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Hematite Christian Church Cemetery


Transcribed by Jim Johnston and Lisa K. Gendron
T40 R5 S16

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
AubuchonOra Z.Dec 20 1882Apr 17 1949Hematite Christian
B.A. H.May 06 1812Nov 11 1872Hematite Christian(not found in 2006)
BakerLeslie H.19191923Hematite Christian
BeckemeyerWilla Mae DitchFeb 18 1922Oct 15 2005Hematite Christian
BeckerRussell R.Aug 01 1902Sep 15 1929Hematite Christian
BlackFaith19402001Hematite Christian
BoyerEugene J.Feb 28 1913Oct 27 1991Hematite Christiansame stone as Margaret; Married Oct. 3, 1936
BoyerMargaret A.Mar 5 1916May 7 1993Hematite Christiansame stone as Eugene
BrewerC. LowellJul 1 1918noneHematite ChristianSame stone as E. Faye; M. Feb 25, 1940
BrewerE. Fayemar 6 1916noneHematite ChristianSame stone as C. Lowell
BrewerInfantJun 23 1950Jun 23 1950Hematite ChristianSon of L. & F.
BridgesCharles T.19131916Hematite Christian
BridgesRoss18771949Hematite Christiansame stone as Sadie
BridgesSadie18821974Hematite Christiansame stone as Albert Ross
CannonLorene CliftonSep 27 1924Aug 24 2013Hematite Christiannee Smith; Mother, Grandmother, GGrandmother
CaskanettLittle WillieDec 31 1895Dec 20 1897Hematite ChristianParents: T & M
CooperAlice M.18851922Hematite Christiansame stone as Nellie B.
CooperBertha E.Dec 16 1885Jun 06 1978Hematite Christiansame stone as Thomas
CooperLucy M.Apr 08 1860Apr 11 1920Hematite Christian
CooperNellie B.18941910Hematite Christiansame stone as Alice M.
CooperSylvesterOct 9 1854Jan 17 1937Hematite Christian
CooperThomas J.Jul 24 1898Jun 01 1980Hematite ChristianSame stone as Bertha
CoplinAgness GertrudeMar 05 1913Mar 15 1913Hematite ChristianDau of J.S. & N.E.
CoplinAlveda AMay 29 1916Jul 21 2004Hematite Christian
CoplinCharles O.Jan 29 1855Jun 3 1946Hematite Christiansame stone as Emma J.
CoplinEmma J.Mar 11 1862Jul 24 1943Hematite Christiansame stone as Charles O.
CoplinF. R.Apr 23 1900Mar 06 1920Hematite Christian
CoplinIda O.Dec 02 1883Feb 20 1905Hematite ChristianWife of J.E.
CoplinJohn S.Mar 09 1881Oct 10 1947Hematite ChristianSame stone as Nancy E.
CoplinNancy E.Feb 28 1882Apr 06 1952Hematite ChristianSame stone as John S.
CoplinPricia A.18991938Hematite Christian
CoplinSonAug 01 1907Aug 01 1907Hematite ChristianParents: J.S. & N.E.; Age: Infant
CoplinSonJul 27 1908Jul 27 1908Hematite ChristianParents: J.S. & N.E.; Age: Infant
CoplinSonMar 28 1910Mar 28 1910Hematite ChristianParents: J.S. & N.E.; Age: Infant
CoplinWilliam F.Mar 23 1897Nov 07 1973Hematite Christian
CrowJesse A.18791953Hematite Christian
CrowMaud A.18801962Hematite Christian
DitchAlbert GNov 22 1891Oct 26 1971Hematite ChristianSame stone as Lillie
DitchElwoodOct 07 1929Sep 04 1930Hematite Christian
DitchLillie BJul 26 1896Feb 14 1976Hematite ChristianSame stone as Albert
DodsonAnna EApr 23 1900Oct 21 1970Hematite Christiansame stone as Henry W
DodsonHenry WFeb 04 1897Sep 05 1980Hematite Christiansame stone as Anna
DodsonInfantJun 8 1921Jun 8 1921Hematite ChristianDau. of Henry & Anna
DodsonLeenone given1924Hematite Christian
DodsonN.A.May 02 1829May 03 1899Hematite ChristianSame stone as Wm. H.
