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Swashin Baptist Church Cemetery (New)
AKA Dripping Springs, Joachim


Recorded by Jerry Fleming and Betty Meyer. Additions & corrections by Dave Hallemann and Carole Goggin; Revisited April 2007
T39 R4E S14

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
AldersonM. BessyMay 20 1877Aug 01 1879Swashin BaptistDau. of S.W. & S.I.
BlackHenrynone givennone givenSwashin BaptistCorp'l Co I - 22nd Ohio Inf. - Union headstone
CapeCecilyFeb 03 1892May 27 1897Swashin BaptistDau. of Wm H & Emma M.
CapeElizabethnone givenJuly 31 1885Swashin Baptist54y 6m 1d; Wife of J.C.
CapeHenry18621942Swashin Baptistsame stone as Kate and Mary
CapeIdaAug 10 1881Apr 26 1904Swashin BaptistDau. of Wm H & Emma M
CapeJames M.May 20 1851Jun 26 1877Swashin Baptist26y 1m 6d
CapeJames P.Nov 21 1825Mar 07 1907Swashin BaptistFather
CapeJohn CJul 15 1824Oct 12 1903Swashin Baptist
CapeKate18651896Swashin Baptistsame stone as Henry & Mary
CapeLaura EJul 07 1830Apr 26 1904Swashin BaptistWife of James P; Mother
CapeLaura Enone givenMar 13 1885Swashin Baptistdaughter of James P & Laura E; Aged 14y 2m 18d
CapeMary18921892Swashin Baptistsame stone as Henry & Kate
CapeMary AnnDec 16 1850May 1 1869Swashin BaptistAged 18 yrs 4 mo 15 days; Dau. of James P. & Laura E.
CapeMyrtlenone givennone givenSwashin BaptistAge 3y 4 d?
CapeThomas Lnone givenJul 06 1886Swashin BaptistSon of James P & Laura E; Aged 18y 6m 28d
CapeWilliam JApr 18 1821Nov 03 1872Swashin BaptistAged 51y 6m 15d
ColeJosie18641931Swashin Baptistsame stone as Rachel
ColeRachael18941925Swashin Baptistsame stone as Josie
FrankMary JMar 26 1851Dec 6 1903Swashin Baptist
HarrisHenry WJan 25 1859Sep 9 1913Swashin Baptist
HarrisRebecca TAug 21 1861Aug 13 1930Swashin Baptist
HarrisTurner DJun 10 1890Sep 19 1912Swashin Baptist
HarrisonJohn Anone givenMay 4 1884Swashin BaptistSon of J.R. & Lavernia; Aged 13y 2m 10d
HarrisonJosiah18351920Swashin BaptistSSA Lavernia; Father
HarrisonLavernia18451917Swashin BaptistMother; SSA Josiah "His Wife"
HopkinsJuliaMar 1 1852Feb 7 1902Swashin BaptistHandmade concret inscribed "Borned March first"
JohnsonBetty Janenone givenOct 1 1932Swashin BaptistHandmade concrete
JornodMaryJan 8 1881Jul 12 1881Swashin BaptistDau. of Alfred & Cecile; (Jordan?)
KirkwoodRobert H19141916Swashin Baptist
LaramoreJ.O.none givennone givenSwashin BaptistCo E 13th Ohio Cav. - Union Headstone
McMullinArthur LFeb 22 1897Apr 8 1899Swashin BaptistSSA C.R.
McMullinC.R.Feb 22 1862Apr 7 1902Swashin BaptistSSA Arthur
McMullinEli JSep 18 1850Aug 16 1915Swashin BaptistFather; SSA Nancy
McMullinNancy AMar 14 1857Feb 4 1922Swashin BaptistMother; SSA Eli J
McMullinLulu RJan 23 1896Jul 22 1899Swashin Baptist67y; handmade concrete
PalmerShermanno date givenDec 21 1932Swashin BaptistDaughter of E.J. & N.A.
