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Harrison/England Cemetery


Contributed by Lisa K. Gendron T40 R5 S11

Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathCemetery/BurialNotes and/or Sources
BrooksBen   Harrison-EnglandMetal Heiligtag Funeral Home marker found in 2020  (see*)
ColeAlbert S.18651930Harrison-EnglandSame stone as Lottie B.
ColeLottie B.18691932Harrison-EnglandSame stone as Albert S.
DonnellCarolyn LAug 11 1894Jun 30 1895Harrison-EnglandDaughter of W.F. & M.K.
DonnellInfant SonJul 25 1893Jul 25 1893Harrison-EnglandInfant son of W.F. & M.K.
EnglandAmanda18451925Harrison-England"His Wife" same stone as Benjamin
EnglandBenjamin F.18431934Harrison-Englandsame stone as Amanda
EnglandEdward F.none givenJuly 15 1865Harrison-Englandson of B.F. & A.C., aged 8 months 10 days
EnglandEnoch R.18491880Harrison-England
EnglandInfantOct 17 1861Oct 17 1861Harrison-EnglandInfant son of J.M. & E.
EnglandInfantNov 19 1860Nov 22 1860Harrison-EnglandInfant daughter of J.M. & E.
EnglandJames R.18091866Harrison-England
EnglandJohn A.18371838Harrison-England
EnglandMargaret HoydDec 12 1884Nov 29 1896Harrison-Englanddaughter of B.F. & A.C.
EnglandMargaret M.18141876Harrison-England
EnglandSarah C.18461865Harrison-England
EnglandWilliam R.May 19 1868Jan 17 1875Harrison-Englandson of B.F. & A.C.
HarrisonAmanda18451925Harrison-EnglandSpouse: Benjamin F.
HarrisonBenjamin F18431934Harrison-EnglandSpouse: Amanda
HarrisonC. Ann18401927Harrison-Englandsays "His wife" on same stone as William Jefferson
HarrisonCharles Rnone givenOct 7 1865Harrison-Englandson of Wm. J. & A.C. Aged 1 year 10 mo 11 days
HarrisonEmma Dellnone givenOct 18 1870Harrison-Englanddaughter of W.J. & A.C.; Aged 2 yrs 4 mo 22 days
HarrisonGeorge FAug 6 1861Apr 24 1951Harrison-England
HarrisonJames Edwin18601932Harrison-England
HarrisonM.EleanorOct 25 1872Jul 30 1874Harrison-Englanddaughter of W.J. & A.C. Aged 1 yr 9 mo 5 days
HarrisonOscar C18701930Harrison-England
HarrisonWilliam Jefferson18331892Harrison-Englandsame stone as C. Ann
IrwinInfantSep 5 1888Sep 5 1888Harrison-EnglandInfant son of J.S. & M.B.
IrwinJames S.April 22 1860Sep 25 1893Harrison-England
SmithAlma EAug 07 1903Dec 10 1941Harrison-England
WestWm. M.D.Dec 22 1812Jan 08 1865Harrison-EnglandAged 52 yrs 16 days

Records from 1961 state that there are 7 others buried here, 5 with metal tags for markers. The metal holders were located, but the plates with embossed names are missing. The others are:

James Brooks, Frank, John, Jennie and Jane Creasy, and two infant children of James England.