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German Evangelical Cemetery
AKA Hope United Church of Christ
AKA Ebenezer
AKA Fink

T39 R5 S9
Additions and corrections May 2008 by Tammy Beckemeyer

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathCemeteryNotes
AckersonCharleneMay 10 1927none givenGerman Evangelical
AckersonGeorge WJul 06 1923Dec 18 1963German EvangelicalTec. 4, U.S. Army WWII
AckersonLeo T.Dec 28 1902May 2 1966German Evangelicalssa Rosia
AckersonRosia AnnMar 02 1888Jan 20 1963German Evangelicalssa Leo
AllenE. Mabel19161982German Evangelical
AllenErnest L19141987German Evangelical
BauerAnnetta18851920German Evangelicalssa Henry
BauerHenry18801939German Evangelicalssa Annetta
BauerHenry L.Apr 13 1906Jul 21 1907German EvangelicalSon of H.E. & Annetta
BeckerHenryApr 30 1880Jul 13 1959German EvangelicalSSA Lena
BeckerLenaJan 11 1880Feb 1, 1981German EvangelicalSSA Henry
BentrupFred18521932German Evangelical
BradleyAnita MMar 8 1905Feb 9 1984German EvangelicalDau of Etta Ponzar
CreceliusAdeline E18941980German EvangelicalSSA Samuel
CreceliusSamuel J18951980German EvangelicalSSA Adeline
DammeCharles Lnone givenJul 02 1959German Evangelical
EngledowGeorge F JrJan 9 1912Mar 24 1988German EvangelicalCGM US Navy WWII
EngledowGeorge FJan 9 1912Mar 24 1988German Evangelicalssa Velma
EngledowVelma EFeb 21 1910Feb 11 1991German Evangelicalssa George
EnglishShirley M.19331933German Evangelical
FegerFrankMar 29 1875Dec 5 1899German Evangelical
FegerKatherine18781920German EvangelicalSpouse: Frank
FinkCatherine E. 18441908German Evangelicalsame stone as Christian F.
FinkCharles18761902German Evangelical
FinkChristian F.18361902German Evangelicalon same stone as Catherine E.
FinkChristian18851906German Evangelical
FinkEmmaMay 27 1866Nov 5 1893German EvangelicalParents: Christ. & Catharina
FinkMary ASep 3 1896Sep 25 1896German EvangelicalParents: W.C. & Emma
FisherTheodore FAug 20 1895Aug 22 1944German EvangelicalMo Pvt, 70 Inf, 10 D
FischerFlorence A19001901German Evangelicalssa Isabelle; John; George
FischerGeorge L18941898German Evangelicalssa Isabelle; Florence; John
FischerIsabelle18701939German Evangelicalssa John; Florence; George
FischerJohn M18681936German Evangelicalssa Isabelle; Florence; George
FischerJohnJan 18 1909Jun 25 1988German Evangelical
FriedmeyerAugust18871972German Evangelicalssa Ursal and Theodore
FriedmeyerFreida M19021902German Evangelical
FriedmeyerFrieda18911911German Evangelical
FriedmeyerJulius18761959German Evangelicalssa Pauline
FriedmeyerLoretta MJan 03 1909Jun 14 1998German Evangelical
FriedmeyerMary18541929German EvangelicalSpouse: Theodor
FriedmeyerPauline18891933German Evangelicalssa Julius
FriedmeyerRobert LJan 15 1938May 21 2006German Evangelical
FriedmeyerTheodor18331901German Evangelical
FriedmeyerTheodore18741950German Evangelicalssa Ursal and August
FriedmeyerTheodore RMay 03 1912Feb 19 1982German Evangelical
FriedmeyerUrsal19081979German Evangelicalssa August and Theodore
GierthCarl AApr 1 1837Feb 22 1905German Evangelicalsame stone as Clara C.
GierthClara CFeb 24 1840Mar 23 1908German Evangelicalsame stone as Carl A
GretzschelMarie LOct 02 1911Oct 02 1911German EvangelicalDau. of A.C & Clara
HamptonMilton18651936German Evangelical
HedgeJamie LynnMar 23 1967Sep 24 2003German Evangelical
HeinbechnerJacob Mnone givenJan 20 1892German EvangelicalPvt 1st class, 90 Inf. 20 Div.