DodsonNettie GJan 03 1872Dec 21 1899Hematite Christian
DodsonSamuel18561924Hematite Christian
DodsonWm HFeb 18 1828Nov 20 1892Hematite ChristianSame stone as N.A.
DorrisDorothy A. JarvisDec 22 1919Jun 30 2005Hematite Christian
DouglasClarence WNov 9 1938Jan 1 2001Hematite ChristianMar. Oct 22 1961; no spouse given
DouthatHelen GerberAug 19 1898May 18 1984Hematite Christian
DouthatLee ADec 14 1891Nov 15 1969Hematite ChristianKansas Sgt. WWI, Co G110 AmmoTN
DouthatRobert LeeJan 27 1923Jun 15 1961Hematite ChristianKansas Tec 5 563 ORD HV Maint Co WWII
DownKenny19601969Hematite ChristianStone not found in 2006
EakenClaraJul 03 1832Dec 23 1897Hematite ChristianSame stone as Samuel
EakenSamuelJan 15 1811Oct 09 1894Hematite ChristianSame stone as Clara
EldersAmanda M.Aug 12 1849Nov 26 1929Hematite ChristianSame stone as George W.N.
EldersF.A.18881945Hematite ChristianDr.
EldersGeorge W.N.May 11 1842Jan 4 1924Hematite ChristianM.D.; same stone as Amanda
EldersGeneva Grace19131914Hematite Christian
EldersGeorge W.18721925Hematite ChristianM.D.
EldersWilliam K.Mar 15 1924Jul 31 1946Hematite ChristianMissouri Tec 5 Coast Artillery Corps
FarleyBernie HJul 26 1878Aug 6 1970Hematite ChristianSame stone as Joseph
FarleyJoseph WFeb 11 1872Dec 28 1943Hematite ChristianSame stone as Bernie
GerberArlon LDec 31 1892Nov 24 1978Hematite ChristianPVT Army WWI
GerberDella M18761953Hematite Christian
GerberDorothy M19131979Hematite ChristianMother; Same stone as Eugene
GerberEarl ANov 27 1889Jan 1 1963Hematite ChristianSame stone as Gertrude
GerberElizabeth ASep 23 1927May 20 1928Hematite Christian
GerberEugene E1920only one dateHematite ChristianSame stone as Dorothy
GerberFlorence LSept 7 1910Jul 17 1975Hematite Christian
GerberG.Harley18931980Hematite ChristianSame stone as Mercy
GerberGertrude CJul 3 1900Jan 4 1958Hematite ChristianSame stone as Earl
GerberHugh18951958Hematite Christian
GerberLouis DavidJan 25 1829Nov 30 1913 Hematite ChristianCorp Co E, 58 NY Infantry
GerberLouis D Jr18701938Hematite Christian
GerberMadeleine K18931977Hematite Christian
GerberMagdeline P19051993Hematite ChristianSame stone as V.M. Ben
GerberMaude18891920Hematite Christian
GerberMercy S18921967Hematite ChristianSame stone as G. Harley
GerberOran HartOct 3 1909Feb 28 1986Hematite Christian
GerberRosetta Mae18741955Hematite Christian
GerberSarah EllenMar 13 1851Apr 22 1926 Hematite Christian 
GerberV.M. "Ben"19031978Hematite ChristianSame stone as Magdeline
GerberWillis18751913Hematite Christian
GrahamAmos GJul 17 1867Jul 28 1952Hematite ChristianSame stone as Cora
GrahamCora CAug 6 1876Mar 1 1973Hematite ChristianSame stone as Amos
GrahamLora18751949Hematite Christian
GrahamNancy18741952Hematite Christian
GrahamSidneyDec 24 1892May 16 1945Hematite ChristianMo. PVT 1st Class, 356 Inf. 89 Div.
