Emmett J. Senn

Dr. Emmett J. Senn came to Herculaneum in 1937 as an associate of Dr. O.E. Hensley, who was the town doctor and company doctor for the St. Joe Lead Company. In 1943, following the death of Dr. Hensley, Dr. Senn inherited the practice and became the company doctor. Dr. Senn was a specialist in obstetrics and soon developed a thriving practice in Herculaneum and the surrounding area. Dr. Senn once commented that he had the privilege of bring 5,000 babies into the world, many of whom would later attend the Herculaneum Schools. His warmth and love for people endeared him to many of his patients. He didn't take appointments. You sat in the office and waited your turn, usually around 2-3 hours. Later on in years, he put a sign on the waiting room wall that said "In memory of all those that died waiting to see the doctor."

As a physician, Dr. Senn was instrumental in the establishment of Jefferson Memorial Hospital in Festus. He served as the hospital's first Chief of Staff, a position he held for seven years. Dr. Senn also served on the staff of Lutheran Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital in Kirkwood, MO. In 1973, the American Academy of Family Practice presented him with a Fellows Award for excellence in medicine.

Interested in the educational welfare of the Herculaneum children, Dr. Senn became a member of the Herculaneum Board of Education in 1944. He served on the board for 23 years and held the position as board President from 1947 to 1965. During his tenure, he helped to guide the district through the reconstruction of the school following the disastrous Christmas Day fire of 1947, and the construction of the first elementary school in the district. He was key in the reorganization of the Jefferson County school districts in 1949 and many other facets of the school district's growth and development. Dr. Senn was a staunch supporter of athletics and gave the athletes their yearly physicals free of charge.

In April 1971, the newly-constructed junior high school building and the street on which it is located were named in his honor.

Dr. Senn's wife's name was Winona and was known as "Babe." His nurse was Marion Creswell. After he retired, Dr. Richard Carroll took over Dr Senn's practice and was the Doe Run doctor for a short time.

Social Security Death Index

Name: Emmett J. Senn

SSN: 490-46-0696

Last Residence: 63011  Ballwin, Saint Louis, Missouri

Born: 20 Apr 1940

Died: 10 Jun 2009

State (Year) SSN issued: