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St. Columbkille Cemetery
AKA Our Lady Queen of Peace - Byrnesville

T42 R3 S11

Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathCemetery/BurialNotes and/or Sources
none givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleFootstone Only
BarryJames E., Sr.Jan 29 1931Nov 3 2001St. ColumbkilleAge: 70;
BarryKathleennone givenNov 7 1890St. ColumbkilleAge: 58; [wife of James E.]
BeckmanJessieNov 1 1914Sep 14 1959St. ColumbkilleMother; w/stone of Craig Guehne atop grave.
BernadinaCatherinaMar 20 1861Jul 19 1863St. ColumbkilleSSA Maria Schnieder
BirrellGeorge E.1929none givenSt. Columbkille
BirrellMary Lou19301999St. Columbkille
BoemlerBabynone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleWith John Dwyer
BoemlerCharlesOct 16 1900Dec 13 1991St. Columbkille
BoemlerHelenAug 27 1910Nov 26 1976St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Lt, US Navy, WWII
BoemlerKathrynSep 8 1902Feb 5 1946St. Columbkille
BolteAlexJan 20 1876Jun 17 1946St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Julia
BolteAlphonsenone givennone givenSt. Columbkille
BolteAnnetteSep 28 1959Sep 29 1959St. Columbkille
BolteAnthony J.Aug 29 1914Dec 2 1997St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Age: 83; [SSA Dorothy]
BolteBernardOct 16 1909Aug 15 1922St. ColumbkilleSon
BolteDorothy L.Dec 1 1931Nov 9 1991St. ColumbkilleAge: 59; SSA Anthony
BolteJacobnone givenFeb 13 1993St. ColumbkilleAge: Infant; Our Son; SSA Jeanice
BolteJeanice L.Nov 15 1962Jul 29 1996St. ColumbkilleAge: 33; [nee White]
BolteJoan K.Feb 28 1952Aug 15 1971St. ColumbkilleDaughter; Picture on Stone
BolteJosephAug 18 1917Dec 15 1987St. ColumbkilleAge: 70; [parents Alexander & Julia]
BolteJuliaMar 18 1876Jun 17 1946St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Alex
BolteLeonard J.Aug 29 1914May 23 1990St. Columbkille
BolteMary C.Jun 28 1909Dec 12 1982St. ColumbkilleAge: 73; [wife of Alphonse Bolte]
BolteMary M.Jan 18 1933Oct 29 2000St. ColumbkilleAge: 67
BolteVincentJan 30 1905Jun 11 1969St. Columbkille
BonnellRichardnone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleUndated Stone
BoydEdwardMay 18 1899Sep 19 1962St. Columbkille
BoydFrancesSep 13 1901Apr 5 1981St. Columbkille
BrennanJohnnone givenJul 2 1874St. ColumbkilleAge: 80; B: Ballyhale, Co Kilkenny, Ire; Erected by nephew John Brennan
BrownJennifer Theresenone givenAug 10 1978St. Columbkille
BuckleyMay C.Mar 6 1882May 3 1956St. Columbkille
BurkeDarling Beatrice19151971St. Columbkille
BuxtonHarry W.Dec 21 1894Sep 23 1937St. ColumbkilleFather
BuxtonJesseApr 1 1862Aug 15 1936St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Rose
BuxtonJnonone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleLieut, Co A, 22nd Ohio Inf
BuxtonJohnnone givenApr 2 1893St. ColumbkilleAge: 56; Husband; SSA Stella
BuxtonJohn C.Oct 8 1891Aug 19 1950St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Husband
BuxtonRoseFeb 13 1865Aug 12 1936St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Jesse
BuxtonSarahnone givenFeb 16 1899St. ColumbkilleAge: 66
BuxtonStellaJul 22 1894Aug 5 1970St. ColumbkilleWife: SSA John
ByrneAdele R.Oct 31 1900Jan 28 1980St. Columbkille[single]
ByrneAnnie MMar 10 1861Feb 4 1891St. ColumbkilleBorn in Covington, Illinois; Died in St Louis
ByrneBridgetnone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleUndated Stone
ByrneCatharinenone givenNov 6 1880St. ColumbkilleAge: 59; Born in Dublin, Ireland; SSA Patrick
ByrneChristopher E.Mar 6 1917Nov 6 1983St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Age: 66; [husband of Virginia M. Schader]
ByrneElla Mnone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleUndated Stone
ByrneFrancisSep 6 1900May 21 1955St. Columbkillemilitary veteran
ByrneGertrude A.May 20 1972none givenSt. Columbkille
ByrneJames18561941St. ColumbkilleFather
ByrneJamesnone givenAug 10 1858St. ColumbkilleAge: 76; Erected by Patrick Byrne in memory of father
ByrneJasJul 20 1857Oct 18 1890St. Columbkille
ByrneJohn J.Feb 11 1916Jan 31 1985St. ColumbkilleAge: 68; [husband of Helen J. Rehwinkle]
ByrneJohn Tnone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleUndated Stone
ByrneM. F.Dec 23 1849Apr 20 1914St. ColumbkilleMay His Soul Rest In Peace; [Judge][Bro of Annie M. & Peter H.]
