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Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church Cemetery
AKA Reed Springs, Ware, Dry Creek

Additional Stones & corrections submitted by Lisa K. Gendron
T40 R3 S11

Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathCemetery/BurialNotes and/or Sources
AgersHettieNov 21 1875Jan 12 1939Pilgrims Rest
AldersonE.A.Apr 09 18591889Pilgrims RestAge: 19 yrs
AllenDaisy M.1895none givenPilgrims RestSame stone as R.W. Allen
AllenLucille Anette19151975Pilgrims Rest
AllenR.W.1884none givenPilgrims RestSame stone as Daisy
AndersonG.W.none givenSep 17 1864Pilgrims RestSpouse: Kizih ; Age: 53 yrs 8 mo
AndersonKizihnone givenDec 06 1866Pilgrims RestSpouse: G.W. ; Age: 60 yrs 2 mo 25 days
AndersonMary I.none givenOct 04 1860Pilgrims RestDaughter of Parolee White; Aged 3 yrs 11 mo 27 days
BakerGeorge M. Sr.18831956Pilgrims RestSame stone as Mary Elizabeth
BakerJane A.Oct 28 1816Aug 02 1896Pilgrims Rest"Mother"
BakerMary C.18551929Pilgrims RestSame stone as Thomas M
BakerMary Elizabeth18861968Pilgrims RestSame stone as George M Sr
BakerMaude E. MayMay 10 1901Feb 04 1902Pilgrims Rest
BakerPaulina E.May 05 1886Feb 14 1910Pilgrims Rest
BakerThomas M.18481926Pilgrims Rest
BakerWalter C.Feb 22 1895Jul 02 1896Pilgrims RestSon of T.M. & Mary Baker
BelewF. M.Apr 10 1848Mar 10 1910Pilgrims RestAged 61 yrs 11 mo
BelewInfantnone givennone givenPilgrims RestParents: T.B. & M.
BelewMillie E.Dec 24 1878Jun 02 1936Pilgrims RestSpouse: T.B.
BelewSilas18241900Pilgrims Rest
BelewT. B.Mar 19 1856May 13 1906Pilgrims RestSpouse: Millie
BengelEdward C.May 02 1876Jan 04 1945Pilgrims RestNew York, 1st Sgt, 8 Cav.
BengelKatie T.18821963Pilgrims RestSpouse: Edward C.
BlakeAmanda A.18851923Pilgrims Restsame stone as T. Hardin Blake; said "Mother" on stone
BlakeArthur L.18831932Pilgrims RestSpouse: Elsie
BlakeDelbert D.Mar 12 1924Apr 10 1924Pilgrims Rest
BlakeElsie P.18921935Pilgrims RestSpouse: Arthur
BlakeGeorge B.Jul 08 1889Jul 26 1890Pilgrims Rest
BlakeGeorge L.19031965Pilgrims Restsame stone as Myrtle C
BlakeGeorge W.18571949Pilgrims Restsame stone as Melvina
BlakeGeorgienone givennone givenPilgrims RestParents: Wm & B.F.
BlakeHardin18811934Pilgrims Restsame stone as Margaret; Said "Father" on stone
BlakeInfant 1907Pilgrims Rest child of W.F. and B.F. Blake
BlakeInfantSep 03 1915Sep 18 1915Pilgrims RestParents: Arthur & Elsie
BlakeJ. EarlDec 23 1905Aug 05 1967Pilgrims Restsame stone as Marianna
BlakeJohn SullivanDec 29 1885Jul 08 1887Pilgrims RestParents: Geo W & Melvina
BlakeJoseph E.18371913Pilgrims RestSaid "Father" on stone
BlakeJuanitaJul 15 1933Jan 24 1988Pilgrims Rest
BlakeLour F.18901891Pilgrims RestParents: G.W & G.M.
BlakeMargaret18641932Pilgrims Restsame stone as Blake Hardin, said "Mother" on stone
BlakeMarianna K.Aug 24 1916none givenPilgrims Restsame stone as J. Earl Blake
BlakeMelvina18631940Pilgrims Restasame stone as George W
BlakeMyrtle C.19041977Pilgrims Restsame stone as George L
BlakeRay W.19101974Pilgrims Rest
BlakeSusie I.1858none givenPilgrims RestSaid "Mother" on stone
BlakeT. Hardin18831952Pilgrims Restsame stone as Amanda; said "Father" on stone
BlakeWilliam F.Aug 23 1879Jan 31 1954Pilgrims Rest
BleikerEliza JaneJul 17 1868Dec 11 1956Pilgrims Restsame stone as Emil
BleikerEmil EliasFeb 07 1862Aug 20 1949Pilgrims Restsame stone as Eliza
BleikerHelen L.Feb 07 1900none givenPilgrims Restsame stone as Ross
BleikerJoseph H.Mar 07 1894Dec 23 1962Pilgrims Rest
BleikerRoss F.Nov 03 1895May 09 1970Pilgrims Restsame stone as Helen
BlueRichardnone givenNov 14 1884Pilgrims RestAged 6 mo; Born in Missouri
BobertRebekanone givennone givenPilgrims Rest
BollfrassAugustFeb 10 1797Dec 07 1876Pilgrims Restsame stone as Mathilde Gustav Stegman
BoyerGeorge E.Mar 16 1882Mar 07 1909Pilgrims Rest
BoyerZoe1893Mar 09 1984Pilgrims Rest
BrauchBertha M.Jun 09 1914none givenPilgrims RestSame stone as Ralph; said "Mother" on stone
BrauchDaniel18781943Pilgrims Rest
BrauchPearl18791968Pilgrims Rest
BrauchRalph G.May 15 1909Jul 19 1971Pilgrims RestSame stone as Bertha; said "Father" on stone
BrinleyGladys R.1910none givenPilgrims RestSame stone as Lester
BrinleyLester19151933Pilgrims RestSame stone as Gladys R
BrunkhorstAlfred B.Mar 15 1900Sep 07 1961Pilgrims RestSaid "Our Dad" on stone
CallahanB. F.none givennone givenPilgrims Rest
CampbellCharles A.Jun 26 1880Nov 03 1964Pilgrims RestSpouse: Flora Belle
CampbellCharles L.1910none givenPilgrims RestSame stone as Gladys J
CampbellFlora BelleNov 09 1883May 29 1964Pilgrims Restnee Merseal; Wife of Charles
CampbellFrancisDec 22 1830Oct 30 1918Pilgrims RestNext to Margaret E.
