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Hematite Methodist Church Cemetery

T40 R5 S8

Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathCemetery/BurialNotes and/or Sources
AckleyBlanche L.18821950Hematite Methodist
AckleyFrances19201945Hematite Methodist
AckleyInfant1892none givenHematite Methodist
AckleyJames A.18471919Hematite MethodistSpouse: Mary Frances
AckleyMadie18801962Hematite Methodist
AckleyMary Frances18551900Hematite MethodistSpouse: James A
AckleyPatrick H.18741936Hematite Methodist
AckleyTilden E.18761919Hematite Methodist
AndersonFinnis M.19031977Hematite Methodist
ArmstrongAnnnone givenApr 22 1889Hematite MethodistAge: 67yrs 7days
ArnoldClyde19051919Hematite Methodist
ArnoldClydenone givenJan 08 1?04Hematite MethodistParents: H.R. & Ella Arnold
ArnoldElla18651942Hematite Methodist
ArnoldLauranone givenNov 15 1885Hematite MethodistAge: 31 yrs; Born in Jefferson Co Mo
ArnoldLettieJun 09 1892Aug 30 1892Hematite Methodist
ArnoldLottieAug 29 1897Oct 17 1897Hematite Methodist
ArnoldRobert18611942Hematite Methodist
BageAnnie18831919Hematite Methodist
BageBelleJan 01 1848Nov 16 1926Hematite Methodist
BageEdgar18821921Hematite Methodist
BageEtta18731921Hematite Methodist
BageJessie M.none givenNov 09 1879Hematite MethodistParents: T & B
BageTheodoreFeb 06 1838Jun 22 1915Hematite Methodist
BageWilliam T.Jan 29 1879Jan 10 1912Hematite Methodist
BerryJames W.??? 23 1840Jan 1880Hematite Methodist
BoyerHoward R.1920none givenHematite Methodist
BoyerMary18991973Hematite Methodist
BoyerSadie L.19101981Hematite Methodist
BoyerWalter18861983Hematite Methodist
BranteEmma H.Jul 22 1890Dec 06 1969Hematite Methodist
BrennemannMarieJun 24 1892Oct 09 1958Hematite Methodist
BrooksSyrusnone givenDec 16 1893Hematite MethodistBorn in near Richmond, VA
BrownBetty19091949Hematite MethodistParents: nee Holmes
BrownJohn S.1911none givenHematite Methodist
BrownMary J.Oct 07 1878none givenHematite MethodistSpouse: William J
BrownRosemary19161983Hematite Methodist
BrownWilliam J.Mar 02 1871Jan 09 1951Hematite MethodistSpouse: Mary J
BurrisRoss C.Jun 11 1906none givenHematite Methodist
BurrisWinnie A.May 06 1907Oct 10 1982Hematite Methodist
ByrdOlive MayMar 30 1896May 11 1897Hematite MethodistParents: T.S & Jessie O
CadwalladerFrank M.18371915Hematite Methodist
CadwalladerSarah C.18391933Hematite Methodist
CarterJames AllenDec 22 1829Feb 12 1884Hematite Methodist
CooperFloyd Davidnone givenJul 1980Hematite Methodist
CraftonElford E.Apr 29 1925Jan 29 1982Hematite MethodistSpouse: Juanita (m. May 19 1947)
CraftonJuanitaApr 15 1928none givenHematite MethodistSpouse: Elford E (m. May 19 1947)
CrouchMartha M.Mar 31 1915Dec 05 1915Hematite MethodistParents: H.C. & Jessie
DeClueOscar DAug 18 1909Sep 23 1984Hematite Methodist
DiamondAugustine R18991968Hematite Methodist
DonnellAlta AnnSep 01 1866Mar 24 1949Hematite Methodist
DonnellBryantAug 05 1884Apr 25 1958Hematite Methodistsame stone as Ethel
DonnellEdwin Cnone givenOct 06 1871Hematite MethodistParents: E.F. & Laura C; 21 years 9 mo 23 days
DonnellEli FApr 10 1831Feb 06 1925Hematite Methodist93 years 9 months 26 days
DonnellEthelMar 31 1891Jul 16 1966Hematite Methodistsame stone as Bryant
DonnellHoward N19001933Hematite Methodist
DonnellInfant Sonnone givenApr 08 1908Hematite MethodistInfant son of Newman & Theresa; 2 days
DonnellJames ROct 04 1866Mar 15 1952Hematite Methodist
DonnellJess FApr 06 1907May 03 1963Hematite Methodist
DonnellJess FranklinJun 02 1953Jun 25 1979Hematite Methodist
DonnellLaura Cnone givenDec 11 1884Hematite MethodistSpouse: E.F.