ByrneMargaret G.May 31 1966none givenSt. Columbkille
ByrneMary A.Apr 5 1868Nov 3 1944St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Peter H.
ByrneMary B.none givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleUndated Stone
ByrneMary E.none givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleUndated Stone
ByrneNellieFeb 26 1890Jan 17 1916St. Columbkille
ByrneNellie Dwyer18591933St. ColumbkilleMother
ByrnePatrickFeb 1820Jul 5 1891St. ColumbkilleBorn in County Meath, Ireland; SSA Rose
ByrnePatricknone givenDec 31 1872St. ColumbkilleAge: 53; Born in Ardee Ireland;SSA Catherine
ByrnePatricknone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleUndated Stone
ByrnePatrick C.none givenOct 19 1937St. Columbkille[Two Patricks are Veterans]
ByrnePeter H.Mar 7 1864Dec 21 1912St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Mary; [Bro of M.F. and Annie]
ByrneRose18381914St. ColumbkilleSSA Patrick & Thomas
ByrneRosenone givenAug 21 1890St. ColumbkilleAge: 40yrs; In Memory of my dear Sister
ByrneRose B.Jun 15 1888May 15 1980St. Columbkille
ByrneThomasDec 10 1858Feb 2 1890St. ColumbkilleSSA Patrick 1820; [Husb of Katie Dewine]
ByrneThomasnone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleUndated Stone
ByrneVirginiaJul 24 1910none givenSt. Columbkille[nee Shader]
CampbellWilliam H.18781944St. Columbkille
CantonMark JamesAug 20 1951Apr 19 1974St. ColumbkilleSon & Brother
ChartrandAmelia R.Jul 20 1860May 16 1892St. ColumbkilleDtr of JA & Anne Chartrand; SSA Infant
ChartrandInfantJul 17 1875Jul 17 1875St. ColumbkilleSSA Amelia
ChartrandJoseph A.Jul 6 1864Mar 21 1875St. Columbkille[Son of Joe and Ann]
CoughlinLawrence J.Sep 9 1929Sep 26 1982St. Columbkillemilitary veteran
CreanAndrew J.18481936St. ColumbkilleSSA Mary A.
CreanBernardnone givenNov 1890St. ColumbkilleAge: 70 yr;
CreanBernardSep 20 1853Jan 31 1942St. Columbkille
CreanCatharinenone givenJun 1 1889St. ColumbkilleAge: 77; Mother; Wife of Bernard
CreanCatherineDec 14 1858Jan 10 1939St. ColumbkilleMother
CreanEmma P.18921987St. Columbkille
CreanEugene F.Feb 5 1898Mar 23 1976St. ColumbkilleSSA Ida Mae
CreanEugenianone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleSSA Margaret
CreanFrancisDec 20 1852Mar 6 1939St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Catherine
CreanFrancis V.Sep 19 1927Jul 11 1996St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Age: 68; [Mike]
CreanHelen M.Aug 27 1910Nov 26 1976St. Columbkille
CreanIda MaeDec 20 1898Feb 20 1932St. Columbkille
CreanJoseph W.May 12 1924Aug 4 1946St. ColumbkilleSon
CreanLeo R.Jul 30 1917Dec 7 1955St. ColumbkilleHusband; SSA Violet
CreanMaggienone givenMay 2 1896St. ColumbkilleAge: 12; [County Newspaper May 7, 1896]
CreanMargaret18461928St. Columbkille
CreanMary A.18571930St. ColumbkilleSSA Andrew
CreanMary A.Sep 19 1892Aug 5 1950St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Richard
CreanRichard W.Oct 27 1886Sep 30 1943St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Mary
CreanRobertnone givenNov 7 1890St. ColumbkilleAge: 70
CreanVioletOct 1 1919Feb 19 1989St. Columbkille
CreanVirginia M.Jan 12 1919Dec 28 1965St. Columbkille
CrumpHelen M.Jun 26 1907May 25 1993St. Columbkille
CrumpJames L.Mar 28 1905Jul 9 1972St. Columbkille
CummiskeyAgnes18931919St. ColumbkilleFamily Stone
CummiskeyAnn18091892St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Patrick
CummiskeyBlanche18901923St. ColumbkilleFamily Stone
CummiskeyFrank18921948St. ColumbkilleFamily Stone
CummiskeyGrace19011974St. ColumbkilleFarmily Stone
CummiskeyMary18681920St. ColumbkilleMother; Family Stone
CummiskeyPatrick17991885St. ColumbkilleFather
CummiskeyThomas18501933St. ColumbkilleFather; Family Stone
DaltonE.none givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleUndated Stone
DaltonEllen18261894St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Thomas
DaltonJohnOct 5 1896Dec 17 1999St. Columbkille[Son of John & Alice]
DaltonJosephnone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleUndated Stone
DaltonMamieSep 28 1883Feb 21 1921St. ColumbkilleSSA Thomas
DaltonThomas18261874St. ColumbkilleFather
DaltonThomasAug 8 1867Jun 10 1922St. ColumbkilleSSA Mamie
DaltonW.none givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleUndated Stone
DeRuntzElizabeth18691941St. ColumbkilleSSA Frank
DeRuntzFrank18561942St. ColumbkilleSSA Elizabeth
DittmerArthur J.Jan 19 1890Jun 1 1970St. Columbkillemilitary veteran
DottCarlnone givennone givenSt. Columbkille
DottFranznone givennone givenSt. Columbkille
DottJohannanone givennone givenSt. Columbkille[Dau of Catherine]
DottKatharinaSep 22 1828Jun 30 1890St. ColumbkilleWife [of Querene Dott]
DoughertyJane MaryJul 16 1862Mar 18 1932St. Columbkille
DoughertyJas P.none givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleFamily Plot--Markers
DoughertyWilliam E.Dec 27 1834Nov 9 1922St. Columbkille
DubaAnnaFeb 4 1857Aug 8 1940St. ColumbkilleMother
DubaFrankDec 25 1845Apr 26 1939St. ColumbkilleFather
DubaRosieNov 9 1892May 9 1893St. ColumbkilleDau of Frank & Anna Duba
DubaWillieOct 15 1876Sep 1 1887St. ColumbkilleSon of Frank & Anna Duba
DuffyAnnnone givenFeb 27 1869St. ColumbkilleAge: 29; Wife of Patrick Duffy[Unknown stone alongside]
DuffyEllenJun 14 1849Apr 27 1923St. ColumbkilleMother
DuffyJohn M.[Abt 1867]Jul 12 1901St. ColumbkilleIn Memory of Dear Brother
DuffyJoseph18771962St. Columbkille
DuffyMargaretFeb 18 1879Mar 30 1903St. ColumbkilleSister; SSA Owen
DuffyMaryApr 17 1881Jun 18 1952St. ColumbkilleSister
DuffyOwenDec 2 1876Jan 9 1952St. ColumbkilleBrother; SSA Margaret
DuniganCatherinenone givenAug 1855St. ColumbkilleAge: 50; Born in Co. Meath, Ireland
DuniganJohn P.Nov 15 1867May 20 1937St. ColumbkilleBrother; SSA Mary Lee
DuniganMarie19001916St. Columbkille
DuniganMarynone givenJan 12 1907St. ColumbkilleMother:SSA Peter; [Obit JC Leader Jan 17, 1907]
DuniganMary LeeSep 21 1843Nov 11 1911St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA John
DuniganMichael J.18571903St. Columbkille
DuniganPatricknone givenOct 24 1872St. ColumbkilleAge: 37
DuniganPeternone givenJan 20 1914St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Mary
DuniganThomas F.D.18531910 [Feb 2]St. ColumbkilleDr.[Near Vichy, MO; Son of Peter][Obit JC Leader Feb 10, 1910
DunniganAnnieFeb 5 1876May 13 1903St. Columbkille[Wife of M.F.Dunnigan; LaBarque, MO;News May 28, 1903]
DunniganJohn[Abt 1837]Aug 3 1924St. ColumbkilleBorn in Ireland; WWII
DwyerFernando J.Oct 13 1881Sep 1 1957St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA William P.