GreenFloyd19121988Hematite Christian
GreenLoyd WillardJul 27 1912Aug 10 1968Hematite ChristianLt Col Mo Co M; 140 Inf. WWII; Korea
GreenOlive BJul 23 1876Jun 24 1966Hematite Christiansame stone as Thomas
GreenThomas JNov 20 1870Jul 11 1948Hematite Christiansame stone as Olive
HallInfantnone givenSep 28 1957Hematite ChristianSon of Robert & Beverly
HardingMadeline GerberOct 8 1911May 10 2006Hematite Christian
HensleyAlbert BMar 25 1864Jan 2 1942Hematite ChristianSame stone as Rose
HensleyEvelyn MMay 4 1888Nov 17 1972Hematite Christianon same stone as Raymond
HensleyRaymond JDec 2 1884Jan 18 1956Hematite Christianon same stone as Evelyn
HensleyRose EFeb 16 1866Sep 10 1952Hematite ChristianSame stone as Albert
HilliardLouisa E18701908Hematite Christian
HowHester E18931971Hematite Christian
JamesKatie18831909Hematite Christian
JanesAlice L.Mar 15 1907Mar 26 1908Hematite Christian
JanesBiddy O.Feb 25 1856May 17 1897Hematite Christian
JanesEmma V.Feb 1 1875Aug 15 1943Hematite ChristianSame stone as Joseph
JanesGladys R.19131936Hematite Christian
JanesInfantnone givenApr 28 1903Hematite ChristianParents: J. & E.
JanesJoseph T.Aug 10 1875Dec 11 1944Hematite ChristianSame stone as Emma
JanesMyrtleMar 26 1908Jul 18 1909Hematite Christian
JanesRubyMay 22 1912Dec 20 1920Hematite ChristianDau. of T.F & Mona
JarvisDan L19171990Hematite Christian
JohnsonOliver W.none givenFeb 4 1902Hematite ChristianAged 70 yrs
JonesGoldie B.Dec 30 1906Oct 20 1983Hematite ChristianSame stone as R. Blaine
JonesR. BlaineNov 14 1904Nov 10 1983Hematite ChristianSame stone as Goldie
KapplerGloria BressmerNov 16 1924none givenHematite ChristianSame stone as Warren
KapplerWarren CSep 28 1922Oct 22 1997Hematite ChristianSame stone as Gloria; S2 US Navy WWII
KaubleHarold JJan 11 1915Oct 8 1997Hematite ChristianSame stone as R. Evelyn
KaubleR. EvelynOct 23 1918noneHematite ChristianSame stone as Harold
KoehlerJered EdwardMay 8 1983Jan 15 2005Hematite Christian
LeeAnnie18631949Hematite Christian
LeeCharles E18811958Hematite Christian
LeeElijah18831973Hematite Christian
LeeSilas G18591949Hematite Christian
LewisDiana JeanNov 15 1958Nov 18 1958Hematite Christian
LongGercia ENov 15 1909Sep 10 1961Hematite Christian
LongHarryOct 1 1902Nov 10 1984Hematite Christian
LucasEssie19021988Hematite ChristianSame stone as Fred
LucasFred18961975Hematite ChristianSame stone as Essie
LucasGeorge W18891978Hematite ChristianSame stone as Marie
LucasJamesMar 6 1894Sep 19 1971Hematite ChristianSame stone as Mayme
LucasJanie19041919Hematite Christianon same stone as Thelma
LucasJoseph Henry18561936Hematite ChristianSame stone as Mary Alice
LucasKennettnone givenApr 16 1926Hematite Christian
LucasLouisaAug 27 1876Mar 4 1961Hematite Christianon same stone as Thomas J.
