B.1898Jun 1973Woodlawn
BouseLuther PearlJan 02 1893Sep 12 1970Woodlawn
BouseRuth IreneJan 29 1894none givenWoodlawn
BowmanNellienone givenBurial May 04 1961Woodlawn
BowmanWalternone givenBurial Sep 23 1963Woodlawn
BowslaughArthur1861Dec 1951Woodlawn
BowslaughElizabeth1877May 1950Woodlawn
BoydFrank C.none givenDec 29 or Dec 1929Woodlawn
BoydMary G.none givenDec ?? ????Woodlawn
BoyerBernice J.18961986Woodlawn
BoyerBruce J.1917none givenWoodlawn
BoyerCora E.1881Jan 1972Woodlawn
BoyerElizabeth J.Jul 15 1863Feb 09 1960Woodlawn
BoyerElmer E.Feb 14 1861Mar 15 1941Woodlawn
BoyerGabriel R.1896Dec 1945Woodlawn
BoyerIzora V.1891none givenWoodlawn
BoyerJames E.19651965Woodlawn
BoyerMartha MayJun 24 1902Jan 13 1988Woodlawn
BoyerNellie Walker1878Jun 1936Woodlawn
BoyerPaul Alexis18581911Woodlawn
BoyerRandynone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
BoyerRaymond J.Sep 07 1887Nov 26 1929Woodlawn
BoyerRose M.Aug 11 1892May 26 1916Woodlawn
BoyerRoss D.1894Dec 1967Woodlawn
BoyerSophiaJan 24 1874Oct 02 1956Woodlawn
BoyerThos C.1871Aug 1937Woodlawn
BoyerValley M.1923Mar 1968Woodlawn
BoyerWilliam Russell1904Feb 1957Woodlawn
BoyleJames A.Feb 17 1935none givenWoodlawn
BoyleKaren Y.Jan 23 1965Sep 07 1986Woodlawn
BoyleMarilyn L.Jun 10 1942none givenWoodlawn
BoyneAnna Ruth1867Jun 1939Woodlawn
BoyneEdna Brooke1894Jan 1963Woodlawn
BoyneMary Agnes1889Aug 03 1900Woodlawn
BoyneWilliam1863May 1941Woodlawn
BoyntonRandall G.Jan 08 1908May 06 1964Woodlawn
BradfordCarrie S1870Jul 1963Woodlawn
BradfordEdgar RalphSep 20 1926Jul 24 1980Woodlawn
BradfordJohn E.1871Nov 1950Woodlawn
BradfordVicki Belinda19511956Woodlawn
BradfordVirginia A.1950Jul 1973Woodlawn
BradleyEllis F.1894Mar 1946Woodlawn
BradleyFrancis1853Feb 1934Woodlawn
BradshawBen E.Nov 20 1874Jul 14 1954Woodlawn
BradshawNativa J.Dec 03 1873Jun 09 1960Woodlawn
BradyGlenn J.1933Apr 1973Woodlawn
BradyHoward DuaneJun 1943Nov 16 1986Woodlawn
BradyHoward LutherApr 30 1915Feb 18 1970Woodlawn
BradyNina R.1940none givenWoodlawn
BrakefieldJ. R.1884Aug 1944Woodlawn
BransonCarol Anne19891989Woodlawn
BransonEmery W.1913Nov 1976Woodlawn
BransonMargaret R.1919none givenWoodlawn
BreckenridgeF. EdJun 07 1902Jul 11 1946Woodlawn
BreckenridgeRachel O.Mar 25 1906Nov 08 1944Woodlawn
BreckenridgeSybil1898May 1981WoodlawnParents: nee McKean
BreckenridgeWalter E.1899none givenWoodlawn
BrewerCurtis EpsonOct 31 1904none givenWoodlawn
BrewerHelen BaneyJan 20 1905Sep 19 1983Woodlawn
BrewerPatricia Annenone givennone givenWoodlawn
BrickeyAlice B.1871Jul ?? ????Woodlawn
BrickeyAmelia1871Oct ?? ????Woodlawn
BrickeyFrank S.1863Jan ?? ????Woodlawn
BrickeySusan A.18611942Woodlawn
BrickeyT. C.1870Jun ?? ????Woodlawn
BridgeMatthew1927none givenWoodlawn
BridgeWilliam1953May 1973Woodlawn
BridgesBabynone givenBurial Sep 20 1945Woodlawn
BridgesDavid L.1948Feb 1975Woodlawn
BridgesElmernone givenBurial Feb 27 197?Woodlawn
BridgesLillie L.1907Oct 1984Woodlawn
BridgesMelvin L.19241980Woodlawn
BridgesMelvin Lee1952Apr 1969Woodlawn
BridwellNathannone givenBurial Aug 03 1942Woodlawn
BrileyElvin B.1921none givenWoodlawn
BrileyLaura N.1921none givenWoodlawn
BrinkmanDonald AllenFeb 08 1928Jun 24 1985Woodlawn
BrinkmanSteven James1953Jul 1971Woodlawn
BrinleyJ. Pauline1919Aug 1977Woodlawn
BrinleyRussel B.1916none givenWoodlawn
BrittJohn P. Jr.1910Nov 1949Woodlawn
BrittonCelestine1919Feb 1970Woodlawn
BrittonGeorge1919none givenWoodlawn
BrookingBelva Helen1886Jul 1974Woodlawn
BrookingWilliam J.1885May 1974Woodlawn
BrookingWilliam T.1914none givenWoodlawn
BrookmanLottie1898Oct 1973Woodlawn
BrooksMaud L.Feb 21 1881Mar 26 1953Woodlawn
BroombayMimmienone givennone givenWoodlawn
BrownCarolyn O.1920none givenWoodlawn
BrownCharles S.1906Apr 1979Woodlawn
BrownGeorge E.1918Feb 1975Woodlawn
BrownGrace A.1906none givenWoodlawn
BrownInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BrownKevin R.Jun 12 1962Oct 11 1987Woodlawn
BrownSherrynone givennone givenWoodlawn
BrownSylvianone givenBurial Mar 18 1976Woodlawn
BrownThomasnone givenBurial May 27 1969Woodlawn
BrowneBeatrice1880Aug 1951Woodlawn
BrowneCharles H.1874Jun 1948Woodlawn
BrunkhorstCarl C.Jun 13 1913Sep 23 1973Woodlawn
BrunsAltaSep 22 1895Jun 02 1951Woodlawn
BrunsHarry H.1890Jan 1974Woodlawn
BrunsKatie C.1891Dec 1978Woodlawn
BrunsWilliam H.Nov 30 1894Jul 16 1969Woodlawn
BryanSylvia E.1906none givenWoodlawn
BryanWilliam J.1901Aug 1976Woodlawn
BryantAlfrednone givenBurial May 29 197?Woodlawn
BryantOpal1903Aug 1968Woodlawn
BryantThomas F.19031987Woodlawn
BucherElizabeth A.1899Dec 1969Woodlawn
BucherRoy J.1896Feb 1968Woodlawn
BuckerLena Bellenone givennone givenWoodlawn
BufordInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BurgessClarence A.1878May 1932Woodlawn
BurgessDella I.1916none givenWoodlawn
BurgessDonald F.19051986Woodlawn
BurgessGeorge AllenJun 18 1892Sep 11 1951Woodlawn
BurgessInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BurgessInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BurgessJack1912none givenWoodlawn
BurgessLena B.1882Jun 1963Woodlawn
BurgessMary ElizabethOct 30 1894Aug 25 1971Woodlawn
BurgessTrudie B.1910none givenWoodlawn
BurnsElven1893Jan 1962Woodlawn
BurnsHilda1898Jul 1974Woodlawn
BurnsJulia E.1881Jul 1952Woodlawnnee Taylor
BurnsThomasnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BurpoAubreyMay 17 1904Nov 29 1947Woodlawn
BurpoVernon "Pete"Dec 25 1934Feb 17 1967Woodlawn
BurrDeborah A.none givennone givenWoodlawn
BurrLillie F.1916Jun 1984Woodlawn
BurrRobert P.1939Jun 1965Woodlawn
BurrRonald Earl Mar 01 1936Dec 25 1988Woodlawn
BurtDavidnone givenBurial May 05 1919Woodlawn
BurtFannie1882Mar 1965Woodlawn
BurtJack P. Jr.1951Apr 1961Woodlawn
BurtJack Paul1927Apr 1982Woodlawn
BurtJessie J.1882Jul 1971Woodlawn
BurtMichael T.none givenBurial Sep 06 197?Woodlawn
BussChrestoffnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BussFrancisnone givennone givenWoodlawn
BussHenry H.none givennone givenWoodlawn
BussVernon C.1915Feb 1977Woodlawn
BusterAlbert L.Jan 14 1877Nov 24 1948Woodlawn
BusterMyrtle C.Apr 04 1884Dec 14 1946Woodlawn
ButcherLinda L.1930Dec ?? 19??Woodlawn
ButlerEmma C.Jan 12 1849Nov 24 1931Woodlawn
ButlerInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ButlerJohn L.none givennone givenWoodlawn
ButlerRosenone givennone givenWoodlawn
ByronAlbert J.1893Aug 1959Woodlawn
ByronEllis H.1918none givenWoodlawn
ByronMarcella M.Feb 01 1931Jul 31 1988Woodlawn 
ByronNellie E.1899Jul 1971Woodlawn
ByronThelma A.1915Mar 1971Woodlawn
CalahanAlpha M.1916Jan 1985Woodlawn
CalahanAmy1900Mar 1973Woodlawnnee Pope
CalahanClarence L.1896Nov 1972Woodlawn
CalahanEdith M.1894Apr 1970Woodlawn
CalahanEverett E.1892Oct 1979Woodlawn
CalahanGeorge A.1868Nov 1950Woodlawn
CalahanIda May18921989Woodlawn
CalahanJames O.19151989Woodlawn
CalahanMary E.1871Mar 30 1???Woodlawn
CaldwellAlice A.1903Dec 1981Woodlawn
CaldwellCarl E.Nov 24 1847Mar 14 1952Woodlawn
CaldwellDoris J.1932none givenWoodlawn
CaldwellHoward G.1930Mar 1982Woodlawn
CaldwellKenneth Lloydnone givenJun 07 1924Woodlawn
CaldwellWilson Paul18981974Woodlawn
CalliottChas. E.1889Jan 1984Woodlawn
CalliottLeona M.1891Oct 1942Woodlawn
CalvertBernice A.1894Feb 1967Woodlawn
CalvertJames F.May 19 1894Jul 18 1960Woodlawn
CampbellEvelyn P.19151985Woodlawn
CampbellFrances A.Jun 06 1917none givenWoodlawn
CampbellJoyce S.1933none givenWoodlawn
CampbellLemuel F.Dec 24 1910none givenWoodlawn
CampbellRichard D.1931Oct 1978Woodlawn
CampfieldDavid A.none givennone givenWoodlawn
CampfieldGracenone givennone givenWoodlawn
CampfieldNettienone givennone givenWoodlawn
CampfieldNettie L.18731955Woodlawn
CaneSusie M.1925none givenWoodlawn
CanfieldGeorge W.18921932Woodlawn
CapeBertha Maynone givenBurial June 11 1976Woodlawn
CapeEdna1898Nov 1951Woodlawn
CapeEmma M.1860Oct 1949Woodlawn
CapeEva L.1892Feb 1972Woodlawn
CapeJames E.1864Nov 1942Woodlawn
CapeJohn Mauricenone givenBurial Jan 31 1?7?Woodlawn
CapeMary S.1864Mar 29 1???Woodlawn
CapeWm. H.1859May 26 1???Woodlawn
CarawayAlpha B.1920none givenWoodlawn
CarawayEllis M.1912none givenWoodlawn
CardwellStanOct 05 1931Apr 29 1988Woodlawn
CarnickeJosephnone givennone givenWoodlawn
CarrowDon C.none givenMar 21 1?34Woodlawn
CarterAlvin1881Sep 1965Woodlawn
CarterEarl M.none givenBurial Apr 08 1???Woodlawn
CarterFlora1910none givenWoodlawnnee Slade
CarterMamie L.1887Aug 1947Woodlawn
CarterVincent O.19101985Woodlawn
CartiserAlbert F1893Apr 1977Woodlawn
CartiserMargurite A.1908none givenWoodlawn
CasbyJennifer Nicolenone givenSep 1986Woodlawn
CassellClarence K.Oct 04 1906Jul 19 1989Woodlawn
CassellKing1876Aug 1965Woodlawn
CassellStella1880Jun 1964Woodlawn
CasteelHerbert1907Mar 1964Woodlawn
CasteelRobert DeanMay 18 1955Mar 21 1986Woodlawn
CasteelSyble1910none givenWoodlawn
CasteelTheresa L.Oct 05 1966Oct 07 1966Woodlawn
CatlettJas. E.1880Jul ?? ????Woodlawn
CatlettLady C.1887Feb ?? ????Woodlawn
CatlettLynn J.1903Jan ?? ????Woodlawn
CavanaughCarlJan 07 1923Dec 24 1944Woodlawn
CavanaughGeorge1884Mar 1963Woodlawn
CavanaughJulia1889Jan 1978Woodlawn
CaysonDarrell Raynone givenJun 04 1974Woodlawn
ChamberlinCorinnenone givenMap said burial date....Woodlawn
ChamberlinLewisnone givenMap said burial date....Woodlawn
ChandlerSarah E. (Hogan)1904Jun 1972Woodlawn
ChapmanAlvera A.1915Sep 1969Woodlawn
ChapmanCharles R.1905Jan 1979Woodlawn
ChapmanElizabeth1913Oct 1981Woodlawn
ChapmanMelinda Faynone givenBurial Feb 25 1?7?Woodlawn
ChapmanMimmie P.Apr 20 1887May 06 1975Woodlawn
ChapmanMrs.none givenBurial April 10 1???Woodlawn
ChapmanRichard F.Feb 26 1882Aug 24 1952Woodlawn
ChapmanSam1899Apr 1973Woodlawn
CharboneauRoger A.19501976Woodlawn
CharboneauRolland E.19161989Woodlawn
CharltonBetty V.1931none givenWoodlawn
CharltonDonald W.1935Nov 1971Woodlawn
CharltonLilburn R.1953Nov 1971Woodlawn
CharltonWilliam G.1956Nov 1971Woodlawn
CheathamArthur1888Aug 1975Woodlawn
CheathamLettie1904Sep 1972Woodlawn
CheathamMargaret1877Mar 1945Woodlawn
ChottMandes Lewis19051987Woodlawn
ChristianJames W.Aug 11 1910Sep 11 1951Woodlawn
ChristianThelma M.Sep 06 1914Apr 30 1987Woodlawn
ChristoffersonAlverda (Heaton)18951979Woodlawn
ChristopherCarl R.1911Aug 1979Woodlawn
ChristopherDonald LeeJul 16 1951Nov 12 1957Woodlawn
ChristopherFannie Mary1880Aug 1944Woodlawn
ChristopherInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ChristopherInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ChristopherIvah M.1934Jan 1982Woodlawn
ChristopherJames1883Mar 1967Woodlawn
ChristopherLewis R.Apr 30 1923Feb 28 1948Woodlawn
ChristopherOllie M.1912Aug 1979Woodlawn
ChristopherRobert L.1928none givenWoodlawn
ChristopherRobert L.Feb 15 1914Jun 21 1965Woodlawn
ClarkAmy B.Feb 09 1881Dec 29 1957Woodlawn
ClarkHallie (Donald)1888Jul 1971Woodlawn
ClarkHarry T.1912none givenWoodlawn
ClarkJames D.19511989Woodlawn
ClarkLee OraJan 12 1899Jan 20 1976Woodlawn
ClarkWesley JordanAug 05 1896Apr 06 1969Woodlawn
ClaytonAnnaJun 20 1905Nov 09 1981Woodlawn
ClaytonThomas TheodoreMar 02 1906Jun 27 1976Woodlawn
CloverJo Annnone givennone givenWoodlawn
CloverViola L.Jun 06 1908May 16 1978WoodlawnParents: nee Wilson
CoffmanBeatricenone givenFeb 28 1957Woodlawn
CoffmanLeslieApr 29 1928Jul 14 1950Woodlawn
CoffmanLizzie B.Feb 22 1894Apr 11 1983Woodlawn
CoffmanTheodore J.Feb 03 1922Feb 04 1986Woodlawn
CoffmanW. M. H.Aug 23 1880Dec 06 1959Woodlawn
CohlmeyerJohn W.none givenJun 11 1946WoodlawnDr.
CohlmeyerMay S[usie]Jan 10 1890Aug 01 1980Woodlawn
CoilAda B.1887Aug 31 ????Woodlawn
CoilOscar T.1885Mar ?? ????Woodlawn
ColeBrent R.18931981Woodlawn
ColeDaisy F.Feb 11 1876Jun 25 1972Woodlawn
ColeFred1878May 1973Woodlawn
ColeMollie1901Sep 1953Woodlawn
ColeRichard H.Feb 1943Jan 1944Woodlawn
ColeRobert A.Apr 1942none givenWoodlawn
ColeStella1878Jan 1948Woodlawn
ColeWm. A.1855Mar 1944Woodlawn
ColemanAnna M.1881Aug 1972Woodlawn
ColemanClara O.1918none givenWoodlawn
ColemanDella J.1888Jan 1951Woodlawn
ColemanEdward L.1866Jan 1940Woodlawn
ColemanElla A.1891Nov 1975Woodlawn
ColemanElva L.1905Jul 1965Woodlawn
ColemanEual A.1901Apr 1984Woodlawn
ColemanHarold Ralstonnone givenMar 28 1929Woodlawn
ColemanJethro E.1909Nov 1973Woodlawn
ColemanLeonard RayAug 11 1948Feb 08 1971Woodlawn
ColemanLillieAug 28 1878Feb 11 1965Woodlawn
ColemanMartha P.Feb 02 1911Oct 10 1990Woodlawn 
ColemanMyrtle J.1920none givenWoodlawn
ColemanPearl M.1911none givenWoodlawn
ColemanPressAug 02 1873Jan 14 1930Woodlawn
ColemanRaymond S.Jan 16 1905Aug 13 1968Woodlawn 
ColemanRobert J.Mar 23 1933Jun 19 1998Woodlawn 
ColemanRuby J.1908none givenWoodlawn
ColemanSamuel M.1876Dec 1963Woodlawn
ColemanThomas Carl19131989Woodlawn
ColemanVirgil1918none givenWoodlawn
CollinsCora M.1885Apr ?? ????Woodlawn
CollinsIrene E.18601935Woodlawn
CollinsSamuel P.1855Jan ?? ????Woodlawn
ConnerDorothy L.1914none givenWoodlawn
ConnerWillie F.1910Oct 1982Woodlawn
ConwayWinifred1891Dec 1979Woodlawn
ConyersCharles1895Jul 1963Woodlawn
CookAlice M.1913none givenWoodlawn
CookBetty M.1897Jul 1978Woodlawn
CookDora I.1876Jun ?? ????Woodlawn
CookJulia E.Oct 29 1?73none givenWoodlawn
CookLavoy C.1904Jan 1978Woodlawn
CookLewis PhilmoreMar 08 1896Feb 26 ????Woodlawn
CookPeter R.18671945Woodlawn
CookRolla G.1913Sep ?? ????Woodlawn
CookWilliam W.Mar 03 1?45none givenWoodlawn
CoonceGaylen W.1963Jul 1976Woodlawn
CooperChas. H.1882Oct 1972Woodlawn
CooperCurtis HowardJan 31 1917Jun 10 1962Woodlawn
CooperDorothy1888May 1967Woodlawn
CooperHarold L.Jul 21 1922Sep 17 1944Woodlawn
CooperLucy1907none givenWoodlawn
CopeBeverly J.Nov 16 1933none givenWoodlawn
CopeFloyd C.Jun 23 1921Aug 07 1973Woodlawn
CopelandBonita LeeFeb 06 1947Dec 25 1955Woodlawn
CopelandElenora M.Jun 23 1920none givenWoodlawn
CopelandHoward D.19011986Woodlawn
CopelandLouiszetta C.1915Jul 1972Woodlawn
CopelandUnknownnone givennone givenWoodlawn
CopelandWilfred C.Dec 17 1911none givenWoodlawn
CornellEmma R.1883Nov ?? ????Woodlawn
CornwallAnna Lee1878Dec 1935Woodlawn
CornwallIra Lee1913Sep 1969Woodlawn
CornwallIra M.1867Jan 1951Woodlawn
CorryAlice R.Feb 29 1924Oct 06 1980Woodlawn
CorryHomer EugeneMar 20 1920Dec 17 1988Woodlawn
CostaJoseph Carlo19061988Woodlawn
CostaLeona Jean19061985Woodlawn
CostelloFred1902May 1956Woodlawn
CostelloFred, Jr.1931Jul 1984Woodlawn
CostelloSusie1901Jun 1962Woodlawn
CottnerTom L.none givennone givenWoodlawn
CouchGerald C.Sep 14 1913Feb 25 1980Woodlawn
CouchGerald EugeneMay 12 1937Feb 19 1938Woodlawn
CouchGracie M.Sep 18 1916none givenWoodlawn
CouchIda F.1874Mar 1944Woodlawn
CouchIra J.1879Jun 1940Woodlawn
CouchJ. Frank1873Jun 1935Woodlawn
CouchJessie M.none givennone givenWoodlawn
CouchKellynone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
CouchL. J.1874Sep 1958Woodlawn
CouchLattie J.1880Feb 1969Woodlawn
CouchM. Fred1907Jun ?? ????Woodlawn
CouchMaggie M.1877Mar 1969Woodlawn
CouchMary R.1885May 1972Woodlawn
CouchWilliam A.1870May 1961Woodlawn
CoueyBeatrice Eye1905Dec 1956Woodlawn
CourtawayVirginia J.19201987Woodlawn
CourtawayWilliam M.1914none givenWoodlawn
CourtoisWalter LeeDec 07 1916Jun 10 1983Woodlawn
CovingtonCecil W.1917Apr 1977Woodlawn
CovingtonEmma J.1914Apr 1981Woodlawn
CowinWilliamJan 01 1930Mar 30 1974Woodlawn
CoxRose Ann1932Mar 1978Woodlawn
CoxwellBabynone givenFeb 20 1?48Woodlawn
CoxwellCharles S.May 14 1918none givenWoodlawn
CoxwellErnest G. Jr.Sep 15 1919Jun 05 1984Woodlawn
CoxwellGeorgia T.Jul 31 1901Apr 16 1970Woodlawn
CoxwellLeona A.Oct 01 1920Feb 05 1981Woodlawn
CoxwellPatricia A.Aug 08 1927Aug 12 ????Woodlawn
CoxwellRobert P.May 03 1894Feb 11 1954Woodlawn
CraneCharles P.none given1910Woodlawn
CraneGertrude A.none given1914Woodlawn
CrawfordEttaJan 10 1889none givenWoodlawn
CrawfordUrbanJul 20 1874Apr 06 1948Woodlawn
CresswellStephen J.1882Jan 1949Woodlawn
CresswellSusan E.1883Jun 1946Woodlawn
CrewsA. J.none givenApr 12 1?44Woodlawn
CrewsAda1874Oct 1961Woodlawn
CrewsBertha Maenone givenJul 07 1?60Woodlawn
CrewsGeorge L.1866Sep 1965Woodlawn
CrewsHurley N.1903Apr 1941Woodlawn
CrewsKate J.none givenBurial Apr 20 1?76Woodlawn
CrewsMary N.Nov 26 1850Feb 26 1942Woodlawn
CrewsRaymondnone givenBurial Apr 24 1?75Woodlawn
CriselDon Perry, Jr.Jan 29 ????Mar 10 1982Woodlawn
CrockerMary E.1907none givenWoodlawn
CrockerWilliam I.1900Aug 1976Woodlawn
CroftErnest C.1895Jun 1959Woodlawn
CroftMary L.1898Oct 1974Woodlawn
CromonerInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
CrossGenevieve Gibso1896Feb 1979Woodlawn
CrossShelby Cecil1893Sep 1972Woodlawn
CrossenManuel1917Mar 1971Woodlawn
CrossenWinifred1918none givenWoodlawn
CrowJames A.1906Jul 1982Woodlawn
CrowRuth1915none givenWoodlawn
CrowWilliam R.Feb 02 1914Feb 28 1961Woodlawn
CroweUnknownnone givennone givenWoodlawn
CrumpRalph G.19031988Woodlawn
CulwellErna S.1906Nov 1984Woodlawn
CulwellJames C.1908none givenWoodlawn
CummingsHarry1920Mar 28 ????Woodlawn
CummingsMilton L., Jr.Jul 18 1?40Aug 13 1?51Woodlawn
CummingsMilton W.1883Jul 1948Woodlawn
CummingsStella1892Feb 1942Woodlawn
CummingsWillis D.1912Jul 1938Woodlawn
CunioKatherine1898Jul 1948WoodlawnSee THOMPSON, Katherine
CurtisMyrtle E.1910Apr 1961Woodlawn
CurtisStanley E.Jul 27 1894Mar 12 1962Woodlawn
DaehnWalter1889Oct 1970Woodlawn
DanbackBertha Irene1903Apr 1980Woodlawn
DanbackWalternone givenBurial Dec 19 1....Woodlawn
DanibleLewis F1884Feb 1967Woodlawn
DanielsJuanita F1927Sep 1978Woodlawn
DauerneheinCeleste1895Sep 1984Woodlawn
DauerneheinCharles J1902none givenWoodlawn
DavidsonGladys Merseal1919Oct 1970WoodlawnParents: nee Merseal
DavidsonInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
DavidsonStuart PopeJan 1927Jun 11 1964Woodlawn
DavisAnna M1874Apr 1947Woodlawn
DavisDavid F1949Nov 1963Woodlawn
DavisElmina B1891Sep 1973Woodlawn
DavisFern Onone givennone givenWoodlawn
DavisFlossie R1905none givenWoodlawn
DavisFrank1890Jan 1976Woodlawn
DavisGertie M1912Jul 1973Woodlawn
DavisJames MJul 12 1902Oct 19 1969Woodlawn
DavisLouis G1870Aug 1950Woodlawn
DavisLucy A1906Apr 1983Woodlawn
DavisMattie G1873Dec 1949Woodlawn
DavisWm Luther1901Nov 1957Woodlawn
DawesDella M.1917none givenWoodlawn
DawesLewis C.1918Mar 1968Woodlawn
DawesRoynone givennone givenWoodlawn
DawsonClara LOct 12 1889Apr 15 1978WoodlawnSpouse: George; Married Jan 02 1906
DawsonGeorge HFeb 06 1887Feb 13 1977Woodlawn
DawsonLillian N1904none givenWoodlawn
DawsonWilliam S1903Apr 1979Woodlawn
DeaderickLynn B1893Mar 1977Woodlawn
DeaderickPhillipine1891Jun 1969Woodlawn
DeanWade Hugh1957Apr 1967Woodlawn
DeCastroAda1865May 1956Woodlawn
DeCastroEdward J1893Dec 1966Woodlawn
DeCastroJames1861Aug 1932Woodlawn
DeckerAnna E1877Aug 00 19Woodlawn
DeckerWilliam L18691937Woodlawn
DeClueAlta MJun 15 1909none givenWoodlawn
DeClueCarol JOct 20 1936none givenWoodlawn
DeClueClara M1927none givenWoodlawn
DeClueDorothy E19261988WoodlawnSpouse: Joseph E.; Married Dec 12 1952
DeClueHoward FMay 15 1905Sep 15 1976Woodlawn
DeClueJoseph E1922none givenWoodlawn
DeClueLennie GeneDec 09 1959Oct 22 1978Woodlawn
DeClueRaymond L.1919May 1975Woodlawn
DeClueThomas F.Oct 14 1931none givenWoodlawn
DeClueThomas MichealNov 24 1954Oct 21 1971Woodlawn
DeeringEarl E.Jun 22 1918Dec 11 1953Woodlawn
DeeringEileen D.Oct 16 1916none givenWoodlawn
DeerrHenry1889Sep 1952Woodlawn
DeerrMary1861Feb 1952Woodlawn
DeerrWilliam A.1859Sep 1939Woodlawn
DegoniaDwight J.1925Feb 1972Woodlawn
DegoniaFloyd W.Jan 11 1917Dec 20 1972Woodlawn
DegoniaJames M.1898Jul 1954Woodlawn
DeGuireA.C. (Mrs.)none givenBurial Apr 2....Woodlawn
DenneyNorma Jean1934Oct 1960WoodlawnParents: nee Hop....