DwyerJohnnone givenJun 19 1893St. ColumbkilleAge: 65; Dear Father; Erected by his children
DwyerJohn C.18651939St. Columbkille
DwyerJohn C.18651939St. Columbkille[With Baby Boemler]
DwyerLorraine JuneJun 20 1924Dec 13 1925St. ColumbkilleBaby Picture
DwyerMrs John[Apr 1830]Aug 25 1921St. ColumbkilleMother [Mary]
DwyerWilliam J.Sep 7 1917Feb 8 1984St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Cpl, US Army, WWI
DwyerWilliam P.Oct 12 1876Jan 7 1958St. ColumbkilleFather;SSA Fernando
FarrelyTerrancenone givenJan 9 1890St. ColumbkilleAge: 52; Husband
FederlerBridget B.18701948St. ColumbkilleMother
FederlerPaul P.18701963St. ColumbkilleFather
FisherGeorgJul 2 1868May 20 1869St. Columbkille
FisherMarianneMar 1827Apr 7 1874St. ColumbkilleSSA Edward
ForthmanAnna F.Dec 19 1861Nov 9 1953St. Columbkille
ForthmanEdward L.Feb 26 1898May 10 1991St. ColumbkilleSSA Marianne Fisher
ForthmanGustavJan 7 1865May 6 1953St. Columbkille
ForthmanJohn W.Feb 18 1894Feb 21 1973St. Columbkillemilitary veteran
Forthman Family
none givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleStatue Donated by Family
FranzGeorge[Abt Oct 1838]none givenSt. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Rosa
FranzGeorge P.[Abt Dec 1863][Abt 1950]St. ColumbkilleHusband; SSA Katherine
FranzJohn H.18861948St. ColumbkilleSSA Lillian
FranzKatherine18621937St. ColumbkilleWife
FranzLillian18811949St. ColumbkilleSSA John
FranzLouis M.Jan 4 1886Apr 22 1935St. ColumbkilleSon; SSA William
FranzMalisaJun 8 1877Dec 30 1958St. ColumbkilleSSA Mark
FranzMark T.Jun 18 1869Jan 31 1966St. ColumbkilleSSA Malisa
FranzRosa[Feb 1849]Mar 24 1905St. ColumbkilleSSA George
FranzWilliam18811949St. ColumbkilleSon; SSA Louis M.
FranzWilliam J.Dec 11 1876Aug 10 1944St. ColumbkilleSon [Husband of Althea Jones]
GaneyAnna V.Dec 12 1884May 13 1982St. ColumbkilleSSA John J.; Age: 97
GaneyCaroline A.Nov 24 1911none givenSt. ColumbkilleSSA John C.
GaneyCatherine18471929St. Columbkille
GaneyFrancis LeoAug 21 1919Oct 18 1972St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Calif PFC US Air Force WWII
GaneyJames W.Jul 21 1918Apr 30 1993St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; US Army WWII
GaneyJerome J.Nov 30 1924May 17 1982St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Age: 57; Cpl US Army, WWII[Son of John & Anna]
GaneyJohn18401907St. Columbkille
GaneyJohn C., Sr.Dec 20 1911Nov 23 1981St. ColumbkilleAge: 70; SSA Caroline[nee Wallach]
GaneyJohn III C.Feb 25 1976Jul 21 1996St. ColumbkilleAge: 20
GaneyJohn J.Mar 16 1877Feb 21 1960St. ColumbkilleSSA Anna
GaneyMichaelnone givenJan 26 1904St. ColumbkilleNo Stone
GarnerEli18611943St. ColumbkilleFather
GarnerMargaret18631941St. ColumbkilleDear Mother
GeatleyAnna BelleApr 2 1896Oct 25 1985St. ColumbkilleMother; Age: 89;SSA Frank
GeatleyBridget A.Feb 2 1857Jun 21 1905St. ColumbkilleSSA John [Obit JC Leader Jun 29, 1905]
GeatleyFrank C.Aug 22 1894Mar 24 1958St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Father
GeatleyJohnMar 8 1845Nov 17 1937St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; SSA Bridget
GeatleyLukenone givenJan 15 1878St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Age: 65; Born in County Roscommon,Ireland
GeatleyMargaretnone givenOct 14 1885St. ColumbkilleAge: 72; Native of County Meath, Ireland
GonzAlbertMar 19 1830Apr 4 1908St. ColumbkilleFather
GonzLouisanone givenJun 7 1879St. ColumbkilleAge: 1Yr 5Mo; Dau of Albert & Mary Gonz
GonzMary A.Mar 12 1832Jun 11 1905St. ColumbkilleMother
GuehneCraignone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleSon of Richard & Rosemary[Atop Beckman grave]
GuiborCharles E.none givenFeb 2 1883St. ColumbkilleAge: 2yr;
GuiborElizabethApr 19 1829Sep 5 1917St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Francis
GuiborFrancisMar 20 1826Sep 12 1896St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Elizabeth
GuiborFrancis E.Apr 24 1851Feb 7 1913St. ColumbkilleDr.
