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Soul Sleepers Cemetery
AKA Soulís of Abraham


Additions and Corrections submitted by Lisa K. Gendron
T41 R3 S14

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
BoyrieH.E.Nov 15 1830Mar 02 1900Soul SleepersBeloved Mother of E.C. Gifford; wife of the late H.E. Pounds
BoyrieYorickJul 7 1895Jan 19 1904Soul SleepersSon of H.E. Pounds
BuxtonDwight HeinenMay 01 1909Sep 14 1912Soul Sleepers
BuxtonFaye L.Jul 23 1917Aug 25 1969Soul Sleeperssame stone as Orville
BuxtonHorace G.18741942Soul Sleeperssame stone as Louise
BuxtonLouise M.18751938Soul Sleeperssame stone as Horace
BuxtonOrville H.Jul 1915none givenSoul Sleeperssame stone as Faye
BuxtonRoberta RApr 9 1943none givenSoul Sleepers
BuxtonRonald LNov 24 1942Nov 16 1998Soul Sleepers
ColemanJohn RSep 18 1915Mar 16 1981Soul SleepersCW02 US Army
ColemanMary E.Dec 19 1893Jul 12 1974Soul SleepersWife of Harris
ColemanV. LoreneAug 1 1909Aug 1987Soul Sleepers
CraderPaul ForrestJun 21 1958May 1 1993Soul Sleepers
DavisA. HubertDec 26 1917Aug 06 1919Soul Sleepers
DavisNora18901866Soul Sleeperson same stone as Thomas
DavisPerry TFeb 21 1912Jan 8 1983Soul Sleepers
DavisThomas H1880none givenSoul Sleeperssame stone as Nora
DeGoniaClifford19011955Soul Sleepers
DeGoniaMartha J18691957Soul Sleeperssame stone as Thomas J
DeGoniaStella A19091980Soul Sleeperssame stone as Thomas M
DeGoniaThomas J18611935Soul Sleeperssame stone as Martha
DeGoniaThomas M19031968Soul Sleeperssame stone as Stella
EckleCatherineJul 14 1864Oct 07 1922Soul Sleepersnee Sale
EckleWilliam ENov 24 1885Dec 14 1907Soul Sleepers
EvansThomas WSep 19 1912Jan 04 1972Soul Sleepers
GiffordEmilie CJun 5 1856Jan 24 1912Soul SleepersWife of John T.
GiffordEugene B18831957Soul Sleepers
GiffordJames AAug 29 1900May 8 1913Soul SleepersSon of J.T. & E.C.
GiffordJohn TMay 4 1847Nov 28 1910Soul SleepersBeloved husband of Emilie C
GiffordLila ClaireJul 11 1879Jan 2 1905Soul SleepersDaughter of J.T & E.C.
GordonCharles A, Sr.Aug 10 1900Apr 10 1977Soul Sleepers
GordonGertrude NNov 24 1898Oct 27 1968Soul SleepersMother
GrahamHenry A.Apr 17 1872Nov 30 1906Soul Sleepers
GudermuthFrank A18811956Soul Sleeperssame stone as Harriet
GudermuthHarriet E18881973Soul Sleeperssame stone as Frank
GudermuthJames AAug 23 1908Aug 9 1980Soul Sleepers
GudermuthMabel HMay 30 1913none givenSoul Sleepers
Aug 6 1890Aug 19 1923Soul Sleepers"Father"
HardyEva MJun 10 1886Sep 23 1975Soul Sleepers
HardyMorrisJun 29 1888Apr 27 1955Soul SleepersMO BM1 US Navy WWI
HoodGeorge EOct 11 1905Dec 22 1971Soul Sleepers
HoodMyrtle AApr 6 1899May 13 1974Soul Sleepers
HuskeyEssie19061920Soul Sleepers
KirbyJames B18911953Soul Sleepers
KirbyJessie E19011978Soul Sleepers
KrinerEdward JJan 5 1896Jun 15 1931Soul SleepersMissouri Corp J38 Inf 35 Div
