Thomas B. Taylor


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 786 II D R

Thos. B. Taylor, Crystal City Post Office, 1876 (date of license or diploma)


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 787 II D R

Thos. B. Taylor 1883 St. Louis (College)


1898 Historical Atlas of Jefferson Co., MO

T.B. Taylor, Physician, Festus, came to county in 1879


Pittsburgh Plate Glass Hospital Death Records

T. B. Taylor (as signing physician)


1900 Jefferson Co., MO Census, Festus

Thomas B. Taylor, Physician, Born Nov. 1847, Age 52, Married 15 years, MO Eng Eng

Elizabeth, Jul 1855, 44, mother of 3, 3 living, MO VT NY

George A. Jul 1886, 13 MO

Walter J. Dec 1887, 12 MO

Edith Jul 1889 10, MO


1907 Festus Post Office Directory

Missouri Birth & Death Records Database 1884
T.B. Taylor, Crystal City (as signing physician)
Jefferson Democrat OCTOBER 17, 1883
Miss Izora Brewster met with a rather serious accident, one day last week. In alighting from a horse she was riding, her clothing caught on the horn of the saddle and
she fell with her head downward, and in this condition was dragged some distance. Her jaw was fractured and she was bruised all over by the dragging and being
stepped on by the horse.  The accident occurred at Mrs. Drake's on the Plattin, where Miss Brewster was teaching school. She was brought home for treatment, 
after Dr. TAYLOR had dressed the wounds, and the school will have a vacation for a few weeks.
Jefferson Democrat June 6, 1885
Crystal City has many acquirements, among which is the (Dr.) Taylor, where you can get to order, not Taylor-made suits, but Taylor made prescriptions, measured 
to fit the disease, and like Taylor made suits that always fits, Taylor made prescriptions always cure.
Jefferson County Record, Feb. 13, 1913

Mrs. Jess Waggoner visited in St. Louis last week and while there, visited Dr.

TAYLOR, at the hospital and says she found the Doctor cheerful.

Jefferson County Record, January 18, 1917
Dr. TAYLOR, an old and highly respected citizen and formerly a prominent physician in Festus who for the past several years lived at the Masonic Home in St. Louis
passed away on Tuesday. He was buried in Bellefonte Cemetery on Thursday. A number of his friends from here motored to St. Louis to attend the funeral. Among 
them were; N. W. Brickey, C. G. Stewart, J. R. Funk, B. C. Revis, H. E. Miller and D. B. Frost.