Charles G. Harris


PPG Death Records

C. G. Harris (as signing physician)


1907 Festus Post Office Directory

Dr. Chas. Harris


1920 Jefferson Co., MO Census, Joachim township

Chas. G. Harris, Age 51 IL, Physician

Dora 44 IL

Thelma 17 MO

Charles G. 11 MO


Doctor’s Permits to Prescribe Ethyl Alcohol and Wine 1922-33

Jefferson College 790 II D-R

C. G. Harris, Festus


Howard Litton’s “Tanglefoot, Portrait of a City”

Dr. Charles G. Harris was held in high esteem by some of his patients, but one trip to his office was enough for others who disliked him intensely. Suffice it to say he was finally advised to get out of town or he wouldn't have any health left to take care of. This was because of certain alleged indiscretions with some of his female patients, one of whom blew the whistle on him. He got the message and moved to St. Louis, Missouri with great alacrity for a man of his age.