DonnellMary C18641953Hematite Methodistsame stone as William Foster
DonnellNewton RossApr 13 1876Sep 23 1932Hematite MethodistParents: Eli & Laura; Spouse: Theresa (Williams) married Jan 1 1907; Father of Jess, Newman & Ben
DonnellWilliam Foster18601932Hematite Methodistsame stone as Mary C
DormanZachary TaylorDec 15 1848Jun 28 1935Hematite Methodist
DuckworthDorothyDec 13 1896Jun 04 1975Hematite MethodistParents: nee England
EnglandBlanche S.Jul 22 1876May 15 1951Hematite Methodistsame stone as James R
EnglandElizabethDec 22 1840Feb 04 1908Hematite MethodistSpouse: James M
EnglandJ.R. (Jack)19091941Hematite MethodistPVT US Coast Art. Philippine Island
EnglandJames M.Dec 04 1835Jul 02 1904Hematite MethodistSpouse: Elizabeth
EnglandJames R.Oct 04 1866Mar 15 1962Hematite Methodistsame stone as Blanche S
EnglandLettie L.18731971Hematite Methodist
EnglandMargaret M.Dec 20 1875Oct 26 1942Hematite Methodistsame stone as Richard E
EnglandMary Alice18621922Hematite Methodist
EnglandRichard E.Jul 02 1869Oct 22 1939Hematite Methodistsame stone as Margaret M
EnglandRuthDec 26 1907Jan 10 1908Hematite MethodistParents: R.E. & M.M.
EnglandUna M.Mar 25 1906Jul 24 1906Hematite MethodistParents: J.R. & M.B.
EoffGeorge18931899Hematite Methodist
EvansStella M.18821916Hematite Methodistsame stone as W.W. Evans & Ernest G. Gamache
EvansW. W.18821918Hematite Methodistsame stone as Stella M. Evans & Ernest G. Gamache
FunkHaroldJan 11 1888Jan 15 1888Hematite MethodistParents: J.& A.J.
GamacheCora EJan 4 1870none givenHematite Methodistsame stone as John B
GamacheErnest G18901916Hematite Methodistsame stone as W.W. & Stella M. Evans
GamacheJohn BAug 25 1858Apr 3 1927Hematite Methodistsame stone as Cora E
GochenourClarence A18791969Hematite Methodistsame stone as Eleanore V
GochenourEleanore V18821966Hematite Methodistsame stone as Clarence A
GolfinopoulosAnna FayJul 07 1921Jan 07 1968Hematite Methodist
GrobElla18681948Hematite Methodistsame stone as Thomas & M. Jacob
GrobM.Jacob18571934Hematite Methodistsame stone as Ella & Thomas
GrobThomas18601940Hematite Methodistsame stone as Ella & M. Jacob
GrossmanWarren CSep 19 1920Apr 06 1977Hematite MethodistWWII Cpl US Army
GroveAustin T18481934Hematite Methodistsame stone as Mary J
GroveMary J18591932Hematite Methodistsame stone as Austin T
HadlockBlanche18901931Hematite Methodistnee Gamache
HadlockHerold AJan 20 1913Jun 06 1917Hematite MethodistParents: B & D
HafeliAnna B18641952Hematite Methodistsame stone as John
HafeliJohn18641918Hematite Methodistsame stone as Anna B
HawkinsChristine L18421949Hematite Methodistsame stone as Stephen R.F.