CampbellGladys J.19111996Pilgrims RestSame stone as Charles L
CampbellMargaret E.none givenAug 16 1886Pilgrims RestWife of F. Campbell; Aged 51 yrs 10 mo 20 days
CliftonMary L.Mar 24 1949Apr 09 1981Pilgrims Restnee Brauch
ColemanLacy S.18821947Pilgrims Restsame stone as Rosa
ColemanRosa B.18791963Pilgrims Restsame stone as Lacy
CollinsBrooks18591925Pilgrims Restsame stone as Nancy
CollinsEddienone givennone givenPilgrims Rest
CollinsLarkin D.Aug 29 1808Nov 30 1890Pilgrims Restsame stone as Susan
CollinsNancy18601948Pilgrims Restsame stone as Brooks
CollinsSusanNov 25 1819Mar 13 1894Pilgrims Restsame stone as Larkin
CornellB. W.none givenMar 12 1885Pilgrims RestAge: 29 days
CornellSarah I.Oct 23 1858May 30 1903Pilgrims RestWife of B.W.
CouchElmer W.Oct 15 1886Dec 14 1904Pilgrims RestParents: T.J & H.E.
CouchGeorge W.Feb 02 1864Oct 17 1893Pilgrims Rest
CouchGrace G.Nov 21 1906Dec 07 1906Pilgrims RestParents: Edw & Mamie
CouchInfant1889Birth or Death (?)Pilgrims Rest
CouchJ.H.Oct 1849Dec 1927Pilgrims RestSpouse: Mary R
CouchJamesSep 27 1816Mar 20 1878Pilgrims RestSame stone as Richard, Sarah and Mary Ann
CouchJames L.18611935Pilgrims RestSame stone as Lenora
CouchJohn J.Jan 28 1873Apr 21 1858Pilgrims Rest
CouchJohn L.Aug 10 1882Oct 02 1966Pilgrims RestSame stone as Mayme
CouchJohn W.18671926Pilgrims Rest
CouchJulia D.18691963Pilgrims Rest
CouchKatie MNov 14 1886July 18 1902Pilgrims Rest
CouchLenora18611942Pilgrims RestSame stone as James L
CouchLeonard18311903Pilgrims Rest
CouchMary AnnJul 29 1859Oct 05 1878Pilgrims RestSame stone as James, Richard, and Sarah Ann
CouchMary R.Dec 08 1849Apr 10 1927Pilgrims RestSpouse: J.H.
CouchMayme E.Apr 25 1895May 02 1976Pilgrims RestSame stone as John L
CouchMonta18911891Pilgrims Rest
CouchN. Ann18441879Pilgrims Rest
CouchOmar R.18971927Pilgrims Rest
CouchRichard R.Dec 19 1874Sep 24 1876Pilgrims RestSame stone as James, Sarah and Mary Ann
CouchSarah AnnSep 17 1840Jan 17 1875Pilgrims RestSpouse: James; same stone as James, Richard, and Mary Ann
CourtawayCatherineOct 11 1826May 01 1914Pilgrims Rest87y 7m 5d
CourtawayWilliam J.Aug 15 1848Apr 19 1929Pilgrims Rest
DavisAmanda E18751927Pilgrims Rest
DavisBarney E18711954Pilgrims RestSaid "Father" on stone
DavisBonnie E18911954Pilgrims Rest
DavisCharlesJun 20 1899Jun 23 1899 Pilgrims RestChildren of B.E. & A.E. Davis; SSA Hubert, Rosa Bell
DavisHomer LApr 15 1901Jul 02 1969Pilgrims Rest
DavisHubertFeb 22 1895Feb 26 1895 Pilgrims RestChildren of B.E. & A.E. Davis; SSA Charles, Rosa Bell
DavisRosa BellJan 1 1900Nov 20 1901 Pilgrims RestChildren of B.E. & A.E. Davis; SSA Hubert, Charles
DavisRuth AJan 27 1905May 15 1988Pilgrims Rest
DavisSarah Mnone givenMay 20 1878Pilgrims RestDau. of Wm J & Sarah M; Aged 11 yrs 11 mo 13 days
DavisSarah MJun 20 1854Oct 22 1907 Pilgrims RestWife of W.J. Davis
DawsonElma N18821978Pilgrims Reston same stone as James
DawsonJames C18821944Pilgrims Reston same stone as Elma
DegoniaAdolph CApr 24 1914Jan 30 1922Pilgrims Rest
DelaneyEdnanone givennone givenPilgrims RestSaid "Mother" on stone; on same stone as Gilbert
DelaneyGilbert19031974Pilgrims RestSaid "Father" on stone; on same stone as Edna
DickermanPearl L18881921Pilgrims Rest
DodsonGeorge WMar 7 1836Mar 2 1907 Pilgrims RestFather; Husband of Catharine; Born in Tennessee; Died in De Soto
DodsonMartha Enone givennone givenPilgrims RestSaid "Mother" on stone
DodsonThomas F18561929Pilgrims RestSaid "Father" on stone
DoverGeorge P18721958Pilgrims Reston same stone as Mary
DoverLeroyJan 10 1838Jan 03 1913Pilgrims Reston same stone as Margaret
DoverMargaret FranceSep 27 1858Aug 08 1936Pilgrims Reston same stone as Leroy
DoverMary B18721927Pilgrims Reston same stone as George
DrennenAquillaAug 24 1830Jul 16 1896Pilgrims RestAge: 65 yrs 10 mo 22 days
DrennenLouis Dnone givenDec 14 1888Pilgrims RestSon of A. & M.; Age: 29 yrs 11 mo 18 days
DrinenAlice VDec 18 1905Jun 08 1974Pilgrims Reston same stone as William
DrinenWilliam HApr 13 1901Jun 20 1970Pilgrims Reston same stone as Alice
DrinenWm LarryOct 01 1960Oct 02 1960Pilgrims Rest
EatonBarbara A.18611937Pilgrims Reststone next to Z.T.