KrinerThomas JOct 10 1924Apr 28 1984Soul SleepersT Sgt US Army WWII
LeeAlice ISep 25 1937none givenSoul Sleepersnee Westbrook
LeeHarry DMay 18 1907Aug 21 1991Soul Sleepers
LeeHazel EJun 8 1911Nov 15 1995Soul Sleepers
LeeRichard BruceJan 24 1941Oct 9 1987Soul Sleepers
LeeH. Douglas Jr.Jul 30 1936Jul 10 1998Soul Sleepers
LivrallRaymond LavearSep 21 1901Nov 14 1910Soul Sleepers
McCullochAnna18721962Soul Sleepers
McCullochC18651925Soul Sleepers
PoundsArdellaJun 1 1861Nov 15 1918Soul SleepersOn same stone as Judson
PoundsBeulahJul 22 1909Apr 19 1918Soul Sleepers
PoundsClyde JFeb 2 1814Nov 22 1871Soul Sleepers
PoundsEugenia H.Jun 15 1862Jan 30 1902Soul SleepersDaughter of A.M & H.E. Boyrie; Wife of J.H. Pounds
PoundsFreida Pnone givennone givenSoul Sleeperson same stone as Clyde
PoundsGertrude PJan 21 1889Jan 20 1969Soul Sleeperson same stone as Jesse E & Justice O
PoundsJesse EOct 28 1884Dec 19 1967Soul Sleeperson same stone as Justice O & Gertrude P
PoundsJudson BFeb 3 1860Aug 14 1927Soul Sleeperson same stone as Ardella
PoundsJustice O18861929Soul Sleeperson same stone as Jesse E & Gertrude P
PoundsSherman BNov 11 1868Feb 20 1917Soul Sleepers
RogersEmilyMay 21 1841Nov 10 1933Soul Sleepers
TierneyMae G19011982Soul Sleeperson same stone as Wallace
TierneyWallace D18971977Soul Sleeperson same stone as Mae
WidemanIsiac FrankDec 28 1847Sep 2 1913Soul Sleepers
WillThelma GDec 7 1906Apr 2 1969Soul Sleepers
WilliamsDelores M18991981Soul SleepersOn same stone as Horace
WilliamsEmily JJan 07 1860Oct 19 1934Soul Sleepers"Mother"; on same stone as Thomas J.
WilliamsForrest HFeb 9 1920Apr 28 1994Soul Sleepers
WilliamsGeorge WNov 16 1912Nov 16 1912Soul SleepersSon of Wilbert & Pearl
WilliamsHarveynone givenJan 16 1924Soul Sleepers
WilliamsHorace COct 29 1893Nov 02 1967Soul SleepersOn same stone as Delores; Military stone; Mo. Pvt. BTRY A. 129, Field Arty. WWI
WilliamsInfantMar 23 1904Apr 08 1904Soul SleepersInfant of J.H. & Mary
WilliamsMargaret MMar 10 1897Nov 04 1917Soul Sleepers
WilliamsThomas JJun 24 1864Jan 28 1954Soul Sleepers"Father"; on same stone as Emily J.
WilliamsWarren A19241926Soul Sleepers
WilsonJennieJun 25 1870Jul 02 1908Soul Sleepers
WilsonLucindaJul 14 1862May 20 1908Soul Sleepers (she died in childbirth and the baby is buried beside stone)
WoodallCecil EdwardFeb 3 1918Apr 16 1965Soul Sleeperssame stone as Elsie, Janice, Michael, Richard; Mo F1 USNR WWII
WoodallCharles E19481963Soul SleepersOur Beloved Son
WoodallElsie M19271965Soul Sleeperssame stone as Cecil, Janice, Michael, Richard
WoodallJanice S19511965Soul Sleeperssame stone as Cecil, Elsie, Michael, Richard
WoodallMichael W19561965Soul Sleeperssame stone as Cecil, Elsie, Janice, Richard
WoodallRichard L19501965Soul Sleeperssame stone as Cecil, Elsie, Janice, Michael