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McCormick Cemetery


Contributed by Elmer & Glee Heiligtag & Nadine Garland

Additional stones by George Van Meter
T43 R5 S8

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
BolyCharles P.18771949McCormick"Father" Aged 72 yrs
BolyElida18471903McCormickSame stone as Michael
BolyMichael18371894McCormickSame stone as Elida "His Wife"
BorenHerman E. Jr.19251927McCormick
BoyerBarthenanone givenJan 23 1875McCormick"Mother" 78 yrs
BJnone givennone givenMcCormick 
BrommelsieckDrucillaApr 15 1841none givenMcCormickSame stone as Henry
BrommelsieckHenry H.Jun 19 1827Apr 01 1907McCormickSame stone as Drucilla
BrommelsieckHerman FrederickJun 18 1869May 07 1933McCormickSame stone as Margaret
BrommelsieckMargaret LillianMay 19 1882Apr 02 1956McCormickSame stone as Herman
BrommelsieckMinnienone givennone given McCormick 
BurtonEvelynJun 21 1909Apr 24 1913McCormickSame stone as Harold; Children of H.W. & M.J. Burton
BurtonHaroldMay 23 1908May 23 1908McCormickSame stone as Evelyn; Children of H.W. & M.J. Burton
BurtonMartha J.Feb 17 1890Jan 01 1952McCormick"Sister"
Clark"Baby" DickDec 25 1871Aug 02 1872McCormickInfant Son of J. B. & Casse Clark
ClarkJ. B.Jul 12 1838Dec 21 1886McCormick
DeckeInfantFeb 08 1941Feb 08 1941McCormickParents: George & Olive (Pogue) Decke; buried near Pogue family stones
DowlingFerdenandonone givenOct 1870McCormickParents N B & M J; 20 yrs 7 mo 2 days
DowlingMalisianone givenNov 13 1863McCormickDau. of N.B & Mary Jane; 11 yrs 4 mo 5 days; Stone very broken
GilmereAnnie J.Sep 4 1855Jan 23 1911McCormickWife of J.A. Gilmere
GilmereElizanone givenJan 26 1887McCormickAge: 70 yrs 2 mo 2 days
GilmereJohn B.none givenMar 11 1884McCormickAge: 33yrs 9mos 23days
HilderbrandAnna EJan 27 1830Aug 16 1902McCormick
HilderbrandStephenMay 29 1830Nov 21 1898McCormick
HurtMattie Pogue18791933McCormick
MathenyCatherine18521929McCormickSame stone as J.F.
MathenyJ.F.18441921McCormickSame stone as Catherine, "His Wife"
McCormickMartha J.18491906McCormick"Mother" On same stone as Oliver
McCormickOliver18421884McCormick"Father" On same stone as Martha J
NJ Monly one date givenOct 1853 McCormick 
PogueAddison G.18771914McCormick
PogueBarbara M.Apr 14 1886Dec 24 1951McCormick"Mother" On same stone as Walter F
PogueGeorge ASep 10 1852Jan 11 1929McCormickSame stone as Minnie
PogueMinnieMay 28 1856Oct 9 1928McCormickSame stone as George
PogueWalter F.Nov 14 1885Jun 17 1950McCormick"Father" On same stone as Barbara M
StouseThomasJun 21 1838Aug 21 1911McCormick
SullensBulha M.Sep 21 1887Jun 26 1888McCormickSame stone as Susan; Children of F. & E. Sullens
SullensSusan BOct 13 1881May 17 1887McCormickSame stone as Bulha; Children of F & E Sullens
Swa_eyDanielnone givenSep 18 1881McCormickAged 74 yrs 1 mo 19 days