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Haverstick Cemetery

*partially verified

Contributed by Wayne Sanders 1989
T40 R5 S29

Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathCemetery/BurialNotes and/or Sources
ArnoldNellienone givenMay 12 1885HaverstickAge: 16 yrs; Born in Buck Creek Mo
BageClara M.18561914Haverstick
BageLydia C.Mar 25 1849May 29 1936HaverstickSame stone as Samuel
BageSamuel A.Aug 02 1826Feb 23 1913HaverstickSame stone as Lydia
BarrElisabethAug 13 1828Mar 07 1905Haverstick
BarrJohnOct 21 1826Oct 14 1900HaverstickAged 73yrs 11m 24d
BeardSara J.Dec 05 1841Jan 24 1867HaverstickDau. of M.C. & W.H. Washburn
BorgmannAdolphJan 20 1833Feb 03 1896HaverstickSame stone as Anna
BorgmannAnna C.Nov 29 1833Sep 30 1911HaverstickNee Heinen; Same stone as Adolph
CookJohn H.none givenApr 17 1885HaverstickAge: 26 yrs
DixonBessieFeb 15 1887Oct 20 1962HaverstickBeloved Wife and Aunt
DixonLouis SperryNov 25 1909Sep 08 1961HaverstickMo SM2 USNR WWII
HarverstickCinclairnone givennone givenHaverstickAge: 44 yrs
HarverstickRulolphnone givennone givenHaverstickAge: 49 yrs
HarverstickWillisnone givennone givenHaverstickAge: 8 yrs
HaverstickAnna BAug 24 1809Mar 23 1862HaverstickWife of G.W.D. Haverstick
HaverstickChester SewardFeb 20 1887Nov 29 1959HaverstickSame stone as Frank
HaverstickFrank ElderAug 7 1869Aug 19 1953HaverstickSame stone as Chester
HaverstickG.W.D.Aug 30 1809Apr 21 1871Haverstick
HaverstickGrantFeb 18 1885Sep 12 1887HaverstickParents: Sarah & P.R.
HaverstickP.R.Apr 20 1846Jan 22 1890HaverstickSpouse: Sarah
HaverstickPhilip R.Sep 21 1842Dec 21 1902Haverstick
HaverstickSarah SApr 20 1846Jan 23 1890HaverstickWife of P.R. Haverstick
HaverstickWillis JJan 29 1879Jan 22 1887HaverstickParents: Sarah & P.R.
HazardJohn S.none givennone givenHaverstickSpouse: Nancy; Lieut. Co.G. 4 V.R.C
HazardNancy Jnone givenJan 8 1891HaverstickWife of John; Aged 55 yrs 7 mo 27 days
HoardSarah Cnone givenAug 16 1870HaverstickAged 34 yrs 6 mo 25 days
HoffmanFrances SarahMay 19 1886May 16 1965HaverstickSame stone as Fred
HoffmanFred AllanMay 24 1885Jan 19 1960HaverstickSame stone as Frances Sarah
HoffmannFred H18571927HaverstickSame stone as Hannah
HoffmannHannah18571943HaverstickSame stone as Fred H
McKeeDixonnone givenJun 8 1889HaverstickAge: 62 yrs
ScottCharles Anone givenFeb 18 1885HaverstickAge: 4 mo 10 days; No tombstone, info from De Soto Public library
ScottGeorge JoshuaAug 23 1861Dec 26 1938HaverstickNo tombstone, info from De Soto Public library
ScottJohn NewtonApr 13 1888May 06 1966HaverstickNo tombstone, info from De Soto Public library
UnknownBrother (2)none givennone givenHaverstickOnly "Brother" on stones
UnknownGrace Maynone givennone givenHaverstick
none givennone givenHaverstickOne stone that only said "Brother and Sister"
UnmarkedMany Gravesnone givennone givenHaverstick
VinyardElizabethnone givenDec 09 1887HaverstickAged 59 yrs
WashburnMelinda CMar 24 1822Mar 22 1903HaverstickBorn in Nashville, Tenn.;Same stone as Wm H
WashburnSamuel T.Feb 01 1855Dec 26 1881HaverstickSon of M.C. & W.H
WashburnWilliam HOct 20 1820Mar 01 1912HaverstickSame stone as Melinda