JoyceDorothy ADec 1 1915none givenGerman Evangelicalssa Kenneth
JoyceKenneth JMay 14 1913Sep 28 1989German Evangelicalssa Dorothy
KnappJosephJan 20 1892Jan 20 1892German Evangelical
KnappMatildaJun 21 1850Jan 5 1895German EvangelicalParents: M/M Halter;
KnorppCharles FFeb 24 1848Apr 5 1915German Evangelical
KnorppJulius CJul 25 1842Nov 22 1903German EvangelicalBorn in Stuttgart, Wurtenberg (note; spelled Knapp in another transcription)
KnorppSophia BMay 27 1836May 10 1908German Evangelical(note; spelled Knapp in another transcription)
KoesterAnna E18451938German EvangelicalSpouse: Charles E
KoesterCharles E18401920German EvangelicalSpouse: Anna E
KoesterCharles Edward Jr18651941German Evangelical
KramerBernetta A19302000German Evangelical
KruegerAugustnone givennone givenGerman EvangelicalCo. E, 5th Mo Inf
KurtzAdeline18171889German EvangelicalSSA Peter
KurtzPeter18141894German EvangelicalSSA Adeline; Artificer Co. H, Engr. Regt. West Mo. Vols.
none givennone givenGerman Evangelical
LandauJack EJun 18 1929Feb 12 1989German EvangelicalA1C US Air Force Korea
LandauJack E19291989German Evangelicalssa Nina; Married Mar 12, 1947
LandauNina L1925none givenGerman Evangelicalssa Jack
LanhamChristina E.B.Jul 19 1908Feb 10 1910German Evangelical
LanhamGeorge Hnone givenMar 22 1931German EvangelicalMo Pvt 1st class, 14 Cav.
LanhamHoward WJan 5 1910May 15 1911German Evangelical
LanhamMargaret18901926German Evangelical
LanhamWillis18831929German Evangelical
MalletteCarol LOct 26 1935none givenGerman Evangelicalssa Richard
MalletteRichard WFeb 25 1930Jan 16 1989German Evangelicalssa Carol; Married Aug 16 1953
MatthaiRobertDec 18 1848Mar 5 1916German EvangelicalSaid "Father" on stone
MatthesCaroline R18741936German Evangelicalssa William
MatthesChristian J19041934German Evangelical
MatthesChristina Jnone givennone givenGerman Evangelicalssa John
MatthesEdward C.May 30 1905Aug 5 1905German EvangelicalParents: Wm. & Caroline; (Note; another transcription oives his name as Howard C)
MatthesEmily F1913none givenGerman Evangelicalssa Harold
MatthesEmma19151915German Evangelical
MatthesEmmaJun 13 1907Sep 16 1907German EvangelicalParents: Wm & Caroline
MatthesEmma VOct 14 1908Mar 4 1909German EvangelicalParents: F. & H.
MatthesFred CApr 1 1899Jun 28 1903German EvangelicalParents: W. & C (or Fred G.)
MatthesHannah18761954German Evangelicalnee Knorpp; ssa J Fred
MatthesHarold K19052000German Evangelicalssa Emily
MatthesJ Fred18781946German Evangelicalssa Hannah
MatthesJohnnone givennone givenGerman Evangelicalssa Christina
MatthesMartha CJun 13, 1907Sep 16 1907German Evangelicaldaughter of Wm & Caroline
MatthesRuby MAug 7 1918Sep 11 1980German Evangelicalssa Theodore
MatthesSophie CJan 17 1901Apr 30 1901German EvangelicalDaughter of F. & H.