EatonBertha AgnesSep 24 1888Nov 11 1967Pilgrims Restnee Huskey; Same stone as Adolph H
EatonZ.T.18491927Pilgrims RestStone next to Barbara
EavesAdolph C.Mar 26 1889Jun 26 1936Pilgrims Rest
EavesEugene E.Apr 22 1922Jul 06 1934Pilgrims RestSon of Adolph
EldersNettie18831949Pilgrims Rest
EleyCyrusnone givenMay 08 1886Pilgrims RestAge: 48 yrs
EvansElizabeth JaneNov 27 1838Oct 17 1905Pilgrims RestSpouse: J.R.; 66 yrs 10 mo 20 days
EvansJane Elizabethnone givennone givenPilgrims RestDau. of J.L. & L.;Aged 10 mo.
EvansJas. R.Nov 25 1846190?Pilgrims Rest
EvansM. EdithDec 06 1875Sep 06 1894Pilgrims RestParents: James R & Elizabeth
EvansMary F.Nov 10 1879Jun 06 1889Pilgrims RestParents: James R & Elizabeth
FancherLillie GraceSep 9 1920Oct 10 1946Pilgrims RestWWII-PVT W.A.C.
FehlhaberFrank G18711930Pilgrims Rest
FehlhaberG.R.18711930Pilgrims Rest
FehlhaberR. William18431921Pilgrims Rest
FeltonCharlie A188719....Pilgrims Restsame stone as Susie Belle
FeltonSusie Belle18931964Pilgrims Restsame stone as Charlie
FosterHerschell GSep 23 1907none givenPilgrims Restsame stone as Thelma
FosterThelma NOct 18 1909none givenPilgrims Restsame stone as Herschell
FreyEdna M18941972Pilgrims Restsame stone as Frank
FreyFrank T18901975Pilgrims Restsame stone as Edna
FrissellBates18331895Pilgrims Rest
FrissellElla M18711933Pilgrims Rest
FrissellMartha Jane18331914Pilgrims Rest
FrissellSemond L18681935Pilgrims Rest
GambleMinnie SondacAug 20 1879Feb 11 1908Pilgrims RestParents: W.P. & Mira
GibbonsJ SharonApr 25 1941Jun 9 2002Pilgrims Restnee Harness
GrieweAugustNov 2 1819Nov 10 1891Pilgrims Rest
GrieweChristineDec 1 1820none givenPilgrims RestAge: 88 yrs
GrieweWilliamnone givenApr 27 1934Pilgrims RestMo PVT, O.M. Corps
GrimmJohnnone givenJul 22 1886Pilgrims RestAge: 17 yrs
HaleAmanda E18681890Pilgrims Reston same stone as David, Nancy & Arthur
HaleArthur E18691890Pilgrims Reston same stone as David, Nancy & Amanda
HaleBertha BMay 27 1866Jul 20 1892Pilgrims RestSpouse: C.T.
HaleDavid18251890Pilgrims Reston same stone as Nancy, Amanda & Arthur
HaleJesse RayMar 15 1891Dec 5 1891Pilgrims Rest
HaleNancy C18401890Pilgrims Reston same stone as David, Amanda & Arthur
HarnessJames LeroyApr 15 1938Nov 28 1996Pilgrims RestSP4 U.S. Army
HarnessJessie LApril 5 1905Feb 3 1995Pilgrims Restnee Pierce
HarnessRoyNov 2 1895Sep 06 1966Pilgrims RestSon of Missouri Wagoner; 138 Inf. Supply Co. WWI
Hauck18831926none givenPilgrims Rest
HauckInfantDec 19 1902Jan 03 1903Pilgrims RestParents: John & M.F.
none givenMar 11 1927Pilgrims Rest
HearstRebecca E Jul 31 1878 Pilgrims Rest1y 10m 17d
HedgerIda19141975Pilgrims Rest
HedgerInfantnone givenFeb 14 1938Pilgrims Rest
HedgerJohn A18611936Pilgrims Reston same stone as Lydia
HedgerLydia E18711946Pilgrims Reston same stone as John
HedgerWilliam19021941Pilgrims Rest
HerringtonAmanda MAug 18 1861Feb 18 1903Pilgrims RestSpouse: John J.
HerringtonJohnApr 29 1819Nov 14 1893Pilgrims RestAged 74 yrs 6 mo 25 days; Same stone as Martha
HerringtonJohn Jnone givenMar 12 1876Pilgrims RestAge: 27 yrs 2 mo 26 days
HerringtonJohn WApr 7 1886Aug 4 1887Pilgrims RestParents: J.J. & R.W.
HerringtonJohn Williamnone givenAug 5 1887Pilgrims RestAge: 1 yr 4 mo
HerringtonMarthaAug 16 1826May 25 1914Pilgrims Reston same stone as John
HlavaBessie18851953Pilgrims Reston same stone as Wenzel
HlavaWenzel18721949Pilgrims Reston same stone as Bessie
HoodMaggieMar 27 1887Feb 1 1956Pilgrims Rest
HoodOlive G CampbellJan 9 09Jun 12 43Pilgrims Rest
HoodWillisApr 2 03May 22 76Pilgrims Rest
HopsonGilbertAug 31 1889Sep 2 1890Pilgrims Rest
HopsonMarySep 2 1871Oct 14 1957Pilgrims RestSpouse: W.S.
HopsonW.S.May 19 1857Jan 2 1906Pilgrims RestSpouse: Mary
HouskaBarbara18691942Pilgrims RestSpouse: Frank
HouskaFrank18651933Pilgrims RestSpouse: Barbara
HouskaOra MaeMay 15 1900Jul 8 1957Pilgrims Rest
HubertChasJun 2 1889Jun 21 1889Pilgrims Rest
HubertDavisFeb 2 1895Feb 26 1895Pilgrims Rest
HubertRosa BelleJan 1 1900Nov 20 1901Pilgrims Rest
HubertSarah MJun 20 1854Oct 22 1907Pilgrims RestSpouse: W.J.