HawkinsElenor KMar 20 1871Dec 27 1872Hematite Methodistsame stone as Thomas F
HawkinsElinore F18751953Hematite Methodist
HawkinsStephen R.F.18411929Hematite Methodistsame stone as Christine L
HawkinsThomas F.Aug 8 1799Jul 24 1874Hematite Methodistsame stone as Elenor K; 75 years; Born Coventry, England
HendrixBonnie LOct 31 1943Oct 07 1982Hematite Methodist
HensleyAnna EDec 4 1889Aug 27 1908Hematite MethodistSpouse: G.H.
HoffmanAda RuthNov 05 1908none givenHematite Methodistsame stone as Herman George
HoffmanHerman GeorgeAug 28 1909Jan 17 1961Hematite MethodistParents: Fred & Frances (Scott) Hoffman; same stone as Ada Ruth
HolmesJohn18211887Hematite Methodistsame stone as Theresa
HolmesTheresa18291920Hematite Methodistnee Kingsbury; same stone as John
HumphreyGeorge J18621932Hematite Methodist
HumphreyMinnie18781968Hematite MethodistParents: nee England
HuntEdgar LJan 31 1942Feb 21 1970Hematite Methodist
HuweDaisyDec 22 1872May 27 1937Hematite Methodist
HuweInfantnone givennone givenHematite Methodist
HuweVictor18991945Hematite Methodist
IrwinMargaret18641950Hematite Methodistnee England
JarvisDaniel O.18861972Hematite Methodistsame stone as Edna L
JarvisEdna L.18891971Hematite Methodistsame stone as Daniel O
KellerNancy JaneOct 27 1866Jan 8 1968Hematite Methodist
LawsonDorothySep 21 1911Jun 03 1959Hematite Methodistsame stone as George W
LawsonGeorge GMar 02 1929Feb 05 1963Hematite Methodistsame stone as Glen N
LawsonGeorge WDec 25 1902Apr 07 1969Hematite Methodistsame stone as Dorothy
LawsonGlen NSep 27 1959Feb 05 1963Hematite Methodistsame stone as George G
LeagueAnna E18841952Hematite Methodiston same stone as Ivy T, J.F., William C & Fred R
LeagueDocia AJan 2 1854Nov 22 1949Hematite Methodist
LeagueFred ROct 19 1896Aug 22 1922Hematite Methodiston same stone as Ivy T, J.F., William C & Anna E
LeagueIvy T18761958Hematite Methodiston same stone as J.F, William C, Anna E & Fred R
LeagueJ.F.1875none givenHematite Methodiston same stone as Ivy T, William C, Anna E & Fred R
LeagueWilliam C18831960Hematite Methodiston same stone as Ivy T, J.F, Anna E & Fred R
LeeM.E.Dec 5 1835Sep 10 1893Hematite MethodistSpouse: T.J.; Married: Sep 12 1866 ; Born in Ohio Co, Ky
LeeThomas JJan 6 1835Sep 16 1910Hematite MethodistSpouse: M.E.; Married: Sep 12 1866
LeonardEmma18511918Hematite Methodistsame stone as Wallace H
LeonardNorman J18901958Hematite Methodist
LeonardWallace H18481934Hematite Methodistsame stone as Emma
LintzenichBetty Jo19311967Hematite Methodist
LohmanOscarMay 31 1892Jul 23 1958Hematite MethodistMachine Gunn Bn New Mexico WWI
LucasHulda M18871961Hematite Methodistsame stone as John G
LucasJohn G18841967Hematite Methodistsame stone as Hulda M
LytleGlenn AJul 17 1905Jan 29 1982Hematite Methodistsame stone as M Ruth
LytleM.RuthOct 02 1914none givenHematite Methodistsame stone as Glenn A
MaloneAlbert Chester18821942Hematite Methodist
MaloneClifford RebeccaFeb 11 1852Aug 12 1931Hematite MethodistSpouse: Edward
MaloneEdwardOct 19 1849Jul 7 1899Hematite MethodistSpouse: Clifford Rebecca
McCormachIda FMay 19 1864May 17 1889Hematite MethodistSpouse: F.R.