DennisBelva LeeOct 04 1933none givenWoodlawn
DennisErnest HMay 05 1932Apr 15 1987Woodlawn
DennisJaspar1895Jun 1970Woodlawn
DennisLena E1899Mar 1965Woodlawn
DennisLeo W1898Feb 1961Woodlawn
DennisMichael A Jr19782003Woodlawn
DennisRandall EFeb 19 1957Mar 16 1986Woodlawn
DennyBertha A1892Sep 1951Woodlawn
DennyCharles Eugene19061987Woodlawn
DennyEd, Mrs.none givenBurial Sep 10 1943Woodlawn
DennyLarry DeanAug 04 1945Jun 13 1965Woodlawn
DennyOscar S18921954Woodlawn
DentonJennie1881Apr 1937Woodlawn
DeobertHelen R19281928Woodlawn
DepkeTammy MarieJun 4 1981Oct 3 1997WoodlawnDaughter & Sister
DePriestJames Monroe1923Nov 1976Woodlawn
DePriestMildred L1924none givenWoodlawn
DeptulaLucille Mnone givenBurial Jul 24....Woodlawn
DericksonEugene RFeb 29 1916Jul 06 1989Woodlawn
DericksonGrace IApr 02 1919none givenWoodlawn
DericksonPhilnone givenBurial Sep 29 1982Woodlawn
DeRousseAlfred E1920Nov 1984Woodlawn
DeRousseAurelia1913Nov 1940Woodlawn
DevellCatherine Enone givennone givenWoodlawn
DeweyEunice1895Jun 1979Woodlawn
DeweyMinnie M1906none givenWoodlawn
DeweyRoy E1876Jul 1965Woodlawn
DeweyWaldo E1902Aug 1986Woodlawn
DewittAvery L1899Oct 1964Woodlawn
DewittLena A1909Aug 1967Woodlawn
DickersonSteven1958Nov 1972Woodlawn
DickertonElizabeth1890Jun 1985Woodlawn
DickertonFrank L1875Dec 1959Woodlawn
DickeyAlfred Uhlmann1922Oct 00 19Woodlawn
DickeyGeorge FrankJul 30 1865Jan 11 19Woodlawn
DickeyGertrude1891Jan 00 19Woodlawn
DickeyJohn W1889Jul 00 19Woodlawn
DickeyNancy AnnApr 20 1869Jul 11 19Woodlawn
DickhardtErnest H1899May 1981Woodlawn
DickhardtMyrtle V1909Aug 1984Woodlawn
DickinsonJohn B19161990Woodlawn
DickmanRoscoe H1898Sep 1966WoodlawnDr.
DicksonMary Lee19271990Woodlawn
DicusMaudeOct 01 1887Nov 11 1947Woodlawn
DierksEmil WFeb 16 1900Jun 22 1987Woodlawn
DierksLoretta ENov 08 1934none givenWoodlawn
DierksMinnieMay 07 1913none givenWoodlawnParents: nee William....
DierksRaymond FJun 08 1929none givenWoodlawn
DietrichJohn Danielnone givennone givenWoodlawnSEE Fields, Johnny D.; listed as Johnny Dietrich....
DirschuweitHedwig MMay 27 1915Dec 00 1990Woodlawn
DirschuweitHeinz EJun 16 1910Oct 13 1986Woodlawn
DismukesNettie M1920Apr 1981Woodlawn
DixEileennone givennone givenWoodlawn
DixHenry AFeb 29 1908Oct 10 1984Woodlawn
DixM.EileenAug 16 1916Jan 12 1989Woodlawn
DodsonAlfred1910Oct 1967Woodlawn
DodsonAlfred JrOct 03 1928Feb 24 1945Woodlawn
DodsonBertha E1890Jun 1968Woodlawn
DodsonDonaldNov 23 1935Sep 02 1972Woodlawn
DodsonElla1911none givenWoodlawn
DodsonGregg AAug 00 19Aug 00 1963Woodlawn
DodsonJames C18841954Woodlawn
DodsonKatie B1889Aug 1936Woodlawn
DodsonMargie1940none givenWoodlawn
DodsonNealnone givenBurial Sep 29 1?59Woodlawn
DodsonNormanJan 05 1918Jun 08 1919Woodlawn
DodsonWilliam E1883Sep 1971Woodlawn
DoebbertAnna Mae1898Jan 1948Woodlawn
DoebbertFrank E1894May 1975Woodlawn
DoebertCarl J19341934Woodlawn
DoebertCharles ENov 19 1957Oct 16 1972Woodlawn
DollarFlorencenone givennone givenWoodlawn
DonahueBernard F1907Mar 1978Woodlawn
DonahueRuby I1907Mar 1981Woodlawn
DonaldDora M1880Jun 1962Woodlawn
DonaldNathan F1876May 1962Woodlawn
DonnellMarjorie J1919Mar 1973Woodlawn
DonnellThomas A1913Nov 1983Woodlawn
DonnellWilliam FSep 18 1925May 09 1945Woodlawn
DonnellyGrayse A1902Nov 00 19Woodlawn
DotyLucie Enone givennone givenWoodlawn
DouglasCarrie LNov 16 1874Dec 19 1949Woodlawn
DouglasWilliam TMar 23 1872Nov 07 1958Woodlawn
DoverAlexandernone givennone givenWoodlawn
DoverAlice V1858May 1934Woodlawn
DoverBeverly1935Mar 00 19Woodlawn
DoverDicknone givennone givenWoodlawn
DoverMarian D1916none givenWoodlawn
DoverPaul S1914Mar 00 19Woodlawn
DownsHoward W1919none givenWoodlawn
DownsMarilynn R1956Aug 1973Woodlawn
DownsMelvin R1950Jan 1971Woodlawn
DownsRuth E1930none givenWoodlawn
DrakeConnie Jnone givenDec 12 1962Woodlawn
DrakeJesse1900Feb 1973Woodlawn
DrakeMyrtle1896Feb 1973Woodlawn
DrennenAustin H1913none givenWoodlawn SSA Bessie
DrennenBessie I19162006Woodlawn SSA Austin
DrennenDavid BAug 28 1940May 23 1989Woodlawn
DrennenErvine ESep 08 1934Oct 21 1983Woodlawn
DrennenFannie1881Dec 1948Woodlawn
DrennenHerbert1882Nov 1963Woodlawn
DrennenMartha LeasApr 08 1901May 02 1987Woodlawn
DrennenMartin Enone given1955Woodlawn
DresteMary TurnerNov 26 1901Jul 23 1984Woodlawn
DrestePhilip MApr 18 1914Feb 09 1985Woodlawn
DrewErnest S1894Jul 1975Woodlawn
DrewHattie D18931986Woodlawn
DrewsEthel P1903Jan 1978Woodlawn
DrewsHarry C19001985Woodlawn
DrisselCarolineSep 06 1866Nov 03 1925Woodlawn
DrisselJohn CMar 07 1864Mar 02 1945Woodlawn
DrissellEdwardMay 19 1887Mar 05 1950Woodlawn
DrissellLloyd SonnyMar 31 1919Mar 13 1952Woodlawn
DrissellMae NorrisFeb 26 1860Oct 16 1935Woodlawn
DroneyCornella Mae1907Jun 1980Woodlawn
DuckwallBertie1878Mar 1962Woodlawn
DuckwallFred1870Dec 1958Woodlawn
DuffnerBernard W19231990Woodlawn
DuganClaude Fnone givenDec 28 1914Woodlawn
DuganEunice1893Feb 1975WoodlawnParents: nee Reppy
DuganGenivieve MMar 21 1909none givenWoodlawn
DuganGilbert LeeJul 11 1913Nov 08 1976Woodlawn
DuganIola BJun 30 1914Nov 10 1982Woodlawn
DuganJoan IreneSep 03 1944Dec 02 1950Woodlawn
DuganMelvin1882Jul 1970Woodlawn
DuganMildred MAug 24 1919none givenWoodlawn
DuganPearl1888Jan 1954Woodlawn
DuganSteve HOct 25 1901May 08 1986Woodlawn
DuganSylvas Lee1887Mar 1976Woodlawn
DuingEdna CNov 10 1905Nov 10 1969Woodlawn
DuingHermanJul 19 1904Aug 21 1979Woodlawn
DunlapJohn PaulDec 10 1973Oct 17 1984Woodlawn
DunlopEmmyJun 02 1916Apr 15 1981Woodlawn
DuperretAlbert1883Jun 1975Woodlawn
DuperretCura T1886Jun 1963Woodlawn
DuperretElma Mnone givennone givenWoodlawn
DuPerrettEmma1862Jun 1935Woodlawn
DuperrettMinnie1902none givenWoodlawn
DuPerrettPaul E1853Oct 1939Woodlawn
DuperrettVincent1901Feb 1984Woodlawn
DupperexAlicenone givennone givenWoodlawn
DuraihFrances E1924Jun 1964Woodlawn
DurainJoseph WFeb 27 1888Jan 01 1952Woodlawn
DurbinH. (Mrs.)none givennone givenWoodlawn
DurthInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
EatonMonte E.1891Sep 1966Woodlawn
EatonOlinda J.1892Jan 1971Woodlawn
EavesElisha E.Aug 29 1910May 10 1948Woodlawn
EavesElisha M.1868Oct 1948Woodlawn
EavesNora L.1886Sep 1961Woodlawn
EckDorisAug 09 1924none givenWoodlawn
EckRobertOct 15 1916Apr 03 1977Woodlawn
EckhoffInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
EckhoffJoseph W.1900Jan 1948Woodlawn
EckhoffLattie L.1902Nov 1983Woodlawn
EckhoffMelvin V.Apr 30 1934Jul 05 1982Woodlawn
EckhoffO.W.none givennone givenWoodlawn
EctonJames C.1901Jun 1984Woodlawn
EctonMuriel H.1920none givenWoodlawn
EdeGeorge T.Feb 20 1864Aug 28 1932Woodlawn
EdeW.A.Feb 01 1864Nov 22 1921Woodlawn
EdelmanAlice L.Jul 06 1928none givenWoodlawn
EdelmanGeorge J.Aug 27 1925none givenWoodlawn
EdgarHorace R.1875Mar 27 1900Woodlawn
EdgarKatie I.1887Jan 1945Woodlawn
EdwardEleanorApr 02 1857Sep 03 1916Woodlawn
EdwardOscarFeb 23 1858Jul 04 1929Woodlawn
EdwardsAda M.none givenNov 12 1987Woodlawn
EdwardsEdwin S.none givenBurial August 01....Woodlawn
EdwardsFrank B.1885Dec 1959Woodlawn
EdwardsMary L.1862May 1939Woodlawn
EdwardsMelzar C.18591936Woodlawn
EdwardsNewman O.none givenNov 22 1953Woodlawn
EhrenbergMarion C.none givennone givenWoodlawn
EllasHarold S.1892Aug 1984Woodlawn
EllasThelma G.Feb 14 1896Jan 10 1985Woodlawn
ElliotYvonnenone givennone givenWoodlawnAge: Infant
ElliottBen M.1898Sep 1970Woodlawn
ElliottIda C1874Apr 1941Woodlawn
ElliottJames D.1911Nov 1971Woodlawn
ElliottLouis M.1875Feb 1953Woodlawn
ElliottMary1861Mar 1945Woodlawn
ElliottMyrtle R.1912none givenWoodlawn
ElliottPearl1899Mar 1965Woodlawn
ElliottStella1884Mar 1957Woodlawn
ElliottWilliam S.1876Sep 1934Woodlawn
EllisArthur R.Nov 02 1899Apr 07 1963Woodlawn
EllisEdna (Leas)Mar 28 1893Jul 17 1966Woodlawn
EllisMinnie M.Aug 17 1891Feb 01 1985Woodlawn
EllisRichard L.Jan 04 1919Aug 06 1986Woodlawn
EllsworthEdith EFeb 26 1887Nov 23 1959Woodlawn
EllsworthLeon (Zeke)19291987Woodlawn
ElstrotDale A.Dec 08 1922none givenWoodlawn
ElstrotJulia L.1891Mar 1975Woodlawn
ElstrotMary L.Nov 21 1924none givenWoodlawn
ElstrotRoger M.May 03 1950Sep 02 1973Woodlawn
ElstrotWalter1891Nov 1971Woodlawn
EmersonEthel Wall1897Aug 1983Woodlawn
EmilyBetsy A.May 06 1911Nov 09 1980Woodlawn
EmilyCharles N.19411988Woodlawn
EngledowMary E.1905Oct 00 1958Woodlawn
EngledowWilder1905Mar 1973Woodlawn
EnidJamesnone givenBurial Jun 03 4....Woodlawn
EnnisAda H.1914none givenWoodlawn
EnnisAnita Marie1941Nov 1978Woodlawn
EnnisGilbert R.1908Jun 1979Woodlawn
EnnisRaymond A.1938none givenWoodlawn
EnoressInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
EnoressInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ErnyAlfred G. (Pat)1894May 1963Woodlawn
ErnyLucille E.1897Aug 1967Woodlawn
ErwinGeorge W.1876Sep 1945Woodlawn
ErwinLeah M[arguerite][Jun 18] 1892Aug [13] 1968WoodlawnParents: [Thomas B. & Martha E. (nee Roberts) MANESS]
EvansKenneth E.Dec 13 1931Mar 02 1980Woodlawn
EvansLawrence E.1902Sep 1977Woodlawn
EvansMatilda Mothershead18611939Woodlawn
EvensAlice L.1874Mar 28 ????Woodlawn
EvensFrank L.Oct 01 1912Sep 11 ????Woodlawn
EvensWalter H.1873Dec 26 ????Woodlawn
EversDora (Fritz)none givennone givenWoodlawn
EversFred L.1881Mar 1963Woodlawn
EyeRoxieMar 12 1907Mar 09 1951Woodlawn
FaengerMichael AMar 31Jan 02 1964Woodlawn
FalchOtto WJun 03 1902Sep 09 1974Woodlawn
FalchSusannone givenburial Aug 17 7...Woodlawn
FalchWalter OApr 10 1935Apr 05 1961Woodlawn
FarleyNorma Jean1934Apr 1977Woodlawn
FarrisHarry M1895Jul 1970Woodlawn
FarrisHarvey WFeb 5 1860Mar 01 1944Woodlawn
FarrisM EllenFeb 20 1862Oct 30 1956Woodlawn
FarrisMarie M1901none givenWoodlawn
FarrisWarren AJul 21 1884Jul 15 1958Woodlawn
FarrowArvel F1901Feb 1978Woodlawn
FarrowJulia B1914Jan 1985Woodlawn
FauthE.S.none givennone givenWoodlawn
FauthEdmon S1881JanWoodlawn
FauthGeraldine L1911JulWoodlawn
FauthLona B1884DecWoodlawn
FauthMilton S19091929Woodlawn
FelchlinGrace FOct 16 1901Jun 14 19Woodlawn
FelchtingerLouise Marie19231930Woodlawn
FelchtingerMary Edna18971932Woodlawn
FerrallMichael GNov 09 1971Nov 11 1971Woodlawn
FieldsJohnny DietrichAug 14 1985Apr 17 1988Woodlawn
FieldsLucy EJun 23 1920none givenWoodlawn
FieldsLukeNov 07 1912Feb 15 1988Woodlawn
none givennone givenWoodlawn
FilkinsAnna Mary1916May 1977Woodlawn
FilkinsCharles A1879Mar 1968Woodlawn
FilkinsJudith Annnone givenAug 03 1934Woodlawn
FilkinsJulius CMay 30 1901Jun 20 1979Woodlawn
FilkinsLysle F1906Nov 1984Woodlawn
FilkinsMinerva J1883Apr 1978Woodlawn
FilkinsRichard F19321936Woodlawn
FilkinsRonald MSep 12 1946Jul 20 1968Woodlawn
FilkinsThelmaApr 30 1901Jan 01 1959Woodlawn
FincherAlice D1870Aug 1954Woodlawn
FincherHerbert Clyde18921967Woodlawn
FincherHiram W1867Aug 1950Woodlawn
FincherSallynone givennone givenWoodlawn
FincherSally O18941989Woodlawn
FinkCharles F1902none givenWoodlawn
FinkEdward LFeb 8 1885Jan 08 1973Woodlawn
FinkErnest DuaneAug 11 1948Jan 07 1970Woodlawn
FinkGertrude1908none givenWoodlawn
FinkHazel RNov 2 1899May 23 1962Woodlawn
FinkInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
FinnicalWalter1905May 1963Woodlawn
FisherAnn P1913none givenWoodlawn
FisherArleneJan 10 1942none givenWoodlawn
FisherAugusta1860Jul 1934Woodlawn
FisherEdith Maenone givennone givenWoodlawn
FisherGerald VirgilJan 14 1934Sep 29 1934Woodlawn
FisherJoan Lnone givennone givenWoodlawn
FisherLeonard JMar 24 1941none givenWoodlawn
FisherOscarnone givennone givenWoodlawn
FisherPeter1857Oct 1937Woodlawn
FisherVernonnone givennone givenWoodlawn
FisherVirgil F1910Jun 1962Woodlawn
FisherW.Henry1906Dec 1961Woodlawn
FitchEthel W1880Feb 1954Woodlawn
FitchScott1874Aug 1936Woodlawn
FitzgeraldGeorge R1889Oct 1956Woodlawn
FitzgeraldMrnone givennone givenWoodlawn
FitzgeraldMrsnone givennone givenWoodlawn
FitzgibbonHarry J1902Jul 1980Woodlawn
FitzgibbonOpal B1899Aug 1981Woodlawn
FlaskampFred G1869Jan Woodlawn
FlueckEdwardnone givenburial May 19 5...Woodlawn
FlueckReginanone givenburial Nov 26 4...Woodlawn
FonvilleCarl1926none givenWoodlawn
FonvilleTessie1897Feb 1977Woodlawn
FonvilleWanda1920none givenWoodlawn
FooteBertha M1868JanWoodlawn
FordJack H19401975Woodlawn
ForesterCharles A1887Nov 1939Woodlawn
ForesterElsie M1894May 1971Woodlawn
ForgotstonPearl ADec 02 1916Jun 30 1989Woodlawn
ForsheeAlan Gnone givenburial 5 7 62Woodlawn
ForsheeBabynone givenburial 7 20 72Woodlawn
ForsheeElizabeth T1920none givenWoodlawn
ForsheeGary GMay 01 1951May 17 1986Woodlawn
ForsheeGeorge A1918none givenWoodlawn
ForsheeMinnie E1885Aug 1958Woodlawn
FortnerDaisy DSep 10 1919Aug 21 1989Woodlawn
FortnerInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
FortnerMilburn OMay 17 1914none givenWoodlawn
FoxWilliam WAug 15 1952Dec 01 1985Woodlawn
FrancisHelenJun 01 1916Aug 12 1988WoodlawnParents: nee Gibbons
FraneyMary J1902none givenWoodlawn
FranklinDora M18871931Woodlawn
FranklinJames M1887May 1968Woodlawn
FranklinRolla O1910Feb 1965Woodlawn
FrazierEmma BFeb 14 1888May 09 1971Woodlawn
FrazierFay UApr 13 1925Jun 11 1987Woodlawn
FrazierHoward G1903none givenWoodlawn
FrazierL.OscarMar 9 1891Aug 06 1957Woodlawn
FrazierMary EMar 11 1893Jan 09 1978Woodlawn
FrazierRuth J1906none givenWoodlawn
FrazierWade WMay 17 1926none givenWoodlawn
FredricksonChasnone given1928Woodlawn
FredricksonEarl1915Feb 30 (?) 19Woodlawn
FreerCharles WOct 14 1910May 03 1968Woodlawn
FreerHattie MMay 27 1888Nov 16 1955Woodlawn
FreerJoseph GJun 15 1886May 27 1979Woodlawn
FreerM.LouiseJan 28 1913none givenWoodlawn
FrenchElma F19061987Woodlawn
FrenchEthel WeaseApr 26 1889Nov 02 1966Woodlawn
FrenchJames R1905none givenWoodlawn
FrenchJohn C1909Aug 1981Woodlawn
FrenchLena A1907Nov 1970Woodlawn
FreyCharles G1886Aug 1968Woodlawn
FreyKate1884Jan 1969Woodlawn
FreyWalter HermanNov 13 1894Aug 02 1963Woodlawn
FriedmanLucille D19061986Woodlawn
FriendBobby ADec 22 1957Jan 26 1973Woodlawn
FrissellT.S.1887Jan 1952Woodlawn
FritzAlbertnone givenburial Jul 11 1...Woodlawn
FritzMamienone givenburial Jul 7 19Woodlawn
FryLovey W1899May 1980Woodlawn
FryNora C1899Jul 1974Woodlawn
FryeAda B1882Apr 1965Woodlawn
FryeLillie M1885Apr 1963Woodlawn
FuhrmannFranknone givenburial Dec 18 5....Woodlawn
FuhrmannZoe Marienone givenburial Nov 29 6....Woodlawn
FulcherCarrie A1877Oct 1948Woodlawn
FulcoGeorge Wnone givennone givenWoodlawn
FulcoNellie1904Mar 1942Woodlawn
FulcoVirginia LAug 19 1932Nov 11 1980Woodlawn
FunkErnest MarvinJan 11 1899none givenWoodlawn
FunkFloFeb 18 1898Feb 02WoodlawnParents: nee DIckey
FuscoLauranone givenburial April 23....Woodlawn
FusselmanDavid1852buried Jun 13 1938Woodlawn
FusselmanJames D1912Sep 1975Woodlawn
FusselmanMary E1892Nov 1967Woodlawn
FusselmanMildred1911none givenWoodlawn
FusselmanNora1866Aug 1936Woodlawn
FusselmanWilliam H1884May 1971Woodlawn
GabrielBarbara JeanNov 19 1950Dec 21 1951Woodlawn
GabrielEugenenone givennone givenWoodlawn
GabrielLoueaseJun 02 1909Feb 24 1955Woodlawn
GaebeEvelyn MSep 26 1904Jun 12 1985Woodlawn
GaebeJoseph HSep 1 1899Jul 11 1959Woodlawn
GageElmer O1881Dec 00 19Woodlawn
GageRachel B1886Oct 00 19Woodlawn
GallaherPetra W1936Feb 1975Woodlawn
GanitNancynone givennone givenWoodlawn
GannonDorine FAug 04 1920Aug 02 1984Woodlawn
GannonEdna MFeb 8 1885Oct 22 1948Woodlawn
GannonJoseph AJun 18 1879Mar 29 1966Woodlawn
GannonJoseph EMay 11 1917Oct 30 1982Woodlawn
GannonLilburn L1901Jun 1970Woodlawn
GannonOrilla M19051988Woodlawn
GanterEarl H19231989Woodlawn
GanterVirginia C1916Jul 1979Woodlawn
GarnerLillie GreyJul 6 1881Nov 9 1954Woodlawn
GarrettLola CJan 26 1919Jul 22 1980Woodlawn
GarrettMelvin CApr 22 1913Jan 30 1945Woodlawn
GarrettWillie EthelDec 31 1891May 25 1943Woodlawn
GarthAurelia (Mannin19111989Woodlawn
GarthJamesnone givenburial 4 5 67Woodlawn
GastonCharles Edward1913May 1983Woodlawn
GastonOpal Ellen1924none givenWoodlawn
GaussFrank EvansOct 25 1887Jul 11 1966Woodlawn
GaussMartha DorothyAug 27 1896Oct 11 1976Woodlawn
GeiseC Mrsnone givennone givenWoodlawn
GibbonsAlbert A1918Aug 1932Woodlawn
GibbonsBenjiman HJun 27 1889Jul 13 19Woodlawn
GibbonsDorothy MJun 07 1917none givenWoodlawn
GibbonsFlorence M1892Nov 1964Woodlawn
GibbonsFrank1880Jul 1961Woodlawn
GibbonsHomer JamesFeb 25 1927May 13 1985Woodlawn
GibbonsJames E1897Oct 1963Woodlawn
GibbonsMary MargaretApr 06 1912Apr 22 1912Woodlawn
GibbonsMinerva1886Sep 1968Woodlawn
GibbonsOscar TomApr 12 1913Jan 24 1954Woodlawn
GibbonsPaulineAug 8 1898Jan 20 19Woodlawn
GibbonsWalter LeeSep 03 1914Jul 16 1983Woodlawn
GibbonsWilliam1911Feb 1941Woodlawn
GibbonsWilliamnone givennone givenWoodlawn
GibsonCharles D1927Feb 1972Woodlawn
GibsonClaude P1882Jan 1956Woodlawn
GibsonElnora1902Apr 1947Woodlawn
GibsonFrancis P1884Feb 1951Woodlawn
GibsonHerbert D19051986Woodlawn
GibsonHildred B19081988Woodlawn
GibsonInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
GibsonIsaac H1897Nov 1978Woodlawn
GibsonLucyNov 3 1866Mar 17 1930WoodlawnParents: nee McGready
GibsonMary EMar 18 1860Mar 18 1940Woodlawn
GibsonRuby AnnFeb 20 1927Dec 30 1988Woodlawn
GibsonVietta E18961987Woodlawn
GibsonWalter ENov 24 1863Jul 23 1948Woodlawn
GibsonWalter E JrJan 11 1900Jun 20 1946Woodlawn
GibsonWm F1895May 1965Woodlawn
GilbertArthur E1902May 1966Woodlawn
GilbertBerthaJun 21 1899Oct 8 1986Woodlawn
GilbertBryan C1951Oct 1971Woodlawn
GilbertCharles AJun 17 1897Feb 10 1952Woodlawn
GilbertIsis Fey1906May 1969Woodlawn
GillamHarold AMar 03 1926none givenWoodlawn
GillamNorma JSep 06 1925Sep 19 1978Woodlawn
GinterEarl A1899Nov 1972Woodlawn
GinterEdward W1873Nov 1933Woodlawn
GinterJennie M1880Jan 1960Woodlawn
GinterMaude A1900Aug 1972Woodlawn
GinterWilliam A19001983Woodlawn
GinterZollie L1900Nov 1979Woodlawn
GistHazel B1907Apr 1960Woodlawn
GloreEllaJan 16 1879May 18 19Woodlawn
GloreEthel M1918none givenWoodlawn
GloreGraceOct 05 1914Sep 18 19Woodlawn
GloreJohn Hnone givenJun 06 19Woodlawn
GloreJohn I1916Nov 1962Woodlawn
GoadDouglas DApr 01 1962Jun 24 1981Woodlawn
GoetzingerMargarethanone givenApr 04 1969Woodlawn
GoffEtta G1875Oct 1935Woodlawn
GoffJ ClydeMay 3 1885Dec 26 1955Woodlawn
GoffLeslie L1867Jul 1939Woodlawn
GoffMary E1870Sep 1950Woodlawn
GoffRetta BMar 1 1876Apr 26 1962Woodlawn
GoffRussell EMay 8 1917Jan 22 2001Woodlawn1st Lt. US Army WWII
GoldenGeorge S1873Jun 1942Woodlawn
GoldenMary E1887Jun 1962Woodlawn
GoodmanBarbaranone givenburial 4 10 60Woodlawn
GoodmanBessie E1933none givenWoodlawn
GoodmanJohn D JrDec 04 19Feb 12 1980Woodlawn
GoodmanJoseph C19291986Woodlawn
GoodsonDavid L19071985Woodlawn
GoodsonFrieda L1908none givenWoodlawn
GoodwinIda A1899Mar 1984Woodlawn
GoodwinRobert BSep 21 1897Feb 12 1974Woodlawn
GordonDennis K1955Mar 1961Woodlawn
GordonJohn D Sr1946Feb 1971Woodlawn
GordonJohn JFeb 06 1914Aug 26 1968Woodlawn
GordonRobert J19531985Woodlawn
GoreGeorge M1940Jan 1973Woodlawn
GovreauGladys Mae1922Sep 1984Woodlawn
GovroJohn A1883Sep 1969Woodlawn
GovroMargaret1890Mar 3 19??Woodlawn
GowanBenjamin H SrMar 17 1895Feb 3 1971Woodlawn
GowanBertha R1885Oct 1938Woodlawn
GowanRuth H1927Oct 28 19??Woodlawn
GoytFelixnone givenburial Apr 19 4....Woodlawn
GraceyTimothy David
Nov 27 2005WoodlawnOur Beloved Son
GrahamAlice BNov 06 1917Nov 19 1980Woodlawn
GrahamCharlene1909none givenWoodlawn
GrahamEverett FMar 17 1917Aug 01 1972Woodlawn
GrahamGertrudeSep 12 1891Mar 6 1963Woodlawn
GrahamJohn DMay 00 1900none givenWoodlawn
GrahamJoseph CSep 22 1891Dec 14 1948Woodlawn
GrahamRachel Maenone givenburial 5 22 78Woodlawn
GrahamThomasnone givenburial 5 31 69Woodlawn
GrahamWalter PJul 13 1885Aug 9 1953Woodlawn
GrahamWalter PMay 09 1919May 15 1976Woodlawn
GrahamWilliam H1908Oct 1983Woodlawn
GrahamWoodrow W19171983Woodlawn
GramhamEmma L1889Aug 1961Woodlawn
GramhamFrancise1885Dec 1959Woodlawn
GranaMary L1934none givenWoodlawn
GranaNick JJul 22 1922Jun 07 1984Woodlawn
GravesDerek Wayne19821982Woodlawn
GrayUlla S1914Oct 1974Woodlawn
GreathouseBrady B1900Dec 1973Woodlawn
GreathouseGeraldine1901none givenWoodlawn
GreenAlice M19001987Woodlawn
GreenGeorge BOct 7 1898Oct 29 1952Woodlawn
GreenInfantNov 20 1955none givenWoodlawn
GreenLester MJul 11 1897Dec 21 1947Woodlawn
GreenLilian B1879Apr 1948Woodlawn
GreenOrlie L1892Mar 1970Woodlawn
GreenWilliam G1874Oct 1958Woodlawn
GreenleeJohn T1918May 1967Woodlawn
GreenleeLoretta M1922none givenWoodlawn
GreerBlanche M1906none givenWoodlawn
GreerEarl C1894Aug 1965Woodlawn
GreerHomer E Sr1901Sep 1975Woodlawn
GreerLucille (Canfie18971987Woodlawn
GreerPatrick M19711988Woodlawn
GriderClaudia1952Aug 1948Woodlawn
GriffinJames H1864Sep 1939Woodlawn
GriffinMay (Reid)1870Feb 1940Woodlawn
GriffinThomasnone givennone givenWoodlawn
GrimesMrs. Lnone givennone givenWoodlawn
GroepperBernard L1899Jan 1971Woodlawn
GroepperNellie M19041985Woodlawn
GrohsHenry J1882Mar 1961Woodlawn
GroteChloe B1891Feb 1961Woodlawn
GroutDaisy MMay 20 1887May 1965Woodlawn
GroutGeorge EJul 12 1880Jan 13 1948Woodlawn
GrowFred A19241973Woodlawn
GrumetCarlOct 26 1899Nov 26 1979Woodlawn
GrumetLucilleAug 21 1892Jan 2 1973Woodlawn
GrunwellMarynone givennone givenWoodlawn
GuentherBillie EJul 15 1931Sep 03 1955Woodlawn
GuentherJesse L1933none givenWoodlawn
GuentherRhonda Gail19581959Woodlawn
GuentherSylvia C1942none givenWoodlawn
GuffeyOliver O'NealSep 23 1923May 28 1989Woodlawn
GuleyJohn J1884Jul 1959Woodlawn
GuleyLottie M1886Jan 1963Woodlawn
GullionCharles W1879Sep 00 19Woodlawn
GullionRobert W1849Jan 1933Woodlawn
GunnettAlbert W1905May 1952Woodlawn
GunnettJanie A1904Dec 1980Woodlawn
HaasBarbara M1920none givenWoodlawn
HaasHerman A1915Sep 1980Woodlawn
HackeFredericknone givennone givenWoodlawn
HagelmanDotty R1934none givenWoodlawn
HagelmanFloyd E1927Jun 1981Woodlawn
HagelmanFrances E1904none givenWoodlawn
HagelmanHugo J1881Feb 1971Woodlawn
HagerDolores M1935Aug 1944Woodlawn
HahnCarroll ESep 01 1930none givenWoodlawn
HahnElecta AJul 14 1931none givenWoodlawn
HahnHelen M1924Nov 1980Woodlawn
HahnNorman V1920none givenWoodlawn
HahnPaul G19472002Woodlawn
HaleRev Eldon W1918Dec 1978Woodlawn
HaleyJohn D18791930Woodlawn
HallBurnell ENov 17 1920Oct 19 1981Woodlawn
HallElda AFeb 10 1909Feb 01 1968Woodlawn
HallHenry TAug 08 1915Aug 25 1976Woodlawn
HallInis LDec 18 1924none givenWoodlawn
HallLucille KMar 25 1919none givenWoodlawn
HallMathew F1921Apr 1946Woodlawn
HallThomas F18881956Woodlawn
HalterAmos S1894Dec 1964Woodlawn
HalterArthur A1885Feb 1953Woodlawn
HalterEthyl C1888Aug 1969Woodlawn
HamblinEarl Avery1956Apr 1979Woodlawn
HamelAnna P1906none givenWoodlawn
HamelClarence L1898Dec 1979Woodlawn
HamelDoris JApr 16 1928Jul 29 1986Woodlawn
HamelFlorencenone givennone givenWoodlawn
HamelRalph LDec 26 1927none givenWoodlawn
HamelWardnone givennone givenWoodlawn
HamiltonHorace H1908Apr 1975Woodlawn
HamiltonLoveda M1914none givenWoodlawn
HammacherAugust H18791960Woodlawn
HammondHarrynone givenburial Oct 12 6....Woodlawn
HamrickEarl J1918Jul 1977Woodlawn
HamrickMinnie I1922Nov 1981Woodlawn
HancockBertie1888Jul 1961Woodlawn
HancockJohn E1884Mar 1958Woodlawn
HancockLavada H1892Sep 1950Woodlawn
HandockCharles H1876Jun 1956Woodlawn
HangerLloyd1913Aug 1968Woodlawn
HangerPearl E1912none givenWoodlawn
HankinsBill DSep 25 1937Jun 30 1989Woodlawn
HardinHazel IOct 19 1927none givenWoodlawn
HardinHulda (Beckmeye1894Apr 1962Woodlawn
HardinWayne NJan 26 1926Dec 09 1988Woodlawn
HardingAnna E18911969Woodlawn
HardingRay E1889Aug 1978Woodlawn
HarklessMargaretnone givennone givenWoodlawn
HarmonElla Suenone givenburial Sep 6 1....Woodlawn
HarmsNorma R1912none givenWoodlawn
HarnessClarence1894Jul 1978Woodlawn
HarnessClarence E19181981Woodlawn
HarnessClydeMay 12 1903Dec 21 1937Woodlawn
HarnessEdna MSep 15 1921Aug 09 19Woodlawn
HarnessElzie1908none givenWoodlawn
HarnessGertrude1896Sep 1972Woodlawn
HarnessGlen LMar 16 1923Nov 05 1983Woodlawn
HarnessGrace1899Jun 1971Woodlawn
HarnessHarold D19241988Woodlawn
HarnessHenriettaOct 6 1867Oct 31 1951Woodlawn
HarnessJohn WNov 30 1867Jan 14 1952Woodlawn
HarnessLester1896Mar 1950Woodlawn
HarnessMay1903none givenWoodlawn
HarnessMldred P1923none givenWoodlawn
HarnessRichard A (Rick)Jan 12 1961Jun 15 19Woodlawn
HarnessVerla E.1923Jul 1974WoodlawnParents: nee Johnst....