HunotMaryMar 17 1823Mar 12 1904Pilgrims Rest Wife of Wm; Mother
HunotWilliamDec 18 1813Oct 17 1903Pilgrims Rest SSA Mary; Father
HuskeyA.J.18421911Pilgrims RestSpouse: Mary
HuskeyAda AliceNov 5 1892Aug 12 1910Pilgrims Rest"Sallie" Parents: W.T. & A.A.; Age: 17 yrs 9 mo 7 days
HuskeyAmanda A18621935Pilgrims Reston same stone as Wm. T
HuskeyCora E19071926Pilgrims Rest
HuskeyDella SMar 9 1897Feb 29 1916Pilgrims RestParents: George S & Hettie
HuskeyE.19071936Pilgrims Rest
HuskeyElla RoseFeb 4 1890Nov 24 1970Pilgrims Rest
HuskeyErnest RApr 20 1894Oct 10 1894Pilgrims RestParents: M.F. & Lucy J
HuskeyEtta Illene19031988Pilgrims Rest
HuskeyEverettDec 1 1900Sep 13 1901Pilgrims Rest
HuskeyIrene S18891978Pilgrims RestWife of Willard P
HuskeyGeorge SFeb 13 1869Feb 27 1905Pilgrims Rest
HuskeyGertrudeSep 13 1884May 19 1897Pilgrims RestParents: W.T. & Amanda A
HuskeyHazelDec 24 1894Jun 22 1895Pilgrims RestParents: W.T. & Amanda A
HuskeyJamesOct 10 1837Mar 21 1893Pilgrims Rest SSA Perry & Nancy
HuskeyJames DDec 28 1845Oct 24 1877Pilgrims Rest Husband; Aged 31 yrs 10 mo 7 days
HuskeyJohn EJul 2 1861Nov 25 1935Pilgrims Reston same stone as Sarah
HuskeyLeanderJun 3 1892Sep 3 1892Pilgrims RestParents: M.F. & Lucy J
HuskeyLloyd TOct 16 1904Dec 21 1939Pilgrims Rest
HuskeyLouisnone givenMar 29 1884Pilgrims RestAge: 21 yrs 3 mo
HuskeyLucy E18791933Pilgrims RestSame stone as Millard
HuskeyLucy JJun 6 1871Oct 23 1896Pilgrims RestSpouse: M.F.
HuskeyMark18561921Pilgrims Rest
HuskeyMary18471922Pilgrims RestSpouse: A.J.
HuskeyMatilda M18621933Pilgrims Rest
HuskeyMillard F18671941Pilgrims RestSame stone as Lucy E
HuskeyNancyMar 9 1836Oct 22 1918Pilgrims Reston same stone as James & Perry
HuskeyPerryApr 19 1869Jul 10 1890Pilgrims Reston same stone as James & Nancy
HuskeySarah EApr 6 1865Oct 21 1951Pilgrims Reston same stone as John E
HuskeyVerna E1906
Pilgrims RestNot buried here, buried in Centralia, MO
HuskeyWillard P18851941Pilgrims RestSame stone as Irene S
HuskeyWilliam T18591933Pilgrims Reston same stone as Amanda
HuskeyWm. A.H.Sep 17 1876Apr 5 1877Pilgrims RestParents: James D & Nancy; Stone laying down
JamesEdithAug 26 1909Dec 25 1989Pilgrims Rest
JohnsonAugustanone givennone givenPilgrims Rest
JohnsonAugustus LMar 1 1840Sep 7 1904 Pilgrims RestFather
JohnsonCora E.Jan 8 1890Mar 24 1968Pilgrims Reston same stone as Thomas W
JohnsonElenora J.18751953Pilgrims Reston same stone as Thomas L
JohnsonGeorge P Nov 26 1896 Pilgrims RestSon of T.G. & M.E. Johnson; 8m 9d
JohnsonOscar HFeb 9 1896Jul 13 1896 Pilgrims Rest 
JohnsonThomas L.18751958Pilgrims Reston same stone as Elnora
JohnsonThomas W.Sep 8 1887Apr 25 1958Pilgrims Reston same stone as Cora
JoiceThos.none givennone givenPilgrims RestCo.E. 26 Mo. Inf.
JonesMelvin E.Jan 24 1910Nov 23 1968Pilgrims Rest
KelseyVictor CAug 24 1898Feb 27 1899Pilgrims Rest Son of D.B. & Annie
KoenigFay MOct 19 1915Dec 01 1956Pilgrims Rest
LavearRobert L19071969Pilgrims Restdid not locate in 1988
LavrarCairlionnone givenOct 2 1919Pilgrims Rest
LavrarLucianOct 19 1852Jun 14 1916Pilgrims Rest
LewisEarlFeb 13 1913Feb 13 1913Pilgrims Rest Son of B.L. & Mary
LewisRayNov 15 1903Nov 21 1903Pilgrims Rest Son of B.L. & Mary
LewisMurrelFeb 13 1913Feb 23 1913Pilgrims Rest Son of B.L. & Mary
LewisSarah AJul 9 1880Jun 30 1961Pilgrims Rest
LiverarCairlionnone givenOct 02 1919Pilgrims Rest
LollarAnnie EMay 25 1858Jul 27 1895 Pilgrims RestWife of J.E.
LongByran A18981920Pilgrims Rest
LongC.C.Dec 11 1853Feb 11 1891Pilgrims RestSpouse: T.H.
LongClarence C18951968Pilgrims Reston same stone as Gertrude P.
LongFrances J18721927Pilgrims Reston same stone as Jeptha
LongGertrude P18941982Pilgrims Reston same stone as Clarence C.
LongInfantnone givenMar 12 1892Pilgrims Rest Dau. of J. & F.; 3 Days
LongInfantNov 01 1907Nov 05 1907Pilgrim Rest Son of J.& F.  5 days
LongJeptha18691954Pilgrim Reston same stone as Frances J.
