Horatio Nelson Miner


1870 Jefferson Co., MO Census, Plattin Township, Hillsboro P.O.

H. N. Miner 56 Physician NY

Clara 46 NY

Cora 10 IL

Malcolm 9 IL

George 8 IL

Gracie 5 MO

May 3 MO


Born 31 May 1813 in New York

Died 03 Jun 1878 Jefferson Co., MO


Married Emma M Pierson 01 May 1839

Children: Malcolm Pierson Miner

Monique Alice Miner

Norah Elliott Miner


Married Clara Ann Ide  May 2, 1859 Massachusetts

Children: Cora Emma Miner

George Nelson Miner

Grace Adeline Miner

Mary Frost Miner

Malcolm Ide Miner


Democrat - FRIDAY, 26 MARCH 1868
DISASTROUS FIRE - Mr. H.N. MINER informed us in regard to the burning of his residence, at Hanover, on the 16th inst. There was a high wind at the time, and the house caught fire in the front roof, by sparks from the chimney. Mr. M. was away from home, and his wife being in the back part of the house, did not discover the fire at once. No help was near and everything was burned up. Not a thing was saved, not even a change of clothing for any of the family, nor a particle of provision, or an article of furniture, or a cooking utensil; the library, and in fact everything was burned, leaving him and his family in a destitute condition. $160 in money was burned, and he has left but $3.15. Mr. MINER is a Mason and in distress.