HarnessWilfred1889Jul 29 00Woodlawn
HaroldTednone givenburial Feb 26 1....Woodlawn
HarperEffie B1874Dec 1947Woodlawn
HarperJohn F1867Apr 1945Woodlawn
HarperJohn W1911May 1971Woodlawn
HarperLaura B1901Nov 1949Woodlawn
HarperLorene P1918none givenWoodlawn
HarperOtis W1915Jul 1975Woodlawn
none givenburial Oct 26 1....Woodlawn
HarrisBertha E1888Nov 1959Woodlawn
HarrisEdward P1918none givenWoodlawn
HarrisEmogeneMay 16 1916Jul 29 1984Woodlawn
HarrisEphraim L1846Mar 1974Woodlawn
HarrisHenry W1880May 1964Woodlawn
HarrisInez E1898Mar 1979Woodlawn
HarrisLaverne M1928Apr 1982Woodlawn
HarrisMargaret1906none givenWoodlawn
HarrisMyrtle S18961976Woodlawn
HarrisRaymond CJul 29 1909May 11 1987Woodlawn
HarrisTheresa Lynnnone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
HarrisWalter D1904Aug 00 19Woodlawn
HarrisWilliam AAug 15 1913May 11 1985Woodlawn
HarrisonGeorge LesterJan 08 1933Mar 22 1987Woodlawn
HarshawAdolph Enone givenburial Dec 24 1....Woodlawn
HarshawJohn R1875Jan 1953Woodlawn
HarshawJohn R1903Oct 1970Woodlawn
HarshawJulia (Jane)May 30 1930none givenWoodlawn
HarshawMary Lou1930Feb 1948Woodlawn
HarshawNorman (Pete)Dec 31 1927Mar 26 1986Woodlawn
HarshawPearl F1908Aug 1970Woodlawn
HarshawVina1886Mar 1968Woodlawn
HartonMary A1901Mar 1984Woodlawn
HartonRoy F1897none givenWoodlawn
HastingMargaret M1900none givenWoodlawn
HastingsChester W1900Sep 1974Woodlawn
HatcherMildred MMar 26 1915none givenWoodlawn
HatcherOrville RDec 02 1909Feb 09 1985Woodlawn
HauckCharles HenlyDec 14 1912Sep 29 1966Woodlawn
HauckGenevievenone givenburial Apr 26 1975Woodlawn
HaverstickAlbert EJun 23 1924Jul 27 1980Woodlawn
HaverstickAlfred M1901Jan 1949Woodlawn
HaverstickAlice COct 1 1874May 3 1958Woodlawn
HaverstickAllennone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
HaverstickAnn M1897Apr 1967Woodlawn
HaverstickBertha AApr 22 1894Jun 3 1948Woodlawn
HaverstickCarrie A1897Mar 1975Woodlawn
HaverstickCharles WMar 30 1868Dec 22 1947Woodlawn
HaverstickDavid T1915none givenWoodlawn
HaverstickDorothy1929none givenWoodlawn
HaverstickEllen1881Jun 00 19Woodlawn
HaverstickEthel L1911none givenWoodlawn
HaverstickGeorge HJan 1 1879Jan 22 19Woodlawn
HaverstickGladys R1913Dec 29 1900Woodlawn
HaverstickGrace M1916Sep 00 19Woodlawn
HaverstickHarrison1912Dec 00 19Woodlawn
HaverstickHorace E1911Dec 1979Woodlawn
HaverstickImogene BSep 17 1922none givenWoodlawn
HaverstickJanienone givenburial Dec 23 1....Woodlawn
HaverstickJuanita1904burial October....Woodlawn
HaverstickLeroy W.Dec 16 1928Apr 08 1947Woodlawn
HaverstickRaymond T.none givenburial Jun 14 7....Woodlawn
HaverstickStanley Ray "Du....Feb 05 1943Feb 19 1985Woodlawn
HaverstickT. EverettNov 8 1898Nov 12 1971Woodlawn
HaverstickThomas H1917Jun 00 19Woodlawn
HaverstickTonya Jeannone givennone givenWoodlawn
HaverstickVirginia Mae1922Dec 1978Woodlawn
HaverstickWalter H1905Jul 1968Woodlawn
HaverstickWalter W1897Jan 1960Woodlawn
HaverstickWillie H1914Oct 26 19Woodlawn
HaverstickWilterman1894May 1965Woodlawn
HawkinsCharlesJan 28 1929Nov 22 1996Woodlawn 
HawkinsDavid P.Mar 31 1920Dec 31 1997Woodlawn 
HawkinsEverett PJan 7 1902Feb 14 1964Woodlawn 
HawkinsGuy RFeb 27 1906May 15 1989Woodlawn 
HawkinsHaroldJul 8 1927Apr 24 1999Woodlawn 
HawkinsHerman EDec 29 1911Nov 4 1982Woodlawn 
HawkinsJames R SrNov 26 1933Mar 17 1990Woodlawn 
HawkinsMarthanone givenburial Apr 24 1....Woodlawn
HawkinsMildred MMay 06 1922none givenWoodlawnAge: 44 yrs
HawkinsNellie ASep 11 1905Nov 12 1990Woodlawn 
HawkinsNellie MSep 18 1908May 22 1974Woodlawn 
HawkinsSarah AAug 20 1912Aug 2 1978Woodlawn 
HawkinsWm. BurrellFeb 03 1904Jul 03 1982Woodlawn 
HayesBonny Leenone givenburial Apr 11 1....Woodlawn
HayesGeorge H19121987Woodlawn
HayesHelen L1927none givenWoodlawn
HayesHester M1882Sep 1960Woodlawn
HayesJohn BNov 1895Apr 1982Woodlawn
HayesJohn E1969Jan 1969Woodlawn
HayesJohn EdwardOct 26 1909Jan 6 1969Woodlawn
HayesKittynone givennone givenWoodlawn
HayesMelba L1929none givenWoodlawn
HayesRalph H19091963Woodlawn
HayesRobert LOct 08 1927Apr 09 1974Woodlawn
HayesSusie MFeb 1896Apr 1988Woodlawn
HayesThos Lee1905May 1947Woodlawn
HayesViola N1913none givenWoodlawn
Hayserunknownnone givenburial Mar 25 1....Woodlawn
HeatonClara B18721969Woodlawn
HeatonEdward Forrest1911Apr 1980Woodlawn
HeatonHelena Delores1912none givenWoodlawn
HeatonJohn R18691942Woodlawn
HeatonMadeline IMar 31 1897none givenWoodlawn
HeatonOtto JohnAug 31 1897Apr 1 1969Woodlawn
HedgerBernice V1910none givenWoodlawn
HedgerJohn HOct 3 1894May 30 1983Woodlawn
HeffronBessie T1885Mar 1970Woodlawn
HeffronJames W1880Apr 1959Woodlawn
HeffronJames WDec 09 1923Jul 19 1966Woodlawn
HeilandArthur Walternone givennone givenWoodlawn
HeltonClydeApr 04 1910Feb 15 1972Woodlawn
HeltonFreda EMar 11 1917none givenWoodlawn
HeltonJohn MSep 09 1905Jun 29 1973Woodlawn
HeltonMusetta LJul 28 1874Aug 6 1940Woodlawn
HeltonPaulDec 29 1914Feb 28 1920Woodlawn
HeltonWilliam RSep 19 1867Jan 31 1947Woodlawn
HemmeRuth E1916none givenWoodlawn
HemmeWalter A1914Feb 1966Woodlawn
HemphillJames D1897Nov 1973Woodlawn
HemphillMike1900Oct 1946Woodlawn
HemphillSarah E1897Oct 1976Woodlawn
HendersonAlice R1910none givenWoodlawn
HendersonBuford T1901May 1975Woodlawn
HendersonCharles CFeb 29 1896Jan 1 1959Woodlawn
HendersonEmmaAug 19 1896Jan 7 1972Woodlawn
HendersonGrace J1880Aug 1951Woodlawn
HendersonJabz P1905Oct 1973Woodlawn
HendersonJoyce AnnDec 07 1940Dec 24 1940Woodlawn
HendersonLeonora A1907none givenWoodlawn
HendersonMae1894Mar 1958Woodlawn
HendersonNeal1887May 1953Woodlawn
HendricksGlenda AAug 05 1928Jan 21 1985Woodlawn
HendricksLevi JRJan 15 1923none givenWoodlawn
HendricksMichaelnone givennone givenWoodlawn
HendricksMichael WSep 10 1949Nov 26 1977Woodlawn
HennkensAdaline R1861Apr 1938Woodlawn
HenryA.C.1888Feb 1973Woodlawn
HenryClaud W1907Feb 1961Woodlawn
HenryDaisy I1907none givenWoodlawn
HenryEttanone givenJan 1935Woodlawn
HenryH.T.1890Apr 1979Woodlawn
HenryMary E1919none givenWoodlawn
HenryOlive V.Jun 18 1914May 27 1996Woodlawn 
HenryRachel C18901958Woodlawn
HenryRobert L. Sr.Feb 15 1913Nov 24 1990Woodlawn 
HenryTim T19141985Woodlawn
HenryWandanone givennone givenWoodlawn
HensleyBertha T1891Apr 1967Woodlawn
HensleyGuy H1888Dec 1962Woodlawn
HensonCatherine LAug 14 1920Jul 29 1997Woodlawn SSA Douglas
HensonDouglas LFeb 06 1918Apr 30 1973Woodlawn SSA Catherine
HensonJean Barney1915Oct 1981Woodlawn
HentcherL.Ben1859Mar 1947Woodlawn
HentcherMary C1868Jan 1952Woodlawn
HercherCharles F1897Nov 1975Woodlawn
HercherElla M1901Oct 1967Woodlawn
HercherEthel G1895Jun 1974Woodlawn
HercherFrances1909Oct 1962Woodlawn
HercherOscar E1892Apr 1967Woodlawn
HermannCharles F1885Apr 1964Woodlawn
HerringFloyd EdwardMay 03 1924Nov 28 1956Woodlawn
HerronJames W1888Dec 28 1900Woodlawn
HerronZoe F1893Nov 1971Woodlawn
HessJanet M1943Aug 19 1974Woodlawn
HicksAmanda S.Dnone givennone givenWoodlawn
HicksEdward LNov 18 1910Mar 11 1982Woodlawn
HicksEdward LSep 23 1881Mar 5 1944Woodlawn
HicksH.DavidOct 10 1908Oct 11 1970Woodlawn
HicksLilburn BApr 05 1905Aug 22 1930Woodlawn
HicksLillian AJun 28 1885Dec 20 1960Woodlawn
HicksMarie DSep 01 1911Feb 24 1982Woodlawn
HigdonDelianone givennone givenWoodlawn
HigdonLawrence W1908Oct 1969Woodlawn
HigginbothamHattie F1912none givenWoodlawn
HigginbothamNannie1871Jul 1949Woodlawn
HigginbothamNoel G1913Jun 1942Woodlawn
HigginbothamRobnone givenburial Dec 22 5.....Woodlawn
HigginbothamRupert C19111986Woodlawn
HillAndersonMar 15 1874May 11 1955Woodlawn
HillCarrie FJan 20 1870Sep 2 1961Woodlawn
HillLewellen RJul 14 1853Aug 6 1938Woodlawn
HillLucy R1851Nov 1943Woodlawn
HillRobert J1848Oct 29 1900Woodlawn
HillRobert LincolnFeb 10 1915Mar 13 1968Woodlawn
HillRosie JFeb 11 1873May 21 1946Woodlawn
HinchArthurnone givenburial Jan 13 4....Woodlawn
HinchElsienone givenburial Sep 4 4....Woodlawn
HincheyAugusta mAug 01 1916none givenWoodlawn
HincheyJames WDec 03 1911Mar 14 1989Woodlawn
HinesPatrick Joseph19751977Woodlawn
HineyEdyth L1892Dec 00 1971Woodlawn
HineyNicholas1894Jan 00 1952Woodlawn
HinsonBlanche GNov 14 1895Feb 7 1968Woodlawn
HinsonGertrude MFeb 22 1904May 24 1974Woodlawn
HinsonJohn CMay 10 1893Oct 29 1947Woodlawn
HlavaMildred L1916none givenWoodlawn
HleinHedwig1884Jul 1976Woodlawn
HoardCleonia M1912none givenWoodlawn
HoardDonald WJul 16 1922Jul 15 1944Woodlawn
HoardEsthernone givennone givenWoodlawn
HoardRoscoe N1898Mar 1976Woodlawn
HoardVerda E18981988Woodlawn
HoardWalter H1894Sep 1974Woodlawn
HobsonDaisy H1921none givenWoodlawn
HobsonEvelyn LFeb 10 1926none givenWoodlawn
HobsonJohn G JrJun 23 1954May 24 1981Woodlawn
HobsonJohn G SrAug 10 1910Mar 10 1982Woodlawn
HobsonKenneth AOct 30 1965Nov 02 19Woodlawn
HobsonMarie1871Jun 00 19Woodlawn
HobsonRobert E1913Aug 00 19Woodlawn
HodgeEarl E1912none givenWoodlawn
HodgeGlenwoodnone givenFeb 00 1926Woodlawn
HodgeJames Mrsnone givennone givenWoodlawn
HodgeJames TAug 17 1898Apr 5 1957Woodlawn
HodgeMargaret D1890Nov 1965Woodlawn
HodgeMollieMay 1890Aug 1961Woodlawn
HodgeWilmer Deannone givenDec 00 1930Woodlawn
HodgesJosephnone givenburial Aug 26 1....Woodlawn
HoefelmannMary CApr 08 1925none givenWoodlawn
HoefelmannWilliam H "SkipSep 12 1917May 19 1988Woodlawn
HoffConnie Lee1947Oct 1962Woodlawn
HoffeeAlta Cape1903Feb 1972Woodlawn
HoffeeAlvie M1902Dec 1958Woodlawn
HoffmannRudolphAug 27 1876Dec 10 1924Woodlawn
HoffmannVirginiaDec 1 1882Sep 17 1945Woodlawn
HoganLisa LeeFeb 19 19Mar 09 1965Woodlawn
HolahanHelen L1905Jan 1982Woodlawn
HolahanJohn A1910Sep 1971Woodlawn
HolahanJohn B1870Sep 1945Woodlawn
HolahanMargaret L1874Oct 1943Woodlawn
HollandLulanone givenburial May 15 7....Woodlawn
HollockAllene J1920none givenWoodlawn
HollockSamuel F1915Feb 1974Woodlawn
HollockStanley M1941Jul 1975Woodlawn
HolmanBurk1888Sep 1975Woodlawn
HolmanMyra Fnone givenNov 04 1927Woodlawn
HolmanRuby P1889Sep 1971Woodlawn
HolmanVirgia M1883Mar 1969Woodlawn
HolmesEmily HDec 26 1862Jun 18 19Woodlawn
HolmesGladys M1903Mar 1969Woodlawn
HolmesHarold G1925Jul 1975Woodlawn
HolmesHarold Hnone givenburial Jul 23 6....Woodlawn
HolmesHattie M1893Mar 1953Woodlawn
HolmesJohn WSep 21 1850Jun 02 19Woodlawn
HolmesWilliam E1900Jan 1968Woodlawn
HoltRose MarieNov 17 1932Jun 09 1933Woodlawn
HoltzJames AJul 21 1896Jun 1978Woodlawn
HoltzMyrtle MOct 22 1898Oct 25 1977Woodlawn
HoppleRoy VMay 07 1907Jun 28 1969Woodlawn
HoppleThelma AJan 15 1913Jun 15 1980Woodlawn
HopsonAina Enone givennone givenWoodlawn
HopsonCharles E1854Apr 1938Woodlawn
HopsonEdwin W1898Mar 1963Woodlawn
HopsonElla L1878Aug 1956Woodlawn
HopsonElsie W1910Feb 1974Woodlawn
HopsonEstesMar 01 1900Jan 16 1987Woodlawn
HopsonGeorgeAug 02 1903Jul 04 1957Woodlawn
HopsonGrace E1904Jun 1963Woodlawn
HopsonHazel O18971926Woodlawn
HopsonHoward HMar 15 1892Nov 1 1978Woodlawn
HopsonJohn COct 12 1895Nov 7 1952Woodlawn
HopsonJohn H1862Jul 31 19Woodlawn
HopsonLeonard FOct 13 1907none givenWoodlawn
HopsonLesterNov 24 1891Feb 9 1955Woodlawn
HopsonLorene A1912May 1960Woodlawn
HopsonMamienone givenburial 1 3 68Woodlawn
HopsonMary1855Jun 1940Woodlawn
HopsonMattie BDec 14 1904Sep 10 1985Woodlawn
HopsonMillie1872Aug 00 19Woodlawn
HopsonMyrtle ASep 01 1908Feb 05 1980Woodlawn
HopsonNewell L1906Jun 1965Woodlawn
HopsonThomas C1881Oct 1947Woodlawn
HosmonBarbara E1870Jul 1945Woodlawn
HoustonJames AMay 05 1906Jun 21 1957Woodlawn
HoustonKarl JosephMar 28 1956Feb 22 1958Woodlawn
HoustonMyrtle Mnone givenOct 21 1907Woodlawn
HoustonRosa M1886May 1967Woodlawn
HovisClayton1909Jan 1963Woodlawn
HowChesley EMar 9 1894Oct 21 1948Woodlawn
HowEdward EJun 29 1886Oct 17 1967Woodlawn
HowellAda E1879Oct 1963Woodlawn
HowellBrenda KNov 14 1956Nov 19 1985Woodlawn
HowellEugene M1893Jun 1969Woodlawn
HoylmanMargie1913Aug 1983Woodlawn
HoytOlive LeonaFeb 03 1911Sep 30 1944Woodlawn
HoytTerry Lee IInone givenJun 17 1982Woodlawn
HoytVelma N1914none givenWoodlawn
HoytWilliam E1904Apr 1980Woodlawn
HubbardAnne1916Feb 1972Woodlawn
HubbardArthur E1880Mar 1959Woodlawn
HubbardBetty R AAug 28 1927none givenWoodlawn
HubbardCecil1900Mar 1974Woodlawn
HubbardDovie May1900May 1955Woodlawn
HubbardEarl A19041951Woodlawn
HubbardEstella1885Jan 1950Woodlawn
HubbardHowardMar 27 1927Aug 14 1972Woodlawn
HubbardHoward H1898May 1975Woodlawn
HubbardKevin HowardDec 31 1956Sep 05 1986Woodlawn
HubbardMinnie1901Nov 1970Woodlawn
HubbardOllie1882Feb 28 00Woodlawn
HuettMarlow LOct 01 1926May 04 1983Woodlawn
HuettOrvill LOct 04 1905Mar 09 1971Woodlawn
HuffEarl F1924Feb 1976Woodlawn
HuffInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
HuffMark JApr 30 1962Jun 14 1965Woodlawn
HuffVirginia1936none givenWoodlawn
HuffWilliam J19171986Woodlawn
HughesGeorgeSep 21 1864Sep 2 1946Woodlawn
HughesGeorge RAug 24 1884Dec 12 1950Woodlawn
HughesLenaOct 14 1887Jan 9 1943Woodlawn
HullEdwardnone givenburial Aug 19 6....Woodlawn
HulstTraycee Lnone givenSep 04 1970Woodlawn
HumphreyHettie LSep 20 1904Mar 20 1986Woodlawn
HumphreyStephen AJun 6 1889Apr 26 1979Woodlawn
HumphreyThulow (Hopson)18791955Woodlawn
HuntHenry H18771961Woodlawn
HuntTena E1894Nov 1959Woodlawn
HurtCarl E1908May 1965Woodlawn
HurtMabel L1917none givenWoodlawn
HurtTwinsnone givennone givenWoodlawn
HurtWilliam Anone givennone givenWoodlawn
HuskeyAlice D1902none givenWoodlawn
HuskeyAncil G1915Feb 1967Woodlawn
HuskeyArthur L1871Aug 27 1900Woodlawn
HuskeyBarbara Annnone givenburial Jan 24 1....Woodlawn
HuskeyBlanche1899Feb 26 1900Woodlawn
HuskeyClarenceSep 3 1874Jul 30 1957Woodlawn
HuskeyClifford H1899Mar 1967Woodlawn
HuskeyClyde C1896Dec 1972Woodlawn
HuskeyClyde E1900Jul 1978Woodlawn
HuskeyDollie EJun 09 1910Oct 20 1977Woodlawn
HuskeyEdna F1897Feb 1958Woodlawn
HuskeyEli Jr19151983Woodlawn SSA Ernetta
HuskeyEli Sr18791965Woodlawn SSA Katie
HuskeyErnetta Lois1916none givenWoodlawn
HuskeyFrancis M1873Feb 1954Woodlawn
HuskeyFrederickApr 18 1929April 18 1929Woodlawn
HuskeyGatie AApr 14 1898Dec 23 1940Woodlawn
HuskeyHeenan GMar 28 1886Dec 22 1944Woodlawn
HuskeyInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
HuskeyInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
HuskeyIrene1913Dec 1982Woodlawn
HuskeyJames Bernie1891Oct 1940Woodlawn
HuskeyJohn FJun 6 1896Jul 7 1955Woodlawn
HuskeyJohnnie R JrJun 00 1943none givenWoodlawn
HuskeyJohnnie R SrJul 19 1914none givenWoodlawn
HuskeyKatie M18841966Woodlawn SSA Eli Sr.