LongMyrtlenone givenNov 12 1895Pilgrim Rest Dau. of J. & F.; Age: 1 yr 8 mo 26 days
LongT.H.Aug 8 1852Jul 4 1943Pilgrim Rest
LottmanWmMay 5 1848Jul 4 1914Pilgrim Rest
LottmannMary AJun 1 1854Oct 26 1900Pilgrim Rest
LovellE. ClaraMay 22 1902Mar 17 1968Pilgrim Rest on same stone as W. Hugh
LovellW.HughJul 6 1898Apr 5 1971Pilgrim Rest on same stone as E. Clara
LuhnElisa WNov 26 1839Nov 11 1898Pilgrim Reston same stone as Gustave
LuhnGustaveMar 21 1840Jun 17 1913Pilgrim Reston same stone as Elisa
ManessAllenSep 17 1820Dec 7 1895Pilgrim RestSpouse: Elizabeth
ManessCurtis AAug 30 1898Oct 26 1971Pilgrim Rest
ManessElizabethOct 3 1832Dec 23 1902Pilgrim Rest Wife of Allen
ManessFielding18591932Pilgrim Rest On same stone as Sarah J.
ManessLola M19021902Pilgrim Rest
ManessSarah J18591945Pilgrim Rest On same stone as Fielding
ManessTilla M19041908Pilgrim Rest
ManionFrancis EApr 13 1892Jul 22 1892Pilgrim Rest Daughter of J.T. & Mary E; 3m 3d
Pilgrim Rest Son of J.T. & Mary E; "born and died"
Pilgrim Rest only one date given
ManionJohn TJun 10 1865Dec 5 1948Pilgrim Rest
ManionMary ENov 10 1868Feb 15 1901Pilgrim Rest Wife of J.T.
ManionWalter MAug 9 1899Aug 30 1899Pilgrim RestSon of John & Mary
McAnallyLetitiaDec 12 1862Apr 20 1934Pilgrim RestParents: nee Huskey
McBroomRosa BSep 8 1878Mar 8 1879 Pilgrim Rest6m
McBroomRuthDec 25 1818Dec 11 1892 Pilgrim RestMother; Wife of William; 73y 11m 16d; SSA Wm.
McBroomWilliamJun 13 1800Sep 24 1873 Pilgrim RestFather; 73y 3m 4d; SSA Ruth
McCormackZoa E18841949Pilgrim Rest
McKeeAdam HarveyJul 13 1811Mar 30 1880Pilgrim Rest68 yrs 8 mo 17 days
McKeenHugh PJul 20 1865Aug 11 1910Pilgrim RestMember of Chevalier Lodge No 70 K. of P.
McMullinBessienone givennone givenPilgrim Rest
McMullinChildnone givennone givenPilgrim RestParents: W.J. & Cora; Did not locate stone
McMullinCora A18771966Pilgrim Rest Spouse: William J
McMullinElmernone givennone givenPilgrim Rest
McMullinGertrude E18761912Pilgrim Rest
McMullinInfantnone givennone givenPilgrim Rest
McMullinInfantnone givennone givenPilgrim RestParents: W.J. & Cora
McMullinJ.C.May 13 1852Oct 4 1924Pilgrim RestSpouse: S.F.; Said "Father" on stone
McMullinJ Samuel18821956Pilgrim Rest Same stone as Mary
McMullinJames ROct 12 1876Nov 27 1963Pilgrim Rest
McMullinM. M.none givennone givenPilgrim RestParents: J.C. & S.F.
McMullinMary L18881966Pilgrim RestSame stone as J Samuel
McMullinS.F.Dec 18 1854Jan 20 1926Pilgrim Rest Spouse: J.C.; Said "Mother" on stone
McMullinWilliam J18741953Pilgrim RestSpouse: Cora A
MersealDelia J.Sep 17 1891Dec 27 1969Pilgrim Rest
MersealDorothy A.Jun 21 1914Jan 29 1999Pilgrim Rest
MersealJames D.Feb 17 1884Nov 18 1965Pilgrim Rest
MersealJames V.Oct 13 1911Jan 5 1980Pilgrim RestSame stone as Dorothy
MersealJulia M.Nov 6 1913Jul 21 1982Pilgrim Rest
MeyersJesseSep 6 1?09Oct 15 1?84Pilgrim RestSame stone as Lucille
MeyersLucille RApr 10 1?12Dec 22 1?94Pilgrim Restnee Graham; Same stone as Jesse
MothersheadFeliciaJul 6 1?15Mar 2 1?17Pilgrim Rest Parents: George
MothersheadJane WileyMar 15 1833Feb 6 1899Pilgrim Rest
MurrillGeorgeMay 15 1838Jan 31 1909Pilgrim Rest
NorrisEdith E19101983Pilgrim RestSame stone as James
NorrisJames C1906none givenPilgrim RestSame stone as Edith
OelsEdwardMar 9 1860Apr 20 1922Pilgrim Rest
OelsHenry C18661885Pilgrim Rest
OelsInfant18981898Pilgrim Rest Parents: E.A.& E.L.
OelsJulianna E18261893Pilgrim Rest
OelsWilliam18151882Pilgrim Rest
OelsWilliam F18531875Pilgrim Rest
OgleFrank H19301976Pilgrim Rest
OgleGeorge18541892Pilgrim Rest On same stone as Mary
OgleJohn D19021961Pilgrim RestOn same stone as Sadie
OgleMary18561943Pilgrim RestOn same stone as John
OgleMillie Enone givennone givenPilgrim RestDid not locate in 1988
OgleSadie C19011982Pilgrim RestOn same stone as George
OttomeyerB.F.Nov 10 1873Jul 29 1961Pilgrim RestSame stone as Mary J.
OttomeyerInfant Daughternone givenJul 19 1894Pilgrim RestParents: Samuel & Katie; Age: 2 days
OttomeyerMary JApr 27 1873Oct 19 1923Pilgrim RestSame stone as B.F.
PartinayJosephine Anone givenApr 5 1864Pilgrim RestAge: 3 yrs 1 mo 25 days; Child of L. & T
PartinayLusina Mnone givenApr 10 1861Pilgrim RestAge: 2 yrs 5 mo 27 days; Child of L. & T.
