Alva M. Hoffee


1936 Directory of the City of DeSoto, Jefferson Co., MO

Dr. Alvie M. Hoffee, Dentist, Tel. 200, 228 A. S. Main


Dr. A. M. Hoffee D.D.S.

(by Joyce Hoffee Donahue)

Dr. Hoffee graduated from DeSoto High school where he played football while Mr. Poole was coach. He graduated from St. Louis University Dental School about 1925. He started his practice in DeSoto and in 1929 married Alta Vista Cape. They had two children, Joyce born in 1930 and Andrew Edward born in 1941. Dr. Hoffee served in the U. S. Dental Military Reserves.  During the depression years he was the dentist for the men at the CCC camp that were building Washington State Park. During the Korean War he was notified to report for possible service. After taking the physical examination and waiting several months he was told that because of his age and years of practice he would serve as a Colonel, if called.   As it turned out Dr. Hoffee was not called for duty. Dr. Hoffee was committed to his Christian values of serving others.  Many times he got up in the middle of the night and went to his office to care for a person with a toothache and often drove them home. Dr. Hoffee loved his church, his Masonic activities and Rotary Club.  He loved to hunt and fish. He was a wonderful Christian gentleman. He was a deacon and served as chairman of the building committee of the First Baptist Church for the construction of the new sanctuary.  He served as a member of the DeSoto school board for many years and worked to promote better education for the children of DeSoto.  Dr. Hoffee practiced dentistry in DeSoto until his death in 1959 at age 56.