LucasMarie E18931981Hematite ChristianSame stone as George
LucasMary Alice18611936Hematite ChristianSame stone as Joseph
LucasMayme EMar 10 1887Jan 18 1980Hematite Christian
LucasRobert JFeb 20 1923Nov 21 1978Hematite ChristianPFC, US Army, WWII
LucasThelma19121920Hematite Christianon same stone as Janie
LucasThomas JNov 12 1873May 14 1942Hematite Christianon same stone as Louisa
LucasVirginia MJun 9 1915Feb 18 1992Hematite ChristianMother
LucasWoodrow JOct 27 1916July 16 1999Hematite Christian
McCrearyRosalie GDec 9 1921May 13 1979Hematite Christian
McManusMargaret Enid19061927Hematite ChristianSame stone as Martha
MelznerLudwig18761962Hematite ChristianSame stone as Ludwig
MelznerMartha18921960Hematite Christian
MillerBernice F19091988Hematite ChristianSame stone as Bernice
MillerLinus J18991978Hematite ChristianSame stone as Linus
MitchellEuing Y18471936Hematite Christian
MitchellMargaret18541934Hematite Christian
MoserElizabeth AnnJan 9 1932Dec 18 1991Hematite ChristianSame stone as Harry
MoserHarry Edward JrJul 9 1928Feb 17 1980Hematite ChristianSame stone as ElizabethCpl., U.S. Army, WWII
NiemanHarry J. Sr.Sep 10 1913Jun 19 1988Hematite ChristianSame stone as Maybelle
NiemanMaybelle LOct 5 1912May 20 2002Hematite ChristianSame stone as Harry
NiemannHolly RJan 2 1992July 24 1995Hematite Christian
NullAlbert F18801918Hematite Christian
NullAnnanone givennone givenHematite ChristianMother; on same stone as George & Howard
NullAra EApr 23 1870Jan 1 1893Hematite ChristianWife of J.F.
NullAustin HOct 16 1911Nov 1 1972Hematite Christian
NullCharles AJun 10 1874Aug 1 1929Hematite ChristianSame stone as Daisy
NullDaisy SJan 15 1887Jun 23 1927Hematite ChristianSame stone as Charles
NullEllen18261900Hematite Christian"His Wife" Same stone as John W
NullFrank J18531930Hematite Christian
NullGeorge18781935Hematite Christian"Father" on same stone as Anna & Howard
NullHoward19081935Hematite Christian"Son" on same stone as George & Anna
NullInfantDec 01 1912Dec 01 1912Hematite ChristianDaughter of R.D. & Agatha
NullInfantnone givennone givenHematite ChristianSon of J.F. & Mattie
NullJohn W18241905Hematite ChristianSame stone as Ellen
NullLeora18931929Hematite Christian
NullS. EduardMar 13 1856Oct 30 1887Hematite Christian
NullSarah LillianApr 1 1867Nov 25 1888Hematite Christian
NullWilliam JrNov 30 1819Oct 16 1855Hematite Christian
OgleHarold DJuly 29 1921none givenHematite Christiansame stone as Lloyd
OgleIsadoreAug 6 1900Nov 5 1981Hematite Christiansame stone as Minnie
OgleLloyd COct 18 1924Dec 7 2004Hematite Christiansame stone as Harold
OgleMinnieAug 14 1901Mar 27 1978Hematite Christiansame stone as Isadore
O'NeillElla F1858none givenHematite Christian"Mother" Same stone as John
O'NeillJohn18561929Hematite Christian"Father" Same stone as Ella
PaceDollie18791959Hematite Christian"Mother" Same stone as John
PaceJohn W18721947Hematite Christian"Father" Same stone as Dollie
PaceLeslie FSep 04 1903Jun 05 1905Hematite ChristianSon of J.W. & Dollie
PaceLoyd FJan 18 1901Aug 07 1902Hematite ChristianSon of J.W. & Dollie
ParkerLavinia Gnone givenDec 18 1874Hematite ChristianSpouse: E.J.; Age: 15 yrs 10 mo 27 days
PrattAlvinnone givenAug 02 1933Hematite ChristianOnly one date given
ReeceA.J.18601928Hematite Christian
ReeceGeorge MApr 15 1863Mar 4 1898Hematite ChristianBorn in Kentucky, Died in Hematite
ReeceGrace Ann18651939Hematite ChristianSaid "Mother" on stone
ReeceUnknownnone givennone givenHematite Christian"Son of Elizabeth"
RichardsonAlida18671943Hematite Christiansame stone as Curtis
RichardsonCurtis1863none givenHematite ChristianSame stone as Alida
RichardsonEthel18891918Hematite Christian
RomineHattie18791906Hematite Christian
RussellEdna Lnone givenJan 12 1936Hematite Christian
RussellJohn Pnone givenDec 01 1938Hematite Christian
RussellSonnone givenAug 30 1947Hematite ChristianSon of R & E
SancoucieCharles FAug 31 1906Sep 11 1906Hematite ChristianSon of C.J. & Annie
SancoucieCharles JApr 17 1875Jan 02 1943Hematite Christian
SansoucieAnnie ENov 25 1882Dec 02 1967Hematite Christian
SeatEmily18601944Hematite Christian
SeatIdaJul 21 1886Mar 07 1887Hematite ChristianDaughter of S.& E.