GuiborFrancis E.none givenOct 14 1878St. ColumbkilleAge: 11mo 9da;
GuiborMary A.none givenSep 10 1873St. ColumbkilleAge: 11mo10day;
GuiborMinerva EllenJul 18 1852May 22 1919St. Columbkille
HaganArthurnone givenOct 6 1862St. ColumbkilleAge: 20Yr. 6Mo; [Son of James Hagan; Native of Alabama]
HaganHannah18581922St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA William
HaganJamesnone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleUndated; Husband of Jane
HaganJames J.Nov 4 1885May 13 1968St. ColumbkilleSSA Margaret
HaganJanenone givenSep 25 1876St. ColumbkilleAge: 74; Wife of James;Born in West Meath Co, Ireland
HaganMargaret C.Feb 22 1892Jan 22 1989St. ColumbkilleAge: 96; SSA James
HaganWilliam18391924St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Hannah
HaganWilliamNov 26 1889Jan 9 1958St. Columbkille
HarnessElmer G.May 11 1895Sep 3 1947St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Kate
HarnessJohn VincentOct 2 1927Mar 18 2002St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Age: 74
HarnessKate E.Jul 5 1891Feb 15 1983St. ColumbkilleAge: 91; SSA Elmer
HughesMarynone givennone givenSt. Columbkille
HustonMargaretOct 10 1891Apr 30 1875St. ColumbkilleSSA Infant Chartrand; [Mother of Ann Chartrand]
JahnsenAlmaOct 2 1911May 14 1979St. ColumbkilleSSA Lester
JahnsenLeoOct 10 1932Jun 7 1996St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Age: 63
JahnsenLesterDec 28 1907none givenSt. Columbkille
KappMagdalenanone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleWritten record only
KarrMay Belle19191987St. Columbkille
KarrMay Belle19191987St. Columbkille
KarrRussellMar 30 1905none givenSt. Columbkille
KarrRussell1916none givenSt. ColumbkilleSSA May
KesslerGeorge J.Feb 2 1866Mar 18 1946St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Mary
KesslerMary J.Jun 24 1860Jan 5 1949St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA George
KillianPatricia AnnJan 27 1954Jun 1 1989St. Columbkille
KingValentine J.Feb 26 1888May 10 1975St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Pvt US Army
KochAppolonieAug 6 1833May 22 1902St. ColumbkilleBorn in Binehime, Ger [Wife of Ludraig]
KochChasJun 11 1867Sep 1 1907St. ColumbkilleBorn in Binehime, Ger
KochLudraigMay 10 1832May 8 1886St. ColumbkilleBorn in Binehime, Ger
LakampElroy JJul 9 1926Feb 23 1954St. ColumbkilleSSA Theresa
LaKampTheresa C.Jun 17 1921none givenSt. ColumbkilleSSA Elroy
LeeBridgetnone givenNov 1864St. ColumbkilleAge: 77
LeeJamesnone givenMar 18 1874St. ColumbkilleAge: 48; Native of County Meath, Ireland; Parish Drumconra
LeeNicholasnone given1843St. ColumbkilleAge: 34
LeeThomasnone givenJun 16 1886St. ColumbkilleAge: 65; Native of County Meath, Ireland
LeightBeljemineJun 15 1903Dec 5 1903St. Columbkille
LinkVirginia D.1921[Feb 11]1976 [Aug]St. Columbkille
LloydAnna Janenone givenJul 5 1867St. ColumbkilleAge: 6; Child of Robert &Rosetta Lloyd
LloydMargaretnone givenSep 9 1864St. ColumbkilleAge: 1 yr 3 mo; Child of R&R Lloyd
LloydRobertnone givenSep 4 1873St. ColumbkilleAge: 41; Caervarvon, Wales, Europe
LloydRobert McNultynone givenDec 7 1872St. ColumbkilleAge: 13; Child of R&R Lloyd
LloydRosanna Lairdnone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleAge: 1 yr 4 mo; Cousin to Anna & Margaret Lloyd
LueskekotteEmmaNov 15 1898Jun 13 1917St. Columbkille
none givenFeb 9 1900St. ColumbkilleAge: 82yrs; [Home 2820 Wood, STL, MO; News Feb 22, 1900]
LynchEmma W.Mar 3 1914Aug 20 1992St. ColumbkilleAge: 78[nee Fischer]
LynchJ. WarrenFeb 22 1908Nov 13 1972St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; U.S.Army WWII
LynchPhillip18691953St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Co. E, 13 Regt, US Inf, Spanish American War
LynchThomasnone givennone givenSt. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Written record only