HuskeyLaura B1870Jul 30 1900Woodlawn
HuskeyLaura KSep 28 1915none givenWoodlawn
HuskeyLena M1898Dec 1980Woodlawn
HuskeyLeona M19111981Woodlawn
HuskeyLeona M1911Jul 1932Woodlawn
HuskeyLillian1895Jul 1934Woodlawn
HuskeyLinda JJun 25 1946Jan 05 1960Woodlawn
HuskeyLori AAug 09 1964Oct 07 1984Woodlawn
HuskeyLouis1902Aug 1975Woodlawn
HuskeyMaggieSep 15 1881Sep 10 1961Woodlawn
HuskeyMarie L1886Sep 00 1990Woodlawn
HuskeyMartha SueOct 24 1944none givenWoodlawn
HuskeyMary JDec 2 1892Nov 18 1982Woodlawn
HuskeyMetford H1896May 1964Woodlawn
HuskeyMildred L1914none givenWoodlawn
HuskeyNettie L1884Apr 1967Woodlawn
HuskeyRaymond E1891Oct 1970Woodlawn
HuskeyRosabelle1904Nov 1980Woodlawn
HuskeyStanley J19422005Woodlawn
HuskeyStanley1892Jan 1943Woodlawn
HuskeyThomas J1892May 1962Woodlawn
HuskeyThomas WMar 15 1926Apr 23 1927Woodlawn
HuskeyVirtieeJul 19 1871Jan 8 1936Woodlawn
HuskeyWilliam AFeb 02 1907Feb 23 1951Woodlawn
HuskeyWm AFeb 25 1873Jan 18 1954Woodlawn
HutchingsGladys E1903Jul 1971Woodlawn
HyattElizabeth Kate1870Feb 1965Woodlawn
HyattJ.L.1869Nov 1932Woodlawn
ImbodenJohn HenryOct 15 1869Sep 07 19Woodlawn
InfantUnknownnone givenBurial Jul 9 34Woodlawn
InfantUnknownnone givenBurial Nov 13 2....Woodlawn
InfantUnknownnone givennone givenWoodlawn
InfantUnknownnone givennone givenWoodlawn
InfantUnknownnone givennone givenWoodlawn
IngelsCecelia J.none givennone givenWoodlawn
IngelsJ. Paul1906Aug 1951Woodlawn
IrwinAlbertJan 25 1892Oct 3 1977Woodlawn
IrwinCharles A.1908Jun 1948Woodlawn 
IrwinDavid B.1900Jul 1982Woodlawn
IrwinJames L.1863Dec 1953Woodlawn
IrwinLillian C.1893Oct 1971Woodlawn
IrwinMargaretDec 10 1910Nov 09 1998Woodlawn 
IrwinMarie1892Jul 1966Woodlawn
IrwinThomas1894Jul 1973Woodlawn
Mar 19 1871Jan 13 1948Woodlawn
IsgriggConnie JeanApr 21 1969Apr 21 1969Woodlawn
IsgriggDawn SuellenApr 21 1969Apr 21 1969Woodlawn
IsgriggRobyn LynnApr 21 1969Apr 21 1969Woodlawn
JabchankaEllanone givennone givenWoodlawnSEE also Cook, Elba
JacksonThomas S.Oct 21 1957Aug 03 1986Woodlawn
JacobEmma A.Jul 14 1881Nov 29 1989Woodlawn
JacobJoseph E.Jul 12 1880Jul 25 1963Woodlawn
JacobsAndreasnone givennone givenWoodlawn
JacobsGladys M.none givennone givenWoodlawn
JaeschkeAnnanone givennone givenWoodlawn
JaeschkeGeofriednone givennone givenWoodlawn
JansenCarrie F.18681938Woodlawn
JanssenMary1856Aug 1949Woodlawn
JanzekovichGeorge Mark1888Jun 1960Woodlawn
JarvisClaude T.Aug 11 1878Dec 31 1944Woodlawn
JarvisE BlancheOct 30 1886Jan 6 1948Woodlawn
JarvisGeorge1890Sep 00 1974Woodlawn
JarvisNorma F.Mar 16 1921none givenWoodlawn
JarvisNorman O.Aug 02 1918Sep 04 1985Woodlawn
JarvisThereses1891May 1964Woodlawn
JayKatherine C.1863Dec 1932Woodlawn
JayWilliam R.1891Apr 1958Woodlawn
JaycoxRoger Brian1900Dec 1970Woodlawn
JenningsCliffordAug 21 1908Dec 24 1954Woodlawn
JenningsRebaDec 25 1911none givenWoodlawn
JettEllen V.1906Jul 1964Woodlawn
JettEmerson C.1907Apr 1972Woodlawn
JettHosie N.1899Jul 1978Woodlawn
JettRobert Louis1930Jan 1969Woodlawn
JettRuth J.1911none givenWoodlawn
JinkersonGuyMar 03 1900Mar 15 1970Woodlawn
JinkersonMaudeJan 13 1907none givenWoodlawn
JohanningCora M.Mar 18 1923Nov 02 1986WoodlawnSEE Luye, Cora M.; dates coincide, same....
JohnsonAlvin EarlNov 28 1916Jun 27 1984Woodlawn
JohnsonAndrew1866Apr 1950Woodlawn
JohnsonAndrewJun 22 1896Feb 6 1971Woodlawn
JohnsonAnna C.1870Sep 29 1900Woodlawn
JohnsonBertha1892Jul 1984Woodlawn
JohnsonBlanche1899Jan 1967Woodlawn
JohnsonBlanche1907none givenWoodlawn
JohnsonCecelianone givennone givenWoodlawn
JohnsonClarence E.1906Aug 1975Woodlawn
JohnsonCora A.1874Sep 1943Woodlawn
JohnsonEdwardSep 10 1926Jun 24 1981Woodlawn
JohnsonElmer J.1903Apr 1979Woodlawn
JohnsonGeorge W.Feb 15 1902Mar 05 1939Woodlawn
JohnsonHelen C.1919none givenWoodlawn
JohnsonIda H.May 3 1880Jul 26 1972Woodlawn
JohnsonJohn E.1889Jan 1977Woodlawn
JohnsonKate R.1896Jan 1980Woodlawn
JohnsonLeslie J.1900Feb 1970Woodlawn
JohnsonLinfordnone givennone givenWoodlawn
JohnsonLloyd M.19061986Woodlawn
JohnsonMarie P.1915none givenWoodlawn
JohnsonMary RuthJan 17 1914none givenWoodlawn
JohnsonMinnie E.1910none givenWoodlawn
JohnsonMora B.19161989Woodlawn
JohnsonMynyaun J.1919none givenWoodlawn
JohnsonMyrtle F.Nov 12 1900Dec 20 1972Woodlawn
JohnsonRaymond W.1901Jan 1969Woodlawn
JohnsonRoy A.1905none givenWoodlawn
JohnsonShermanSep 24 1890Sep 5 1949Woodlawn
JohnsonViolet M.1910none givenWoodlawn
JohnsonWilliam E.1905Jan 1971Woodlawn
JohnstonAnnie1887Nov 1967Woodlawn
JohnstonAnthony A.1915none givenWoodlawn
JohnstonBelleMar 24 1880Mar 28 1949Woodlawn
JohnstonBertha E.1896none givenWoodlawn
JohnstonBruce A.none givennone givenWoodlawn
JohnstonClyde E.1913none givenWoodlawn
JohnstonDarwin M.Jul 13 1918Mar 15 1972Woodlawn
JohnstonDavid A.Jan 08 1972Jan 31 1972Woodlawn
JohnstonDorothy W.Apr 02 1911none givenWoodlawn
JohnstonDoshia L.1877Apr 1963Woodlawn
JohnstonEdith E.1897Jan 1962Woodlawn
JohnstonElsie M.1910none givenWoodlawn
JohnstonElvena1926Sep 1939Woodlawn
JohnstonEmma Hall18711932Woodlawn
JohnstonFern O.Jan 01 1913Sep 18 1980Woodlawn
JohnstonFred1887Mar 1952Woodlawn
JohnstonFred F.19041986Woodlawn
JohnstonGuy WilliardOct 10 1911Apr 18 1956Woodlawn
JohnstonHannah E.1878Dec 1948Woodlawn
JohnstonHarry L.1897Dec 1950Woodlawn
JohnstonHazel A.1912Jun 1954Woodlawn
JohnstonInfant G.none givennone givenWoodlawn
JohnstonJeanette L.1910none givenWoodlawn
JohnstonJohn F.1873Jan 1957Woodlawn
JohnstonJohn W.1890Feb 1944Woodlawn
JohnstonKenley M.Jun 17 1879Apr 7 1948Woodlawn
JohnstonL. EarlineJul 18 1924none givenWoodlawn
JohnstonL. L.Dec 30 1906none givenWoodlawnRev.
JohnstonLavonne L.19121968Woodlawn
JohnstonLawrence C.1916Feb 1980Woodlawn
JohnstonLuretta1889Apr 1983Woodlawn
JohnstonMary Ellen1920none givenWoodlawn
JohnstonMilfrod E.1894Jun 1954Woodlawn
JohnstonNathan N.Apr 26 1909Aug 11 1981Woodlawn
JohnstonNewton O.1888Jul 1940Woodlawn
JohnstonNora M.18891987Woodlawn
JohnstonO. TimonDec 26 1915Nov 07 1981Woodlawn
JohnstonOscar VernonJun 30 1910Oct 15 1970Woodlawn
JohnstonStella1911Oct 29 19??Woodlawn
JohnstonTina M.1922none givenWoodlawn
JollyAdolphnone givennone givenWoodlawn
JollyMarynone givennone givenWoodlawn
JonesBessie A.Jan 06 1904May 18 1963Woodlawn
JonesClarence W.1887Dec 1959Woodlawn
JonesDollie C.1905Mar 1954Woodlawn
JonesEdna E.1900Jun 1977Woodlawn
JonesFlorence18931988WoodlawnParents: nee Heato....
JonesFrank W., JrMay 25 1934Feb 18 1985Woodlawn
JonesGrace M.1890Apr 1965Woodlawn
JonesJ BryanOct 1 1897Dec 3 1981Woodlawn
JonesJessie Bissellnone givenMay 24 19Woodlawn
JonesJohn S.Jul 4 1878Apr 18 1954Woodlawn
JonesJoseph Daniel1884Apr 1962Woodlawn
JonesKirkwood1881Dec 00 19Woodlawn
JonesLawrence1896none givenWoodlawn
JonesMaggie H.1877Jun 1936Woodlawn
JonesOra E.1873Dec 30 19Woodlawn
JonesPatricia M.1970Apr 1971Woodlawn
JonesRuth H.Sep 26 1908Jul 06 1984Woodlawn
JonesSusie Ellen1889Jul 1963Woodlawn
JonesVirginia M.Dec 29 1912none givenWoodlawn
JonesWalter T1858Apr 00 19Woodlawn
JonesWilliam A.1873Feb 1944Woodlawn
JonesWilliam L.1890Apr 1969Woodlawn
JonesWm JewellOct 17 1909Feb 11 1984Woodlawn
JordanSharonnone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
JosephElnora C.1892Nov 1965Woodlawn
JosephMarion F.1882Oct 1957Woodlawn
JourdanCharlie Wm.1902May 1973Woodlawn
KaiserDuainenone givenBurial March 8....Woodlawn
KaiserHenry WilliamMay 27 1924Sep 18 1980Woodlawn
KalistaDonald A.1931none givenWoodlawn
KaneyJohnNov 1 1890Jan 9 1954Woodlawn
KaserDuane AllenApr 23 1959Feb 27 1987Woodlawn
KeefeAlice V.1876Aug 00 19Woodlawn
KeefeAlvin M.May 10 1920Aug 31 1970Woodlawn
KeefeCornelius D.Jun 17 1877Jun 14 19Woodlawn
KeefeElnora A.Jan 26 1923Dec 25 1985Woodlawn
KeefeOliver ThomasSep 23 1912May 18 19Woodlawn
KeenerEssie1896Jun 1955Woodlawn
KeenerOscar L.1889Feb 1939Woodlawn
KeenerWalter F.1917Jul 1958Woodlawn
KellerMildred H.1914Oct 1983Woodlawn
KellerOtto A.1912none givenWoodlawn
KellerPearl J.1886May 1962Woodlawn
KelleyGladys M.19221987Woodlawn
KelleyLottie M.18971986Woodlawn
KelleyRalph S.1894Aug 1985Woodlawn
KellisonMargaret E.1911none givenWoodlawn
KellisonWilliam E.1910Apr 1980Woodlawn
KellyEldon P.19171986Woodlawn
KellyElenoraMar 30 1879Mar 14 1947Woodlawn
KellyHenry E.1877Nov 1953Woodlawn
KellyJames1840Oct 25 1900Woodlawn
KellyLela1881Dec 1951Woodlawn
KellyLydle B.Nov 28 1908Aug 26 1965Woodlawn
KellyMary A.1847Mar 1926Woodlawn
KellyWilliam J.Jan 07 1905Apr 22 1971Woodlawn
KellyWilliam P.Feb 25 1877Oct 28 1953Woodlawn
KelsoHoward J.1855Apr 1932Woodlawn
KelsoJoseph B.1904May 00 19Woodlawn
KelsoJulia C.1867Dec 1962Woodlawn
KelsoMaggie I.1908none givenWoodlawn
KelsoMelvin L.Sep 14 1929Jan 27 1981Woodlawn
KempGilbert F.1909Jun 1975Woodlawn
KempMay W.1910none givenWoodlawn
KempaJohn GordonAug 10 1982Aug 28 1982Woodlawn
KempaNorma J.19271986Woodlawn
KempeFlorence A.1880Feb 1954Woodlawn
KempeJohn F.1879Jan 1957Woodlawn
KemperVirginia R.1932none givenWoodlawn
KennedyKelly C.none givennone givenWoodlawn
KentHarlow E.1884Aug 1949Woodlawn
KentRuth J.1895Dec 1979Woodlawn
KenuamElmer1901May 1979Woodlawn
KenuamRosie Lee1908none givenWoodlawn
KercherRobert MarvinMar 25 1932Aug 17 1982Woodlawn
KetchersideBuford H.1918Nov 1976Woodlawn
KetchersideHattie B.1877Mar 1943Woodlawn
KetchersidePearl C.1916Aug 1979Woodlawn
KetchersideWm. T.1866Jul 1944Woodlawn
KetchumCora1899Mar 00 19Woodlawn
KeysFermon F.Apr 05 1912Dec 11 1973Woodlawn
KillianHester I.Jan 21 1913Dec 31 1985Woodlawn
KindAdolphnone givenBurial Dec 11 2....Woodlawn
KingAudrey MAug 28 1918Jul 2 2006Woodlawnnee Blackwell; SSA Henry
KingHenry DMar 31 1919Nov 21 2003WoodlawnY2 US Navy WWII Korea; SSA Audrey
KinsleyDavidnone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
KislerDorothy J.1909none givenWoodlawn
KislerEarl H.1905May 1979Woodlawn
KiteChristophernone givenAug 02 1977Woodlawn
KitePearl M.19021931Woodlawn
KitePhineas Christonone givenApr 03 1935Woodlawn
KlausOla J.1902Mar 1978Woodlawn
KlausOscar F.19001987Woodlawn
KleinschmidtDaisy S.none givennone givenWoodlawn
KleinschmidtLouis A.1875Jul 1962Woodlawn
KleinschmidtMargaret A.18771969Woodlawn
KleinschmidtMelvin A.19161989Woodlawn
KlienEdward L.1913none givenWoodlawn
KlienFrances E.1905Jun 1975Woodlawn
KnappAnna1882May 1949Woodlawn
KnappHarrison1892Feb 1957Woodlawn
KnappJamesnone givenBurial Jan 3 19....Woodlawn
KnauerCora P.Oct 4 1893Nov 16 1980Woodlawn
KnauerH. EugeneJul 18 1919May 10 1942WoodlawnLieutenant
KnauerHerman C.Mar 23 1893Oct 20 1981Woodlawn
KnauerNorman JeromeJan 07 1930Aug 08 1930Woodlawn
KnorppWilliam G.Oct 20 1906Jul 28 1975Woodlawn
KnorppWinifred R.May 22 1907none givenWoodlawn
KobelAl T.1906Aug 1959Woodlawn
KobelAlice M.1903Dec 1983Woodlawn
KobelBessie E.1879Aug 1967Woodlawn
KobelHenry J.1874Aug 1950Woodlawn
KobelRay H.1899Dec 1980Woodlawn
KochAlice M.Aug 10 1935none givenWoodlawn
KochBetty Jean HoustonMay 24 1930Feb 12 1998WoodlawnSSA Donnell; Married Feb 26 1955
KochDonnell LynnFeb 4 1936Sep 2 2006WoodlawnDeno; SSA Betty Jean
KochEdward G.Apr 13 1908Aug 01 1989Woodlawn
KochMaude V.18981972Woodlawn
KochPatricia A.Jul 03 1955none givenWoodlawn
KochRobert J.Feb 12 1928none givenWoodlawn
KochRose MaeMay 01 1910none givenWoodlawn
KoehlerClarence E.1905Mar 1983Woodlawn
KoehlerEvelyn1917Mar 1957Woodlawn
KramerHarry G.1876Jan 1952Woodlawn
KramerHazel M.1913none givenWoodlawn
KramerHulda1877Jul 28 1900Woodlawn
KramerVernon M.19111989Woodlawn
KrankleJacobnone givennone givenWoodlawn
KranzEdwin F.1893Oct 1965Woodlawn
KresmarAnnaJan 19 1880Apr 14 1969Woodlawn
KresmarMartinJun 24 1879Nov 19 1959Woodlawn
KressmarMrs. M.none givenBurial Sep 19.....Woodlawn
KritzEdwin C.1909Jun 1975Woodlawn
KritzVirginia Lee1915Mar 1968Woodlawn
KrodingerLynda C.19381978Woodlawn
KronkBarbaraJun 07 1939none givenWoodlawn
KronkEarlJul 11 1939none givenWoodlawn
KronkPamela J.Apr 01 1963Sep 12 1984Woodlawn
KuhlmannEdna1905none givenWoodlawn
KuhlmannEdward1903Sep 1967Woodlawn
KunzDora1841Sep 26 19Woodlawn
KunzR.1868Jun 00 19Woodlawn
KyleIda1875Feb 1940Woodlawn
KyleRobert T.1872Jun 1944Woodlawn
none givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
LabbeeAlfred "Buster"1909May 1961Woodlawn
LabbeeEarline I1921Oct 1981Woodlawn
LabbeeGeorge HNov 19 1904May 21 1989Woodlawn
LabbeeRoy Gnone givennone givenWoodlawn
LabbeeRuthMar 09 1917Jan 20 1983Woodlawn
LaChanceLeroy J1969Jul 1976Woodlawn
LaddElizabeth MaeSep 19 1907Dec 09 1974Woodlawn
LaddJenna MaeAug 23 1937Oct 12 1977Woodlawn
LaddLilburn L1902Jan 1966Woodlawn
LaddRita M1922Jul 1982Woodlawn
LaddStella R1893Apr 1957Woodlawn
LaddSylvester I1897Oct 1975Woodlawn
LaddThomas EAug 13 1921Aug 26 1988Woodlawn
LadenbergerGladys L1896Nov 1946Woodlawn
LambertAnthony T1966Apr 1989Woodlawn
LammJoseph W1913none givenWoodlawn
LammSusi H1913none givenWoodlawn
LamprichRaymond G1912Nov 1975Woodlawn
LamprichViola P1879Oct 1962Woodlawn
LamsfordMollienone givenburial Jan 29 7....Woodlawn
LandauEmma L18991989Woodlawn
LandauEugene BMay 00 1936Apr 00 1936Woodlawn
LandauJoseph B1893Dec 1966Woodlawn
LanduytEvo EJul 10 1885Feb 15 1966Woodlawn
LanduytFelicia ESep 12 1887Jul 6 1956Woodlawn
LaneFreda RNov 10 1915none givenWoodlawn
LaneJesse JApr 05 1908Jul 05 1973Woodlawn
LanhamClarence PSep 18 1906Mar 13 1987Woodlawn
LanhamCledis I19121990Woodlawn
LanhamHenrynone givenburial May 26 48Woodlawn
LanhamHy, Mrs.none givenburial Jun 8 4?Woodlawn
LanhamLester E1901Dec ????Woodlawn
LanhamMargaret SNov 06 1906May 24 1981Woodlawn
LanhamSadie I1911none givenWoodlawn
LantzWilliam Hnone givennone givenWoodlawn
LaPlantAlDec 22 1904May 04 1979Woodlawn
LaPlantCharley T1921none givenWoodlawn
LaPlantMary L1923none givenWoodlawn
LarmoreJohn Wnone givenburial Jul 30 6?Woodlawn
LarmoreJoseph D1895Nov 1953Woodlawn
LarmoreMary Enone givenburial Jan 3 75Woodlawn
LarmoreSarah JFeb 19 1862Dec 13 1948Woodlawn
LaRoseAda Pharesnone givennone givenWoodlawnSEE Phares, Ada
LaschAnnabellJan 03 1911none givenWoodlawn
LaschFelix CSep 01 1907Dec 11 1979Woodlawn
LassGertrude A1889Jan 1980Woodlawn
LassRichard1883Oct 1963Woodlawn
LathamJerry Anone givennone givenWoodlawn
LathamSean Tnone givennone givenWoodlawn
LaughlinGrace1888Jul 1968Woodlawn
LaughlinJohn N1889Oct 1955Woodlawn
LaVecchiaRaomi R1903Apr 1974Woodlawn
LavoriaAnthony MDec 08 1912Jan 02 1989Woodlawn
LayChristine F19061977Woodlawn
LayClara B1884Sep 1972Woodlawn
LayGeorge J1904Aug 1972Woodlawn
LeaIva Hedger18961985Woodlawn
LeachEthel AMar 26 1906Aug 06 1952Woodlawn
LeachJohn FranklinFeb 22 1900Feb 4 1966Woodlawn
LeachOpal B1916Jan 1977Woodlawn
LeasAlbertnone givenOct 01 1925Woodlawn
LeasArthurnone givenDec 05 1940Woodlawn
LeasFannie M1930Nov 1978Woodlawn
LeasIrvin1895Jul 1960Woodlawn
LeasOlive1897Nov 1976Woodlawn
LeaseHarrynone givennone givenWoodlawn
LeaseInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
LeaseMatildanone givennone givenWoodlawn
LeeJ. Mark1866Jul 1949Woodlawn
LeffertMargie TDec 07 1951Jan 30Woodlawn
LeffertMarvin CMar 21 1946Feb 22 1967Woodlawn
LeffertNorman DApr 28 1941Jun 29 19Woodlawn
LeffertVirginia MMar 27 1943Mar 27 19Woodlawn
LeftridgeDavid JAug 14 1976Aug 21 1976Woodlawn
LeftridgeMinnie AFeb 14 1926none givenWoodlawn
LeftridgeWilliam TonyAug 15 1909Sep 07 1988Woodlawn
LeithJeremy Raynone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
LesterInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
LeutzingerEdward1862Jul 1946Woodlawn
LeutzingerEmma M1874Aug 1951Woodlawn
LevallClifford L1953Apr 1974Woodlawn
LevallClifford LOct 07 1925Sep 20 1952Woodlawn
LevallDella CJun 14 1904Sep 25Woodlawn
LevallEarl JJan 08 1927Oct 05 1989Woodlawn
LevallFloyd R1905Apr 1960Woodlawn
LevallGeraldineSep 2 ??none givenWoodlawn
LevallGlynn F "Tub"Jun 16 1928Jul 09 1988Woodlawn
LevallLaura JFeb 8 1878May 24 1941Woodlawn
LevallLawrence EAug 7 1897Dec 15Woodlawn
LevallMyrtle AMar 21 1932Feb 19Woodlawn
LevallRobert EFeb 16 1876Aug 14 1951Woodlawn
LewisAimee StarrAug 24Aug 27 1981Woodlawn
LewisBernardine1944Feb 1975Woodlawn
LewisCharles T18921974Woodlawn
LewisErnest BApr 10 1906Oct 22 1961Woodlawn 
LewisFlorence1888Jan 1969Woodlawn
LewisGertrude1895Sep 1982Woodlawn
LewisJ Snone givenSep 07 1966Woodlawn
LewisJames EFeb 25 1891Sep 21 1978Woodlawn
LewisJerry1921none givenWoodlawn
LewisJohn COct 13 1946Oct 07 1969Woodlawn
LewisJulia MayApr 18 1893Oct 19 1949Woodlawn
LewisLois E1922none givenWoodlawn
LewisMargaret1884Oct 1950Woodlawn
LewisMargaret JApr 28 1949none givenWoodlawn
LewisMary KMar 04 1909Dec 21 1987Woodlawn 
LewisRoy LeeAug 08 1925Oct 07 1945Woodlawn
LewisSam Y1881Feb 1960Woodlawn
LewisSolomon D1902Jan 1970Woodlawn
LewisStella M1905Jun 1976Woodlawn
LewisVirginia Lewis1920none givenWoodlawn
LewisVivian L19131985Woodlawn
LewisWilliam E "Bud"19181989Woodlawn
LieberFrank1871Jul 1940Woodlawn
LieberTeloiasnone givennone givenWoodlawn
LierschLouis1856Nov 27 1900Woodlawn
LierschWilliam L1886Apr 1941Woodlawn
LifesingerInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
LivengoodAbner1873Jul 1951Woodlawn
LivengoodDelphine G18991985Woodlawn
LivengoodDorothy B1915none givenWoodlawn
LivengoodEarnest E19001975Woodlawn
LivengoodLizzie1881Nov 1959Woodlawn
LivengoodLloyd E1910Nov 1972Woodlawn
LivengoodRobert R19371941Woodlawn
LivengoodRoy L1907Nov 1960Woodlawn
LivengoodVerna E1913Oct 1981Woodlawn
LiverarBethel M19061988Woodlawn
LiverarElecta AnnJan 9 1880Oct 19 1950Woodlawn
LiverarFrankFeb 28 1875Mar 13 1958Woodlawn
LiverarGeorge L19061987Woodlawn
LiverarJane ElaineDec 29 19Dec 30 1960Woodlawn
LogelEdward C1925Aug 1981Woodlawn
LohuisOllie MayMay 13 1909May 23 1981Woodlawn
LongAlice M1917May 1973Woodlawn
LongFloyd J1914none givenWoodlawn
LongFred1881Aug 1977Woodlawn
LongGeorge W1905Jun 1966Woodlawn
LongHerbert N18981957Woodlawn
LongJohn WDec 06 1906Apr 05 1959Woodlawn
LongNelle LNov 29 1905Jun 25 1949Woodlawn
LongPauline E1909Sep 1961Woodlawn
LongRoy M1894May 1973Woodlawn
LongSadie L1905Oct 1983Woodlawn
LongViola1891May 1967Woodlawn
LongViva EAug 19 1910none givenWoodlawn
LongVivian IdeleMay 15 1899Dec 10 1951Woodlawn
LoomansBetty MarieApr 27 1963Apr 27 1963WoodlawnParents: Lowell Loomans & Marie Vera (nee Cawvey)
LoomisDorothy1892Mar 1969Woodlawn
LoomisJane M19341989Woodlawn
LoomisJohn E1877May 1960Woodlawn
LorenzEdith M1899Apr 1969Woodlawn
LorenzH AlfredFeb 25 1918Jan 30 1944Woodlawn
LorenzHerbert E1897Dec 1970Woodlawn
LorenzJoseph1863Sep 00 19Woodlawn
LorenzJosephine1865Jul 00 19Woodlawn
LorenzLaura ENov 26 1907none givenWoodlawn
LorenzRhodaJun 27 1900Jul 13Woodlawn
LoveEmma1899none givenWoodlawn
LoveWilliam A1892Sep 1956Woodlawn
Loveless ??Andrew Cecilnone givennone givenWoodlawn
LovelyDovie M1898Apr 1964Woodlawn
LovelyRobert Lee SrDec 12 1922Jan 01 1988Woodlawn
LovelyWilliam K1896Jul 1951Woodlawn
LowellMauriceApr 03 1917Jan 28 1988Woodlawn
LoweryGladys E1926Sep 1972Woodlawn
LowryChery Snone givenburial Jul 17 6?Woodlawn
LowryJohn Joseph "J....Feb 28 1906none givenWoodlawn
LowryLola BelleDec 02 1909Aug 31 1989Woodlawn
LowryTerry LynnNov 04 1951Dec 28 1954Woodlawn
LucasBenjamin ESep 14 1923none givenWoodlawn
LucasBessie Lee1909Jul 1964Woodlawn
LucasDoris EAug 04 1925May 04 1985Woodlawn
LucasEarnest E1923none givenWoodlawn
LucasGeorge W1895Mar 1970Woodlawn
LucasGertrude M1903Apr 1959Woodlawn
LucasGrace E1927none givenWoodlawn
LucasJohn LNov 25 1910Nov 25 1983Woodlawn
LucasKatie Ann1898May 1975Woodlawn
LucasLouis PeteDec 13 1928Dec 07 1983Woodlawn
LucasMarion EApr 04 1922none givenWoodlawn
LucasRalph C1900none givenWoodlawn
LucasRobert E1948Oct 1981Woodlawn
LucasRonald Leroy19491987Woodlawn
LuekingEdwin O1875Jan 1954Woodlawn
LuekingMary E1886Jun 1957Woodlawn
LuhnArch C1901Aug 1977Woodlawn
LuhnEmaline S1904Apr 1964Woodlawn
LuhnHarvey W18991989Woodlawn
LuhnHerman AMay 16 1871Feb 21 1952Woodlawn
LuhnHulda CJul 7 1896Sep 30 1953Woodlawn
LuhnKenneth GSep 25 1922Nov 21 1947Woodlawn
LuhnLois RohlfingAug 14 1913Birth or Death (?)Woodlawn
LuhnMary VJan 6 1875Nov 13 1953Woodlawn
LusterFrank E1893Jul 1973Woodlawn
LusterMina J18931986Woodlawn
LutheMeta C1881Dec 1960Woodlawn
LutheRev Oskar1874Jan 1944Woodlawn
LutzAlwin Susan1912none givenWoodlawn
LutzE.P. Mrnone givennone givenWoodlawn
LutzRonald1900Jan 1983Woodlawn
LutzRonaldnone givenburial Jan 12 8?Woodlawn
LuyeCora MMar 18 1923none givenWoodlawnSullens Family Burial Ground
LuyeEnos EApr 01 1918Aug 30 1983Woodlawn
LynnJames LeroyJul 03 1923Jun 05 1972Woodlawn
MaddoxElmer LeonMar 16 1936Jun 18 1986Woodlawn
MaddoxElmer Leon II19691983Woodlawn
MaddoxLinda F1942none givenWoodlawn
MadisonBertha Ann1891Oct 1984Woodlawn
MaesAlma P1889Jan 1969Woodlawn
MaesCharles1884Feb 1968Woodlawn
MaglothlinInfant Gnone givennone givenWoodlawn
MajorsOla E1904Aug 1953Woodlawn
MalleryArthur N1900Nov 1977Woodlawn
MalleryHelen S1919none givenWoodlawn
MalleryOra M1897Mar 1970Woodlawn
MalleryPaul CharlesMar 05 1913Jul 29 1972Woodlawn
MalleryThomas RJul 12 1936Mar 18 1959Woodlawn
MallicoatDavid A18661944Woodlawn
MallicoatElizabeth1871May 1945Woodlawn
MaloneyCecil Enone given1946Woodlawn
ManessAlene MJan 19 1915Nov 21 1986Woodlawn SSA Don W
ManessAnna Fallet1897Jul 1973Woodlawn
ManessAnna J19001993Woodlawn SSA Fred
ManessClark ADec 10 1889Nov 24 1953Woodlawn Missouri Pvt Medical Department, WWI
ManessDaisy EApr 12 1903Dec 27 1958Woodlawn
ManessDolly Clerenone givenburial Sep 2 1?7?Woodlawn
ManessDon WOct 2 1911Jun 4 1983Woodlawn SSA Alene
ManessDorothy RuthJul 02 1921May 09 1975Woodlawn
ManessEdith L18791945Woodlawn
ManessEdith MJan 15 1895Oct 31 1987Woodlawn
ManessEverett Hnone givenJul 13 1949Woodlawn
ManessFord W SrOct 21 1896Sep 16 1986Woodlawn SSA Marjoria
ManessFred A18891967Woodlawn SSA Anna J
ManessGeorge DMay 16 1913Jul 07 1967Woodlawn
ManessGlee L19271927Woodlawn
ManessGrace EAug 25 1890Sep 28 1973Woodlawn
ManessHarry1889Mar 1959Woodlawn
ManessJohn F18621942Woodlawn
ManessJohn FNov 19 1893Dec 18 1945Woodlawn
ManessLaura L1888Mar 1972Woodlawn
ManessLloyd R18901926Woodlawn
ManessLoreta IMar 19 1907Nov 15 1989Woodlawn
ManessLucille Love1916none givenWoodlawn SSA Walter
ManessMarienone givennone givenWoodlawn
ManessMarjoria BJuly 15 1899Apr 3 1981Woodlawn SSA Ford W Sr.
