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Sunnyside Cemetery

Contributed by Jean O'Brien & Frank & Helen Magre
T40 R5 S33

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
BerghofferMilton Mitchellnone givenDep 30 1952Sunnyside79y 10m 5d
BrownGeorge W.Feb 07 1900Nov 14 1909SunnysideSon of J.T. & Annie R.
CheekEleanorSep 20 1871Mar 14 1916SunnysideWife of Alfonso
CouchMarynone givenJan 25 1885 Sunnyside55y 5m 13d
EllisElmer C.18911934Sunnyside
FaengerDoris L19301936SunnysideSame stone as Edward & James
FaengerEdward18891936SunnysideSame stone as James & Doris
FaengerJames E19171936SunnysideSame stone as Edward & Doris
GoochMarynone givenJan 25 1885SunnysideAged 65 yrs 5 mo 13 days
HillAaronMay 15 1914May 4 1917Sunnyside
HoltDorothy A Mar 5 1963 SunnysideAged 36 y ?m ?d
McMillenBeulah19091965SunnysideSame stone as Hirschel; "Mother"
McMillenHirschel1904none givenSunnysideSame stone as Beulah; "Father"
MedlyJoseph WJul 6 1814Oct 24 1905Sunnyside
MedlyM.K.R.Jul 16 1816Oct 19 1900SunnysideWife of Joseph
MedlyMay Enone givenAug 21 1907SunnysideWife of J.F.
MedleySamuel18421928SunnysideSame stone as Sarah G.
MedleySarah G18461891SunnysideSame stone as Samuel
MedlyWm JJun 22 1871Sep 10 1900Sunnyside
MillerAnnie J18551943Sunnyside
MillerCordelia18711950SunnysideSame stone as Julius J.
MillerJulius J18681937SunnysideSame stone as Cordelia
MillerIda CurrieFeb 19 1863Mar 5 1899SunnysideWife of John W.; Born in Wabash Co Ind
MillerJohn WDec 5 1843May 2 1926SunnysideCo H 101 Ind Infantry
P.W.H.none givennone givenSunnyside
PirtleAmanda Enone givenApr 25 1955 SunnysideAged 79y 9m 20d
PirtleGrace Irenenone givenNov 27 1963SunnysideAged 69 yrs 6 mo; funeral marker
PirtleThomas S Jan 20 195? Sunnyside 
RoweJoseph SFeb 3 1878Sep 8 1909SunnysideCo. A 1st Mo Inf
SchneebergerJ.none givennone givenSunnysideCo F 13 Mo Cav Civil War
SheackEleanorSep 20 1871May 14 1916 SunnysideWife of Alfonzo
SingerJ.E.Jan 24 1858Feb 28 1903Sunnyside
SpainG.E.Nov 27 1904Mar 16 1905Sunnysideon same stone J.
SpainJ.Jul 17 1903Sep 12 1903Sunnysideon same stone G.E.
StroupInfantJun 09 1903Jun 09 1903SunnysideDau. of E.B. & M.B.
Jun 09 1889Oct 1950Sunnyside
VaughnJames SDec 25 1842Aug 11 1926Sunnyside
VaughnMarshaFeb 01 1847Sep 26 1917SunnysideWife of James E.
VaughnSamuel JApr 01 1875Jul 02 1909Sunnyside
VineyardAlfred MJan 18 1902Feb 11 1905SunnysideAged 2 yrs 1 mo; Same stone as Louis A
VineyardLouis AMay 11 1900Sep 11 1904SunnysideAged 4 yrs 2 mo 2 days; Same stone as Alfred