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Lucky Baptist Church Cemetery
AKA Pleasant Ridge

T40 R4 S29

Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathCemetery/BurialNotes and/or Sources
AmbergerEdith19141996Luckey Baptist SSA Paul
AmbergerPaul Emanuel19271963Luckey Baptist SSA Edith, MO WO 6 Gun ARTY Korea
BaileyDonaldJan 26 1917Apr 26 1989 Luckey BaptistFather, SSA Nina
BaileyNina MOct 7 1912noneLuckey BaptistMother, SSA Donald
BelewEllen A.18711939Luckey Baptist Sister
BelewIda18731938Luckey Baptist SSA Silas
BelewJacob S.Oct 05 1897Oct 18 1962Luckey Baptist
BelewSilas G.18691931Luckey Baptist SSA Ida
BelewWilliam J.Jun 17 1802Oct 09 1809Luckey Baptist
BoydGoldie M.Feb 20 1900Oct 25 1969Luckey Baptist SSA James, Mother
BoydJames EverettMay 16 1896Jan 29 1971Luckey BaptistMo. Pvt Co C 1. DEV BN. WWI, SSA Goldie, Father
BucherJacobNov 22 1824Jun 26 1900Luckey BaptistBorn in Switzerland
CaineJustin AlanJul 24 1980Jan 1 1999 Luckey Baptist 
CaldwellInfantApr 9 1960Apr 10 1960 Luckey BaptistBaby Boy
CashAnna BMar 8 1913Dec 11 1979 Luckey BaptistBeloved Mother
CashWilliam E., Sr.Nov 16 1910Nov 12 1964Luckey Baptist
CernickTimothy W. 19671971Luckey Baptist Timmy
ChristianLillian19171969Luckey Baptist SSA Otis
ChristianOtis1914none givenLuckey Baptist SSA Lillian
CopelandDelmaDec 05 1908Apr 28 1982Luckey Baptist SSA Frank
CopelandElenora18951975Luckey Baptist SSA Otis
CopelandEvelene MaryNov 28 1914May 19 1933Luckey Baptist
CopelandFrancesAug 25 1920Mar 8 1989 Luckey BaptistSSA James, Married Sep 13 1941
CopelandFrancis LeonFeb 18 1934Aug 09 1934Luckey Baptist
CopelandFrank NJul 24 1905Nov 19 2000 Luckey BaptistSSA Delma
CopelandInfantnone givenDec 15 1953Luckey Baptist Baby Girl
CopelandJames HDec 20 1920Nov 24 1994 Luckey BaptistSSA Frances, S SGT US Army WWII
CopelandJewell EJun 10 1920Oct 1 1998 Luckey BaptistSSA Lloyd
CopelandJoseph N.18811959Luckey Baptist SSA Pearl
CopelandLloyd SJan 11 1916Dec 4 1998 Luckey BaptistSSA Jewell
CopelandNorman O.Jul 19 1947Feb 05 1968Luckey BaptistMo CPL, HMM 364 MAG 36 MAW Vietnam Ph
CopelandOrville L19261977Luckey BaptistSSA Violet, TEC 5 US Army WWII
CopelandOscar WilliamAug 10 1914Jun 25 1986 Luckey BaptistPFC US Army WWII
CopelandOtis O.18881977Luckey Baptist SSA Elenora
CopelandPearl J.18861964Luckey Baptist SSA Joseph
CopelandViolet B1930noneLuckey BaptistSSA Orville
DavisBernard Dnone givenNov 11 1971Luckey BaptistAge: 82 yrs 11 mo
DavisCharles RDec 20 1920Nov 27 1987 Luckey BaptistS Sgt US Army WWII
DavisErnestnone givenApr 1931Luckey BaptistAge: 16 yrs
DavisMary Kathernenone givenJun 02 1964Luckey BaptistAge: 75 yrs 5 mo 19 days
DavisHerschel LSep 10 1908Feb 5 1990 Luckey BaptistSSA Patricia
DavisPatricia OSep 28 1907May 2 1981 Luckey BaptistSSA Herschel
DodsonAnnaDec 01 1888Oct 01 1942Luckey Baptist SSA Wes
DodsonWessSep 26 1878Mar 08 1952Luckey Baptist SSA Anna
DrennenBertha H19071990Luckey BaptistSSA James
DrennenBlanche E18981952Luckey Baptist Mother
DrennenFrancesOct 10 1926Birth or Death (?)Luckey BaptistParents: Wm & B.E.