ManessMartha E18691973Woodlawn SSA Thomas
ManessPaul O1894May 1968Woodlawn
ManessRuth Ann19151977Woodlawn
ManessSilas DonaldMay 31 1928Dec 15 1988Woodlawn
ManessThomas B18661936Woodlawn SSA Martha
ManessWalter19131992WoodlawnSSA Lucille
ManessWilliam ADec 7 1884Dec 19 1951Woodlawn
ManessWilliam JrFeb 01 1924Oct 16 1970Woodlawn PHM3 US Navy WWII
ManessWilliam TJun 19 1900Oct 31 1953Woodlawn Missouri CPL Company F, 138 Infantry, WWI, PH
ManionElmer John18971983Woodlawn
ManionLawrence1886Jan 1960Woodlawn
ManionMarjorie1887Oct 1972Woodlawn
MannLeon CNov 10 1920May 13 1985Woodlawn
ManningDorothy L1927Jan 1975Woodlawn
ManningEarl "Slick"1902Dec 1975Woodlawn
ManningGracenone givenburial Jan 14 1?7?Woodlawn
ManningRobert C1924none givenWoodlawn
ManosMae E19242007Woodlawn
MarierHazel VNov 05 1919none givenWoodlawn
MarierJames EAug 18 1919Sep 15 1973Woodlawn
MarksEmma M1906Mar 1976Woodlawn
MarlowFloyd D1905Apr 1974Woodlawn
MarlowIrene1912May 1982Woodlawn
MarsdenGertrude1880Oct 1962Woodlawn
MarsdenJohn Roy1918Apr 1979Woodlawn
MarsdenWilliam1879Jan 1967Woodlawn
MarshGeorge CMay 19 1920Jun 18 1988Woodlawn
MarshallElma E1897Jan 1983Woodlawn
MarshallHelen H18961989Woodlawn
MarshallJames N1890Feb 1961Woodlawn
MarshallRichardnone givennone givenWoodlawn
MarshallSamuel M1896none givenWoodlawn
MartinArthur FJul 14 1914Oct 17 1987Woodlawn
MartinBabynone givenburial Mar 13 1?69Woodlawn
MartinChas A1884Oct 1968Woodlawn
MartinColeman WJun 01 1948none givenWoodlawn
MartinHarold L1924Aug 1977Woodlawn
MartinHulda MJan 07 1963none givenWoodlawn
MartinJames DNov 26 1872Mar 30 1929Woodlawn
MartinJune L1923Jul 1967Woodlawn
MartinMaggie MAug 5 1878Nov 13 1927Woodlawn
MartinMarthaMay 9 1852Mar 15 1931Woodlawn
MartinRobert N1909none givenWoodlawn
MartinRosa Mae1889Apr 1960Woodlawn
MartinRuth M1924none givenWoodlawn
MartinVirgie M1920Dec 1981Woodlawn
MartinWilliam A1875Oct 1951Woodlawn
MasonDouglas EugeneNov 02 1941Nov 03 1989Woodlawn
MastAlvera C1904Dec 1957Woodlawn
MastGustave F1897May 1974Woodlawn
MastersDora M1888Nov 1978Woodlawn
MastersEugene R1887Jan 1978Woodlawn
MathisAlmus "Shorty"19231986Woodlawn
MathisAnnieJul 27 1888Jul 20 1968Woodlawn
MathisJohn EFeb 18 1877Nov 4 1945Woodlawn
MathisLawrence C19101976Woodlawn
MathisRaleigh MFeb 21 1874Apr 12 1962Woodlawn
MathisRuth E1929none givenWoodlawn
MatthesAlfred R19031961Woodlawn
MatthesCharles1868Jul 1944Woodlawn
MatthesCharlotteMay 04 1914none givenWoodlawn
MatthesEdwinApr 08 1913Mar 14 1986Woodlawn
MatthesMargaret1870Mar 1954Woodlawn
MatthesRobert EdwinFeb 17 1940Apr 11 1947Woodlawn
MatthewsJoseph TOct 26 1898Jun 19 1970Woodlawn
MatthewsJoy S1906Oct 1977Woodlawn
MatthewsOra Mai1903Apr 1966Woodlawn
MaupinAlbert CFeb 26 1895Mar 13 1945Woodlawn
MaupinAnnie EFeb 22 1866Mar 17 1944Woodlawn
MaupinFrances Annenone givenJun 25 1956Woodlawn
MaupinGeorge WJan 09 1914Aug 23 1984Woodlawn
MaupinHarry E1889May 1978Woodlawn
MaupinHenry WMay 7 1861Jul 30 1930Woodlawn
MaupinMary USep 21 1922none givenWoodlawn
MaupinMaxine E1917none givenWoodlawn
MaupinMinerva H18951987Woodlawn
MaupinWalter James1939Aug 1980Woodlawn
MaupinWalter R1908Dec 1965Woodlawn
MauseyTracynone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
MayAndrew A1895Jan 00 1977Woodlawn
MayElizabeth C1898Mar 1975Woodlawn
McAnallyCarless DOct 12 1925Aug 27 1974Woodlawn
McAnallyFermonSep 2 1889Mar 26 1978Woodlawn
McAnallyOva KDec 12 1900May 06 1977Woodlawn
McAnnallyEtnanone given1961Woodlawn
McAteeMary Bnone givennone givenWoodlawn
McBroomAlta B1912none givenWoodlawn
McBroomDelbert A1907Aug 1980Woodlawn
McBroomHenry CMay 7 1882Feb 17 1948Woodlawn
McBroomParolaJul 8 1891Oct 1 1956Woodlawn
McCabeLinda D19611963Woodlawn
McCaneJohn W19201988Woodlawn
McClellandJames RApr 8 1879Jan 21 1943Woodlawn
McClellandMary LSep 19 1885Oct 31 1952Woodlawn
McCormackChester LJun 20 1900Dec 14 1945Woodlawn
McCormackDorothea Lee19021905Woodlawn
McCormackFlorence MJun 15 1879Jan 6 1961Woodlawn
McCormackFrancis EJan 22 1875Nov 29 1948Woodlawn
McCormackGrace L1908none givenWoodlawn
McCormackHoward D18911973Woodlawn
McCormackJames O18961913Woodlawn
McCormackPresley Lnone givenburial Apr 4 1?64Woodlawn
McCormackTerry C1928Jun 1982Woodlawn
McCormickCrasynone givenburial Aug 13 1?2?Woodlawn
McCreeryCharles S1873Aug 1946Woodlawn
McCreeryM. Magdalene1905Nov 1961Woodlawn
McCreeryMinnie K1879May 1960Woodlawn
McCullochAlbert WMar 22 1892Apr 6 1955Woodlawn
McCullochClaude WDec 22 1896Apr 12 1954Woodlawn
McCullochEffie MMar 1 1895Jun 18 1967Woodlawn
McCullochJohnnone givenburial Oct 14 192?Woodlawn
McCullochNoranone givenburial Jul 2 1919Woodlawn
McDanielBlanche1895May 1974Woodlawn
McDanielCharles Victor1887Feb 1966Woodlawn
McDavidGeorge W1903Jul 1975Woodlawn
McDavidRuth M1909none givenWoodlawn
McGeeClarence Roy1903Jan 1958Woodlawn
McGeeHazel Mae1906none givenWoodlawn
McGeeIda Lnone givennone givenWoodlawn
McGeeJohn Anone givennone givenWoodlawn
McGeeJohn HApr 26 1912Oct 29 19Woodlawn
McGeeMike JDec 15 1894Dec 09 19Woodlawn
McGeeRitanone givennone givenWoodlawn
McGinnisCharles P1887Oct 1965Woodlawn
McGinnisElsie M1890Nov 1977Woodlawn
McGuireBert C1897Jan 1973Woodlawn
McGuireGeraldine M1925none givenWoodlawn
McGuireJoseph H19211988Woodlawn
McGuireStella C19011985Woodlawn
McKayAnnette M (Nettie)1902Oct 1957Woodlawn
McKayBrida 19111987WoodlawnParents: nee Burgess
McKayEsther M19111913Woodlawn
McKayHal TNov 27 1892May 3 1975Woodlawn
McKayLee J1879Nov 1951Woodlawn
McKayLillie M1891Jun 1973Woodlawn
McKayMattie FAug 10 1891Oct 29 1957Woodlawn
McKaySam M Jr1927none givenWoodlawn
McKaySamuel M1878Feb 1963WoodlawnSpouse: Wanda L; Married: Sep 1 1950
McKayWanda L "Bonnie"1928Nov 1980WoodlawnSpouse: Samuel; Married: Sep 1 1950
McKeanCharles ESep 13 1910Jul 13 1970Woodlawn
McKeanClarence L1901Feb 1958Woodlawn
McKeanElmer M1905Nov 1955Woodlawn
McKeanEmma1875Dec 1954WoodlawnParents: nee Edsell
McKeanGeorge E18941961Woodlawn
McKeanGilbert S1896Jan 1938Woodlawn
McKeanGloria Leenone givenNov 03 1930Woodlawn
McKeanLauretia H1900Jul 1973Woodlawn
McKeanOlevia S1871Nov 1949Woodlawn
McKeanOral TNov 8 1898Apr 30 1969Woodlawn
McKeanRobert S1871Aug 1931Woodlawn
McKeanRobert S Jr1903Jun 1972Woodlawn
McKeanThomas H1873Nov 00 1952Woodlawn
McKeanWarren H19101989Woodlawn
McKeeFreeda M1916Jun 1978Woodlawn
McKeeVictor C1914none givenWoodlawn
McKinneyDolores M1940none givenWoodlawn
McKinneyJoseph S1937Jun 1978Woodlawn
McKinneyKevin Pnone givenDec 29 1984Woodlawn
McKinnonEva V1912none givenWoodlawn
McKinnonFrancis W1912Apr 1942Woodlawn
McKinstryFloraAug 20 1883Nov 18 1973Woodlawn
McKinstryKarl V Dr1909Aug 1971Woodlawn
McKinstryRobertJan 1 1880Feb 14 1956Woodlawn
McKinstrySamuelJan 2 1884Aug 17 1956Woodlawn
McKinstryVirginia1908Aug 1975Woodlawn
McLaneNancyMay 01 1936Apr 26 1965Woodlawn
McMillenElsie D19031988Woodlawn
McMillenJ. Fred1903Jun 1977Woodlawn
McMullinClayton G19221988Woodlawn
McMullinHardy M18811974Woodlawn Husband; SSA Hattie
McMullinHattie K18821964Woodlawn Wife; SSA Hardy
McMullinMaida A1922none givenWoodlawn
McMullinR. Eugene18741963Woodlawn
McNultyDewy LMar 29 1911Sep 12 1968Woodlawn
McNultyJuliusnone givennone givenWoodlawn
McNultyMargaret Rnone givennone givenWoodlawn
MeadowsGeorge A1903Jan 1958Woodlawn
MeadowsJohn W1880Nov 1962Woodlawn
MeadowsLeon Oucutoa1913Jul 1980Woodlawn
MeadowsShula M1882Mar 1959Woodlawn
MeadsRichard LAug 7 1900Jan 31 1985Woodlawn
MedleyCharlesnone givennone givenWoodlawn
MedleyClark Ednone givennone givenWoodlawn
MedleyClyde EMay 25 1924Sep 17 1947Woodlawn
MedleyDavid L1946Apr 1947Woodlawn
MedleyEdward1881Nov 1965Woodlawn
MedleyElizabeth1880Jul 1957Woodlawn
MedleyFrank1873Jul 1958Woodlawn
MedleyIrma J1938Feb 1947Woodlawn
MedleyJoseph E1872Sep 1953Woodlawn
MedleyL. C.Dec 1846Jul 18 1877Woodlawn
MedleyLillian K1908Nov 1951Woodlawn
MedleyMattie1890Aug 1932Woodlawn
MedleyNorval L1911Jun 1964Woodlawn
MedleyPearl M1888Jun 1966Woodlawn
MedleySusan A1879Jan 1968Woodlawn
MeeksRuth Vnone givennone givenWoodlawn
MehlerKatherinenone givennone givenWoodlawn
MeierAdolphNov 17 1881Jul 23 19Woodlawn
MeierCharles FMar 03 1911Apr 30 1989Woodlawn
MeierGertrudeJul 15 1888Jun 30 19Woodlawn
MeierRachel CNov 29 1909none givenWoodlawn
MeinwrettGracenone givennone givenWoodlawn
MelionFloranone givennone givenWoodlawn
MelkusEmil A1890Apr 1958Woodlawn
MelkusPearl H1884Nov 1966Woodlawn
MellerArthur Fnone givenburial Jul 29Woodlawn
MellerKatherine1889Feb 1985Woodlawn
MelvinCharles W19021988Woodlawn
MelvinClara M1904Feb 1976Woodlawn
MercerBessie H18921926Woodlawn
MercerEdithnone givennone givenWoodlawn
MercerEvelene M1929none givenWoodlawn
MercerGilbert E1916May 1937Woodlawn
MercerJames D1887Jan 1975Woodlawn
MercerLeroy A1926none givenWoodlawn
MercerNellie A1894Mar 1953Woodlawn
MercerWayne Jnone givennone givenWoodlawn
MersealJesse J1886May 1939Woodlawn
MersealMary M1891Oct 1963Woodlawn
MerzEdward HermanNov 11 1919Sep 16 1978Woodlawn
MerzJohn HenryApr 16 1916Dec 10 1981Woodlawn
MeyerBertha M1891Jul 1972Woodlawn
MeyerCeleste HDec 21 1911none givenWoodlawn
MeyerEdith B19131986Woodlawn
MeyerEdith C1903Sep 1981Woodlawn
MeyerFrederick A1887Feb 1972Woodlawn
MeyerHoyt FNov 09 1911none givenWoodlawn
MeyerLewis H1898Jun 1969Woodlawn
MeyerMelbourn COct 21 1908Oct 05 1969Woodlawn
MeyersAlpha1912Apr 1976WoodlawnParents: nee Scoggins
MeyersBertha MJul 31 1907Nov 13 1982Woodlawn
MeyersEmma ZAug 24 1880Nov 8 1950Woodlawn
MeyersLena BDec 25 1910Mar 06 1936Woodlawn
MeyersLouis AMar 19 1875Mar 30 1955Woodlawn
MeyersMervin AJan 24 1904Nov 28 1952Woodlawn
MeyersVirgil RayMay 23 1920Dec 15 1962Woodlawn
MickelDavidnone givenburial Dec 5 1?53Woodlawn
MickelSusienone givenburial Mar 22 1?6?Woodlawn
MillerAlice MAug 21 1886Jun 20 1959Woodlawn
MillerAnna L1884Apr 1940Woodlawn
MillerCharles Rnone given1953 Birth or Death(?)Woodlawn
MillerEdward1879Aug 1933Woodlawn
MillerErnestMar 9 1894Aug 10 1979Woodlawn
MillerG EdwardFeb 25 1876Jun 30 1950Woodlawn
MillerGolda EAug 13 1904Dec 19 1977Woodlawn
MillerHenryOct 24 1871Jun 10 19Woodlawn
MillerJohn M18651926Woodlawn
MillerK DeWayne1951Sep 1970Woodlawn
MillerPatricia L19591959 Birth or Death(?)Woodlawn
MillerRay EOct 11 1909Feb 27 19Woodlawn
MillerRobert AOct 20 1926none givenWoodlawn
MillerSusie HJun 3 1873Sep 15 19Woodlawn
MillerVirginia Louise19282008Woodlawn
MillichampRobert ENov 19 1923Jun 17 1977Woodlawn
MillweeBennett1904Jun 1985Woodlawn
MillweeBetty A1907Dec 1971Woodlawn
MillweeRichard B1932none givenWoodlawn
MilsterConstance DickeOct 27 1952Jan 05 19Woodlawn
MinksMrnone givennone givenWoodlawn
MinneyB.Ruth1928Dec 1983Woodlawn
MiresIrene EJun 07 1909none givenWoodlawn
MiresRaymond EApr 21 1915Jul 17 1970Woodlawn
MisseyEdward D1925Jan 1974Woodlawn
MisseyEdward DavidApr 05 1925Jan 02 1974Woodlawn
MisseyPaul Tnone givennone givenWoodlawn
MitchellAllenJan 24 1886Feb 28 1958Woodlawn
MitchellBeulah1896Jun 1963Woodlawn
MitchellBirdieFeb 5 1889Aug 19 19Woodlawn
MitchellHarrietDec 21 1885Jun 13 1968Woodlawn
MitchellLynnMay 2 1892Aug 20 19Woodlawn
MitchemCarol D1944none givenWoodlawn
MitchemDonald R1942May 1979Woodlawn
MomanMichelle Leighnone givenJun 10 1977Woodlawn
MontgomeryClara J1880Nov 1972Woodlawn
MontgomeryWalter F1879Jul 1970Woodlawn
MoodestawRaymond W1903Jun 1963Woodlawn
MoodestawVerda1906none givenWoodlawn
MooreAmos HApr 6 1882Jan 15 19Woodlawn
MooreEleonora M1891Mar 00 19Woodlawn
MooreJason E1885Jun 1957Woodlawn
MooreJoshua Wayne19841984Woodlawn
MooreLemuel F1875Jan 00 19Woodlawn
MooreMargaret E18931988Woodlawn
MooreMinnie EDec 21 1888Dec 14 19Woodlawn
MorelandJessie LDec 22 1903Apr 15 1974Woodlawn
MorelandWilburn NApr 04 1908Jan 06 1987Woodlawn
MorlanWalter HOct 14 1910Aug 10 1989Woodlawn
MorrisDessie1896none givenWoodlawn
MorrisEtta MarieNov 28 1903Apr 17 1961Woodlawn
MorrisJoe1890Apr 1978Woodlawn
MorrisLettie1896Mar 1981Woodlawn
MorrisRay1893Aug 1982Woodlawn
MorrisWalter NJul 7 1900none givenWoodlawn
MorrisonJames H19471969Woodlawn
MosesAnnie M18991987Woodlawn
MosesInfant Lnone givennone givenWoodlawn
MosesIrene Filkins1909Mar 1947Woodlawn
MosesLewis M1897Jun 1979Woodlawn
MossDorsolene1921Jan 1946Woodlawn
MossHettie1891Dec 1956Woodlawn
MossIrvin1917Apr 1946Woodlawn
MossJohn I1929Jan 1946Woodlawn
MossJohn L1881Mar 1960Woodlawn
MothersheadAddison F1885Jul 00 19Woodlawn
MothersheadAlta M1891Feb 1949Woodlawn
MothersheadJ. Lee1892Jan 1976Woodlawn
MothersheadLeila B1929Aug 1947Woodlawn
MothersheadMabel A1884Nov 00 19Woodlawn
MothersheadMatilda E1861Jul 00 19Woodlawn
MotleyClifford T1903Feb 1976Woodlawn
MotleyJeanette1904Jan 1974Woodlawn
MountfordHenrietta A1882Aug 1962Woodlawn
MountfordLora M1905none givenWoodlawn
MountfordM. GenevieveApr 01 1916none givenWoodlawn
MountfordMetford WAug 27 1912Aug 06 1979Woodlawn
MountfordRaymond E1903Mar 1970Woodlawn
MountfordWilliam H1865Apr 1960Woodlawn
MowerrIda LJan 21 1891Sep 27 1973Woodlawn
MowryFlorence E1935none givenWoodlawn
MowryHenry L19171988Woodlawn
MuellerGrace M18951977Woodlawn
MunselAlbertnone givennone givenWoodlawn
MunselWinfrednone givennone givenWoodlawn
MurphyEmma M1881Apr 1953Woodlawn
MurphyHunter PaulDec 17 1926Apr 18 1986Woodlawn
MurrayAlice M1908none givenWoodlawn
MurrayBertha BDec 28 1884Jul 5 1977Woodlawn
MurrayC. Glen1903Feb 1971Woodlawn
MurrayClayton1902Aug 1967Woodlawn
MurrayElizabeth Ann1920Jun 1978Woodlawn
MurrayJohn C1944none givenWoodlawn
MurrillR. B.1882Oct 1951Woodlawn
MusgraveBurnthorne1854Apr 1941Woodlawn
MuzzeyFannie1902Jan 1985Woodlawn
MuzzeyWalter1899Nov 1965Woodlawn
MyersEthel I1902Jan 24 19??Woodlawn
MyersGilbert ADec 11 1908Feb 24 1984Woodlawn
MyersJustine FMay 14 1903none givenWoodlawn
MyersWalter A1903none givenWoodlawn
NagelCarlApr 12 1906Oct 30 1971Woodlawn
NagelClaraMar 14 1912none givenWoodlawn
NanceJesse A1900Aug 00 1958Woodlawn
NanceRuth A1909Apr 00 1954Woodlawn
NappierBernnettanone givenBurial Apr 4 64Woodlawn
NappierEarl WMar 22 1911Aug 11 1944Woodlawn
NashHenry CAug 12 1925Mar 16 1978Woodlawn
NewportLaura CapeMar 10 1898Mar 22 1983Woodlawn
NewsomeElizabethnone givenBurial Apr 13 48Woodlawn
NikrantLydia1880Sep 1934Woodlawn
NilsonCharles PrimusJan 17 1898Aug 19 1983Woodlawn
NivisonRuth Enone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
NixonDoloresAug 27 1936Sep 23 1978Woodlawn
NixonHarold Anone givennone givenWoodlawn
NorrisAndrew J18751930Woodlawn
NorrisAnne1872Nov 1948Woodlawn
NorrisJames W19141983Woodlawn
NorrisMary Elizabethnone givennone givenWoodlawn
NorthcuttMary E1939Oct 1979Woodlawn
NortonAnna IDec 7 1892May 4 1950Woodlawn
NortonRoger WFeb 24 1884Feb 21 1960Woodlawn
NottinghamMargaret LouiseJan 06 1935Mar 12 1949Woodlawn
NullAlice J1918none givenWoodlawn
NullAllen Pete1914Mar 1950Woodlawn
NullEugene AAug 21 1912May 05 1958Woodlawn
NullJas Elbert19111928Woodlawn
NullMarynone givenBurial Oct 29 2?Woodlawn
OakesBrian JerryDec 12 1986Feb 10 1987Woodlawn
OakesMarvin F1914none givenWoodlawn
OakesMarvin M19101983Woodlawn
OgleClydenone givennone givenWoodlawn
OgleDella Mae19061988Woodlawn
OgleViolet1894Oct 1978Woodlawn
O'HallenLouienone givennone givenWoodlawn
O'HanlonThelma L1930none givenWoodlawn
O'HanlonThomas W1920Oct 1974Woodlawn
OkerCecil Hnone givennone givenWoodlawn
OkerCecil, Mrs.none givenBurial Dec 5 46Woodlawn
OkerDoris E1920none givenWoodlawn
OkerFloyd C1911Jun 1980Woodlawn
OkerGeorge1929Dec 1935Woodlawn
OkerOliverMay 28 1904Mar 27 1981Woodlawn
OkerRuthnone givennone givenWoodlawn
OlsonGeorgeSep 21 1894Sep 3 1980Woodlawn
OlsonMaudeSep 9 1894Apr 17 1994Woodlawn
OmohundroRalph AApr 21 1897Oct 2 1950Woodlawn
O'NealErnest1923Dec 1982Woodlawn
O'RourkeCaitlin Alicianone givennone givenWoodlawn
O'RourkeJohn N1905Jan 1979Woodlawn
O'RourkeLouise I1908Nov 1980Woodlawn
O'SheaCharles NApr 06 1931Apr 01 1976Woodlawn
O'SheaEdward F1917Mar 1984Woodlawn
O'SheaMary C1923none givenWoodlawn
OsterFrederick L1948Oct 1970Woodlawn
OsterFrederick OttoJun 14 1910Nov 29 1978Woodlawn
OsterMyrtle M1916Apr 1957Woodlawn
OsterPaul MichaelJul 27 1963none givenWoodlawn
OwenBessie EOct 5 1894Aug 17 1984Woodlawn
OwenDolen ONov 9 1985Aug 20 1960Woodlawn
OwenDr Charles E1907Sep 1972Woodlawn
PageCharlene Susannone given1982Woodlawn
PalmerCharles B18681952Woodlawn
PalmerSarah A1873Sep 1947Woodlawn
PannierFerd1845Nov 30 19Woodlawn
PannierHenriette1845Jan 00 19Woodlawn
ParkerFlorence J1874Jan 1968Woodlawn
ParkerKaren M19731986Woodlawn
ParkerMichael D1963none givenWoodlawn
PartneyEtta JFeb 24 1878Feb 4 1961Woodlawn
PartneyNaaman JJan 8 1867Apr 26 1942Woodlawn
PateClara M1917none givenWoodlawn
PateClyde L1914Jun 1976Woodlawn
PateEvelynMay 30 1928Feb 19 1989Woodlawn
PattersonAnna AFeb 24 1910Aug 07 1988Woodlawn
PattersonBeatrice A1913Aug 1971Woodlawn
PattersonCarl A1910Oct 1969Woodlawn
PattersonEffie M1910Oct 1982Woodlawn
PattersonEmmanone givennone givenWoodlawn
PattersonLavenia E1889Feb 1973Woodlawn
PattersonMargaret E1883Nov 1957Woodlawn
PattersonRobert A1913Jul 1969Woodlawn
PattersonWilliam L1888Sep 1971Woodlawn
PattersonWilliam R1866Feb 1945Woodlawn
PattonMary Anna1871Feb 1938Woodlawn
PaulGenevieve1910none givenWoodlawn
PaulLester J1907Aug 1963Woodlawn
PeabodyMyrtle M1879Mar 1955Woodlawn
PeaseChester WMay 17 1916Jun 11 1978Woodlawn
PeaseHarry C19031987Woodlawn
PeaseJesse F18701924Woodlawn
PeaseMimmie A1872Mar 1947Woodlawn
PeaseMinnie E1901Dec 1972Woodlawn
PeeplesMellie K1901none givenWoodlawn
PeeplesRobert C19031986Woodlawn
PelotRancenone givennone givenWoodlawn
PenhallAlma B1900Oct 1981Woodlawn
PenhallTheodore B1893Apr 1962Woodlawn
PerishoEmmanuelDec 12 1876Jan 1 1959Woodlawn
PerishoMarthaJan 19 1893Sep 5 1982Woodlawn
PerrinClara Belle1893Aug 00 19Woodlawn
PerryAnna M1913May 1977Woodlawn
PerryV Ray1912none givenWoodlawn
PerteeDorothy A1914Mar 1971Woodlawn
PhabyLawson V Sr1908Jan 1973Woodlawn
PhabyMary L1915none givenWoodlawn
PharesCharles AJan 02 1927none givenWoodlawn
PharesPearl A1904Jun 1970Woodlawn
PharesV JuneDec 31 1925none givenWoodlawn
PhelpsSterling H1901Aug 1976Woodlawn
PhelpsV.Pearl1909none givenWoodlawn
PidcockWalter E JrMay 29 1954Jan 11 1986Woodlawn
PierceClarencenone givennone givenWoodlawn
PierceDonnienone givenburial Aug 14 1?Woodlawn
PierceElsie Francisnone givennone givenWoodlawn
PierceEstelle C1902none givenWoodlawn
PierceFloyd E1912Oct 1970Woodlawn
PierceLarry EAug 13 1947Aug 14 1947Woodlawn
PierceLillian Poet1874Jan 1966Woodlawn
PierceOpal Mary1917Dec 1937Woodlawn
PiercePearl E1924none givenWoodlawn
