Joseph Edward Stegmann


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 786 II D R

Joseph Edward Stegmann, Frumet Post Office, 1895 (date of license or diploma)


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 787 II D R

Joseph Edward Stegmann 1895 Beaumont Hospital College of St. Louis


Jefferson Democrat WEDNESDAY, 11 JULY 1888

Dr. STEGMANN's wife has become violently insane. They live in Washington county, and the court of that county has made an order to send her to an asylum but the doctor is afraid to send her off in her present condition, and she is being guarded at home.


1900 Jefferson County MO Census, Big River township

Joseph E. Stegman, Medical Doctor, Born Nov 1868, Age 30, Single, MO Ger Ger


1898 Historical Atlas of Jefferson Co., MO

J.E. Stegman, Physician, Frumet, came to county in 1872


Jefferson County Record  March 13, 1913

~Sudden Death~

Friday this community was shocked by the news of the sudden death of Dr. J. E. STEGMAN, who had gone to St. Louis on business the day before. From St. Louis papers it was learned that he was picked up in the doorway of the Culver building, dying condition and died before reaching the city dispensary. He seemed to be ill when found and moaned, "Call Dr. Smith" near whose office he was found. His funeral took place from the Boyd St.  Methodist church in De Soto and he was laid to rest in that city. Rev. A. A. Halter conducted the funeral. He leaves a widow, who was Miss Alice Whitsett, and a daughter, who is ten years old, and a son, six, two brothers, Gus A. and Chas. A. in St. Louis and a sister, Mrs. George P. Dover of Frumet. The remains were borne to their final resting place by the Royal Arcanum lodge, a large concourse of former classmates, friends and grateful patients who had been aided by his skill and devotion. Big River, Valle, and Central Township, being largely represented.

In Memoriam - Joseph E. STEGMANN was born in Hillsboro, Mo. August 10, 1869 and died in St. Louis March 7, 1913. He graduated from Beaumont Medical College in 1895 and although he in part worked his way through the school he was the leader of his class. He has lived his life almost wholly in Jefferson County at Frumet and at Hillsboro practicing his profession at both places. The Doctor had his faults but they were of the kind that affected mostly his own life and the lives of his own family. If he had faults he paid the penalty without complaint and without bitterness and suffered in silence, unkindness from his fellows, where he should have received encouragement and help. He was a man of fine mentality and was recognized by the profession as a physician of more than usual ability. His nature was generous and the spirit of charity was a part of his being. The call for his professional service was to him a call to duty and he never failed to answer the call no matter from whence it came. He was Masonic in his ideals and in the years we have known him we can truthfully say that we never heard him speak evil of any one, but was generously tolerant of the faults and foibles of others. Though he had frailties, he possessed many virtues; though he had weakness, he possessed much strength; though unkind to his own interests and to himself he was unfailingly kind to others; though he did not help himself, he used his utmost strength and power to help those who most needed help. Judged by the critical standards of the world he failed to live up to the splendid ability that was inherent in him, but in the exercise of the spirit of charity and acts of loving kindness who shall say that he failed. If loving tender ministration to the needy and suffering, if thoughtful consideration of the aged the weak and the helpless, shall count in the award, who shall say that there shall not be many stars in his crown.


Jefferson County Record March 13, 1913

A large number of Hillsboro citizens were here Sunday to attend the funeral of Dr. STEGMAN held in the M.E. church.  The remains were interred in the city cemetery.


1900 Jefferson County MO Census, Big River township

Joseph E. Stegman, Medical Doctor, Born Nov 1838, Age 30, Single, MO Ger Ger


Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929 about Joseph E. Stegman

Name:   Joseph E. Stegman

Death Date:        7 Mar 1913

Death Place:       Hillsboro, MO

Type Practice:    Allopath

JAMA Citation:   60:1012