McCormackAnna18761958Hematite Methodistnee Null
McCormackCharles LeeJul 5 1868Nov 30 1897Hematite MethodistBorn Hematite, Died Bessemer, AL
McCormackLucelia CMar 1 1837Sep 20 1896Hematite MethodistSpouse: Reed
McCormackMillard T18771956Hematite Methodistsame stone as Anna (Null) McCormack
McCormackPeter CJun 6 1847Oct 5 1937Hematite Methodist
McCormackReedSep 17 1831Oct 20 1900Hematite MethodistSpouse: Lucelia C
McCoyAlta E18851962Hematite Methodist
McKeeBryan18961926Hematite Methodist
McKeeJacob WMar 1982Nov 1982Hematite Methodist
McKeeMamie A18941973Hematite Methodistsame stone as Thomas J
McKeeThomas J18811971Hematite Methodistsame stone as Mamie A
McTeerJefery ClarkJan 02 1948Jan 31 1968Hematite MethodistPFC Marine Corps KS, Vietnam
MeseyMary E18431930Hematite Methodist
MesseyThomas E18431930Hematite Methodist
MeyerBennyJan 21 1885Dec 6 1974Hematite Methodist
MeyerGeorge E18911967Hematite Methodist
MeyerGeorge W18591932Hematite Methodistsame stone as Mary L
MeyerMadge18931959Hematite Methodistsame stone as William
MeyerMary L18631949Hematite Methodistsame stone as George W
MeyerWilliam18881950Hematite Methodistsame stone as Madge
MonroDavid Anone given1897Hematite Methodistsaid "Father"
MonroJ. Edward18861918Hematite Methodist
MonroLee C18891897Hematite Methodistsaid "Son"
MorganBelleJan 1 1849Nov 15 1926Hematite MethodistOn same stone as Theodore & William
MorganJohnnone givenDec 24 1884Hematite MethodistSpouse: Mary A; 78 years 2 months 17 days
MorganMary Anone givenNov 7 1895Hematite MethodistSpouse: John; 76 years 11 mo 27 days
MorganMary GraceOct 27 1881Jul 21 1966Hematite Methodistnee Kaubbell
MorganTheodoreAug 6 1883Jun 22 1915Hematite MethodistOn same stone as William & Belle
MorganWilliamJan 29 1879Jan 10 1912Hematite MethodistOn same stone as Theodore & Belle
MorrisWesley H.F.May 15 1881Apr 24 1905Hematite Methodist
MunroAnna TOct 7 1854Nov 30 1899Hematite Methodist
MunroB.HazelJun 30 1894Oct 17 1895Hematite MethodistParents: George C & Anna T
MunroConstancenone givenSep 13 1891Hematite MethodistSpouse: James A; 26 yrs 9 mo 1 day
MunroGeorge GOct 31 1852Feb 15 1902Hematite Methodistsame stone as Anna T
MyrickRosie E19281932Hematite Methodist
NixonClark18821956Hematite Methodistsame stone as Frances
NixonFrances18841953Hematite Methodistnee Simcock; same stone as Clark
NullCora E18721940Hematite MethodistSpouse: Oliver R
NullEliza A18521922Hematite Methodistsame stone as Thomas A
NullElizabethnone givenOct 28 1894Hematite Methodist44 yrs 3 mo
NullElla S18731892Hematite Methodist
NullGeorge Wnone givenJun 25 1906Hematite Methodist59 yrs 5 mo
NullJohn W18411931Hematite Methodist
NullJosiahNov 13 1811Feb 1 1882Hematite MethodistAge: 65 yrs 2 mo 17 days; same stone as Martha A
NullLucy W18541927Hematite Methodist
NullMartha AOct 30 1820May 17 1877Hematite MethodistAge: 56 yrs 6 mo 17 days; same stone as Josiah
NullMary ASep 4 1854Jul 16 1899Hematite MethodistSpouse: W.S.