PierceRussell E1903Aug 1971Woodlawn
none givenburial Jan 5 19Woodlawn
PiggFloyd NAug 30 1920none givenWoodlawn
PiggTheresa RJan 21 1932Oct 27 1988Woodlawn
PinckardBill Wnone givennone givenWoodlawn
PinkardBlanche WOct 13 1912Mar 16 1987Woodlawn
PinkardBrian K1953Jun 1977Woodlawn
PinkardRobert K1957Jun 1977Woodlawn
PinnellEdward W1886Apr 1975Woodlawn
PinnellJohn RNov 2 1879Mar 29 1927Woodlawn
PinnellLaura R18901970Woodlawn
PinnellMagnolianone givenburial date Aug 31 8?Woodlawn
PinnellMamie EFeb 7 1890Aug 5 1964Woodlawn
PinnellRobert L1914Jan 1936Woodlawn
PinnellThomas R19341934Woodlawn
PinnellWilliam Asa1912Feb 1978Woodlawn
PinsonD Eldine19241985Woodlawn
PinsonHughieAug 31 1895Aug 29 1936Woodlawn
PinsonJannieDec 17 1891none givenWoodlawn
PinsonJessie C1900Apr 00 1955Woodlawn
PinsonJoseph N1900Dec 1960Woodlawn
PinsonSamuel L1924none givenWoodlawn
PinsonWayne Lynnnone givenMar 18 1948Woodlawn
PipesCora Wilson1909Jan 1944Woodlawn
PitmanFrank S1890Apr 1971Woodlawn
PitmanMabel J1897Sep 1971Woodlawn
PittanaHattie A.1890Jan 1942WoodlawnParents: nee Pounds
PitzerDarold L1921Feb 1956Woodlawn
PitzerLavina M1920none givenWoodlawn
PohoeJ.H.none givennone givenWoodlawn
PoleteKatherinenone givennone givenWoodlawn
PoleteRalph A1897Aug 1939Woodlawn
PoleteRome1869Jan 1953Woodlawn
PoletteRosie MMay 15 1881Oct 23 1971Woodlawn
PolisonCharles JDec 02 1922Jun 11 1964Woodlawn
PolisonMary Estellene19051986Woodlawn
PolitteCarl J1905Mar 1966Woodlawn
PolitteCecil A1903Jul 1960Woodlawn
PolitteClay A1906Jan 1983Woodlawn
PolitteDorothy LAug 02 1916none givenWoodlawn
PolitteDorsey T1900Jun 1971Woodlawn
PolitteEdna R18941985Woodlawn
PolitteEva L1905May 1972Woodlawn
PolitteGeorge EFeb 08 1910Feb 01 1950Woodlawn
PolitteHarry R1902Oct 1968Woodlawn
PolitteHoward W1897Jan 1970Woodlawn
PolitteIda M1875Feb 19 40Woodlawn
PolitteJames HJun 04 1902Apr 15 1989Woodlawn
PolitteJoe Gordon1904May 1981Woodlawn
PolitteLula B1904none givenWoodlawn
PolitteMarjorie A1922Mar 1974Woodlawn
PolitteMattie CJun 19 1900Jul 19 1976Woodlawn
PolittePaul P1899Feb 1968Woodlawn
PolitteRaymondJul 03 1923Apr 12 1974Woodlawn
PolitteRaymond TFeb 7 1896Jun 19 1972Woodlawn
PolitteSusie1912none givenWoodlawnParents: nee Hill
PolitteThir J1910Oct 1977Woodlawn
PolitteWilliam R1889Mar 1972Woodlawn
PonzarJohn1870Dec 1965Woodlawn
PonzarRosalia1875Mar 1956Woodlawn
PopeCarcy Enone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
PopePaulnone givennone givenWoodlawn
PortellKevin JosephJul 19 1964Jul 30 1986Woodlawn
PorterGertrudenone givennone givenWoodlawn
PostHattie BMay 14 1882Oct 25 1961Woodlawn
PostSamuel S1879Feb 1932Woodlawn
PoundsWilliam1859Jan 1932Woodlawn
PratherBetty Leenone givennone givenWoodlawn
PratherErnest E1896Mar 1947Woodlawn
PratherRaymond E1923Jan 1984Woodlawn
PrattFloyd W1901Mar 1959Woodlawn
PrattGertrude J1892May 1971Woodlawn
PrattSasienone givennone givenWoodlawn
PrestonElvira O1870Oct 1943Woodlawn
PrestonWillis S1868Jul 1953Woodlawn
PrichardEmma A1907Aug 1972Woodlawn
PrichardJohn S1906Nov 1981Woodlawn
PriestJemima A1873Mar 1938Woodlawn
PriestRaphael1869Oct 1932Woodlawn
ProsserCarol Sue19451985Woodlawn
ProvinceJoseph L1921Mar 1984Woodlawn
ProvinceMary E1921none givenWoodlawn
ProvinceThomas JJul 19 1950Oct 25 1968Woodlawn
PryorChristopher A19681968Woodlawn
PryorLouis M1913Apr 1963Woodlawn
PryorMary E1919none givenWoodlawn
PryorRogernone givenburial Aug 24 7?Woodlawn
PullenWalter M1905Oct 1977Woodlawn
PyattAnnie EDec 20 1911none givenWoodlawn
PyattBucky RFeb 18 1923May 19 1989Woodlawn
PyleRebecca J18551942Woodlawn
QueathemScott19771977WoodlawnListed as Ouethem in record, but could be Queatham.
QueenEugene J.1906Feb 26 ????Woodlawn
QueenF. Earl[Feb 14] 1909Jun [12] 1958Woodlawn 
QueenFred E1883May 1960Woodlawn
QueenGeneva[Sep 27] 1912May 28] 1979Woodlawn 
QueenGertrude1878Dec 1962Woodlawn
QuestLouis Charles1898Oct 1981Woodlawn
RainwaterAlmam F1919Jan 1977Woodlawn
RainwaterCarl E1913Jan 1973Woodlawn
RainwaterCarl HMar 18 1941Aug 22 1957Woodlawn
RainwaterDewey Jr1919May 00 19Woodlawn
RainwaterDewey Sr1899Dec 00 19Woodlawn
RainwaterGeorge1883May 00 19Woodlawn
RainwaterKenneth L1919Jan 00 19Woodlawn
RainwaterLucy1885Mar 00 19Woodlawn
RainwaterMary LouiseNov 25 1939Feb 02 1940Woodlawn
RaischGeorgenone givenFeb 26 1885WoodlawnAge: 6 yrs
RalphA. Harold1923Jun 1981Woodlawn
RamoJannone givennone givenWoodlawn
RamoJohnnone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
RamseyGeneral SSep 10 1917Jul 13 1929Woodlawn
RamseyWayne1950May 1966Woodlawn
RawlinsScott Anone givennone givenWoodlawn
RayBessie Ann (Bra1890Oct 1966Woodlawn
RaySidney Alson1891Oct 1968Woodlawn
RayburnBeulah MNov 09 1922Sep 07 1981Woodlawn
RayburnJames MMay 05 1916Aug 27 1989Woodlawn
RecordLarence CMar 11 1927none givenWoodlawn
RecordVeronica AMar 13 1930none givenWoodlawn
ReedElizabeth1860Nov 1943Woodlawn
ReesJenny LynnJuly 9 1982Apr 14 1999WoodlawnDaughter of Doug & Judy
ReganPatricia N19312008Woodlawn
ReginierZonanone givenBurial Apr 15 4?Woodlawn
RegnierLouis ENov 7 1873Sep 4 1937Woodlawn
ReichertAntoinette M1877May 1972Woodlawn
ReichertGeorge F1871Jul 1942Woodlawn
ReidCharles S19351953Woodlawn
ReidFred W1892Dec 1970Woodlawn
ReidJames1860Sep 30 1900Woodlawn
ReiserGeorge JJun 7 1898Jun 28 1952Woodlawn
ReiserLillie R1882Mar 1965Woodlawn
RemmertKatherine1908Feb 1932Woodlawn
ReynoldsAgnes M1883Feb 1944Woodlawn
ReynoldsBernice IJun 28 1930none givenWoodlawn
ReynoldsCharles1885Jun 1971Woodlawn
ReynoldsElsie Lorene1920none givenWoodlawn
ReynoldsEtta KJun 27 1911Jan 16 1987Woodlawn
ReynoldsGeorge Anone givennone givenWoodlawn
ReynoldsGlenice M1924none givenWoodlawn
ReynoldsGrover N.1913Dec 1964Woodlawn
ReynoldsIda J1894Apr 1972Woodlawn
ReynoldsJamesnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ReynoldsJamesnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ReynoldsJames Mrsnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ReynoldsJessie L1898Mar 1984Woodlawn
ReynoldsJohn A1900Sep 1967Woodlawn
ReynoldsMabel J1924Apr 1956Woodlawn
ReynoldsMary Annnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ReynoldsMiles A1917Sep 1983Woodlawn
ReynoldsMyrtle G1916none givenWoodlawn
ReynoldsPearl E1885Oct 1964Woodlawn
ReynoldsPeggySep 13 1941Apr 29 1956Woodlawn
ReynoldsRobert AMar 09 1951Apr 22 1956Woodlawn
ReynoldsRobert J1918none givenWoodlawn
ReynoldsThomas M1890Nov 1972Woodlawn
ReynoldsThomas MJun 29 1922Sep 21 1979Woodlawn
ReynoldsTracynone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
ReynoldsVirginia1906Aug 00 19Woodlawn
ReynoldsWilliam HOct 22 1834Buried Nov 1954Woodlawn
ReynoldsWilliam Harold1915none givenWoodlawn
ReynoldsWilliam W1879Aug 1956Woodlawn
RhinebergerMichael W19661988Woodlawn
RhodesFannienone givennone givenWoodlawn
RhodesJeffrey A19841986Woodlawn
RichardsFloy JApr 23 1902Oct 18 1983Woodlawn
RichardsonArchie1927none givenWoodlawn
RichardsonCharles1882Nov 1951Woodlawn
RichardsonClyde FMay 15 1900Jul 01 1959Woodlawn
RichardsonDolores1932none givenWoodlawn
RichardsonEllen KOct 3 1890Aug 24 1946Woodlawn
RichardsonEmmett E1898Oct 26 1900Woodlawn
RichardsonFreida (Hercher1895May 1960Woodlawn
RichardsonGeorge G1929none givenWoodlawn
RichardsonGeorge L1895Aug 1967Woodlawn
RichardsonInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
RichardsonJames L1910Sep 1977Woodlawn
RichardsonJaynone givennone givenWoodlawn
RichardsonJulia L1911none givenWoodlawn
RichardsonNorma M (Brod)19301980Woodlawn
RichardsonRobert HMay 05 1918Jan 12 1971Woodlawn Missouri S SGT US Air Force WWII Korea
RichardsonVirginia MMar 12 1917Dec 20 1991Woodlawn
RickardBrandy Jnone given1975Woodlawn
RickmanRochellenone givennone givenWoodlawn
RiddleUnknownnone givenBurial Nov ?? 3?Woodlawn
RidenourAlice Faye1946none givenWoodlawn
RidenourCharles W1943Mar 1984Woodlawn
RidenourHadley W1908none givenWoodlawn
RidenourThelma M19121989Woodlawn
RiefferBonnie MFeb 20 1944Jan 30 1978Woodlawn
RigdonInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
RileyFred ENov 19 1896Nov 12 1937Woodlawn
RileyMrsnone givennone givenWoodlawn
RileyRandallNov 26 1962Jun 17 1965Woodlawn
RileyRobert N19411987Woodlawn
RileyRoy N1896Apr 1955Woodlawn
RinglingBernice A1919Dec 1967Woodlawn
RinglingChristian W1887Sep 1967Woodlawn
RinglingElizabeth J1890Jul 1968Woodlawn
RinglingMilton A1915none givenWoodlawn
RitcherBushnone givennone givenWoodlawn
RitcherLouisnone givennone givenWoodlawn
RobbsBessie1891Jun 1959Woodlawn
RobbsFlorence1877Apr 1951Woodlawn
RobbsHenry1872Jun 1943Woodlawn
RobersonFred AApr 17 1888Mar 26 19Woodlawn
RobersonMartha BNov 23 1891Nov 30 19Woodlawn
RobertsonAnna1883Mar 1973Woodlawn
RobertsonBen W1875Dec 1942Woodlawn
RobertsonClaude E1920Sep 1983Woodlawn
RobertsonElizabeth1899none givenWoodlawn
RobertsonEverett FMar 05 1908Sep 29 1976Woodlawn
RobertsonHazel VJun 04 1914none givenWoodlawn
RobertsonIda M1879Aug 1958Woodlawn
RobertsonJohn E1900Jul 1969Woodlawn
RobertsonJohn F1863May 1954Woodlawn
RobertsonLillie MNov 16 1906May 09 1977Woodlawn
RobertsonMartha MFeb 28 1881Dec 22 1955Woodlawn
RobertsonMelvin PAug 30 1902May 10 1956Woodlawn
RobertsonMyrtle C1894Apr 1973Woodlawn
RobertsonPearl M1910none givenWoodlawn
RobertsonWilliam E1889May 1965Woodlawn
RobinsonCarla Dnone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
RobinsonCarla DanelFeb 00 1971none givenWoodlawn
RobinsonDanny C1946Dec 1976Woodlawn
RobinsonMary M1952none givenWoodlawn
RobinsonPaul1917Feb 1974Woodlawn
RobinsonRaymond S1938Jun 1978Woodlawn
RobinsonRuby1919none givenWoodlawn
RobisonClara MJan 18 1914May 23 1984Woodlawn
RobisonGeorge EDec 07 1908May 29 1983Woodlawn
RoderickAlpha LFeb 10 1907Oct 20 1985Woodlawn
RoderickArchie J1903Nov 1974Woodlawn
RoderickBertha M1908Feb 1979Woodlawn
RoderickCharles LAug 23 1906Nov 16 1983Woodlawn
RoderickLouis K18831963Woodlawn Brother
RoderiqueLeo JJul 04 1908Jul 08 1978Woodlawn
RodgersLula Pauline (B19171955Woodlawn
RogersBertha1878Dec 1968Woodlawn
RogersBetty Arlene19311941Woodlawn
RogersCarrie WMay 27 1873Mar 30 19Woodlawn
RogersClarence E19111981Woodlawn
RogersEverett A1889Jun 1977Woodlawn
RogersFaith Lnone givennone givenWoodlawn
RogersGus W1902Jun 1969Woodlawn
RogersJames E1907Jul 1945Woodlawn
RogersJohn F1882May 1967Woodlawn
RogersJohn W1869Oct 1948Woodlawn
RogersLaura F1891Dec 1963Woodlawn
RogersLoretta Nnone givennone givenWoodlawn
RogersMichael Jnone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
RogersMildred G1907none givenWoodlawn
RogersMinnie M1906none givenWoodlawn
RogersRoscoe L1912May 1984Woodlawn
RogersWalter J1891Jul 1976Woodlawn
RohlfingDonnelApr 16 1903Nov 10 1905Woodlawn
RohlfingDoraOct 10 1869Sep 8 1946Woodlawn
RohlfingEdgar HOct 2 1890Nov 19 1967Woodlawn
RohlfingEloiseJun 15 1905Nov 05 1905Woodlawn
RohlfingEssieFeb 25 1898Feb 12 1954Woodlawn
RohlfingFred LJul 10 1897none givenWoodlawn
RohlfingGertrude EDec 7 1892Sep 10 1964Woodlawn
RohlfingGusta E1868Mar 1950Woodlawn
RohlfingHelen EDec 24 1910Jun 18 1979Woodlawn
RohlfingInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
RohlfingJ.Henry1862Sep 1935Woodlawn
RohlfingLouisNov 15 1866Dec 24 1934Woodlawn
RohlfingVerney J1892Sep 1966Woodlawn
RohlfingWilliam A19061983Woodlawn
RoopCharles R18821901Woodlawn
RoopJacobJan 5 1852Nov 22 1910Woodlawn
RoopLewis Wade1908Mar 1976Woodlawn
RoopMildred (Dickma1907Feb 1968Woodlawn
RoseGeorgia Cnone givennone givenWoodlawn
RosemannMillie HNov 22 1916Jul 23 1984Woodlawn
RosemannRay ROct 06 1911none givenWoodlawn
RossCatherine M18691946Woodlawn
RossSamuel M18631944Woodlawn
RotanAmelia C1876Dec 1952Woodlawn
RotanCharles S1866Apr 00 1940Woodlawn
RousanAnna E1927Aug 00 1967Woodlawn
RousanCharles T1923none givenWoodlawn
RousanGrant E1915May 00 1972Woodlawn
RousanHattie E1892Apr 00 1972Woodlawn
RousanJoan BSep 9 1883May 20 1964Woodlawn
RousanJoseph F1870Jan 1969Woodlawn
RousanLula Verne1877May 1949Woodlawn
RousanNancy Gailnone givenburial Sep 4 1?Woodlawn
RousanThomas G1863May 1961Woodlawn
RoussinCecil CSep 29 1908Apr 06 1988Woodlawn
RoussinClyde OJul 28 1899Mar 9 1973Woodlawn
RoussinCynthia A19662004Woodlawn
RoussinDavidnone givenburial Feb 13 1?Woodlawn
RoussinGoldie MOct 11 1914none givenWoodlawn
RoussinGrace MAug 30 1905Oct 26 1983Woodlawn
RoussinJames LMay 28 1903Dec 24 1946Woodlawn
RoussinJoseph RDec 28 1931Oct 19 1951Woodlawn
RoussinNorman EOct 05 1924Aug 04 1954Woodlawn
RoussinVirginia EFeb 07 1906May 08 1988Woodlawn
RoutteAlice Mae1872Aug 1938Woodlawn
RouttePeter L1850May 1939Woodlawn
RoweFlorence Ethel19131986Woodlawn
RoweSusan Gail1955May 00 19Woodlawn
RowlandWm Rnone givennone givenWoodlawn
RuffEugenenone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
RuffIrene A18811930Woodlawn
RuffJohn L.F.1910Jul 1961Woodlawn
RuffJohn W1872Sep 1975Woodlawn
RuffWillienone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
RuloClaudia E19201971Woodlawn
RuloWilliam J19221997Woodlawn
RunkleAdam MNov 5 1882Jan 14 1946Woodlawn
RuppelJohnnone givenburial Jul 26 1?Woodlawn
RuppelMargaretnone givenburial Apr 19 1?Woodlawn
RushBeulah D1908none givenWoodlawn
RushVester1902Jan 1982Woodlawn
RusselJason Jeffreynone givenMay 09 1985Woodlawn
RussellDecter G1891Aug 1977Woodlawn
RussellGeorge W1925none givenWoodlawn
RussellInez Jnone givenburial Jul 26 7?Woodlawn
RussellJason Jeffreynone givennone givenWoodlawn
RussellNelda Jnone givenburial Nov 14 73Woodlawn
RussellNellie A1897Feb 1985Woodlawn
RussellSandra KMar 31 1948Nov 26 1981Woodlawn
RuthGeorgeOct 29 1824Feb 18 1908Woodlawn
RyanMildrednone givennone givenWoodlawn
SagoOrville G19171987Woodlawn
SalisburyAlthea S1907none givenWoodlawn
SalisburyDella M1904Nov 1984Woodlawn
SalisburyElla1885May 1973Woodlawn
SalisburyGeorge1882Dec 1949Woodlawn
SalisburyHarold C1924none givenWoodlawn
SalisburyJennie1884Mar 1959Woodlawn
SalisburyJosephine L1916Jan 1975Woodlawn
SalisburyMyra LSep 03 1932Nov 30 1969Woodlawn
SalisburyOtto1903none givenWoodlawn
SalisburyRobert1881Oct 1967Woodlawn
SalsiburyTerry O1957Jun 1975Woodlawn
SancousieBeulah M1894Sep 1946Woodlawn
SancousieElmer FOct 31 1928Nov 04 1979Woodlawn
SancousieWilma E (Robert1929Apr 1971Woodlawn
SandersBernice M1912none givenWoodlawn
SandersGertrude1911Feb 1969Woodlawn
SandersHattie L.S.none givennone givenWoodlawn
SandersJoe S1907Nov 1973Woodlawn
SandersJudithnone givenDec 00 1940Woodlawn
SandersJudith AAug 14 1913Aug 11 1974Woodlawn
SandersLinnie E1900Jun 1960Woodlawn
SandersNancy Marie1945Oct 1961Woodlawn
SandersTheo MApr 06 1916Nov 26 1980Woodlawn
SandersThomas W1901Dec 1975Woodlawn
SandersVirgil GreyApr 14 1907Dec 15 1984Woodlawn
SandersWilbern EMay 16 1911May 19 1970Woodlawn
SandersWilliam SJan 02 1925Apr 21 1947Woodlawn
none givennone givenWoodlawnAge: Infant; Infant
SansoucieFnone givenBurial Aug 30 XX5XWoodlawn
SansoucieJanie M18811955WoodlawnSSA John A
SansoucieJohn A18811960WoodlawnSSA Janie
SansoucieJosephine A19121975Woodlawn
SansoucieRhondanone givenBurial Sep 29 XX2XWoodlawn
SansoucieRobert J1907none givenWoodlawn
SansoucieThomas M1908Jan 1965Woodlawn
SapperFred1910Jun 00 1983Woodlawn
SapperRitanone givenAug 00 1966Woodlawn
SaylorClarence C1896Oct 1976Woodlawn
SaylorMaggie Dnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ScaggsMuriel H1918May 1976Woodlawn
ScauzzoDorothy H1920May 1983Woodlawn
ScauzzoVictor J1917none givenWoodlawn
ScheppHelennone givennone givenWoodlawn
ScheuermannE.Fern1918none givenWoodlawn
ScheuermannRoy WFeb 10 1920Oct 06 1977Woodlawn
SchmalzriedPaul F1905Dec 1963Woodlawn
SchmidtAugust AAug 13 1877Oct 06 1956Woodlawn
SchmidtMarie LFeb 12 1878Sep 13 1954Woodlawn
SchneiderHarold PMay 08 1916Oct 23 ????Woodlawn
SchneiderLorene GAug 16 1917Jul 05 ????Woodlawn
SchoellkoffLouis CJul 31 1891Mar 08 1952Woodlawn
SchoultzElsie E1906none givenWoodlawn
SchoultzRoy BMar 28 1901Feb 18 1971Woodlawn
SchrameyerAda L1909none givenWoodlawn
SchrameyerAlbert H Sr1906Feb 1984Woodlawn
SchrameyerHenrynone givennone givenWoodlawn
SchrameyerHerman1864Mar 31 1900Woodlawn
SchrampferCaroline1870none givenWoodlawn
SchrampferGeorge1866Apr 1945Woodlawn
SchrumLois M1939Sep 1960Woodlawn
SchrumOllie O1928none givenWoodlawn
SchuermanHelenJul 27 1911none givenWoodlawn
SchuermanTedJan 16 1907Oct 17 19Woodlawn
SchuermanTimothy A " TimAug 06 1956Dec 22 1983Woodlawn
SchuhFrank1868Nov 29 19Woodlawn
SchuhHattie1878Dec 00 19Woodlawn
SchuhJessie L1909Jan 1970Woodlawn
SchuhVictor A1902Jun 1982Woodlawn
SchulerLeslie Enone givenMar 04 1934Woodlawn
SchwaegerleAdolph LAug 13 1900Jan 28 1981Woodlawn
SchwaegerleGustav A1861Oct 1935Woodlawn
SchwaegerleMargueriteSep 22 1902none givenWoodlawn
SchwaegerleMinnie1870Jul 1944Woodlawn
SchwaegerleWalter POct 22 1889Oct 02 1972Woodlawn
ScobleGrover M1924none givenWoodlawn
ScofieldMarion J1885Feb 1968Woodlawn
ScofieldWalter S1886Jan 1966Woodlawn
ScogginsGrace L1891Apr 1966Woodlawn
ScogginsMirt A1881May 1950Woodlawn
ScotInfantnone givenBurial Jan 12 1?1?Woodlawn
ScottCleveland S1892Oct 1970Woodlawn
ScottColby NAug 29 1892May 10 1974Woodlawn
ScottEstella EFeb 03 1895none givenWoodlawn
ScottEthel M1894Aug 1965Woodlawn
ScottFrank1913none givenWoodlawn
ScottGladys1915none givenWoodlawn
ScottHarold HMay 26 1923Sep 16 1988Woodlawn
ScottIrvin GeorgeFeb 21 1891Jul 03 1962Woodlawn
ScottJudith M1910none givenWoodlawn
ScottKeith Rnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ScottLillie MMay 26 1901Jul 13 1980Woodlawn
ScottLouisa MJun 16 1873Aug 29 1922Woodlawn
ScottMaryMay 30 1929none givenWoodlawn
ScottWalter C1883Sep 1942Woodlawn
ScottWilliam TMay 10 1863Feb 20 1930Woodlawn
ScottWm T1911Oct 1960Woodlawn
ScruggsAlice B1865Apr 1952Woodlawn
ScruggsJohnnone givenBurial May 29 1?5?Woodlawn
ScudderNathan AJan 17 1897Aug 28 1976Woodlawn
ScudderOma AFeb 27 1904none givenWoodlawn
SeagravesJack Bnone givenBurial Jan 13 1?7?Woodlawn
SebastianCherylnone givenBurial Dec 31 1?7?Woodlawn
SebastianKeavennone givennone givenWoodlawn
SecretsMabel D1917Oct 1958Woodlawn
SecretsPaul R1916none givenWoodlawn
SeegerCarl Edwardnone givenBurial Oct 17 1?7?Woodlawn
SeegerEdward Dnone givenBurial Sep 04 1?81Woodlawn
SeemelAdelle1895Sep 1966Woodlawn
SeemelBen F1881Aug 1951Woodlawn
SeemelEmil H1882Jun 1971Woodlawn
SeemelRose Lee1889Jun 1976Woodlawn
SeltzEnola1908May 1977Woodlawn
SeltzPercy W1902Jan 1972Woodlawn
ShafferDavid C1896Dec 1976Woodlawn
ShafferWilliam JamesSep 23 1902Jun 01 1977Woodlawn
ShaneAlice1867Apr 1950Woodlawn
ShaneTimothy1862Jul 1938Woodlawn
ShanksEdgar B1918none givenWoodlawn
