David Smith Deadrick


Jefferson Democrat, 19 JANUARY 1883

Dr. DEADRICK has moved to Mammoth Springs, Ark., which place he describes as a glorious town, and improving rapidly.


1900 Census, Mammoth Spring Arkansas, Fulton County

David S. Deaderick Born Sept. 1842, Age 57  MO GA PA  Physician


Vital Records: Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929

Deaderick, D. S.

Died:  Dec 31, 1929     

Born:  1843     

Type of practice:  Allopath     

State/year of licenses:  AR, 1903    

Medical school:  Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis: St. Louis Med. Coll., 1873, (G)     

Comment in death date:  This is an approximation of the individual's death date.


He was the great-grandson of the “famous” John Smith T of  Selma Hall or Kennett’s Castle, and brother to Dr. James S. Deadrick.