Jan 14 1868Oct 28 1948St. Columbkille
MARKERC. S.Nov 15 1896Jun 13 1913St. Columbkille
MARKERT.Fnone givennone givenSt. ColumbkilleFootstone
MastorsonAnd.1880Aug 27 1860St. ColumbkilleBorn in County Longford,Ire; Erected by brother-M. Mastorson
MastorsonEd1802Aug 27 1860St. ColumbkilleBorn in Langford Co, Ireland
MastorsonM. none givenSt. ColumbkilleAge: 4 Days;
McCabeDavid F.18851963St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; SSA Elizabeth
McCabeElizabeth18871943St. ColumbkilleSSA David
McCarthyEd M.Apr 17 1905Jan 15 1970St. ColumbkilleSSA Edith
McCarthyEdith A.Feb 28 1911none givenSt. ColumbkilleSSA Ed
McCourtJohn J.Jul 31 1872Jul 7 1943St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Rose
McCourtRose M.Sep 6 1872Sep 21 1956St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA John
McDermottAndrewSep 29 1828Sep 23 1895St. ColumbkilleAge: 66yr,11mo,25day; County Louth, Ireland
McDermottJuliaMar 24 1861Mar 24 1901St. Columbkille
McDermottMaryFeb 2 1833Aug 19 1899St. ColumbkilleAge: 66yr,6mo,17day; County Louth, Ireland
McDonnellRichard[Abt 1798][Before 1870]St. Columbkille
McKeeverAnnie[Abt Jan 1875]none givenSt. Columbkille
McKeeverEmilenone givennone givenSt. Columbkille
McKeeverMargaretDec 4 1844Aug 8 1914St. ColumbkilleNee Monaghan; Wife of Pat McKeever
McKeeverPeter[Abt Jan 1870]none givenSt. Columbkille
McLainBertha18751930St. ColumbkilleMother
McLainClyde J.19001957St. Columbkille
McLainGenevieve C.19031985St. Columbkille
McLainJames ClydeOct 16 1931Apr 6 1957St. ColumbkilleCatholic priest; Priest Forever April 6, 1957
McNulryCathrinenone givenOct 16 1864St. ColumbkilleAge: 32; Wife of John McNulry
MilentzAnna ElizFeb 2 1924none givenSt. ColumbkilleSSA Charles; Nee Hagan
MilentzBabynone givenAug 16 1949St. Columbkille[Of Charles & Anna]
MilentzCharles AdolphOct 21 1911Mar 8 1989St. ColumbkilleSSA Anna
MillerAlma`Jan 5 1892Jan 23 1987St. ColumbkilleAge: 95; [Dau of Henry & Alma]
MillerAnnaFeb 27 1866Mar 7 1952St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Henry
MillerEdnaApr 29 1894Mar 1 1936St. Columbkille
MillerHenryApr 29 1868Nov 22 1965St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Anna
MonaghanCatherinenone givenAug 12 1880St. ColumbkilleAge: 17; Dau J&M Monaghan; SSA Mary
MonaghanJohnMay 5 1855Jan 29 1899St. Columbkille
MonaghanMarynone givenJul 17 1873St. ColumbkilleAge: 50; Wife of Jas. Monaghan; SSA Catherine
MoranMarynone givenNov 1856St. ColumbkilleAge: 58
MoranThomasSep 26 1853Apr 23 1890St. ColumbkilleIn Memory of My Dear Husband and Dear Father
MullaneyJohnnone givenJan 14 1897St. ColumbkilleAge: 87; Co Sligo, Ireland
NolanCatharineFeb 23 1845Mar 17 1873St. ColumbkilleErected by Mrs Catherine Byrnes In Memory of Daughter
NolanMary E.none givenJan 11 1873St. ColumbkilleAge: Infant; In Memory of My Grandchild
NortonJohn A.Apr 26 1900Mar 30 1977St. ColumbkilleSSA Margaret
NortonMargaret M.Nov 25 1912Jun 13 1977St. ColumbkilleSSA John
O'BrienAlma M.Sep 14 1894May 14 1986St. ColumbkilleAge: 91; [Wife of Joseph]
O'BrienArthurFeb 15 1857Aug 11 1926St. ColumbkilleHusband
O'BrienArthur J.Aug 20 1883Apr 29 1937St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Susan
O'BrienBridgetnone givenApr 26 1896St. ColumbkilleAge: 76
O'BrienCatharinenone givenJan 11 1875St. ColumbkilleWife of Terrance
O'BrienCatherinenone givenSep 19 1862St. ColumbkilleWife of L. O'Brien
O'BrienCatherine B.Dec 28 1883Sep 19 1958St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Peter
O'BrienDorothy A.Nov 1 1933none givenSt. ColumbkilleSSA John D.; [nee Jahnsen]
O'BrienEdith M.Feb 13 1898Jan 18 1983St. ColumbkilleSSA John T.
O'BrienEugene A.Dec 16 1930Oct 16 1996St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Age: 65; SSA Mary M w/Photo.