SeatRoyMay 12 1901Jan 21 1907Hematite ChristianSon of S.A & E.
SeatSamuel A18551933Hematite Christian
SiebertMyra DitchJul 06 1917Dec 12 1978Hematite Christian
SmithDonald W19131975Hematite Christian
SmithIrwin18961970Hematite ChristianSame stone as Nellie
SmithNellie18981990Hematite ChristianSame stone as Irwin
SnyderFrances E18801909Hematite Christian
SnyderJohn A19081908Hematite Christian
SparksDavid J18541931Hematite Christianon same stone as Lumyra
SparksEllen18921955Hematite Christian
SparksLumyra18601932Hematite Christianon same stone as David J
SparksOrlando18881951Hematite Christian
SpindlerEunice WilliamsJuly 17 1911July 15 1990Hematite ChristianSame stone as Richard
SpindlerJoyce AnnMay 28 1949Jan 7 1997Hematite ChristianDaughter, Sister, Aunt
SteckmanMabel Williams19151980Hematite Christian
StisEvon JanetMar 9 1938Jul 19 1984Hematite ChristianSame stone as Richard
StisRichard GroveMar 23 1932none givenHematite ChristianSame stone as Evon; Married May 4 1957
StroupJune RJul 22 1868Jun 07 1907Hematite ChristianSon of Wm & Sarah
StroupRobert RFeb 15 1875Aug 09 1960Hematite Christian
StroupeAndrew18491934Hematite ChristianSame stone as Catherine
StroupeCatherine18521942Hematite ChristianSame stone as Andrew
TullerGladys SOct 7 1906Apr 22 1995Hematite Christian
TullerLloyd CDec 22 1902Jul 27 1991Hematite ChristianSame stone as Gladys; Married Jan 17 1931
UdingCora M18781966Hematite ChristianSame stone as Will
UdingWill C18721954Hematite ChristianSame stone as Cora
UnknownAnnisJan 04 1812Nov 11 1872Hematite ChristianWife of Samuel; No stone found in 2006 (possible Eaken?)
WaltherFerdinandMay 04 1882Jan 02 1883Hematite ChristianSon of F & Louisa
WhiteAnnie18621944Hematite ChristianSaid "Mother" on stone
WhiteDavid OSep 28 1866Mar 08 1929Hematite Christian
WilliamsBertha19041974Hematite ChristianSame stone as Oscar
WilliamsFairy Ettanone givenAug 26 1924Hematite ChristianOnly one date given
WilliamsFred MDec 10 1904May 13 1970Hematite ChristianSame stone as Sue
WilliamsGertrudeSep 15 1880Mar 30 1937Hematite ChristianSame stone as William
WilliamsJethro TNov 12 1913Jan 15 1997Hematite ChristianSame stone as Margaret
WilliamsLucinda EAug 1849Mar 1928Hematite ChristianWife of Peter
WilliamsMargaret DJan 13 1913Nov 25 1988Hematite ChristianSame stone as Jethro
WilliamsOscar L19031990Hematite ChristianSame stone as Bertha
WilliamsPeterNov 1840Mar 1930Hematite Christian
WilliamsSue BDec 17 1898April 9 1977Hematite ChristianSame stone as Fred M
WilliamsWilliamNov 06 1877Mar 21 1952Hematite ChristianSame stone as Gertrude
WilliamsWillis MonroeJun 30 1918Oct 13 1991Hematite ChristianPfc US Army WWII