PenceJohnOct 8 1800Dec 24 1871Swashin BaptistBorn in Penn'a; SSA John H
PenceJohn HMar 1 1863Nov 12 1881Swashin BaptistSSA John
PinsonAaronnone givenMar 10 1881Swashin BaptistAged 29y 5m 21d
PinsonNancyMar 25 1825Feb 11 1901Swashin BaptistMother
PuggeAimee FlavieJul 4 1835Sep 6 1897Swashin Baptist
PyleDella May18851888Swashin Baptist
PyleHarry M18941922Swashin Baptist
PyleMaggie Jnone givenOct 22 1883Swashin Baptist22Y 3M 2D Wife of C.E.; SSA Myrtle
PyleMyrtlenone givennone givenSwashin Baptist"Little Myrtle" 3y 4d; SSA Maggie
SandersLouisApr 1820Mar 07 1889Swashin Baptisthandmade
SoufflotAugustinnone givenJun 19 1870Swashin BaptistAged 48y 2m 15d; stone broken in three pieces
SoufflotDelphine Vnone givenFeb 12 1907Swashin BaptistAged 86y 10m; Wife of Augustin
StevensBethenaMar 31 1817Jun 26 1904Swashin BaptistWife of William; Born in Virginia
StevensWmOct 15 1810Mar 18 1891Swashin BaptistBorn in Virginia
TravisArthurnone givennone givenSwashin BaptistSon of Fred; handmade concrete
TravisArthurnone givenApr 08 1921Swashin BaptistCivil War stone installed by Federal Army, Missouri, Cook, 10th Inf., 10th Division
TravisBennienone givennone givenSwashin BaptistSon of Frank; handmade concrete
TravisClaraMar 1885Jan 4 1920Swashin Baptisthandmade concrete
TravisEdnone givennone givenSwashin BaptistCivil War stone, Co. 1, 22nd Ohio Inf.
TravisFrankMay 16 1880Feb 07 1915Swashin Baptisthandmade concrete; "Borned"
TravisFredJul 24 1890May 3 1914Swashin Baptist"Borned"
TravisGeorgeJan 30 1883Jun 9 1910Swashin Baptist"Borned..." handmade concrete
TravisGeorgenone givennone givenSwashin BaptistCo I. 22th Ohio Inf.; military stone
TravisRobertnone givennone givenSwashin BaptistSon of Fred; handmade concrete
TravisSophianone givennone givenSwashin BaptistDau. of Frank; handmade concrete
WagonerBeatrice BDec 21 1896Jul 11 1898Swashin BaptistDau. of E.V & Ella
WatkinsSophronia18431907Swashin Baptist
WilliamsAnone givennone givenSwashin BaptistToppled headstone -base "WILLIAMS" large enough for 2 names
WilliamsAureliaSep 19 1880Jan 24 1908Swashin BaptistWife of J.M.
WilliamsDianthaDec 30 1855Nov 20 1900Swashin Baptist
WilliamsEliza A. Jul 17 1848Mar 21 1930 Swashin BaptistSSA Richard; 81y 8m 4d
WilliamsFannieMar 11 1846Feb 13 1885Swashin BaptistMother; SSA Thos L
WilliamsJ.M.none givennone givenSwashin BaptistStone next to Arelia
WilliamsJaneSep 30 1803Jan 15 1877Swashin Baptist73y 4m 12d; ""Wife of the late James L""
WilliamsRichard BMar 11 1844Nov 19 1914 Swashin BaptistSSA Eliza; 69y 8m 8d
WilliamsRobert JAug 20 1862Jan 27 1913Swashin Baptist
WilliamsSinthy ADec 19 1826Apr 24 1903Swashin BaptistSSA Willis J
WilliamsThomas VDec 10 1853Jan 12 1877Swashin BaptistAged 23y 1m 2d; Son of Wm. J & S.A.
WilliamsThos LMay 08 1842Apr 09 1888Swashin BaptistFather; SSA Fannie
WilliamsWillis JFeb 12 1823Mar 20 1902Swashin BaptistSSA Sinthy A
WilliamsWillis EMay 21 1868Jul 24 1903Swashin Baptist
WinerD.W.F.Sep 02 1914Dec 18 1914Swashin BaptistDau. of Frank
WoodFledaOct 11 1889Jul 01 1912Swashin Baptist
WoodFrancesJan 13 1850Oct 20 1930Swashin Baptist
WoodHenry JApr 03 1844Feb 22 1898Swashin Baptist
WoodJames EDec 23 1874Dec 05 1878Swashin BaptistInfant son of Henry J & Frances