Dr. Spotted Wolf

Bar Docket Circuit Court, Jefferson County, Missouri – Sept. 24, 1891

Page 63

Number           Counsel           Parties                                     Cause of Action

6 & 7               Dearing           State vs. Dr. Spotted Wolf     Selling Drugs without License



Jefferson Democrat Sep. 3, 1891

Circuit Court Docket - September Term, 1891. 

Monday, September 14

State vs. Dr. Spotted WOLF, selling drugs without license.

State vs. same and similar offense.


Jefferson Democrat Sep 17, 1891

Dr. Spotted WOLF was convicted of selling medicines as an itinerant vendor, without license, and fined $30.  The doctor is an Indian, who was running a show and selling nostrums at DeSoto, and who was informed by the Prosecuting attorney that he must have a license, which would cost him $100 under the law.  Thereupon he procured a peddler’s license, to sell goods, wares and merchandise, costing . . . and when arraigned before a Justice in DeSoto, he showed his peddler’s license and was acquitted.  There were three more cases against him, but he plead guilty and let off with a one-dollar fine in cash.