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Ogle Cemetery

Recorded by Jerry McKee

T40 R5 S18

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
DickensMabel Adela ScottOct 18 1893Sep 19 1918OgleDau of L.J. & M.S.
FieldsNancy AnnJul 6 1831Jan 20 1902OgleDau. of Phoebe Fields Scott
FrancesSarah EDec 7 1856Mar 28 1880OgleDau. of Wm. N & P.A.
GaultNancy Emeline ScottOct 21 1858Oct 19 1943Ogle
HammondMaryApr 19231923OgleAged 6 months
HammondMary Anna ScottOct 5 1897Apr 15 1923Ogle 
McCormackInfantOct 25 1902Oct 25 1902OgleSon of M.T. & A.B.
McKeeAlice MNov 19 1878Feb 25 1879OgleDau. of D.F. & Elizabeth
NullAlbert F18801918Ogle
NullClementineAug 18 1878Jun 23 1911OgleDau. of J.W. & S
NullJ. Wesley18521934OgleSame stone as Sophronia
NullSophronia18481918OgleSame stone as J. Wesley
OgleGeorge WAug 22 1825Jan 18 1877OgleAged 51y 4m 26d
OgleHan. DJan 19 1826Dec 7 1877OgleAged 51y 10m 18d
ReynoldsInfantnone givennone givenOgleSon of Thomas Morton Reynolds
ReynoldsInfantnone givennone givenOgleSon of Thomas Morton Reynolds
ScottDorris Marie19241925Ogle"Daughter" same stone as Leonard
ScottGertrudeDec 19 1906Jan 05 1907OgleDau. og L.J. & M.S.
ScottHerman JacksonSep 01 1904Jul 24 1920OgleSon of L.J. & M.S.
ScottHomernone givennone givenOgleAged 18 yrs
ScottJ.NewtonJun 29 1890Aug 08 1899Ogle
ScottLeonard Jackson18691945Ogle"Father" on same stone as Dorris
ScottLouise Margaretnone givennone givenOgleReburied at Woodlawn
ScottMary Meeseynone givennone givenOgleWife of Stephen Smith Scott
ScottMary Sophronia SansouciMar 03 1872Dec 27 1906OgleWife of L.J.
ScottNancy Emilynone givenDec 29 1908OgleDau. og Wm T & Louise Margaret
ScottPhoebe AnnJun 11 1827May 06 1903OgleWife of William N
ScottSarah EDec 07 1856Mar 8 1880Ogle
ScottSarah ENov 07 1898Mar 12 1899Ogle Dau of S.S. & M.
ScottStephen Smith1866Oct 25 1906OgleHusband of Mary Meesey
ScottWilliam NewtonJan 10 1831Apr 17 1908OgleHusband of Phoebe Ann
WilliamsDelphine EdnaFeb 25 1917Nov 29 1921Ogle