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German Methodist Episcopal Church
AKA Old German


Transcribed by Commodore Perry & Maida "Fern" (Poston) Hill, Jr.  - 1971

T39 R5 S15

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
BauerHeinrichnone givenJun 28 1890German MethodistAge 71 yrs 4m 22d
BelvilleMaryNov 26 1868Oct 28 1888German MethodistOur Sister
BurdaLaura C.Jul 01 1865Feb 13 1944German Methodistnee Hentcher
FinkFriedrich HMar 31 1888Nov 2 1888German Methodistson of Christ & Katharine
FischerAdamNov 11 1828Dec 12 1893German Methodist
FischerEvaMar 24 1816Sep 16 1879German Methodist
HalterJacobDec 2 1814Dec 1 1902German MethodistFather; same stone as Margaret
HalterMargaretJan 12 1818Sep 3 1888German MethodistMother; same stone as Jacob
HartmannCarolineDec 31 1861Aug 6 1862German MethodistDau of C. & B. Hartmann
HartmannCharlesDec 6 1863Jul 6 1865German MethodistParents: C. & B. Hartmann
HasseCarl EduardApr 9 1802Mar 22 1872German Methodist
HentcherEmil F18501923German Methodist
HentcherHenriettaJan 7 1824Dec 10 1911German Methodistsame stone as Herman
HentcherHermanMay 12 1869Aug 15 1870German Methodistsame stone as Henrietta
HentcherHermanOct 5 1820Dec 24 1868German Methodist
HentcherHerman JJan 22 1885Feb 23 1892German MethodistSon of Emil & Maria
JungPaulusMar 30 1834Jun 19 1886German Methodist
KleinMaria CarolineJan 13 1871Jun 24 1871German MethodistParents: L & W Klein
KleinschmidtAnnanone givennone givenGerman Methodistsame stone as Karl
KleinschmidtElizabethDec 25 1806Jan 13 1873German Methodistnee Pieper
KleinschmidtKarl?? 21 1805Dec 30 1866German Methodisttranslated from German "His first and second wife Mary K and Kath K and daughter Anna." Monument is now broken
KleinschmidtKath Knone givennone givenGerman MethodistSpouse: Karl
KleinschmidtMary Knone givennone givenGerman MethodistParents: Karl/Katherine
KnappMaria EMay 1 1889Jul 15 1890German Methodist
KnappRudolph DJul 25 1887Jun 8 1888German Methodist
KnorppCarl AugustOct 9 1859Apr 12 1860German MethodistSon of Wm & Ernstine
KnorppChristinaSep 6 1793Jul 8 1869German Methodistnee Schmid
KnorppChristina JApr 3 1860Sep 29 1863German MethodistDaughter of J. & L.
KnorppJohnOct 8 1823Sep 1891German Methodist
KnorppJohn BDec 13 1787Jul 24 1863German MethodistAge: 76 yrs 7 mo 1....
KnorppLouisa BMar 5 1812Oct 29 1895German MethodistWife of John
KnorppLucindaApr 19 1867Jul 26 1868German MethodistDaughter of Wm & Ernstine
KnorppMaria MagdalenaJun 25 1863Oct 20 1863German MethodistDaughter of Wm & Ernstine
KnorppUnknownDec 22 1868Mar 15 1869German Methodistmonument broken through name
MetzInfantNov 15 1862Dec 1 1862German MethodistSon of V. & Johanna
MetzMary AnnJan 12 1868Apr 24 1871German MethodistDau. of V. & Johanna
RhinebergerOdie EOct 27 1896Feb 10 1897German MethodistInfant son of John & Louise
SchmidJacob GJan 12 1812Feb 21 1887German MethodistBorn Wurttemburg, Germany, Died in Jeff Co. Mo., "He was a resident of Jefferson Co. 55 years with his two brothers and sister who rest by his side. They were pioneers of the early German settlers of the county."
SchmidKatharineDec 15 1822Apr 25 1890German MethodistBorn in Mensfelden, Nassau, Germany
SchmidtGeorge FSep 12 1808Nov 16 1860German MethodistBorn in Wittenburg, Germany
SchmidtMariaAug 15 1824Aug 07 1885German MethodistBorn in Altenburg, Saxony
SeypohltowskyFrederica SNov 22 1842Jan 30 1873German Methodistnee Koester; Wife of August
SmithElizabethSep 13 1856Mar 13 1864German MethodistParents: J & C
StitzelRich'dnone givennone givenGerman MethodistCo. E. 2nd Mo. Inf.
StringfellowLydia AAug 26 1816May 10 1870German MethodistBorn in Louisville, Ky, Died in DeSoto, Mo; Wife of F.H.; Aged 23 yrs 8m 23d
UnknownLauranone givennone givenGerman MethodistOnly top of monument showing
ZollmanPhilipena1810Nov 6 1880German Methodistnee Volker; same stone as Phillip
ZollmanPhillip1802Jan 25 1882German Methodistsame stone as Philipina