Harry Michaels

Tanglefoot Vol. II, Howard Litton

When he first came to Festus, Dr. Harry (?) Michaels, a chiropractor, had his office in the front part of this building and he and his family lived in the rear part. His wife died quite young and there were several children the good doctor reared by himself. Dr. Michaels was a tremendously strong and powerful man  who could grasp a wheel barrow by the handles and hand it to you straight out. He could load four bags of cement, when each sack weighed 98 pounds, on his shoulders and under his arms without help, and walk away with this load.

He was mostly a vegetarian, decrying even at this early time that canned and processed meat and foods were harmful to one's health. The only food he cooked was dried beans. All other vegetables were eaten raw. He rode a bicycle every where he went and he was in World War I, it is said. But your author (Mr. Litton) couldn't find his name in the Jefferson County list of inductees. So Dr. Michaels must have been inducted into the Armed Forces from some other induction center. It is thought that Dr. Michaels was in Festus for about ten years or so.