NullMoman E18781942Hematite Methodist
NullOliver RSep 12 1871Mar 13 1909Hematite MethodistSpouse: Cora E
NullThomas A18381913Hematite Methodistsame stone as Eliza A
NullW.J.Nov 3 1836Oct 25 1905Hematite MethodistParents: Josiah & L.
NullW.S.18501938Hematite MethodistSpouse: Mary A
OgleBetty EOct 26 1929none givenHematite Methodistsame stone as Norval L
OgleEdward RDec 18 1916Apr 03 1945Hematite MethodistPFC Mo 119 Inf WWII
OgleGeorge E18741933Hematite Methodistsame stone as Mattie F
OgleGlenn ElbertSep 06 1946Sep 09 1946Hematite Methodist
OgleIda BFeb 6 1900Oct 7 1982Hematite Methodistsame stone as Raymond M
OgleInfantnone given1922Hematite Methodist
OgleInfantnone givenDec 24 1891Hematite MethodistAge: 1 yr
OgleInfantnone givenDec 26 1891Hematite MethodistAge: 3 yrs
OgleInfantOct 07 1941Oct 07 1941Hematite Methodist
OgleLella M18771961Hematite Methodistsame stone as Robert R
OgleMattie FMar 1 1888Sep 8 1958Hematite Methodistsame stone as George E
OgleNorval LApr 11 1924Sep 11 1958Hematite MethodistBetty E
OgleRaymond MFeb 23 1903Feb 24 1983Hematite Methodist Ida B
OgleRobert R18711944Hematite Methodistsame stone as Lella M
OgleRoe18661928Hematite Methodistsame stone as Winnie
OgleRuth S18921977Hematite Methodist
OgleWinnie18731962Hematite MethodistRoe
PedleyAnna Marynone givenAug 12 1887Hematite Methodist36 yrs 10 mo 7 days
PhillipsAlfred18451909Hematite Methodistsame stone as Louella
PhillipsCharlie JAug 25 1876Oct 12 1880Hematite MethodistParents: A.J. & L.M.
PhillipsGracie MayMar 1859Oct 16 1880Hematite MethodistParents: A.J. & L.M.
PhillipsJohn Harpernone givenDec 13 1888Hematite MethodistAge: 40 yrs
PhillipsLouella18561931Hematite Methodistsame stone as Alfred
PoliteMarynone givenAug 9 1884Hematite MethodistAge: 1 mo 23 days
PorterTabitha18301915Hematite MethodistSpouse: Thomas L
PorterThomasnone givenJan 31 1886Hematite MethodistAge: 60 yrs
PoundsGeorgia HAug 28 1896Nov 29 1989Hematite MethodistParents: Lewis & Hannah (nee Kidd); Spouse: James Alexander; Age: 91yrs 2mo 22 days
RichardsonCallieMay 01 1908Jul 10 1908Hematite MethodistParents: William J & Mary
RichardsonMarySep 23 1872Jul 10 1908Hematite MethodistParents: James Marion & Anna (Cartee) Cundiff; Spouse: William J
RichardsonRobertApr 23 1842Apr 11 1912Hematite MethodistParents: Andrew & Mary (Jennings)Richardson; same stone as Susan C
RichardsonSusan CJul 17 1843May 24 1914Hematite MethodistParents: Robinson & Susan Boyd; same stone as Robert
RichardsonWarren EMay 15 1892Jan 30 1934Hematite MethodistParents: Wm & Mary (Cundiff)Richardson; Spouse: Grandson of Robert Richardson; Pvt. Mo 162 Depot Brig
RichardsonWilliam JApr 11 1866Nov 8 1908Hematite MethodistParents: Robert & Nancy (Williams) Richardson; Spouse: Mary (Cundiff)
RippelmeyerCharles WJun 1 1893Apr 19 1959Hematite MethodistMo PFC Co B, 162 Depot Brig WWI