DrennenFrances M18621945Luckey Baptist SSA Mary
DrennenJames A18971966Luckey Baptist SSA Bertha
DrennenMary A18631946Luckey Baptist SSA Francis
DrennenWm A18931965Luckey Baptist
FickertJoycia MMay 10 1907May 14 1992 Luckey BaptistSSA Paul
FickertPaul TMar 20 1903Jan 24 1978 Luckey BaptistSSA Joycia
ForisterOllie Mae18891957Luckey Baptist SSA Slaithel
ForisterSlaithel18811865Luckey Baptist SSA Ollie
GansRichard W JrApr 18 1929Oct 10 1956Luckey Baptist SSA Wilma
GansWilma MJul 07 1930noneLuckey Baptist SSA Richard
GeneuxTammy Jo19621991Luckey Baptist 
GibbonsClarence18901956Luckey Baptist SSA Lucille
GibbonsDorothy Jeannone givenJul 13 1930Luckey Baptist Daughter of J.E & Florence
GibbonsG.A.Jan 28 1883Jan 28 1928Luckey Baptist
GibbonsGeorge18441927Luckey Baptist SSA Martha, CO B 6 MO Inf.
GibbonsLucille19101987Luckey Baptist SSA Clarence
GibbonsMartha18611938Luckey Baptist SSA George
GrubeyAlfred Stein18851955Luckey Baptist 
GrubeyLizzie18751950Luckey Baptist 
GwaltneyDarrell D Sr19401981Luckey Baptist 
HamptonAmanda18741959Luckey Baptist
HamptonH.M18731945Luckey Baptist
HardinClyde M19062001Luckey Baptist SSA Grace, Dale & Marion
HardinDale R19411941Luckey Baptist SSA Grace, Clyde and Marion
HardinGrace M19031993Luckey Baptist SSA Clyde, Dale & Marion
HardinMarion C19311931Luckey Baptist SSA Dale, Grace & Clyde
HarperVirgil R19411998Luckey Baptist 
HeinsLouise19101981Luckey Baptist 
HergetAndrew19091990Luckey Baptist Father, TEC 5 US Army WWII
HergetAugusta F1915noneLuckey BaptistMother
HergetErnest AAug 07 1907Jun 14 1969Luckey Baptist SSA Rose
HergetHenry H1935noneLuckey Baptist Son
HergetRose AnnJan 31 1916Aug 16 1996 Luckey BaptistSSA Ernest
HoffmanBirdie HJun 10 1900Jun 14 1985 Luckey Baptistnee Belew, SSA William, Married Dec 22 1920
HoffmanWilliamApr 16 1892Apr 23 1972Luckey BaptistMo. Pfc. 350 Inf. WWI, SSA Birdie
HohlFrancesJun 21 1879Jan 2 1901Luckey Baptist
HohlGertieJun 20 1900Jan 22 1901Luckey Baptist
HollinsworthLeo19312000Luckey Baptist 
HuskeyAlbert CAug 25 1882Feb 9 1966Luckey Baptist
HuskeyDonald LeeDec 28 1943Feb 17 1944 Luckey Baptist 
HuskeyErnest19082000Luckey Baptist SSA Marie
HuskeyMarie Patterson1909noneLuckey BaptistSSA Ernest
IsraelBertha Mae19001978Luckey BaptistMother
IsraelNancy18501934Luckey Baptist SSA Elihu
18961950Luckey Baptist SSA Nancy
JohnsonEthel MOct 4 1922Dec 26 1988 Luckey Baptist 
JohnsonMadonna R19491987Luckey BaptistMother, Wife
KellermanAnna Elizabeth18721961Luckey Baptistnee Harget
KiteEarl EOct 21 1907Jun 5 2000 Luckey BaptistSSA Lucy
KiteEdgar H19341990Luckey Baptist Pvt US Army Korea
KiteIda Lou18851974Luckey Baptist
KiteInfantnone given1942Luckey Baptist Infant of E.E. & J.A.
