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Kidd Family Cemetery

*partially verified

T43 R4 S29

Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathCemetery/BurialNotes and/or Sources
BidlemanJames H.Jul 10 1924Mar 27 1981Kidd Family
BidlemanThomas H.Sep 19 1954Dec 23 1992Kidd Family
BurgessWalterMar 13 1888Sep 23 1888Kidd FamilySon of E. & A.? Burgess
CoxBertha Edna18901968Kidd Family
CoxChas.none givenJul 25 1889Kidd FamilyAge: 1 mo 22 days
GeitzThomasnone givenMay 15 1885Kidd FamilyAge: 2 yrs
HooverMarynone givenDec 31 1885Kidd FamilyAge: 52 yrs
JoplinEthel M.Mar 30 1875Aug 2 1944Kidd FamilySame stone as Spotswood
JoplinSpotswood C.Apr 17 1873Oct 7 1966Kidd FamilySame stone as Ethel
KiddAlmeda18601939Kidd FamilySame stone as Sim
KiddAndrew JFeb 28 1885Jun 11 1971Kidd FamilySame stone as Anna
KiddAndrew VSep 9 1923Dec 6 2003Kidd FamilySame stone as Betty
KiddAndy GlennApr 21 1953Oct 7 2000Kidd Family
KiddAnna MAug 15 1878Oct 3 1931Kidd FamilySame stone as Andrew J.
KiddBetty SAug 7 1926Jan 3 1980Kidd FamilySame stone as Andrew V.
KiddEsther Janenone givenSep 7 1882Kidd FamilyDau. of George and Nettie; Aged 5 mo 12 days
KiddGeorgenone givenAug 12 1884Kidd FamilyAged 39 yrs; Erected by his loving wife Nettie
KiddJennie18821961Kidd Family
KiddJesse Tnone givenFeb 6 1882Kidd FamilyAged 64 yrs
KiddMelissa Jnone givenDec 2 1885Kidd FamilyAged 62 yrs, 10m 19d
KiddRaymondApr 14 1895Aug 25 1987Kidd FamilyMissouri Pvt. Co. M 50th Inf. WWI
KiddSim18551930Kidd FamilySame stone as Almeda, "his wife"
LinthorstMartha Roques18611915Kidd Family
MaupinDaisyOct 30 1883Nov 7 1968Kidd Family
MaupinEdwardNov 7 1879Sep 2 1935Kidd Family
MaupinGeorgenone givenAug 31 1881Kidd FamilySon of W.H. & M.E. Maupin; Aged 1 yr 8m 2d
MaupinJ.W.18811882Kidd Family
MaupinJohnie Wnone givenAug 1 1883Kidd FamilySon of D.& N.? Maupin; Aged 1yr 11m 1d?
MaupinMargaret E18491937Kidd Family
MaupinNettie18551901Kidd Family
MaupinS.W.18961899Kidd Family
MaupinSamuelnone givennone givenKidd Family
MaupinSilas P18501908Kidd Family
MaupinV.T.18861899Kidd Family
MaupinW.H.18481915Kidd Family
MaupinWalter WJan 20 1878Feb 16 1955Kidd Family
NullAdd WApr 6 1890Jan 19 1978Kidd Family
NullCurtnone givennone givenKidd Familyhandmade stone
NullCurtiss18541928Kidd FamilySame stone as Hannah
NullFrances19181918Kidd Familyhandmade stone
NullGrover C18931958Kidd Family
NullHannah18561935Kidd FamilySame stone as Curtiss
NullHannahnone givennone givenKidd Familyhandmade stone
NullRoy KSep 12 1914Mar 01 1937Kidd Familyhandmade stone
NullWalter CAug 27 1895Feb 1 1985Kidd Family
OetjenNeal Enone givenOct 03 1950Kidd Family
OgleElsie M19111916Kidd Family
OgleGeorge W18781952Kidd Family
OgleHattie B18821952Kidd Family
OgleBabynone givennone givenKidd Family
OgleJames19021920Kidd Family
OgleJames L18511917Kidd Family
OgleJames L18761922Kidd Family
OgleSara E18?61934Kidd Family
PinsonHenry18581924Kidd Family
PinsonLouella Roques18521925Kidd Family
PuckettNaomi Roques18561939Kidd Family
RoquesEdwardsnone givenJul 16 1885Kidd FamilyAge: 9 yrs 6 mo
RoquesJas K18281913Kidd Family
RoquesJohn17861857Kidd FamilyPvt. 2 Regt. LA Militia War of 1812, Mexican War
RoquesRebecca18281897Kidd Family
RoquesT.C.18241897Kidd Family
SchnaiderLouisanone givenAug 07 1885Kidd FamilyAge: 22 yrs
ShoultsElijahApr 05 1863Oct 06 1934Kidd Family
none givennone givenKidd FamilySaid "Mother" & ......
VotawCecil C19101910Kidd Family
VotawClintOct 02 1878Jun 08 1965Kidd FamilySame stone as Izella
VotawEugene G19081908Kidd Family
VotawFannie G18931932Kidd Family
VotawHerbertAug 26 1913Jun 15 1939Kidd Family
VotawIzellaApr 12 1880Feb 17 1921Kidd FamilySame stone as Clint
VotawJohn T19111912Kidd Family
VotawJohn W18691941Kidd FamilySame stone as Nellie B
VotawLauranone givenAug 15 1874Kidd FamilyAge: 1 yr 10 mo 7 days
VotawNellie B18811963Kidd FamilySame stone as John W
VotawRhoda18471894Kidd Family
VotawWilliam18451933Kidd Family
WeaseAnnie C19011989Kidd FamilySame stone as George
WeaseGeorge N18821959Kidd FamilySame stone as Annie
WeaseWalter Anone givenMar 04 1893Kidd FamilySon of Albert & Belle Wease; Aged 6 mo 9 days
WilkersonAnn E. Ogle18981978Kidd Family