RobinsonMaggieApr 4 1858Sep 12 1941Hematite Methodist
RuloDennis RaymondMay 16 1972May 16 1972Hematite Methodist
SansoucieMary18361924Hematite Methodist
SchaeferBessieFeb 08 1886Mar 26 1957Hematite Methodistsame stone as Harry
SchaeferHarryJul 25 1884Apr 18 1957Hematite Methodistsame stone as Bessie
SenikJohn18981955Hematite Methodistsame stone as Margaret
SenikMargaret1896none givenHematite Methodistsame stone as John
SimcockEvaSep 26 1880Apr 19 1953Hematite Methodistnee Hill; Spouse: James Ernest
SimcockJames19071983Hematite Methodist
SimcockJames ErnestDec 03 1875Mar 22 1955Hematite MethodistSpouse: Eva (nee Hill)
SmithBeulah M19031971Hematite Methodistsame stone as Dale V
SmithDale V19021967Hematite Methodistsame stone as Beulah M
StisCharles18841979Hematite Methodistsame stone as Katherine G
StisKatherine G18981981Hematite Methodistsame stone as Charles
SwallowDora O18991965Hematite Methodistsame stone as Nathan M
SwallowNathan M18821971Hematite Methodistsame stone as Dora O
TaylorEdna A18871967Hematite Methodiston same stone as Harry E.
TaylorHarry Elkins18861938Hematite Methodiston same stone as Edna A
ThuesenFrank NelsonDec 09 1892Oct 27 1960Hematite Methodistsame stone as Minnie Lee
ThuesenMinnie LeeJul 04 1893Feb 12 1974Hematite Methodistsame stone as Frank Nelson
UdingDennis PaulJun 12 1?45May 20 1?64Hematite Methodist
UsseryJames O19111962Hematite Methodist
WilkensonJerry LynnAug 09 1?46Aug 09 1?46Hematite Methodist
WilkinsonWilliam EdwardAug 04 1?19Aug 15 1?76Hematite MethodistPFC WWII
WilliamsCharley FranklinMay 14 1902Jan 20 1990Hematite MethodistParents: Lewis & Hannah (Kidd); same stone as Marie E.
WilliamsHannah JaneAug 24 1867Jan 15 1952Hematite MethodistParents: George & Hannah R.(Cadwallader);same stone as Lewis Williams
WilliamsInfant19201920Hematite MethodistParents: Lester & Edith (Leonard)
WilliamsJames EmmetAug 09 1926Jul 08 1946Hematite MethodistParents: Lester & Edith(Leonard); US Navy F IC Mo WWII
WilliamsJohn18981943Hematite Methodist
WilliamsLesterJan 16 1894May 30 1961Hematite MethodistParents: Lewis & Hannah; same stone as Edith Note; headstone reads 1894, birth record shos 1891
WilliamsLewisJul 03 1867May 04 1950Hematite Methodistsame stone as Hannah Jane
WilliamsMarie EMar 26 1904Feb 21 1974Hematite Methodistsame stone as C.F.
WilliamsMarvin JAug 19 1906Mar 02 1985Hematite Methodistsame stone as Mary E.
WilliamsMary ENov 06 1909Aug 26 1979Hematite Methodistsame stone as Marvin J
WilliamsUnknownJan 06 1898Jan 13 1901Hematite MethodistParents: ?? & Maggie Williams
WilsonJessie LeeApr 19 1865Jul 16 1925Hematite MethodistParents: George & Jane Wilson
ZeltnerEssie MFeb 27 1887Mar 11 1966Hematite Methodistsame stone as Gustave
ZeltnerGustaveSep 17 1872Dec 16 1951Hematite Methodistsame stone as Essie M