ShanksJewell AOct 04 1915Jul 03 1969Woodlawn
ShanksJuanita EApr 12 1915May 19 1985Woodlawn
ShannonHallieNov 10 1874Feb 02 1972Woodlawn
ShannonJohn T1856Feb 28 1900Woodlawn
ShannonJohn Wnone givenBurial Jun 15 1?1?Woodlawn
ShannonKatie E19031986Woodlawn
ShannonMarynone givenBurial May 04 1?19Woodlawn
ShannonMary B1860May 1939Woodlawn
ShannonNancy C1893Oct 1971Woodlawn
ShannonRossSep 19 1866Jan 15 1950Woodlawn
SheehanClara E18931986Woodlawn
SheehanWalter J18971986Woodlawn
SheetsBabynone givenBurial Apr 18 1?1?Woodlawn
SheldonBrenda LeeAug 06 1959Apr 05 1980Woodlawn
SheldonDudley1899Sep 1944Woodlawn
SheldonElzie KSep 11 1894Dec 25 1981Woodlawn
SheldonMargaret E1906none givenWoodlawn
ShelleyBernice (Mamie)19121986Woodlawn
ShelleyBrycenone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
ShellmanMelisa (Byrns)none givenDec 31 1959Woodlawn
ShellmanWilliam Nelsonnone givenJul 23 1965Woodlawn
ShellyMarian Bernicenone givennone givenWoodlawn
SheltonGeorgeOct 08 1896Feb 18 1972Woodlawn
SheltonStella MaeJun 15 1906May 28 1945Woodlawn
ShepardJoseph W1884Jan 1946Woodlawn
ShepardMary K1886Jan 1954Woodlawn
ShepardValera1918none givenWoodlawn
ShepardWalter J1908Dec 1959Woodlawn
ShepherdWilliam TFeb 05 1890Mar 24 1948Woodlawn
SheppardBetty Lnone givennone givenWoodlawn
SheppardJames G1934Jan 1982Woodlawn
SheppardJimmy W1903Nov 1973Woodlawn
SheppardMyrtle E1907May 1956Woodlawn
ShmedesJosephnone givenJul 16 1951Woodlawn
ShortJames C1895May 1972Woodlawn
ShortMary1897Jul 1969Woodlawn
ShumateRachaelnone givenBurial Nov 11 1?1?Woodlawn
SickmeierWilliamnone givennone givenWoodlawn
SigmonElizenone givenBurial Oct 08 1?19Woodlawn
SimonCarl1901none givenWoodlawn
SimonElizabeth1864Oct 1947Woodlawn
SimonsEddie J1930none givenWoodlawn
SimonsMargaret E1931none givenWoodlawn
SimpsonAlta WOct 13 1907none givenWoodlawn
SimpsonCharlesNov 03 1917none givenWoodlawn
SimpsonDaniel L JrAug 11 1907Jan 27 1947Woodlawn
SimpsonLeona DAug 08 1904Mar 14 1979Woodlawn
SimpsonRaymondNov 15 1903May 22 1972Woodlawn
SimpsonRoy WilliamsMar 10 1905Jul 25 1987Woodlawn
SingletaryFreeman N1907Dec 00 19Woodlawn
SingletaryFreeman S1878Aug 00 19Woodlawn
SingletaryMargien K1917none givenWoodlawn
SingletaryMyrtle PyleNov 24 1891May 29 19Woodlawn
SingletaryNelle A1881Dec 00 19Woodlawn
SingletaryThomas AFeb 16 1912Mar 10 19Woodlawn
SkaggsEdith E1946Jun 1968Woodlawn
SkaggsH.DentonAug 30 1912Aug 05 1975Woodlawn
SkellyPhillip J18851930Woodlawn
SkilesGary W1951Sep 1971Woodlawn
SkilesHenry DOct 19 1918none givenWoodlawn
SkilesInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
SkilesWilma ISep 12 1920Jun 26 1989Woodlawn
SkinnerElla Goffnone givennone givenWoodlawn
SkinnerEstelle SOct 05 1887May 08 1983Woodlawn
SkinnerIvannone givennone givenWoodlawn
SladeBelle1892Apr 1962Woodlawn
SladeJames E1885Mar 1966Woodlawn
SlaughterGrace A1882Apr 1935Woodlawn
SloanBenjamin S1887Aug 28 1900Woodlawn
SloanClarence LJan 11 1911Feb 18 1956Woodlawn
SloanLouis W1909Jul 1949Woodlawn
SloanMargaret E1889Aug 28 1900Woodlawn
SloanMary E1888Jan 1973Woodlawn
SloanMildred OkerFeb 22 1927none givenWoodlawn
SloanRobert L1885Jan 1970Woodlawn
SloanSam D JrSep 09 1923May 18 1985Woodlawn
SloanVelma Akins1928Mar 1984Woodlawn
SmalleyEdgarnone givenBurial Oct 13 1?7?Woodlawn
SmithAlice E1885Apr 1975Woodlawn
SmithAnna1874Jan 1935Woodlawn
SmithArch1891Dec 1968Woodlawn
SmithF.L. Mrsnone givennone givenWoodlawn
SmithFlorencenone givenBurial Jan ?? 1???Woodlawn
SmithFrank E1885May 1965Woodlawn
SmithGuy A1894Nov 1983Woodlawn
SmithJamesnone givennone givenWoodlawn
SmithJames H18831939Woodlawn
SmithJohn F1872Apr 1943Woodlawn
SmithMargaret1899Jun 1965Woodlawn
SmithMargaret H1889Aug 1944Woodlawn
SmithMarion Leonard19221988Woodlawn
SmithMark D1953Jul 1973Woodlawn
SmithMartha A1872Jun 1938Woodlawn
SmithMrsnone givennone givenWoodlawn
SmithPercy PaulApr 19 1?07Dec 02 1???Woodlawn
SmithPeter K1866Aug 30 ????Woodlawn
SmithRuth M1904none givenWoodlawn
SmithTracy Lynnnone givenFeb 27 1?78Woodlawn
SnyderElwood F1911Mar 1983Woodlawn
SnyderEsther L1919Oct 1970Woodlawn
SobbaMichael Ray19871987Woodlawn
SpanglerLulu GDec 31 1885Mar 31 1958Woodlawn
SpanglerWilliam RMar 12 1885May 27 1978Woodlawn
SparksAuthur F1905Jan 1975Woodlawn
SparksDaniel M1917May 1985Woodlawn
SparksInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
SparksInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
SparksViolet M1916none givenWoodlawn
SpeidelEdgar E1900Apr 1982Woodlawn
SpeidelJohn W Jrnone givennone givenWoodlawn
SpeidelMarion L1903Jan 1984Woodlawn
SpeidelPearl D1903May 1978Woodlawn
SpencerBessie A18961965Woodlawn
SpencerDorothy E1920none givenWoodlawn
SpencerJohn R1891May 1944Woodlawn
SpencerWilliam A1909Jun 1967Woodlawn
SperryLee Noel1889Jan 1946Woodlawn
SpikerEugene ENov 28 1924May 23 1989Woodlawn
SpikerHattienone givennone givenWoodlawn
SpikerMabel L1924none givenWoodlawn
SpikerOlive LFeb 26 1890Jun 16 1986Woodlawn
SpikerRobert CNov 06 1?22Feb 25 1?84Woodlawn
SpikerWilliam HOct 12 1895Nov 21 1968Woodlawn
SpillerClyde M1891Nov 1946Woodlawn
SpillerDoranone givennone givenWoodlawn
SpillerEdith E1896Mar 1957Woodlawn
SpillerJohn M1867Feb 1940Woodlawn
SpitzerHermanMar 16 1894Jan 14 1984Woodlawn
SpruellEarl C1924Nov 1975Woodlawn
SpruellEmery KJul 24 1?52Dec 07 1?79Woodlawn
SpruellFloyd HJul 11 1895Aug 18 1969Woodlawn
SpruellGoldie M1901Feb 1983Woodlawn
SpruellJohnnie HDec 09 1?26Sep 04 1?52Woodlawn
St. JohnAlbert M1916none givenWoodlawn
St. JohnCharles EAug 11 1?39Jan 12 1?84Woodlawn
St. JohnJames E1911Dec 1980Woodlawn
St. JohnJanet FJun 28 1?41none givenWoodlawn
StaffelbachChester A1920May 1971Woodlawn
StahlClarence Bunny19121929Woodlawn
StahlErnest G1883Feb ????Woodlawn
StahlErnest O1906Oct 19??Woodlawn
StahlEthel M1912none givenWoodlawn
StahlMayme B1884Dec ????Woodlawn
StanleyWilliam JrJun 23 1?49Jun 10 1?54Woodlawn
StarkOleta J1906Jan 1974Woodlawn
StarksAudrey J1912Jun 1974Woodlawn
StatonJohn WSep 25 1872Sep 29 1???Woodlawn
StatonMary EllaMar 23 1878Nov 06 1???Woodlawn
StatzelAndrew1895Mar 1947Woodlawn
StatzelAnna1899Nov 1978Woodlawn
StatzelBetty L19311935Woodlawn A Loving Granddaughter
StatzelChristian18571926Woodlawn SSA Mary
StatzelDaniel SamuelOct 08 1891Apr 09 1982Woodlawn
StatzelMary18691942Woodlawn SSA Christian
SteinmannFrankNov 14 1886Sep 08 1970Woodlawn
SteinmannIrene1893Dec 1978Woodlawn
StephensAccy EFeb 02 1?20Aug 07 1?78Woodlawn
StephensBenJul 07 1?02May 01 1?69Woodlawn
StephensClara AOct 29 1885Dec 24 1974Woodlawn
StephensEdnone givennone givenWoodlawn
StephensEd Mrsnone givennone givenWoodlawn
StephensEdithJan 03 1?06Aug 08 1?69Woodlawn
StephensJane1925Mar 1964WoodlawnParents: nee Wall
StephensJohn WFeb 25 1885Oct 28 1974Woodlawn
StephensRay RJul 22 1?09May 29 1?69Woodlawn
StevensGlenn P1909none givenWoodlawn
StevensMary Eilnanone givennone givenWoodlawn
StevensMildred1909none givenWoodlawn
StewartCarl F1900May 1952Woodlawn
StewartEdna R1914none givenWoodlawn
StewartEllanone givennone givenWoodlawn
StewartGreenberry1901Sep 1967Woodlawn
StewartJohn Basil1905Feb 1978Woodlawn
StewartJohn WOct 24 1897May 05 1950Woodlawn
StewartLuella L19311987Woodlawn
StewartLyle C1918Oct 1966Woodlawn
StewartSarah I19031986Woodlawn
StiedleGeorge A19051986Woodlawn
StiedleHazel Delle1908Mar 1985Woodlawn
StockampFlorence M19311986Woodlawn
StockbargerLorin A1914Sep 1978Woodlawn
StockbargerRuth M1911none givenWoodlawn
StockingAdelbert Enone givenNov 06 1?45Woodlawn
StockingAnna Lnone givenNov 17 1?73Woodlawn
StockingCharles Anone givenJun 29 1?20Woodlawn
StokesShelby MApr 14 1895Feb 19 1981Woodlawn
StonebrakerBradnone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
StoppFlorence MSep 27 1896Oct 07 1???Woodlawn
StoppOswin EricSep 12 1900Aug 19 19??Woodlawn
StoutLois Cnone givenmap said burial date....Woodlawn
StreibelMrs Ottonone givenBurial Apr 30 1?4?Woodlawn
StribelInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
StribelJoAnn1929none givenWoodlawn
StriebelFaye1904Oct 1964Woodlawn
StriebelFrank Jr19301987Woodlawn
StrilerMathew L1911none givenWoodlawn
StrilerMildred M1914Mar 1978Woodlawn
StrokerBlandJul 18 1?03Dec 26 1?83Woodlawn
StroudMarcella K1925none givenWoodlawn
StroudWilliam R1925none givenWoodlawn
StroupBun MartinFeb 25 1?07Aug 08 1?71Woodlawn
StroupEdna JewelJan 15 1?09Dec 28 1?76Woodlawn
StroupErnest LJun 06 1?04none givenWoodlawn
StroupFlorence (Irwin1872Oct 1956Woodlawn
StroupMarie JMay 14 1870Feb 01 1958Woodlawn
StroupOpal1908none givenWoodlawn
StroupSamuel ASep 21 1866Nov 05 1945Woodlawn
StroupeAmos C1892Aug 1974Woodlawn
StroupeEdward BSep 22 1871Sep 21 1944Woodlawn
StroupeMabel1893Feb 1981Woodlawn
StroupeMay BelleMay 24 1880Dec 04 1965Woodlawn
StroupeVirginia Mnone givennone givenWoodlawn
StroupeWoodrow H1918Jul 1969Woodlawn
StudyvinArley A1903Sep 1968Woodlawn
StudyvinJeanette1901none givenWoodlawn
StulceKathrineNov 06 1891May 08 1961Woodlawn
StylesAlbert T1903Dec 1965Woodlawn
StylesElsbethFeb 04 1875May 12 1964Woodlawn
StylesWilliamNov 01 1868Aug 09 1949Woodlawn
SullensElsie1886Jan 1968Woodlawn
SullensErnestJul 09 1?04none givenWoodlawn
SullensRebeccaFeb 13 1?04Jul 18 1?44Woodlawn
SullensWilliamJun 27 1899Nov 02 1962Woodlawn
SullivanBeulah M1914Jan 1978Woodlawn
SullivanFrancis S1867May 1965Woodlawn
SullivanLauretta A1868May 1948Woodlawn
SullivanLeo FSep 01 1894Jan 09 1946Woodlawn
SullivanMary ASep 3 1946none givenWoodlawnSSA Richard
SullivanRichard GMar 15 1944Apr 7 2006WoodlawnSSA Mary A
SullivanWallace JDec 20 1900Feb 07 1960Woodlawn
SullivanWalter JNov 28 1890Dec 10 1953Woodlawn
none givennone givenWoodlawn
SumrowEvelyn MMay 28 1?25none givenWoodlawn
SumrowRobert Jnone givennone givenWoodlawn
SuttonDanial F1934Jan 1937Woodlawn
SuttonGeorge AJul 26 1894Sep 13 1970Woodlawn
SuttonHelen B1907Sep 1961Woodlawn
SuttonJames A1947Jun 1972Woodlawn
SwaringimCharles E1942Feb 1960Woodlawn
SwaringimErnest L1916none givenWoodlawn
SwaringimMae1920none givenWoodlawn
SwaringimSally1940none givenWoodlawn
SwobBetty JApr 02 1?28none givenWoodlawn
SwobCharles1865Sep 1941Woodlawn
SwobCharles FJul 25 1898Feb 22 1975Woodlawn
SwobElmer Wmnone givennone givenWoodlawn
SwobEmma EAug 24 1899Apr 06 1967Woodlawn
SwobMary E1861Aug 30 ????Woodlawn
TannerYoung WMay 17 1?15Jan 20 1?78Woodlawn
TaylorBenjamin EMar 01 1?67none givenWoodlawn
TaylorCharles H19361987Woodlawn
TaylorEnza BMar 03 1?41none givenWoodlawn
TaylorJohn EMay 25 1?24Mar 18 1?74Woodlawn
TaylorRalph LJan 05 1?11Apr 28 1?74Woodlawn
TaylorRichard LDec 22 1?21none givenWoodlawn
TaylorWanda LJan 12 1?27Jun 15 1?81Woodlawn
TempltonKathryn Anone givennone givenWoodlawn
TempltonRay DNov 02 1?09Jul 29 1?84Woodlawn
TenneyBernie L SrJul 04 1?07Jan 16 1?83Woodlawn
TenneyDella1912none givenWoodlawn
TenneyGladys1903none givenWoodlawn
TenneyH J1869Aug 1950Woodlawn
TenneyInfantnone givenBurial Feb 24 1?1?Woodlawn
TenneyLinda JuneMay 03 1?48Jun 09 1?86Woodlawn
TenneyReed1914Jun 1981Woodlawn
TenneySadie L1906Jul 1965Woodlawn
TenneyVictor1911Sep 1984Woodlawn
TerrySophia A1880Jan 1953Woodlawn
TerryWilliam M1874Sep 1955Woodlawn
ThalEdwin CJan 28 1?07May 08 1?83Woodlawn
ThalFred F1870Apr 1932Woodlawn
ThalMary1876May 1940Woodlawn
ThalMinna E19071989Woodlawn
ThalPaul F1904Feb 1970Woodlawn
ThebeauAlexander F1868May 1948Woodlawn
ThebeauElizabeth1871May 1939Woodlawn
ThebeauHenry S1919none givenWoodlawn
ThebeauJessie A1897Oct 1941Woodlawn
ThebeauJohn A1892Oct 1975Woodlawn
ThebeauPauline M1915Dec 1982Woodlawn
TheodoroFrona1904Apr 1969Woodlawn
TheodoroJim D1892Sep 1974Woodlawn
ThierstCarlnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ThomasFlorence A1917Nov 1957Woodlawn
ThomasGeorge E1915Jun 1964Woodlawn
ThomasHarvey JamesApr 23 1?40none givenWoodlawn
ThomasMartha JJul 16 1?42none givenWoodlawn
ThompsonBurt WilliamJan 11 1?10May 03Woodlawn
ThompsonEva Lee1911none givenWoodlawn
ThompsonHarold Lee1933none givenWoodlawn
ThompsonIda M1872Jun 29 1900Woodlawn
ThompsonJames H1918none givenWoodlawn
ThompsonJerry LApr 19 1?54Jul 11 1?78Woodlawn
ThompsonKatherine1898Jul 1948Woodlawn
ThompsonMary Alice19131973Woodlawn
ThompsonRobert WAug 23 1?30Feb 07 1???Woodlawn
ThompsonThelma EApr 30 1?12Feb 13 1?81Woodlawn
ThompsonWm Harold1909Jan 1976Woodlawn
ThostAnna W1872Apr 1942Woodlawn
ThostDoris1929Jul 1934Woodlawn
ThostElla MJul 23 1?03none givenWoodlawn
ThostFrank G1892Nov 1933Woodlawn
ThostFred A1904Jul 1934Woodlawn
ThostG Max1866May 1938Woodlawn
ThostLaura1905Jul 1934Woodlawn
ThostNorman L1926Jul 1934Woodlawn
ThostWalter ROct 31 1895Jan 10 1974Woodlawn
ThrelkeldI.N.1872Nov 1954Woodlawn
ThrelkeldLottie1893Nov 1959Woodlawn
ThrowerCanto Santevill19231987Woodlawn
ThrowerJeffrey Adam1962Jul 17 19??Woodlawn
ThurmanA.J. Srnone givenlist says burial date....Woodlawn
ThurmondCharlesnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ThurmondClara HAug 22 1884Aug 25 1951Woodlawn
TibbittsBee J1889Dec 29 ????Woodlawn
TibbittsCharles V1883Aug 1952Woodlawn
TibbittsClara MOct 09 1858Feb 1931Woodlawn
TibbittsInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
TibbittsJos BOct 24 1894Jul 05Woodlawn
TibbittsLillie C1909none givenWoodlawn
TibbittsMinnie (Crow)1883Feb 1937Woodlawn
TibbittsWm M1900Apr 00Woodlawn
TidwellAlva MonroeJan 16 1?19none givenWoodlawn
TidwellMary CatherineApr 17 1?25Mar 03 1?87Woodlawn
ToddCharlesnone givenBurial August 02 1???Woodlawn
ToltonBessnone givennone givenWoodlawn
ToltonGeorge CNov 29 1892Jan 13Woodlawn
ToltonGertrudenone givennone givenWoodlawn
TooloozeErvin W1912Nov 1956Woodlawn
TooloozeWilliam J1944Jun 1958Woodlawn
TopperRoy William II19721988Woodlawn
TorianDewey A1902Mar 1979Woodlawn
TorianOra L1903none givenWoodlawn
TreftMary K1875Nov 1960Woodlawn
TreftOtis R1858Feb 1936Woodlawn
TriboletFrank1885Jan 1960Woodlawn
TriboletGeorge W1897Nov 1972Woodlawn
TriboletHerman G1890Mar 1956Woodlawn
TrickeyOtis Vinson19101987Woodlawn
TrokeyHattienone givennone givenWoodlawn
TuckerChester A19121954Woodlawn
TuckerFrancis T1870May 1950Woodlawn
TuckerLaura M1872Aug 1968Woodlawn
TurbivilleAimee Lynn19841984Woodlawn
TurleyCecelia EvaAug 23 1914Aug 25 1976Woodlawn
TurleyEffie C1892Apr 1981Woodlawn
TurleyEllis CalvinMar 14 1909Jan 15 1985Woodlawn
TurleyHenry F1872Jun 1950Woodlawn
TurleyIda Mae18841948Woodlawn
TurleyThomas M1886Oct 1973Woodlawn
TurnerAlbert J1881Mar 1968Woodlawn
TurnerAnnellaJan 28 1?05Sep 08 1?83WoodlawnParents: Weldon/Minnie
TurnerEzel I1883Apr 1966Woodlawn
TurnerIda1866Oct 1931Woodlawn
TurnerIsaac Enone givennone givenWoodlawn
TurnerJoseph E1895Jan 1958Woodlawn
TurnerJoseph R18681926Woodlawn
TurnerMarion SJan 01 1?03Jun 18 1?74WoodlawnParents: Weldon/Minnie
TurnerMinnieJan 11 1870Jul 28 1954WoodlawnSpouse: Weldon
TurnerMinnie P1903Jan 1983Woodlawn
TurnerThomas EugeneJan 09 1891Mar 07 1960Woodlawn
TurnerVirginia M19271929Woodlawn
TyreyAnnie L1889Nov 1953Woodlawn
TyreyClarence E1887Feb 1963Woodlawn
TyreyDaniel VFeb 07 1?53Dec 28 1?86Woodlawn
TyreyElmer R1893Aug 1977Woodlawn
TyreyMyron O1896Jan 1965Woodlawn
UlchMark Anone givennone givenWoodlawn
UnderwoodCharles FSep 16 1877Jun 09 1949Woodlawn
UnderwoodEdward B1902Sep 1968Woodlawn
UnderwoodFranklin VMar 12 1?10Dec 30 1?64Woodlawn
UnderwoodGenevieve MFeb 19 1877Apr 20 1963Woodlawn
UnderwoodRussell COct 01 1?07Oct 02 1?69Woodlawn
UnknownInfantnone givenBurial Mar 03 ????(19)Woodlawn
UnknownInfantnone givenBurial Jun 18 ????(5)Woodlawn
UnknownInfantnone givenBurial Jan 28 ????(8)Woodlawn
UnknownInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
UnknownInfantnone givenBurial Oct 06 ????(19)Woodlawn
UnknownInfants (2)none givennone givenWoodlawnFrom Sunnyside Cemetery
none givennone givenWoodlawn
none givennone givenWoodlawn
none givennone givenWoodlawn
ValleAlbert CAug 20 1887May 19 1967Woodlawn
ValleAliceDec 05 1887May 19 1958Woodlawn
ValleArnie M1899none givenWoodlawn
ValleBertha EMay 23 1897Sep 22 1965Woodlawn
ValleEdward H19231988Woodlawn
ValleEstella M1887Nov 1971Woodlawn
ValleEsther JaneJul 24 1?49Jul 03 1?54Woodlawn
ValleLarken ASep 23 1893Apr 08 1974Woodlawn
ValleLawrence S1885Jul 1954Woodlawn
ValleLawson J1891Dec 1967Woodlawn
Van HoutenHenry A18901931Woodlawn
Van HoutenLila D1892Jun ?? ????Woodlawn
Van PortflietRoger W19282005Woodlawn
VanceDonald L19341989Woodlawn
VanceEvelyn J1934none givenWoodlawn
VanceJasper ClydeFeb 02 1897Jul 27 1979Woodlawn
VanceJeffrey LAug 24 1?55none givenWoodlawn
VanceWenda JDec 13 1?56Nov 30 1?75Woodlawn
VaughnAubrey E1898Feb 1983Woodlawn
VaughnCharlesnone givennone givenWoodlawn
VaughnDora B19041986Woodlawn
VaughnHenry H1894Feb 1973Woodlawn
VaughnLillie P1900Jan 1966Woodlawn
VaughtEmogene1925none givenWoodlawnssa Robert
VaughtGeorge M19031964Woodlawn
VaughtGrace M1906none givenWoodlawn
VaughtRobert19252007Woodlawnssa Emogene
VeachJesse WMar 20 1?05Apr 24Woodlawn
VeachRachel POct 11 1?09Dec 21 (yr or date?)Woodlawn
VenableFloyd AlvinFeb 10 1?24Nov 19 1?66Woodlawn
VenableHattie C1901none givenWoodlawn
VenableLee A18981985Woodlawn
VenableLoraine1927none givenWoodlawn
VestCarol (Shanks)May 16 1?40Nov 07 1?89Woodlawn
VhellerCarolynnone givenBurial May 13 ????(1)Woodlawn
ViehmanArnold MJul 26 1?03Apr 18 1?74Woodlawn
ViehmanEdna LJan 31 1?07Jun 22 1?73Woodlawn
VillmerKeith1956May 1971Woodlawn
VillmerLucille1926Aug 1971Woodlawn
VinyardAllen C18981899Woodlawn
VinyardEdgar A18631935Woodlawn
VinyardPearl H1889Jul 1966Woodlawn
none givenBurial Jun 06 1?61Woodlawn
VivrettAlbert F1892Apr 1965Woodlawn
VivrettAva E1894Oct 1969Woodlawn
VivrettB.Fay1911Jul 1979Woodlawn
VivrettCecile1910Jan 1969Woodlawn
VivrettGeorge E1883Feb 1949Woodlawn
VivrettIona Faye1916Feb 1979Woodlawn
VivrettJohn B1869Dec 1950Woodlawn
VivrettLucina1868Nov 1946Woodlawn
VivrettOllie S1914Nov 1981Woodlawn
VivrettPatsy FayeDec 1?35Jul 1?36Woodlawn
VivrettPearl A1885Apr 1934Woodlawn
VivrettSusan1869Mar 1945Woodlawn
VivrettSusie L1889Jun ?? ????Woodlawn
VogelpohlLeo C1909none givenWoodlawn
VogelpohlNora E1912none givenWoodlawn
VogelpohlViola Enone given1915Woodlawn
VogelpohlWilliam F1903none givenWoodlawn
VoiseyAlonzo F1900none givenWoodlawn
VoiseyCharles R1895Dec 1982Woodlawn
VoiseyDorothynone givennone givenWoodlawn
VoiseyEarnest RMar 18 1894Jul 10 1988Woodlawn
VoiseyElla M1901Mar 1980Woodlawn
VoiseyFred LewisJun 07 1898Jun 28 1952Woodlawn
VoiseyFrieda1910Dec 1966Woodlawn
VoiseyFritz W1867Nov 1948Woodlawn
VoiseyHarold James1912Feb 1978Woodlawn
VoiseyHazel IApr 18 1?15Aug 12 1?87Woodlawn
VoiseyInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
VoiseyJohn WAug 02 1?03Apr 30 1?54Woodlawn
VoiseyJulius E1892May 1983Woodlawn
VoiseyM MarieMar 18 1?10none givenWoodlawn
VoiseyNormannone givennone givenWoodlawn
VoiseySamuel JApr 22 1?05Apr 14 1?55Woodlawn
VoiseySarah J1871May 1954Woodlawn
VoiseyThelma G1904Jul 1973Woodlawn
VolkartErnest EdwardAug 10 1?26Feb 14 1?76Woodlawn
VolkartRuth Ann (MosesOct 24 1?28Jul 21 1?82Woodlawn
VolkartSharon AJun 24 1?54none givenWoodlawn
VolkartTimothy EMay 14 1?50Jan 29 1?88Woodlawn
VossCharlie E1921Aug 1982Woodlawn
VoylesBarbara SDec 18 1?41none givenWoodlawn
VoylesBetty L1939none givenWoodlawn
VoylesMelvin MOct 11 1?29Mar 13 1?89Woodlawn
VoylesRobert A19041985Woodlawn
VoylesWilliam LAug 12 1?26Apr 24 1?89Woodlawn
VoylesWilliam M1906Jan 1980Woodlawn
VreelandDella E1920none givenWoodlawn
VreelandWilliam J1904Jan 1968Woodlawn
WaggenerHomer H1901Aug 1964Woodlawn
WaggenerMabel M19041989Woodlawn
WagnerArnold Cnone givenBurial Sep 13 ????Woodlawn
WagnerClara A1895none givenWoodlawn
WagnerEdward M1907Jan 1984Woodlawn
WagnerFlora HesterNov 12 1889Dec 29 1957Woodlawn
WagnerHenry VinceFeb 19 1884Aug 30 1953Woodlawn
WagnerJosephnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WagnerMichael Rnone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
WagnerStephanie R19801980Woodlawn
WagnerWilson W18951975Woodlawn
WagonerEdward VDec 07 1868Jan 02 1962Woodlawn
WagonerSarah EllaJun 03 1873Feb 18 1953Woodlawn
WahlBetty M.18911979WoodlawnParents: nee Pounds
WahlFred1888Nov 1973Woodlawn
WaidBertha T1885Jan 1977Woodlawn
WalkerElsie L18921987Woodlawn
WalkerInfantnone givenBurial Sep 17 ????Woodlawn
WalkerLawrence A19121989Woodlawn
WalkerLester E1912Jan 1940Woodlawn
WalkerThelma ESep 12 1?24Sep 06 1?56Woodlawn
WalkerTroy E1887Jun 1964Woodlawn
WalkupGeorgeMar 04 1877Jan 10 1942Woodlawn
WalkupLarrieAug 22 1878Jan 19 1960Woodlawn
WallAda MAug 24 1?05none givenWoodlawn
WallArthur W1906Jun 1955Woodlawn
WallBuford TFeb 01 1900May 29 1950Woodlawn
WallC Eugene19261928Woodlawn
WallChristeen H1912Oct 1978Woodlawn
WallClarence E1904Nov 1958Woodlawn
WallFlorence M1881Jul 1959Woodlawn
WallFloyd FFeb 12 1?21Apr 23 1?45Woodlawn
WallFrances ASep 29 1?02none givenWoodlawn
WallFred CJul 15 1884Jun 25 1946Woodlawn
WallFrederick CharlesJul 25 1?69Sep 27 1?85Woodlawn
WallHomer1925Nov 1978Woodlawn
WallRussellnone givenBurial Jun 04 1?70Woodlawn
WallSidney J1909Aug 1981Woodlawn
WallTimothy Rnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WallWm Arthur1880May 1947Woodlawn
WaltonInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WaltonInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WamsganzMrsnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WareEunice E1912Dec 26 19??Woodlawn
WareLaura M1886Jun 1959Woodlawn
WareMinnie E1883Apr 1936Woodlawn
WareWm L1886Mar 1971Woodlawn
WarnckeCarolyn ADec 18 1?66Sep 06 1?87Woodlawn
WartelFlossie M19221987Woodlawn
WasemPhilip1867Dec 1963Woodlawn
WasemSara1876Mar 1942Woodlawn
WashburnArthur1883Feb 1936Woodlawn
WashburnEdward J18961972Woodlawn SSA Irene
WashburnIrene Grace18981953Woodlawn SSA Edward
WashburnJohn H1899Jun 1967Woodlawn
WashburnLeatha M19021989Woodlawn
WashingtonDavidnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WatsonAlvin G Jr1946Dec 1978Woodlawn
WatsonAlvin Glen19181986Woodlawn
WatsonInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WatsonJay Dee1934none givenWoodlawn
WatsonLola M1937Jul 1968Woodlawn
WatsonRobert Lnone givenBurial Nov 14 1?1?Woodlawn
WattAbra M1890Aug 1948Woodlawn
WattJ Elmer1888Aug 1975Woodlawn
WattMavis B1918Mar 1948Woodlawn
WattsRoy William1945Oct 1983Woodlawn
WeaseAnna1864Jul 29 1900Woodlawn
WeaseArch E1894Apr 1969Woodlawn
WeaseJohn Edgar1865Mar 1948Woodlawn
WeaseLourine H1893Jul 1960Woodlawn
WebbAndrew W JrNov 13 1?36Apr 18 1?59Woodlawn
WebbEdna NJun 24 1?13none givenWoodlawn
WebbWalter WApr 05 1?12Dec 17 1?88Woodlawn
WeberFrank CharlesMar 16 1?23Sep 07 1?73Woodlawn
WedelEdward Jnone givenBurial Oct 22 1?71Woodlawn
WehnerGeorgia Pauline1910Apr 1934Woodlawn
WeidAsa Bnone givenBurial Aug 19 1?1?Woodlawn
WeierBertha I1868Jan 1937Woodlawn
WeierGeorge WDec 26 1885Mar 21 ????Woodlawn
WeierHazel J18941922Woodlawn
WeierHoward S1896Feb ?? ????Woodlawn
WeierMary KNov 13 1891Sep 16 ????Woodlawn
WeierWilliam M18561920Woodlawn
WeismantelLouis A1866Aug 1937Woodlawn
WelchAlbert HMay 19 1877Jul 06 ????Woodlawn
WelchAlbert HoytFeb 03 1?13Sep 26 ????Woodlawn
WelchElizabethFeb 07 1846Feb 20 ????Woodlawn
WelchElizabeth AnnOct 30 1881Sep 04 ????Woodlawn
WelchEmma H1887Sep 1967Woodlawn
WelchFlorence1888Aug ?? ????Woodlawn
WelchFrances AnnDec 25 1871Jan 05 ????Woodlawn
WelchGeorge V1885Jun ?? ????Woodlawn
WelchJ Perry1888Jun 1968Woodlawn
WelchMinnie EDec 25 1877Apr 15 ????Woodlawn
WelchThomasMar 27 1845Oct 07 ????Woodlawn
WelchThomas BFeb 09 1880Jul 29 ????Woodlawn
WelchWilliam AFeb 09 1873May 09 ????Woodlawn
WelkInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WellsFrank1900Sep 1982Woodlawn
WellsRuby Pearl1906Jan 1980Woodlawn
WelshonJoseph C1858Oct 1932Woodlawn
WelshonMinervaFeb 11 1895Apr 21 1945Woodlawn
WelshonOrvilleMar 07 1896none givenWoodlawn
WestBonnie L1908Jan 1970Woodlawn
WestHarry CharlesJan 24 1?16Jan 09 1?86Woodlawn
WestJames WilliamDec 09 1?26Feb 17 1?81Woodlawn
WestJohn T1910Nov 1983Woodlawn
WestMarie DJun 30 1?20none givenWoodlawn
WestmorelandArvie G1899none givenWoodlawn
WestmorelandSophia1925Feb 1984Woodlawn
WhaleyAlice R1917none givenWoodlawn
WhaleyAnna MApr 28 1887Feb 12 1940Woodlawn
WhaleyBertha E Hubbard1885Jun 1967Woodlawn
WhaleyEleanora I1916Jan 1980Woodlawn
WhaleyOlen E1916Dec 1974Woodlawn
WhaleyTheodore J19041989Woodlawn
WhaleyWalter LJun 22 1885Mar 31 1967Woodlawn
WhartonMajor EAug 04 1885Oct 17 1958Woodlawn
WhartonRuthJan 17 1883Nov 17 1972Woodlawn
WheelerGertrude Cnone givenBurial Oct 18 1?6?Woodlawn
WheelerHarry A1881Apr 1960Woodlawn
WhitbyRalph Mnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WhiteCarole A19001985Woodlawn
WhiteDaniel Ray1969Sep 1969Woodlawn
WhiteDaniel W1935none givenWoodlawn
WhiteEarl M1886Mar 1951Woodlawn
WhiteEtta ElizabethNov 26 1875Jun 03 1956Woodlawn
WhiteGerald WayneJan 04 1?50Apr 18 1?80Woodlawn
WhiteHalene D1922none givenWoodlawn
WhiteHarold Lnone givenBurial Dec 23 1?7?Woodlawn
WhiteInfantsnone givennone givenWoodlawnInfants
WhiteJames TJan 27 1?52Apr 13 1?75Woodlawn
WhiteJewel George1911Oct 1961WoodlawnDr.
WhiteJohn Arnoldnone givenApr 04 1973Woodlawn
WhiteJoseph S1912none givenWoodlawn
WhiteJoyce L19371989Woodlawn
WhiteLeonard C1905Jun 1969Woodlawn
WhiteLizzie ReynoldsMay 10 1891Sep 07 1964Woodlawn
WhiteLydia E1915Dec 1982Woodlawn
WhiteMargaret E1893Dec 1945Woodlawn
WhiteMarlow V19151987Woodlawn
WhiteTheresanone givennone givenWoodlawn
WhiteheadFannie RMar 02 1?35none givenWoodlawn
WhiteheadHester1904May 1975Woodlawn
WhiteheadHoward F Sr19061986Woodlawn
WhiteheadJames M18701930Woodlawn
WhiteheadJames T1859Jan 1940Woodlawn
WhiteheadJessie Florence18711931Woodlawn
WhiteheadLouis T1901Jan 1967Woodlawn
WhiteheadMarvin L1955Apr 1978Woodlawn
WhiteheadSamuel Onone givennone givenWoodlawn
WhiteselArthurJul 11 1896Feb 25 1952Woodlawn
WhiteselCecelia T.19031929WoodlawnParents: nee Elli....
WhitesellTodd RFeb 06 1?61Sep 28 1?86Woodlawn
WhitsellEllen NJan 03 1889Feb 04 1946Woodlawn
WhitsellJohn ANov 09 1886Apr 06 1963Woodlawn
Whitsellunknownnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WhitterJason Paulnone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
WhybarkFrank1859Aug 1935Woodlawn
WhybarkMaud1869Jan 1951Woodlawn
WickerhamEthel L1916Dec 1975Woodlawn
WickerhamJames Enone givennone givenWoodlawn
WickerhamJames J1908Sep 1965Woodlawn
WickerhamJohn Boy19621988Woodlawn
WidemanAlbert SAug 11 1889Jun 06 1967Woodlawn
WidemanArthur TAug 19 1?07Mar 12 1?79Woodlawn
WidemanBea S1902Jan 1969Woodlawn
WidemanBonnie Junenone givenApr 1?36Woodlawn
WidemanClara EJan 12 1896Feb 25 1959Woodlawn
WidemanConnie LeeJan 19 1?43Oct 14 1?43Woodlawn
WidemanElla Haley1892Oct 1942Woodlawn
WidemanEmily DJul 25 1894Jul 11 1985Woodlawn
WidemanEnola Mae1909none givenWoodlawn
WidemanGeorge WAug 03 1887Jan 11 1953Woodlawn
WidemanGertrudeJul 31 1898Jul 04 1983Woodlawn
WidemanGilbert1910Sep 1978Woodlawn
WidemanGoldie1912none givenWoodlawn
WidemanMary JOct 18 1?05Sep 05 1?44Woodlawn
WidemanMary M1879Jan 1932Woodlawn
WidemanMattie VMay 11 1?10Jun 15 1?82Woodlawn
WidemanNorma ElaineDec 12 1?27Jul 17 1?86Woodlawn
WidemanOscar A.Mar 04 1?27none givenWoodlawnBuster"
WidemanOscar OttoAug 19 1?07Jun 07 1?77Woodlawn
WidemanOscar TJun 21 1892Apr 21 1978Woodlawn
WidemanOtto T1880Nov 1951Woodlawn
WiemanMyrtle K18971987Woodlawn
WiemanWalterDec 11 1895Jun 02 1974Woodlawn
WilburnAvanone givenBurial Oct ?? ????Woodlawn
WilburnIlisabel D1902Apr 1979Woodlawn
WilburnJohn E1902Apr 1985Woodlawn
WilburnMarguerette1920none givenWoodlawn
WilburnRichard1912Sep 1977WoodlawnDick
WileyAlice E1905none givenWoodlawn
WileyAmelia1904none givenWoodlawn
WileyBertha JAug 15 1891Jul 22 1979Woodlawn
WileyCharles DSep 26 1?31Jul 04 1?52Woodlawn
WileyEdwardnone givenBurial Aug 28 1?2?Woodlawn
WileyElbanone givenBurial May 16 1?6?Woodlawn
WileyEverett C1907Nov 1973Woodlawn
WileyFanny B18721931Woodlawn
WileyInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WileyLee AOct 06 1882Jan 23 1960Woodlawn
WileyLilliannone givenBurial Feb 19 1?6?Woodlawn
WileyRaymond A1904Jan ?? 19??Woodlawn
WilkersonElmer E1908Oct 1970Woodlawn
WilkersonHazel E19131987Woodlawn
WilkinsonAlSep 03 1?36none givenWoodlawn
WilkinsonBen J B1873Sep 1941Woodlawn
WilkinsonEdithAug 01 1?05Mar 27 1?84Woodlawn
WilkinsonEdna1878May 1951Woodlawn
WilkinsonGloria JMar 19 1?37none givenWoodlawn
WilkinsonInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WilkinsonInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WilkinsonJoseph LSep 09 1?01none givenWoodlawn
WilkinsonLizzie E1885Jul 1962Woodlawn
WilkinsonMilburn L1921none givenWoodlawn
WilkinsonMildred F19231989Woodlawn
WilkinsonRandy D1956Jun 1975Woodlawn
WilkinsonThomas J1883Apr 1956Woodlawn
WilkinsonThomas Jnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WillettEtta1878Dec 1958Woodlawn
WillettGayle1910none givenWoodlawn
WillettJames LNov 30 1?26Aug 15 1?46Woodlawn
WillettKellie Lanell1979Dec 1981Woodlawn
WillettMirt1874Aug 1954Woodlawn
WilliamMaude M1889Sep 1963Woodlawn
WilliamsAgnes A1906none givenWoodlawn
WilliamsAlfred EJul 09 1884Oct 22 1970Woodlawn
WilliamsAlice B1901Jul 1970Woodlawn
WilliamsAlmeda Rose1955none givenWoodlawn
WilliamsAngela R1976Aug 1978Woodlawn
WilliamsBabynone givenBurial July 04 ????Woodlawn
WilliamsBaby Janetnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WilliamsDorothy E1906none givenWoodlawn
WilliamsEdgar S1894Dec 1977Woodlawn
WilliamsEdgar WMay 08 1877Jul 28 1958Woodlawn
WilliamsEli T1900none givenWoodlawn
WilliamsEllen EJul 13 1883Oct 28 1974Woodlawn 
WilliamsElmer E1885Sep 1968Woodlawn
WilliamsEmory E18941988Woodlawn
WilliamsEverett E1908Nov 1981Woodlawn
WilliamsFannie F1868Feb 1954Woodlawn
WilliamsFelix1860Jun 1939Woodlawn
WilliamsFlorene AJul 1921none givenWoodlawn
WilliamsFrank CharlesApr 15 1926Sep 29 1993Woodlawn 
WilliamsFrank George19051987Woodlawn 
WilliamsGertrudeOct 04 1885Oct 03 1946Woodlawn
WilliamsGrace M1892May 1970Woodlawn
WilliamsGrace MJan 07 1898Jun 30 1982Woodlawn
WilliamsHazel L1902Oct 1976Woodlawn
WilliamsHugh A1904Dec 1984Woodlawn
WilliamsInez L1909none givenWoodlawn
WilliamsInfantnone givennone givenWoodlawn
WilliamsIrene A.1912none givenWoodlawnParents: nee Pierce
WilliamsJ H18851933Woodlawn
WilliamsJames ADec 03 1873Mar 16 1952Woodlawn 
WilliamsJean L1914none givenWoodlawn
WilliamsJeanie D1972Aug 1978Woodlawn
WilliamsJesse1889Feb 1963Woodlawn
WilliamsJessie F1895Jan 1979Woodlawn
WilliamsJohn Errol19101989Woodlawn
WilliamsJohn M1874Oct 1946Woodlawn
WilliamsJulian E1914none givenWoodlawn
WilliamsLaura A1882Jun 1953Woodlawn
WilliamsLula A18681950Woodlawn
WilliamsLulu M1883Jun 1935Woodlawn
WilliamsLuther H1878Jun 1967Woodlawn
WilliamsMablenone givennone givenWoodlawn
WilliamsMargaret EDec 08 1890Oct 13 1981Woodlawn
WilliamsMarvin J1926Aug 1970Woodlawn
WilliamsMary LMar 08 1862Feb 21 1942Woodlawn
WilliamsOscar HNov 06 1896Jan 17 1974Woodlawn
WilliamsPeter E1863May 1935Woodlawn
WilliamsPhyllis M1922none givenWoodlawn
WilliamsRachel A1909Aug 1981Woodlawn
WilliamsRay1891Dec 1964Woodlawn
WilliamsRayburn RoyJul 05 1?19Sep 29 1?86Woodlawn
WilliamsRosa AnnAug 17 1887Feb 24 1929Woodlawn
WilliamsRoySee SIMPSON, Roy Williamsnone givenWoodlawn
WilliamsRuth A1863Feb 1960Woodlawn
WilliamsSamantha ISep 10 1878Jan 24 1962Woodlawn
WilliamsStanley J1910Apr 1974Woodlawn
WilliamsThomas RNov 16 1860Sep 01 1933Woodlawn
WilliamsVada C1895Apr 1985Woodlawn
WilliamsVirgie H[Oct 20] 1908[Jan 25] 1989Woodlawn 
WilliamsWilliam SJun 03 1884Jun 27 1958Woodlawn
WilliamsZeno KOct 24 1888Apr 12 1931Woodlawn
WilliamsonBessie M1902Mar 1958Woodlawn
WilliamsonMartin D1899Apr 1969Woodlawn
WillsRebeccanone given1989Woodlawn
WilsonAugusta C1889Jul 1985Woodlawn
WilsonBessie LApr 10 1898Feb 25 1949Woodlawn
WilsonCalvin KJul 02 1?05Nov 01 1?61Woodlawn
WilsonCharles ESep 29 1?09Mar 31 1?84Woodlawn
WilsonCharles O1926Mar 1976Woodlawn
WilsonCharles R1907Aug 1983Woodlawn
WilsonChester K Jrnone givenBurial Dec 08 1?84Woodlawn
WilsonChester POct 22 1?24Nov 12 1?55Woodlawn
WilsonChester RJul 16 1?53Dec 05 1?84Woodlawn
WilsonCleophus JackOct 22 1?18Mar 08 1?88Woodlawn
WilsonClyde E19141979Woodlawn
WilsonCora E1873Feb 1946Woodlawn
WilsonCorrine E1912none givenWoodlawn
WilsonCurtis J1887Aug 1987Woodlawn
WilsonDella A1887Oct 27 1900Woodlawn
WilsonDoyne E1934none givenWoodlawn
WilsonEarl GApr 30 1893Feb 19 1958Woodlawn
WilsonErnest DApr 02 1898Feb 07 1918Woodlawn
WilsonEthel AJan 26 1889Dec 05 1961Woodlawn
WilsonEthel E1900Dec 1972Woodlawn
WilsonEthel O.Jun 24 1?08May 18 1?82WoodlawnParents: nee Campbell
WilsonFirman L1900Nov 1982Woodlawn
WilsonFrank LJun 06 1881Apr 08 1950Woodlawn
WilsonFred H1885Feb 1952Woodlawn
WilsonFred L19211988Woodlawn
WilsonFreddienone givennone givenWoodlawn
WilsonGary EugeneMar 26 1?51Jul 25 1?55Woodlawn
WilsonGeorge1862Feb 1944Woodlawn
WilsonHugh CalvinFeb 20 1892Dec 14 1968Woodlawn
WilsonHugh JosephSep 05 1?27Feb 15 1?87Woodlawn
WilsonIda Mae1895Aug 1970Woodlawn
WilsonInfantnone givenBurial Sep 28 ????Woodlawn
WilsonJames EDec 14 1?01Jun 28 1?45Woodlawn
WilsonJames LNov 22 1875Apr 06 1944Woodlawn
WilsonJohn DelbertJul 13 1?00Oct 11 1?45Woodlawn
WilsonJohn LSep 10 1903Sep 10 1937Woodlawn
WilsonJuanita AJan 22 1?27Jan 03 1?84Woodlawn
WilsonJustice1870Jun 1948Woodlawn
WilsonLehman S19061976Woodlawn
WilsonLouis R1905Apr 1959Woodlawn
WilsonLucie LeeJan 14 1892Aug 14 1971Woodlawn
WilsonMae S1918Jun 1975Woodlawn
WilsonMalissa1871Apr 1948Woodlawn
WilsonMargaret A1889Mar 1970Woodlawn
WilsonMargaret CAug 15 1878Jun 26 1952Woodlawn
WilsonMargie M1930Jan 1949Woodlawn
WilsonMildredJun 25 1?13none givenWoodlawnParents: nee McKean
WilsonMyrtle H1917May 1980Woodlawn
WilsonNettie LMar 19 1884Feb 02 1976Woodlawn
WilsonNortene E1894Aug 1951Woodlawn
WilsonRaymond H1915Apr 1944Woodlawn
WilsonRichard B1885Feb 1956Woodlawn
WilsonRoscoe AAug 07 1?23none givenWoodlawn
WilsonSally F1895Mar 1964Woodlawn
WilsonStellaNov 20 1891Nov 24 1940WoodlawnParents: nee Williams
WilsonStewart W1895Jan 1976Woodlawn
WilsonVenetta M1906none givenWoodlawn
WilsonWalter W1903Jul 1985Woodlawn
WilsonWanda MaeJun 11 1?25none givenWoodlawn
WilsonWilbur LMay 18 1?07Aug 31 1?51Woodlawn
WilsonWilliam C1861Jan 1933Woodlawn
WilsonWilliam C1909Aug 1975Woodlawn
WilsonZendbia1908none givenWoodlawn
WinerA FJan 31 1878Mar 12 1949Woodlawn
WinerAmanda JMar 19 1857Feb 12 1944Woodlawn
WinerCharles FMay 06 1855Sep 04 1945Woodlawn
WinerMaymeAug 05 1882Mar 31 1938Woodlawn
WinnerchMrs Hynone givenBurial Oct 25 1?4?Woodlawn
WisdomJeremy Waynenone givennone givenWoodlawnInfant
WisemanRebecca LynnApr 12 ????Apr 13 1?77Woodlawn
WitcherCharles BJan 07 1897Dec 05 1972Woodlawn
WitcherRose LJan 25 1896Aug 01 1984Woodlawn
WitzkeMildred ViolaFeb 28 1?22none givenWoodlawn
WitzkeWalter ErvinJul 18 1?16Oct 25 1?88Woodlawn
WolfskillAmanda H1860Sep 1946Woodlawn
WolfskillWilliam B1858Apr 1932Woodlawn
WomachNell DJul 26 1895Feb 25 1960Woodlawn
WomackJess O.1892Aug 1978Woodlawn
WoodAlice EOct 09 1?61none givenWoodlawn
WoodDora1902May 30 19??Woodlawn
WoodFrank WJun 23 1?39none givenWoodlawn
WoodHarry M1880Aug 1965Woodlawn
WoodLena A1900Apr 1972Woodlawn
WoodRichard1900Sep 1976Woodlawn
WoodRoy L1904Oct ?? 19??Woodlawn
WoodZola L1914none givenWoodlawn
WoodringKathy LynneAug 01 1?56Jan 26 1?79WoodlawnParents: nee Kr.....
WoodsCorba SilasMar 09 1894Aug 31 1960Woodlawn
WoolseyFlorence B1913none givenWoodlawn
WoolseyJames CNov 06 1?14Dec 27 1?58Woodlawn
WoolseyJames F1878Aug 1944Woodlawn
WoolseyNannie L1874Oct 1951Woodlawn
WorleyChristopher M1894none givenWoodlawn
WorleyGoldie M19021988Woodlawn
WrightBeatrice W1918none givenWoodlawn
WrightBessie1905May 1980Woodlawn
WrightHarold H1906Dec 1979Woodlawn
WrightNewell O19161989Woodlawn
WrightRobert Dnone givenOct 13 1?88Woodlawn
WynneAmy BlancheJun 08 1?62Jul 05 1?62Woodlawn
YarberryWilliamnone givennone givenWoodlawn
YarbroughAva M1911Oct ?? 1975Woodlawn
YarbroughThomas W1906none givenWoodlawn
YatesAlice L19271988Woodlawn
YatesGerald D1925none givenWoodlawn
YeagerGeorgenone givennone givenWoodlawn
YeagerGeorge Weller18981987Woodlawn
YeagerLillian Shannon1899none givenWoodlawn
YiatrasHarry D1897Jun ?? 1980Woodlawn
YiatrasJenny E1909none givenWoodlawn
YorkJakeJan 10 1?07Mar 15 1?84Woodlawn
YoungAlexander B18541927Woodlawn
YoungEmily F1861Dec 31 1900Woodlawn
YoungFreda LJun 24 1?09Apr 28 1?88Woodlawn
YoungLewisnone givenBurial Mar 07 1?48Woodlawn
YoungMary M1918Jun ?? 1971Woodlawn
YoungPaulnone givennone givenWoodlawn
YoungVernon AApr 03 1?10Nov 07 1?86Woodlawn
YoungWilliam Cnone givenBurial Apr 28 1?1?Woodlawn
YountMichael John JrFeb 24 1?81Nov 17 1?82Woodlawn
ZenserAugustJun 08 1869Sep 24 1942Woodlawn
ZenserFrancess Drisse19171954Woodlawn
ZenserHenry Norris1886Oct 1965Woodlawn
ZenserJessie MAug 10 1883Oct 21 1966Woodlawn
ZollmanLyra (OmohundroAug 12 1898Sep 10 1985Woodlawn
ZollmanRhoda (Coxwell)18931952Woodlawn
ZollmanWilford Daniel1891Feb 1966Woodlawn
ZophHomer Doug Sr19191989Woodlawn
ZufallMaybelle1910none givenWoodlawn
ZufallVern P1908Jan 1975Woodlawn