The Orchard & Vineyard of the West

A Description of Jefferson County, Missouri

Its Productions, Resources & Advantages to Emigrants


This small pamphlet can be found at the Missouri History Library located on Skinker in St. Louis, MO. I have transcribed the lists of names that can be found in the pamphlet.


Jefferson County Emigration Society, Hillsboro 1867

President                            John L. Thomas  Hillsboro

Secretary                            C.A. Clark            Hillsboro

Treasurer                            R.W. McMullin   Hillsboro

Directors                            R.N. Hunt            Kimmswick

                                             J. Burgess Jr.       Sulpher Springs

                                             D.W Bryant         Pevely

                                             C.G. Warne         Hanover

                                             Wm. S. Vose       Hemetite

                                             J.G. Rapp             Victoria

                                             J.W. Fletcher      DeSoto

                                             W.F. Brow           Tyro

                                             John Cole            Avoca

                                             E.F. Donnell        Plattin

                                             H.F. Dittmer        Morse’s Mill

                                             E.F. Frost             Grubville

                                             Adolf Weber       House’s Springs

                                             Isaac Sullens       High Ridge

                                             E. Amor                Hillsboro


Horticulture Society

President                            T. Walker             Hillsboro

Vice President                   C.L. Gould           DeSoto

Secretary                            J. Ed. Walker       Hillsboro

Treasurer                            H.P. Bates           Victoria

Librarian                             H.S. Christian      Victoria

Executive Committee      W.F. Bowen        Tyro

                                             D.F. McKee         Victoria

                                             J. Whitney           Victoria

                                             Thos. Bettle        Victoria

                                             B. Hiney               Victoria


Agricultural Society

President                            D.W. Bryant        Pevely

Secretary                            W.S. Jewett        Pevely

Directors                            M.A. Douthett    DeSoto

                                             G. Hamel             DeSoto

                                             C.L. Gould           DeSoto

                                             C.S. Rankin          Pevely

                                             H.M. Parker        Sulpher Springs

                                             E.F. Donnell        Hemetite

                                             H.S. Christian      Victoria

                                             Wm. S. Dyer        Tyro