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Flucom Dutch Methodist Cemetery


Additional stones & corrections submitted by Lisa K. Gendron and Tammy Beckemeyer
T39 R5 S11

Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathCemetery/BurialNotes and/or Sources
AlyDewey Edward Jr.Jan 14 1944Sep 19 2004Flucom DutchUS Army Vietnam; same stone as Juanita
AlyDewey Edward Sr.Jun 12 1918May 9 1996Flucom DutchPFC US Army WWII; same stone as Thelma
AlyJuanita MSep 25 1935none givenFlucom Dutchsame stone as Dewey Jr.; nee Garcia
AlyThelma SarahJuly 17 1920Mar 12 1984Flucom Dutchsame stone as Dewey Sr.; married July 17 1940
BarhanAlbert18871973Flucom DutchFuneral Home Marker
BishopChad C AlyOct 2 1974Jun 5 1986Flucom Dutch"Beloved Son"
BruedigamHenry18591946Flucom Dutchsame stone as Mary
BruedigamMary18551947Flucom Dutchsame stone as Henry
DempseyWallace VMar 30 1935May 15 1999Flucom DutchPFC US Army
FreemanClarence WilliamMar 7 1913Nov 25 1991Flucom DutchT SGT US Army WWII; same stone as Marie
FreemanMarie VJul 5 1915Aug 8 2004Flucom Dutchsame stone as Clarence
GreithSam AlfredJul 12 1891Mar 16 1893Flucom DutchParents C.A. & Emma; stone broken, could not verify
HalterAdolph18871923Flucom Dutch
HalterEdwardNov 6 1876Feb 1 1946Flucom Dutch
HalterLouisFeb 11 1844Jul 19 1915Flucom DutchSaid "Our Father" on stone
HalterMary C18601935Flucom Dutchon same stone as William
HalterMinnieOct 17 1861May 29 1891Flucom DutchParents: Wm & Jane Kleinschmidt; Spouse: Wm F
HalterWilliam F18581942Flucom Dutchon same stone as Margaret
HasseFred TNov 30 1883Aug 22 1971Flucom Dutch
HasseGeorge L18951992Flucom Dutch
HasseLillie EMar 15 1889Oct 2 1971Flucom Dutch
HasseNora JFeb 25 1895Jun 30 1982Flucom Dutchon same stone as Rudolph
HasseRudolph WNov 21 1885Feb 9 1958Flucom Dutchon same stone as Nora
HasseSophia P18581948Flucom Dutchon same stone as Trust
HasseTrust H18541942Flucom Dutchon same stone as Sophia
HencherMary K18651930Flucom Dutch
HomburgerMax18441928Flucom Dutch
JunckerFlorence CAug 17 1899Aug 16 1988Flucom Dutch
KauslerAlbertJan 31 1830Jun 9 1915Flucom Dutchon same stone as Maria M
KauslerJohn H18571938Flucom Dutch
KauslerMaria MNov 7 1828Jan 1 1897Flucom Dutchon same stone as Albert
KleinschmidtAnna WJun 7 1871Feb 27 1959Flucom Dutchon same stone as Charles H
KleinschmidtCharles HJan 11 1867Jul 13 1948Flucom Dutchon same stone as Anna W.
KleinschmidtLouis18411930Flucom Dutchon same stone as Marie
KleinschmidtMarie18441929Flucom Dutchon same stone as Louis
KnorppMargarethApr 5 1864Oct 9 1900Flucom German MethodistWife of Wes; same stone as Mary E
KnorppMary EApr 4 1867Jan 18 1913Flucom DutchWife of G.W.; same stone as Margareth
KnorppWesley G18561925Flucom Dutch
LamureLeroyNov 8 1921Jan 23 1996Flucom Dutchsame stone as Willa Mae
LamureWilla MaeApril 16 1925April 16 1992Flucom Dutchsame stone as Leroy
LansfordMarion H18721961Flucom Dutchon same stone as Rose
LansfordRose M18821983Flucom Dutchon same stone as Marion
LindsayJohn A18731956Flucom Dutchon same stone as Mary E.
LindsayMary E18841961Flucom Dutchon same stone as John H.
LucasJudy19472000Flucom Dutch
MillerLawrence D19181920Flucom Dutch
PorterEliza A18601947Flucom Dutch
PorterW.C.18591935Flucom Dutch
SchmidtAdolph F18721928Flucom Dutchon same stone as Elizabeth
SchmidtCordelia AmeliaFeb 22 1897Oct 16 1981Flucom Dutchon same stone as Eleonore Louise
SchmidtEleonora LouiseMar 25 1894Jan 10 1965Flucom Dutchon same stone as Cordelia Amelia
SchmidtElizabeth18811954Flucom Dutchon same stone as Adolph F.
SchmidtFred CAug 29 1888Aug 18 1968Flucom Dutch
SchmidtFrederick18411929Flucom Dutchon same stone as Verena
SchmidtFriderika18431927Flucom DutchSaid "Our Aunt" on stone
SchmidtJacob J18541931Flucom Dutchon same stone as Pauline
SchmidtMilton RJun 29 1891Aug 31 1958Flucom DutchMissouri PFC Co. D70 Infantry WWI
SchmidtPauline18611937Flucom Dutchon same stone as Jacob J.
SchmidtTheodore JApr 12 1886Feb 11 1960Flucom DutchMo. Sgt. Engr. Off. Training School, WWI
SchmidtVerena18471939Flucom Dutchon same stone as Frederick