John Wilkerson Pickell


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 786 II D R

John W. Pickle, Jefferson County, 1884 (date of license or diploma)


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 787 II D R

John Wilkerson Pickel 1890 College of Physicians & Surgeons, Baltimore, Maryland


PPG Death Records

John W. Pickell Crystal City (as signing physician)


1900 Jefferson County MO Census, Joachim township

John W. Pickel, Physician, Jul 1854, 45, Married 13 years, TN TN TN

Elizabeth Nov. 1859 40, mother of 7, 5 living LA SC LA

Elsie, Jun 1888, 11, TX

Ruth Mar 1891, 9,  MO

Myra Jun 1892, 7, MO

Mary L. Feb 1895, 5, MO

Laura Jan 1897, 3, MO


Jefferson County Press Feb. 9, 1937 - J. R. Funk writes........

"The first telephone line from Festus to Crystal City was private and extended from Dr. Donnell's office in the drug store in the east side of the Thomure

building to Dr. J. W. Pickel's office at Crystal City. Service was not very dependable, but we managed to get many messages across.