MatthesTheodore RMar 20 1913Dec 9 1978German Evangelicalssa Ruby
MatthesWilliam C18711941German Evangelicalssa Caroline
MockerWm RApr 17 1861Feb 02 1911German EvangelicalBorn Stuttgart, Germany
OwensDanny EOct 30 1960Mar 11 1999German EvangelicalSon & Brother
OwensRube EJun 22 1932Jul 8 2001German Evangelicalssa Sandra
OwensSandra SOct 17 1940none givenGerman Evangelicalssa Rube
PonzarEtta LSep 4 1881Apr 27 1961German Evangelical
PonzarJacob18751953German Evangelical
PonzarJoseph18731956German Evangelical
PonzarJune E19301931German Evangelical
PonzarMaryJan 19 1846Mar 22 1929German Evangelicalon same stone as Wenzel
PonzarNioma V19111961German EvangelicalSSA Raymond
PonzarRaymond M19071964German EvangelicalSSA Nioma
PonzarWenzelNov 17 1830Jan 9 1909German EvangelicalSSA Mary: note alternate dates given for birth Nov 17 1883 and death Jan 19 1909
ReichertFrederickFeb 25 1831Mar 15 1898German Evangelical
ReichertHerman18641939German Evangelical
RinglingElmer CJun 5 1914Aug 4 2003German Evangelicalssa Frances; Married Jun 16 1942
RinglingFrances EMay 19 1919Jul 12 2005German Evangelicalssa Elmer
RougglyNorman LAug 26 1917Apr 2 2003German Evangelicalssa Stella: Married May 10 1941
RougglyStella MSep 21 1917none givenGerman Evangelicalssa Norman
SchramKathryn18311930German Evangelical
SpradlingAda MFeb 9 1904Dec 13 1979German Evangelicalssa William
SpradlingGrace AFeb 9 1914Sep 23 1994German Evangelical
SpradlingWilliam LJul 26 1901Oct 8 1965German Evangelicalssa Ada
TremainElsie18931978German EvangelicalSaid "Mother" on stone
TremainLyman D18931967German EvangelicalSaid "Father" on stone
TurnerWilliam CAug 21 1912Dec 16 2007German EvangelicalAge 95; metal funeral marker
WagnerAlfred WOct 1 1919Apr 11 1998German EvangelicalSSA Florence: Mar. May 14 1991
WagnerCharles R19251926German Evangelical
WagnerEmma SDec 20 1863Feb 22 1948German Evangelicalssa John F
WagnerFlorence RFeb 8 1922Jan 7 2001German EvangelicalSSA Alfred
WagnerGeorge EMay 22 1893Jul 06 1893German EvangelicalSon of John & Emma
WagnerHaroldnone givennone givenGerman Evangelical
WagnerHowardJan 25 1923Apr 28 1944German EvangelicalSSA Wesley and Lulu; "Killed in Action"
WagnerJohn18561943German Evangelicalssa Katie
WagnerJohnnone givenFeb 02 1?62German Evangelical
WagnerJohn FOct 12 1860Sep 02 1944German Evangelicalssa Emma
WagnerJohnnieJun 12 1888Aug 08 1913German Evangelical
WagnerKatie18621942German Evangelicalssa John
WagnerLulu E18931967German EvangelicalSSA Wesley and Howard
WagnerRobert JOct 17 1?47Jan 18 1?48German Evangelical
WagnerWesley18871970German EvangelicalSSA Lulu
WallsJohn G19091915German Evangelical
WamsganzBertha18871978German EvangelicalSSA Lewis
WamsganzEdgar ThomasFeb 7 1897Jul 03 1967German Evangelical
WamsganzEmily18591948German Evangelicalssa Philip
WamsganzInfant19201920German Evangelical
WamsganzJoseph18731956German Evangelical
WamsganzLewis18831959German EvangelicalSSA Bertha
WamsganzMarvin LDec 16 1951May 13 1976German Evangelical
WamsganzPauline18991901German Evangelical
WamsganzPhilip18531924German Evangelicalssa Emily
WamsganzWanda AJul 07 1922Nov 22 2004German Evangelical
WamsganzWilliam JApr 01 1920Oct 9 2001German Evangelical
WilliamsDiana SJul 3 195_none givenGerman Evangelicalssa Howard; married Mar 21 1986
WilliamsHoward DFeb 24 1934Dec 25 2005German Evangelicalssa Diana
YoungCaroline18591923German Evangelical
YoungLouis A18881964German Evangelicalssa Myrtle
YoungLouis Sr18551936German Evangelicalssa Winifred
YoungMyrtle E19001999German Evangelicalssa Louis
YoungWanda A19201937German Evangelical
YoungWinifred18611940German Evangelicalssa Louis