O'BrienFlorence M.Jan 18 1892May 2 1971St. ColumbkilleMother [Wife of Lawrance]
O'BrienFrank M.18831941St. Columbkille
O'BrienJohn D.Sep 20 1932Oct 16 1996St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Age: 66; SSA Dorothy; w/Photo
O'BrienJohn T.Dec 24 1878Nov 14 1906St. ColumbkilleSon of Owen & Mary O'Brien
O'BrienJohn T.Oct 11 1895Jul 18 1948St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; SSA Edith; Mo Pvt, 3 Bn, Recruit Cmp WWI
O'BrienJoseph O.Jan 21 1889Jan 2 1973St. ColumbkilleSSA Alma
O'BrienLawrance S.Aug 31 1887Apr 25 1955St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Florence
O'BrienLawrenceMar 14 1814Mar 1 1893St. ColumbkilleBorn in Ardee Co., South Ireland
O'BrienM. F.Dec 23 1845Apr 20 1914St. Columbkille
O'BrienMargaretnone givenNov 15 1938St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Terry
O'BrienMaryMay 1 1849Jan 28 1888St. ColumbkilleWife of Owen O'Brien
O'BrienMarynone givenMay 13 1922St. Columbkille
O'BrienMarynone givenNov 29 1857St. ColumbkilleAge: 45; Wife of L. O'Brien
O'BrienMary E.none givenNov 8 1867St. ColumbkilleAge: 1Yr2Mo18Da; Dau of Lawrence & Mary O'Brien
O'BrienMary M.May 5 1936none givenSt. ColumbkilleSSA Eugene
O'BrienMichael[Abt 1847]Jan 26 1926St. ColumbkilleBrother
O'BrienMrs Arthur J.none givenJul 20 1911St. Columbkille
O'BrienOwen[Abt 1849]Apr 26 1904St. ColumbkilleFather [Husband of Mary]
O'BrienPatrick P.Oct 10 1860Nov 27 1937St. Columbkille
O'BrienPeter J.Feb 25 1881Oct 11 1961St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Catherine B.
O'BrienRaymondnone givennone givenSt. Columbkillemilitary veteran
O'BrienSusan E.Nov 22 1888Sep 10 1973St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Arthur J.
O'BrienTerrence[Abt 1851]Jan 11 1876St. Columbkille[Husband of Catherine]
O'BrienTerrynone givenSep 30 1908St. ColumbkilleFather
O'BrienThomasnone givenOct 1618??St. ColumbkilleAge: 1 Yr 1 Mo; [Worn stone- probably 1862]
O'BrienThomas P.Aug 25 1896May 29 1960St. ColumbkilleBrother
O'BrienThomas P.Feb 8 1886Jun 1 1970St. Columbkille[One Thomas a Veteran]
OrfeiNazerene REV.none givenMay 29 1906St. ColumbkilleCatholic priest; Age: 70
O'RourkeJamesJan 15 1861Jan 9 1927St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Father; SSA Theresa
O'RourkeTheresaApr 30 1884Feb 21 1951St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA James
PagelDelmar W.1936none givenSt. ColumbkilleSSA R. Bernice
PagelPatricia E.19621977St. Columbkille
PagelR. BerniceApr 19 1936Apr 11 1996St. ColumbkilleSSA Delmar
PerryCelestaDec 20 1905Jun 15 1906St. Columbkille
PerryJennienone givenFeb 28 1904St. Columbkille[Dau of Steven R.Perry; News Mar 10, 1904]
PerryJohn S.18851953St. Columbkille
PerryJulia M.1876none givenSt. ColumbkilleFuneral Home Marker
PerryMark[Abt 1847]Feb 23 1880St. Columbkille[Newspaper Obit Feb 27, 1880]
PerryMarynone givenNov 9 1879St. ColumbkilleAge: 66; [Wife of Samuel]
PerryMary JaneAug 10 1853Feb 5 1897St. ColumbkilleOrange Co.,NY (Died in House Springs)Wife of S.R.Perry
PerryMary Janenone givenJul 3 1966St. ColumbkilleAge: 24; Dau of Samuel Perry
PerryMatilda M.none givenAug 2 1884St. ColumbkilleAge: 31; Dau of Saml & Mary Perry
PerryS. R.[Abt 1849]Feb 5 1897St. Columbkille
PerrySamuelnone givenDec 11 1887St. ColumbkilleAge: 75; [Husband of Mary]
PillenChristiannone givenJul 5 1908St. ColumbkilleAge: 73Yr8Mo20Da; Father; [Husband of Elizabeth]
PillenElizaFeb 15 1846Jan 27 1913St. ColumbkilleWife of Christian Pillen
PinkDavidNov 15 1860Jan 26 1899St. Columbkille
ReckardCharlieJan 14 1913Jan 30 1990St. Columbkillemilitary veteran
ReckardHenrietta N.May 20 1918Sep 6 1997St. ColumbkilleAge: 79
RustigeFrank G.18751948St. Columbkille
SchaffarLeopold J.Jan 31 1829Jan 13 1913St. ColumbkilleAge: 76yr; 8Mo,27Da; Husb of Mary
SchaffarMaryMay 18 1828Feb 15 1905St. ColumbkilleAge: 84; Wife of Leopold
ScheveHelenanone givenOct 22 1891St. ColumbkilleAge: 56yr 11mo; Mother-Erected by her children
SchmittFrederick ValentineAug 2 1926Dec 31 1982St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Age: 56
SchmittMark Fredricknone givenMar 2 1986St. ColumbkilleAge: 15 min[son of Mark Schmitt & Charlotte]
SchneiderMariaOct 13 1858Jul 14 1863St. ColumbkilleSSA Bernadina
SchulzeAnnaNov 7 1900Apr 20 1965St. ColumbkilleSSA Oscar
SchulzeAugustMay 5 1857Sep 10 1941St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Father; SSA Sophie
SchulzeCarol M.Dec 19 1936Mar 13 2000St. ColumbkilleSSA Charles[Sally]
SchulzeCharles A.May 25 1933none givenSt. ColumbkilleSSA Carol[Butch]
SchulzeChristianAug 30 1883Nov 20 1902St. ColumbkilleSon of S.A and A. Schulze
SchulzeOscarFeb 25 1894none givenSt. ColumbkilleSSA Anna
SchulzeSophieAug 29 1864Aug 12 1936St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA August
ShaffreyDonald L.Dec 18 1937May 2 1960St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Son
ShaffreyFrancis M.1911[Apr 20]1977[Jan]St. ColumbkilleSSA Velma
ShaffreyFrank P.Mar 17 1869Jan 1 1955St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Katherine
ShaffreyKatherineFeb 7 1876Mar 8 1932St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Frank
ShaffreyVelma M.May 24 1915Jun 8 1998St. ColumbkilleAge: 83
StochlJosephMay 31 1877Oct 23 1896St. ColumbkilleSon; SSA Theresa
StochlTheresaOct 15 1853Jun 18 1933St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Joseph
StratilDorothy M.Jun 29 1921May 17 2000St. ColumbkilleAge: 78
StratilPeter P.Apr 20 1919Jun 16 1994St. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Age: 75
SwayneAnnnone givenMar 6 1890St. ColumbkilleAge: 42; Mother; SSA Robert
SwayneHarold19101911St. ColumbkilleSon; SSA Maria & Robert F.
SwayneMaria A.18811912St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Harold & Robert F.
SwayneRobertnone givenSep 2 1888St. ColumbkilleAge: 45; Father; SSA Ann
SwayneRobert F.18821959St. ColumbkilleFather
TalarskiMary LeaMar 31 1915May 6 2001St. ColumbkilleAge: 86
TheinDennis Ryannone givenNov 8 1978St. ColumbkilleStonemarker; [Son of Dennis & Linda Thein]
ThompsonAlex F.19001938St. Columbkillemilitary veteran;
ThompsonAnna K.18721955St. Columbkille[Wife of John T.]
ThompsonJohn T.18691928St. Columbkille[Husband of Anna]
ThompsonMargaret HaganJun 2 1883Nov 15 1965St. Columbkille
VogtsFern L.Apr 16 1905Oct 15 1981St. ColumbkilleMother; SSA Otto
VogtsOtto R.Dec 17 1902May 19 1975St. ColumbkilleFather; SSA Fern
WagnerAda1899[Sep 17]1970[May 15]St. Columbkille
WagnerCharles1895[Dec 17]1974[Dec]St. Columbkille
WagnerGeorge1894[Feb 21]1972[Oct]St. Columbkille
WagnerJohn FrankJan 18 1866Oct 2 1940St. ColumbkilleFather
WagnerLouisa JuliaMar 15 1866Jan 13 1930St. ColumbkilleMother
WagnerStella F.Jan 28 1906Aug 26 1965St. Columbkille
WagnerWm.19031969St. Columbkille
WarrenPhillipnone givennone givenSt. Columbkillemilitary veteran; Memorial Stone; No Date; Erected by Emma & Warren Lynch
WeberSylvester TheoApr 28 1886Apr 22 1896St. ColumbkilleSon of A&M Weber
WilkinsonHelenMar 14 1914Nov 14 1997St. Columbkille
WilleDonald L.Jan 24 1935Mar 15 1999St. ColumbkilleAge: 64; SSA Margaret[Son = Michael]
WilleDonna L.Jun 1 1955Jun 10 1955St. ColumbkilleAge: 10 days; [Dau of Donald & Margaret]
WilleMargaret AgnesSep 23 1937none givenSt. ColumbkilleAge: 57; SSA Donald
ZitekKathryn F. O'BrienJan 4 1890Nov 15 1939St. Columbkille