PartinayMarynone givenApr 8 1867Pilgrim RestAge: 9 yrs 4 mo 27 days; Child of L. & T.
PartinayTheresanone givenApr 7 1863Pilgrim Rest Wife of L. Partinay; Age: 35 yrs 28 days: SSA children
PartneyArthur R18981983Pilgrim Rest on same stone as Dorothy
PartneyAugustus Theodore18561934Pilgrim Reston same stone as Susan
PartneyBirtieJun 13 1892Nov 8 1893Pilgrim Rest
PartneyClarence M18741924Pilgrim Reston same stone as Ora
PartneyDorothy M19151971Pilgrim Reston same stone as Arthur
PartneyEdward L18721949Pilgrim Rest
PartneyErnest A18851977Pilgrim Rest on same stone as Lalla
PartneyHerbert RJun 15 1900Jan 6 1954Pilgrim RestWWI, Missouri P.F.C. 307 BN Tanks Corps
PartneyInfantnone givennone givenPilgrim RestParents: A.T.
PartneyJno.none givenMar 13 1888Pilgrim RestAge: 1 mo 7 days
PartneyJohn W18561932Pilgrim Rest on same stone as Mary A
PartneyLalla18801972Pilgrim Rest on same stone as Ernest
PartneyLouis SrApr 9 1824Dec 27 1890Pilgrim Rest Father; Spouse: Teresa E
PartneyLucy VAug 28 1877Jul 27 1895Pilgrim Rest
PartneyMary A18581933Pilgrim Reston same stone as John W
PartneyOra E18761957Pilgrim Reston same stone as Clarence M
PartneySusan Elizabeth18551927Pilgrim Reston same stone as Augustus Theodore
PartneyTnone givennone givenPilgrim RestParents: A.T.
PartneyTeresa ESep 8 1844Nov 3 1913Pilgrim Rest Wife of L. Partney Sr
PaulsAllen H18791922Pilgrim Rest
PaulsEric18501914Pilgrim Rest
PaulsLillian JMay 5 1888Jul 4 1980Pilgrim Rest
PaulsMatilda18531924Pilgrim Rest
PaulsTheodore A1885Apr 12 1887Pilgrim Rest 2y 3m 13d
PaulsWalter RApr 18 1892Mar 18 1952Pilgrim RestWWI, Missouri P.F.C., 2nd Inf. 33 Div
PierceAmanda EMar 18 1867Oct 5 1922Pilgrim Reston same stone as Wm R
PierceAnna BelleSep 27 1864Feb 15 1956Pilgrim RestParents: nee Mothershead; Spouse: William Heenan Pierce
PierceArah EFeb 5 1877Jun 15 1951Pilgrim Rest
PierceArchie GOct 7 1907Mar 27 2000Pilgrim RestSame story as Mary J
PierceBlaine DOct 2 1953Aug 1 1986Pilgrim Rest
PierceCora V18791965Pilgrim Rest on same stone as Frank
PierceDarrel GeneJan 14 1946Nov 8 1969Pilgrim RestSSG TRP D4 Cav 25 Inf Div Vietnam SS-BSM-PH
PierceEldon GeorgeMar 25 1917Dec 01 1968Pilgrim RestWWII, Missouri P.F.C., Co. B307, ABN Engr BN
PierceEliza B18391871Pilgrim Rest Spouse: Wm G
PierceEllanone givennone givenPilgrim Rest Parents: W.G.
PierceFrank M18781963Pilgrim Reston same stone as Cora V
PierceGertrude EJun 25 1903Apr 14 1989Pilgrim RestSame stone as Sam
PierceLouis JDec 2 1867Jul 12 1900Pilgrim Rest
PierceLucinda FJun 5 1847Feb 8 1932Pilgrim Rest Age: 84 yrs 8m 3d; on same stone as William G
PierceMargaret18501920Pilgrim RestSpouse: Thomas
PierceMary JJul 18 1909Apr 23 1989Pilgrim Rest
PierceNorma JeanNov 02 1932Feb 12 1933Pilgrim Rest
PierceNorman GrantFeb 09 1934Feb 09 1934Pilgrim Rest
PierceRonald Eldon19381941Pilgrim Rest
PierceSam PMay 14 1903Apr 19 1986Pilgrim RestSame stone as Gertrude
PierceThomas18501924Pilgrim RestSpouse: Margaret
PierceWilliam GJan 6 1828Nov 19 1898Pilgrim Rest Father; SSA Lucinda F; 70y 2m 13d
PierceWilliam HeenenJun 22 1860Jun 11 1933Pilgrim Rest
PierceWm RApr 10 1864May 9 1935Pilgrim Reston same stone as Amanda
PoundsElsie19031950Pilgrim Rest
PoundsEssie F19051963Pilgrim Rest
PoundsJames W18811966Pilgrim RestOn same stone as Nettie
PoundsMatilda19171935Pilgrim Rest
PoundsNettie18881968Pilgrim RestOn same stone as James
PoundsRobert SMar 16 1916Oct 10 1944Pilgrim RestCorp, died in France
none given1923Pilgrim RestInfant
PrattIona LaNell19521967Pilgrim Rest
PruittF.L.18831932Pilgrim Rest
PueschelFran P. BellJul 11 1948Jul 18 1991Pilgrim RestSame stone as Fred
PueschelFred WMar 4 49none givenPilgrim RestSame stone as Fran
ReesElla HNov 17 1885Oct 13 1970Pilgrim RestSame stone as Otto
ReesOtto CJun 7 1889Jun 20 1976Pilgrim RestSame stone as Ella
ReesVernon KMay 24 1929Feb 21 1962Pilgrim Rest
RileyOwen EMay 12 1828Jun 11 1911Pilgrim RestSame stone as Virginia
RileyVirginiaNov 17 1836May 8 1926Pilgrim Rest
RogersClairMar 10 1910Aug 26 1912Pilgrim Rest
RogersDarrel GeneJan 14 1946Nov 8 1969Pilgrim RestViet Nam SS-BSM; Missouri SSG TRP D 4 CAV 25 Inf Div
RogersDoranone givenJan 29 1919Pilgrim Rest63 yrs 5 mo 11 days; Same stone as J.E.