KiteJohn18811962Luckey Baptist
KiteLucy ASep 16 1911Oct 10 1998 Luckey BaptistSSA Earl
LanhamGeorge Jun 2 1964Luckey BaptistSSA Stella, Laura & Woodrow - Father
LanhamLaura Oct 25 1918Luckey BaptistSSA George, Stella, Woodrow - Daughter
LanhamStella Apr 9 1929Luckey BaptistSSA George, Laura & Woodrow - Mother
LanhamWoodrow Dec 22 1918Luckey BaptistSSA Stella, George & Laura - Son
LarattaCharlotte B 1936Luckey BaptistSSA William & Joyce - Wife
LarattaJoyce A 1958Luckey BaptistSSA William & Charlotte - Daughter
LarattaWilliam L 1930Luckey BaptistSSA Charlotte, Joyce - Husband
LewisGary WayneSep 9 1950Mar 10 1995 Luckey Baptist 
LewisStella E18891968Luckey Baptist
LilloydsLuthernone givenNov 195?Luckey BaptistAge: 16 yrs ??
MaddenDawn RMar 29 1967Dec 21 1979 Luckey Baptist 
ManessInfantJan 08 1904Jan 08 1904Luckey Baptist Daughter of J.E & Harriet
MartenAnnie BarbraDec 20 1884Apr 17 1976 Luckey Baptist 
MartenDarrel Rnone givenNov 06 1943Luckey Baptist
MartenDonnie RoyOct 01 1950Jun 26 1952Luckey Baptist
MartenGloria Estelle Jan 24 1929Jul 21 1984 Luckey Baptist 
MartenHelen EMar 11 1920Feb 27 1984 Luckey Baptist 
MartenJessie AApr 26 1921Mar 22 1982 Luckey Baptist 
MartenJohn HermanJul 26 1876Mar 31 1935Luckey Baptist
MartenJoseph LMay 20 1923Sep 12 1995 Luckey BaptistCpl US Army WWII
MartenMark StevenSep 14 1955Dec 08 1969Luckey Baptist
MartenMay FredaMay 29 1907Feb 17 1923Luckey Baptist
MartenNathan JakeFeb 2 1981May 29 1983 Luckey BaptistSugar Baby - Son of Norvel & Darlene
MartenRoy CNov 2 1918Oct 6 1987 Luckey BaptistSgt US Army WWII
MartenWalter LMay 14 1916Sep 8 1982 Luckey BaptistTec 5 US Army WWII
MathisEdward W19091990Luckey Baptist SSA Lola
MathisLola M19121995Luckey Baptist SSA Edward
McGeeJasper18611938Luckey Baptist SSA Sarah
McGeeSarah18681942Luckey Baptist SSA Jasper
MeseyDonnie E19782000Luckey Baptist 
MilesMary C18811954Luckey Baptist SSA Thomas
MilesThomas18641947Luckey Baptist SSA Mary
MinkerDelcy May18841959Luckey BaptistSSA George W
MinkerDelsie AApr 05 1916Jun 10 1917Luckey Baptist
MinkerGeorge W18841963Luckey Baptist SSA Delcy
MinkerJames AMay 01 1914Jun 29 1916Luckey Baptist
MinkerJoseph MJan 01 1906Jan 04 1906Luckey Baptist
NorrisGracie MJun 27 1899Jun 23 1900Luckey Baptist Daughter of J.S. & J.E.
