L. S. Watkins


Jefferson Democrat July 21, 1882

Victoria, Mo., July 19, 1882 - Editor Jefferson Democrat  
This date finds our village not as healthy as usual. We have some malarial fever, such as chills and intermittent fever. Mr. Thos. Jones' oldest daughter, Cora, has the chills and is very sick, and Mr. Jones is not well at present. Mrs. Cook has been very sick the last week, but is able to be up at this date. Dr. G.A. AUERSWALD, of Kimmswick, is the attending physician. Mrs. Spalding's child has been very sick. Dr. McNUTT, of Pevely, attending. Mr. Jeff McKee is also very sick, but under the skillful treatment of Dr. L.S. WATKINS, is fast recovering. This change of weather is not healthy at this time of the year.