RogersElmer EJul 07 1923Aug 08 1923Pilgrim Rest
RogersFideloJan 22 1914Feb 24 1917Pilgrim Rest
RogersJ.D.none givenJul 21 1905Pilgrim RestSon of J.E. & D.; Age: 29 yrs 6 mo 23 days
RogersJ.E.none givenFeb 26 1911Pilgrim RestAge: 65 yrs 6 mo 18 days; Same stone as Dora
RogersJoseph BJun 2 1889Sep 19 1914Pilgrim Rest
RogersNancyFeb 23 1877Nov 24 1947Pilgrim RestPierce
RogersPhilip EJun 9 1876Aug 14 1912Pilgrim Rest
RogersViolaJul 15 1907Dec 29 1909Pilgrim Rest
RogersWillis LDec 22 1921Apr 10 1922Pilgrim Rest
RyanEdwardMar 13 1830May 31 1900Pilgrim RestAged 70 yrs 2 mo 18 days; Native of Co. Tipperary, Ireland
RyanJennienone givenFeb 25 1886Pilgrim RestAged 4 mo 13 days
ScaggsMinnanone givenDec 11 1884Pilgrim RestAged 19 yrs
ScaggsWesleynone givenApr 11 1874Pilgrim RestAged 52 yrs 6 mo 10 days
SiebelIda BelleSep 23 1888Feb 19 1963Pilgrim Rest
SiebelsAmelia E18731934Pilgrim Rest
SiebelsCharles PNov 4 1904Oct 10 1989Pilgrim Rest
SiebelsClara E19021980Pilgrim Rest
SiebelsEmil EJan 24 1889Dec 17 1967Pilgrim Rest on same stone as Winnie E
SiebelsFrankie JNov 16 1900Sep 07 1910Pilgrim Rest Son of H. & A.
SiebelsHarm18451918Pilgrim Reston same stone as Johanna
SiebelsHenry A18701955Pilgrim Rest
SiebelsHenry W Jr.Nov 19 1908Feb 19 1985Pilgrim Rest
SiebelsJames19171996Pilgrim Rest
SiebelsJennieNov 28 1906Jan 11 1925Pilgrim RestParents: Henry & Amelia
SiebelsJohanna18391932Pilgrim Reston same stone as Peter
SiebelsJohanna18581902Pilgrim Reston same stone as Harm
SiebelsOscarAug 10 1892Feb 17 1975Pilgrim Reston same stone as Pearl
SiebelsPearlAug 01 1897Oct 20 1987Pilgrim Rest on same stone as Oscar
SiebelsPeter18391928Pilgrim Reston same stone as Johanna
SiebelsVirginia1917none givenPilgrim RestSame stone as James
SiebelsWalter HDec 05 1890Sep 20 1943Pilgrim RestMissouri PVT. 66 Inf. 7 Div
SiebelsWinnie EJul 27 1891May 03 1956Pilgrim Reston same stone as Emil
SimpsonEddie18731948Pilgrim Rest
SimpsonGeo W18651930Pilgrim Rest
SloanEverett SDec 18 1904Jan 8 1996Pilgrim RestSame stone as Inez; m. Sep 10 1927
SloanGeorge E18601941Pilgrim Reston same stone as Theresa G.
SloanGeorge M18951961Pilgrim Rest
SloanInez MApr 19 1907Nov 2 1996Pilgrim RestSame stone as Everett
SloanTheresa G18711954Pilgrim Reston same stone as George E.
SloanThomas WJan 12 1900Nov 07 1900Pilgrim Rest
SondacMinnieAug 20 1879Feb 11 1908Pilgrim RestDaughter of W.P & Mira Gamble
StegmannAugust BollfrassFeb 10 1797Dec 7 1876 Pilgrim RestSSA Gustav & Mathilde
StegmannMathildeJun 19 1828Feb 29 1880Pilgrim Rest SSA Gustave Stegmann & August Bollfrass
StegmannGustavMay 12 1826Sep 04 1890Pilgrim Rest SSA Mathilde Stegmann & August Bollfrass
StroupeFrank18521938Pilgrim Rest Said "Father" on stone
StroupeNancy J18561928Pilgrim RestSaid "Mother" on stone
SullensGeorge MApr 08 1865Apr 16 1938Pilgrim RestSaid "Father" on stone; on same stone as Sarah
SullensSarah EJan 24 1866Nov 03 1936Pilgrim RestSaid "Mother" on stone; on same stone as George
ThebeauFrances M Hauck18791947Pilgrims Rest
TierneyInfantnone givennone givenPilgrims RestAge: 10 mo
TierneyJohn T18621939Pilgrims Reston same stone as Mariar
TierneyMariar A18671932Pilgrims Rest on same stone as John
TierneyMary E18871890Pilgrims Rest
TierneyPatrick W18891891Pilgrims Rest
TrimbleClara ENov 13 1893Dec 14 1894Pilgrims Rest
TrimbleMaggieJan 27 1880Jan 03 1897Pilgrims Rest
TrimbleSusan18611895Pilgrims Rest Parents: nee Manion
none givenSep 20 1885Pilgrims RestAge: 6 mo
VoylesZellaApr 22 1?10Feb 18 1?50Pilgrims Rest
WagonerElla M18831938Pilgrims Rest On same stone as George
WagonerGeo18771955Pilgrims Rest On same stone as Ella
WaltherArthur B19211977Pilgrims Rest
WaltherGordean G1931none givenPilgrims Rest
WareJames L18571919Pilgrims Rest
WareMarchia & Infants18611922Pilgrims Rest
WashburnBertieMay 01 1880Aug 22 1941Pilgrims RestOn same stone as Neal
WashburnNeal FFeb 06 1894Aug 22 1978Pilgrims RestOn same stone as Bertie
WhiteJames TOct 01 1855Dec 09 1901Pilgrims Rest
WhiteMary I Anderson Oct 4 1860 Pilgrims RestDau of Parolee White; 3y 11m 27d
WhiteselEmelyFeb 18 1835Oct 29 1922Pilgrims RestSpouse: Geo W
WhiteselGeo WMay 25 1832Jul 10 1872Pilgrims RestSpouse: Emely
WhiteselJames HJan 22 1869Oct 22 1879Pilgrims Rest Son of Geo W & Emely
WhiteselMary JJul 26 1864Dec 17 1904Pilgrims Rest
WhiteselOrra SDec 6 1868May 16 1926Pilgrims Rest
WhiteselSarah EMay 02 1871Apr 28 1888Pilgrims Rest Dau of Geo W & Emely
WhitselBonita SueSep 30 1?40Dec 30 1?41Pilgrims Rest
WhitselEllennone givenApr 29 1888Pilgrims RestAge: 7 mo 8 days
WhitselGeorge MAug 27 1897Dec 12 1966Pilgrims Rest
WhitsellLucieleOct 15 1?27Nov 08 1?27Pilgrims RestParents: Jno & Ellen
WhitsellMary EMar 21 1863Mar 11 1958Pilgrims RestOn same stone as W.P.
