James Cullen Keaney


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 787 II D R

James Kearney 1885 Homeopathic Medical College of St. Louis


Jefferson Democrat Dec. 3, 1875

Dr. Keaney Homeopathic Physician & Surgeon, Main Street DeSoto, near Howe’s Drug


Fee bill Aug. 4, 1887 (probate file Jefferson Co., MO)

James C. Keaney M.D. Homeopath

Mrs. S. Racine to Jas. Keaney, medical attendance and medicine from Dec. 1886 to date. $45


PPG Death Records (1911) as signing physician

Jas. Keaney

Jefferson Democrat July 21, 1882

Dr. KEANEY, med. attn. pauper                    10.00


Missouri Birth & Death Records Database

James Keaney DeSoto 1884 as signing physician


1876 Jefferson County Missouri Historical Atlas

James Keaney, DeSoto, Occupation Homeopathic Physician, Nativity Letrin Co., Ire., came to county in 1872


1897 Directory of the City of DeSoto

Dr. James Keaney, physician, 324 1-2 S. Main St.


U.S. Passport applications for son, Frank Keaney (contains info on his father James)

Frank C Keaney                                                                       

Birth: 9 Jan 1880 DeSoto, Missouri                                                                  

Age: 33                                                           

Residence: DeSoto, Missouri                                                                

Passport Issue Date: 15 May 1913

Application Page 1         


Frank C Keaney                                                                       

Birth Date: 6 Jan 1880                                                             

Birth Place: DeSoto, Missouri                                                              

Age: 42                                                           

Residence: DeSoto, Missouri                                                                

Passport Issue Date: 5 Dec 1922                                                                       

Father Name: Dr James C Keaney                                                                    

Father's Birth Location: Ireland                                                            

Father's Residence: DeSoto, Missouri                                                               

Application Page 1, Page 2, Page 3


Frank Cullen Keaney                                                               

Birth: 6 Jan 1880 DeSoto, Missouri                                                                  

Age: 42                                                           

Residence: DeSoto, MO

(Lived in Brazil, S.A. 1909-1921)                                                                     

Passport Issue Date: 14 Jan 1922                                                                      

Father Name: Dr Jas C Keaney                                                             

Father's Birth Location: Cork, Ireland                                                               

Father's Residence: De Soto, Missouri

- Father immigrated thru port of NY 1842                                                                                

Application Page 1, Page 2


Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929 about James Cullen Keaney

Name:   James Cullen Keaney

Birth Date:          1838

Death Date:        4 May 1926

Death Place:       De Soto, MO

Type Practice:    Homeopathy

Practice Specialities:        De Soto, MO, 1874

Licenses:              MO, 1885, KS, 1907

Practice Dates Places:     De Soto, MO, 1874

Medical School: Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri, St. Louis, 1874, (G)

JAMA Citation:   86:1928

Cause Of Death:               lobar pneumonia