NunnLafayette18581932Luckey Baptist
NunnMary E18611932Luckey Baptist
OgleAmos ThreodorFeb 19 1879Aug 12 1905Luckey Baptist
OgleEdward TheodoreJun 10 1901Mar 02 1902Luckey Baptist
OgleWilliam DealfitDec 29 1903Jan 07 1931Luckey Baptist
OwensAlbert WSep 2 1923noneLuckey BaptistUSN WWII
OwensDorothy RomaineDec 28 1922Jul 31 1997 Luckey Baptist 
PartneyMamie Johnson18951970Luckey Baptist nee Nunn
PinsonEdna E19131999Luckey Baptist SSA Frank
PinsonFlorence RMar 21 1903Mar 30 1971Luckey Baptist Mother
PinsonFrank O19031991Luckey Baptist SSA Edna
PinsonVinita M19341934Luckey Baptist
PrichardThomas N19091968Luckey Baptist
RetcherGrover GSep 12 1877May 17 1904Luckey Baptist Son of J.E. & Laura
RitcherJohn18551947Luckey Baptist
RogersBerthanone givennone givenLuckey BaptistSaid "Sister" on stone
RogersCisronone givennone givenLuckey BaptistSaid "Mother" on stone
RogersHettienone givennone givenLuckey BaptistSaid "Sister" on stone
RogersPearl MDec 09 1902Nov 28 1905Luckey Baptist Daughter of  L.C. & E.S.
RussellMinnie MSep 4 1872Oct 1 1954Luckey Baptist SSA William
RussellWilliam WAug 20 1870Oct 19 1954Luckey Baptist SSA Minnie
SchulzA19091961Luckey Baptist
SchulzHazel J19171975Luckey Baptist SSA Henry
SchulzHenry A19091961Luckey Baptist SSA Hazel
ShyBobby EJun 26 1932Jan 7 1979 Luckey Baptist 
SnyderCora BSep 13 1897Dec 13 1899Luckey Baptist Daughter of J.M. & Mary
SnyderWalter JApr 09 1?02Nov 24 1?05Luckey Baptist Son of J.M & Mary
SpanglerBlanche LJul 24 1904Sep 12 1980 Luckey BaptistSSA Roy
SpanglerRoy LeeDec 21 1889Jul 21 1962Luckey BaptistIll. Pfc. BTRY E 307 Field Art. WWI, SSA Blanche
SpurginMarvin EdmundJun 16 1927Feb 19 1979 Luckey BaptistUS Navy WWII
SpurginRita K19491959Luckey Baptist
SpurginWilliam EAug 4 1943Jan 24 1999 Luckey BaptistYNC US Navy Vietnam
SpurginWm EdmondFeb 26 1896Feb 16 1956Luckey BaptistMo. Pvt 163 Inf WWI
StiengrudeyLizzie18741950Luckey Baptist
18851955Luckey Baptist
ThomasMichael S IIFeb 10 1970Oct 4 1995 Luckey Baptist 
ThompsonChad Jr 19631972Luckey Baptist Thorney
ThompsonChad TAug 6 1932Jul 15 1996 Luckey BaptistCPL US Army Korea
WallaceJ.T.Mar 19 1854Jul 11 1936Luckey Baptist
WattNevada G18931973Luckey Baptist
WeismanJesse18821942Luckey Baptist
WhiteheadHattie LJun 3 1916Apr 1 1986 Luckey Baptist 
WhiteheadWilliam EApr 27 1897May 06 1972Luckey BaptistMo. Pvt, U.S. Army, WWI, SSA Hattie
WilgusBetty MFeb 12 1913Mar 25 1997 Luckey BaptistSSA Claude
WilgusClaude BJul 16 1914Apr 1 1992 Luckey BaptistSSA Betty, BPL US Army Air Corps WWII
WoodJames RApr 07 1844Feb 19 1918Luckey Baptist Corpl Co I 22 Ohio Inf. WWI
WoodNorwildaApr 17 1870Dec 15 1955Luckey Baptist
WoodardCal Eugene19482001Luckey BaptistSSA Cal V
Woodard Cal V 1902 1972 Luckey Baptist SSA Cal Eugene
WoodardClaude LAug 20 1919Dec 15 1992 Luckey Baptist 
Woodard Janet I Aug 17 1956 Jun 05 1957 Luckey Baptist
WoodardJess D18811959Luckey Baptist SSA Matilda
WoodardMatilda S18851941Luckey BaptistSSA Jess
WoodardMae I18781973Luckey Baptist
YarbroughElizabeth M18921990Luckey Baptist SSA Jacob
YarbroughJacob R18901973Luckey Baptist SSA Elizabeth