M. F. Spalding


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 786 II D R

M. F. Spalding, Kimmswick Post Office, 1873 (date of license or diploma)


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 787 II D R

M. F. Spaulding 1884 St. Louis (college)


Jefferson Democrat, July 1878

M. F. Spalding Physician & Surgeon, Kimmswick, MO


1880 Jefferson County MO Census, Rock Township

M.F. Spalding, Physician, Age 32, MO KY MO

M.L., wife, Age 31 MO KY KY

Clarence 4, MO


Jefferson Democrat Sept. 23, 1885

Chris. Vogt, who had a hand sawed off in his mill, some time ago, was in town recently. The amputation, performed by Drs. McNUTT and SPALDING, was a success, and is pronounced by all medical men who have seen it, as one of the neatest and best piece of surgery ever performed in this county. Drs. SPALDING and McNUTT have added laurels to their professional skill by this operation.


Tombstone reads

M.F. Spalding M.D.

1849 - 1908