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James McCormack Cemetery

Additional Stones Contributed by Lisa K. Gendron & Tim Ogle

Revisited and verified April 2011 by Becky Gagnon, Carole Goggin, Dave Hallemann, Lisa Gendron
T39 R6 S6

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
BaileyElizaSep 28 1831Aug 20 1852James McCormack FamilyDaughter of James & Margaret McCormack;Wife of Leander Bailey
BerrySarahNov 15 1811Jun 20 1865James McCormack FamilyWife of Willis G.
BoycePaul L.Jan 07 1890Dec 23 1893James McCormack FamilySon of W.C & E.C.
ColeLewis PJul 11 1900Oct 13 1900James McCormack FamilySon of N.F. & Pearl
CoxMatilda J.none givenApr 26 1873James McCormack FamilyAged 27y
CoxStella CelestineJul 22 1875Oct 11 1875James McCormack FamilyAged 2m 20d
DonnellMrs. CynthiaMay 2 1827Feb 15 1890 James McCormack FamilyAged 62y 9m 13d
DonnellHardy Mnone givenMar 22 1845James McCormack Family Son of Thomas & Mary Age: 5m 13d
DonnellHarriet Anone givenJun 27 1878James McCormack FamilyWife of Thomas L.; Aged 45 yrs 20 days
DonnellInfantnone givenSep 19 1862James McCormack FamilySon of T.L & H.A.; Age: 3 mo 3 days
DonnellJames C.R.none givenOct 10 1844 James McCormack FamilyAged 2y 6m 13d; Son of Thomas L. & Mary
DonnellJerome C.B.none givenOct 22 1865James McCormack FamilySon of Thomas L & Mary; Age: 16y 2m 22d
DonnellLilly B WestFeb 16 1857Apr 1859 James McCormack FamilyDaughter of Thomas L. & Mary
DonnellMargaret Alicenone givenOct 23 1862James McCormack FamilyDau of E.F. & L.C.; Aged 5y 6m 27d
DonnellMarynone givenFeb 16 1857James McCormack FamilyWife of Thomas L; Aged 33 yrs 5 mo 15 d
DonnellMillard Mnone givenNov 11 1864James McCormack FamilyParents: T.L & H.A.; Aged 1 yr 22 days
DonnellSamuel Oscornone givenMay 25 1861James McCormack Family Aged 37y 3m 1d; Epitaph signed by Cynthia Donnell
DonnellThomas L.May 19 1818Sep 16 1888James McCormack Family70 yrs 8 mo 27 d
EnglandJohn Avanantnone givenJan 15 1838James McCormack FamilyAged 2 mo 19 days
EvansTolmannone givennone givenJames McCormack Familyfuneral marker, buried about 1941
HarringtonBertha AJul 6 1890Jan 5 1892James McCormack FamilyDau. of R.M & E.J.; 1y 7m 29d; SSA Rushe
HarringtonRushe MMay 1 1865Nov 15 1891James McCormack FamilyWife of E.J.; Age 26y 8m 14d; SSA Bertha
HartSethApr 21 1806Jul 9 1833James McCormack Family
McCormackEliza Snone givenNov 5 1865James McCormack FamilyAged 45 yrs 6 mo 28 d
McCormackEnochnone givenOct 23 1843James McCormack FamilyAge: 31 yrs 10 mo 28 days
McCormackHardySep 16 1824Mar 9 1903James McCormack Familysame stone as Sarah A
McCormackHarriet J18??18??James McCormack Family
McCormackJamesnone givenJan 19 1846James McCormack FamilyAge: 53 yrs 10 mo
McCormackJames Fnone givenMay 3 1863James McCormack FamilyAged 26 yrs 5 mo
McCormackJane Cnone givenoct 4 1844James McCormack FamilyDau of E & E; Aged 5 yrs 1 mo 17 d
McCormackKatie Lnone givenNov 8 1882James McCormack FamilyDau of Mitchell & Harriet; Aged 23y 3m 8d
McCormackMargaret MMay 28 1796Aug 21 1874James McCormack Family 
McCormackMitchell18231913James McCormack FamilyOn same stone as Susan C
McCormackSallie Lnone givenJul 22 1880James McCormack FamilyDau of Mitchell & Harriet; Aged 18y 21d
McCormackSarah ASep 24 1834Jul 8 1900James McCormack FamilySame stone as Hardy
McCormackSusannone givenApr 9 1865James McCormack FamilyDau of J. & S; Age: 47 yrs 6 mo
McCormackSusan C18461921James McCormack Familysame stone as Mitchell
McMullinAdalinenone givenMarch 11 1861James McCormack FamilyWife of J T McMullin; Aged 25y 10m 16d; Dau. of E. & E. McCormack (stone broken in half)
MurrayMargaret AFeb 25 1841Mar 11 1865James McCormack Family Wife of Felix
PerkinsCynthia E18541923James McCormack FamilySame stone as H. Rudy
PerkinsH. Rudy18461921James McCormack Familysame stone as Cynthia E
SmithJames HendersonSep 26 1872May 10 1922James McCormack Family
StewartElizabethnone givenJan 01 1881James McCormack FamilyAge: 64 yrs
StewartThomas Rnone givenJan 30 1886James McCormack FamilyAged 23 yrs 9 mo 26 days
StroupEliza NevadaApr 27 1859?Dec 08 1905James McCormack FamilyWife of George (stone broken at date)
WattsCarolineJul 27 1828Feb 19 1852James McCormack Family Dau. of James & Margaret McCormack; Wife of Rev H.N. Watts
WattsInfantJun 25 1850Jun 25 1850James McCormack FamilySon of Rev H.N & Caroline