WhitsellW.P.May 29 1857Feb 03 1936Pilgrims RestOn same stone as Mary
WidemanAnnie KMay 11 1864Feb 29 1921Pilgrims Rest Said "Mother" on stone; Same stone as Patrick
WidemanCharles Joananone givenJan 13 1886Pilgrims RestAge: 1 yr 4 mo 24 days
WidemanPatrick HJan 12 1864Dec 29 1935Pilgrims RestSaid "Father" on stone; Same stone as Annie
WileyAlbert1885none givenPilgrims Rest 26 days; did not locate in 1988
WileyAmanda ESep 18 1860Feb 20 1903Pilgrims Rest Spouse: John M; Age: 42 yrs 5 mo 2d
WileyElizabeth ADec 27 1841Dec 29 1902Pilgrims Rest On same stone as T.J. and J.M. Wiley
WileyFlorence18571917Pilgrims Rest On same stone as Wm. S
WileyGeorgenone givenDec 30 1885Pilgrims Restaged 68 years
WileyJ.M.Oct 10 1860Mar 28 1949Pilgrims RestOn same stone as Elizabeth & T.J.
WileyMartha Enone givenMay 03 1882Pilgrims RestBeloved wife of Wm A; Aged 25 yrs 4 mo 23 days
WileyMary AJan 08 1822Apr 17 1900Pilgrims Rest
WileyT.J.Jan 07 1836Dec 19 1899Pilgrims RestOn same stone as Elizabeth & J.M.
WileyTom18491947Pilgrims Rest
WileyWm S18501930Pilgrims RestOn same stone as Florence
WilliamsAry Janenone givenApr 02 1875Pilgrims Rest Wife of James S; Age: 37 yrs 1 mo 21 d
WilliamsAustin18411921Pilgrims Rest
WilliamsCharlieOct 21 1893Jan 30 1909Pilgrims Rest
WilliamsEarle TSep 08 1904Jul 28 1964Pilgrims RestOn same stone as Grace
WilliamsEdith Lucille HuskeyOct 16 1896Mar 23 1984Pilgrims RestSame stone as F.Ray Williams Her Husband
WilliamsEmily18461896Pilgrims Rest
WilliamsEthel M JohnsonJan 28 1911Nov 18 1990Pilgrims Rest
WilliamsEvelyn T19081966Pilgrims RestOn same stone as Kenneth
WilliamsF. RayAug 01 1892Jun 26 1959Pilgrims Rest
WilliamsGeneva18771878Pilgrims Rest
WilliamsGracenone givennone givenPilgrims Rest Did not locate in 1988
WilliamsGrace EAug 14 1913none givenPilgrims Rest On same stone as Earle
WilliamsJames Onone givenApr 22 1890Pilgrims RestAge: 71 yrs
WilliamsJames S.Feb 14 1830Dec 17 1889Pilgrims Rest
WilliamsJennings Snone givennone givenPilgrims RestDid not locate in 1988
WilliamsJosephMay 16 1866Jul 14 1942Pilgrims Rest
WilliamsKatie18841902Pilgrims Rest
WilliamsKenneth19091966Pilgrims RestOn same stone as Evelyn
WilliamsMarie19131981Pilgrims Rest
WilliamsMaryJul 08 1817Feb 09 1873Pilgrims Rest Wife of James O
WilliamsMary Janenone givenApr 2 1875Pilgrims RestWife of James S.; Aged 37y 1m 21 d
WilliamsRichard18831901Pilgrims Rest
WilsonAlbert F18991966Pilgrims RestOn same stone as Nellie J
WilsonAmanda E18611929Pilgrims Rest
WilsonAmelie IJul 17 1920Mar 11 1933Pilgrims Rest Daughter of Albert & Nellie
WilsonEliza JAug 02 1886Feb 05 1920Pilgrims Rest
WilsonErnest E18821966Pilgrims Rest On same stone as Mabel
WilsonEula P18891912Pilgrims Rest
WilsonEvelyn AJan 18 1931Sep 20 1933Pilgrims Rest Daughter of Albert & Nellie
WilsonInfantnone given1904Pilgrims Rest
WilsonIrene R19241925Pilgrims Rest
WilsonJames E19221927Pilgrims Rest
WilsonJames QJun 05 1867Jun 09 1954Pilgrims Rest On same stone as Lulu
WilsonJesse F18851963Pilgrims Rest
WilsonKatie M.18901976Pilgrims Rest
WilsonLilly May18951898Pilgrims Rest
WilsonLulu MaeDec 06 1873Sep 11 1950Pilgrims RestOn same stone as James
WilsonMabel18971982Pilgrims Rest On same stone as Ernest E.
WilsonNellie J18981977Pilgrims Rest On same stone as Albert
WilsonPearl C18921931Pilgrims Rest
WilsonRobertMay 23 1897Apr 22 1910Pilgrims Rest
WilsonTnone givennone givenPilgrims Rest
WilsonWillis F18551909Pilgrims Rest