Amandus Leo Friedericus Victor Crull


1860 Jefferson County MO Census, Morse’s Mill Post Office

Amandus Crull, Farmer, Age 40, Mechlenberg

Mary A. Age 26 MO

John 11 MO

George 6 MO


1870 Jefferson County MO Census, Big River Township, Hillsboro Post Office

Amandus Crull 50 Physician Ger

Mary Ann 37 MO

John 20 MO

George 16 MO

George W. 8 MO


1876 Jefferson County Missouri Historical Atlas

A. Crull, Dittmer’s Store, Occupation Farmer & Physician, Nativity Germany, came to county in 1840


1880 Jefferson County MO Census, Big River Township

A. Crull, Physician, 59, Mck Mck Mck

Mary A. 47, MO SC KY

George 26 MO

John, 30 MO

Louisa, 23 Daughter in law, IL Ger Ger


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 786 II D R

A. Crull, House Springs Post Office, 1883 (date of license or diploma)


Goodspeeds History of Jefferson Co., MO, 1888

Dr. Amandus Crull, practicing physician of Big River Township, was born in Mecklenburg, Germany, in 1820, and after receiving a good collegiate education in the German, French and Spanish languages, came to the United States, in 1838, and after making a tour of all the principal cities of the country, spent some time visiting relatives in St. Louis County, Mo. He came to Big River Township in 1841, there being but two other German families west of Big River in Jefferson County at that time, to his knowledge. After remaining in that vicinity for about two years he left and made an extended tour through Texas and Mexico. Here he remained for about two years, and while in Texas acted as guide for a company who assisted in establishing a German settlement there. He soon after returned to Big River Township, and in 1849 married Miss Mary Ann, daughter of George and Dosia McFry, who were among the early settlers of Jefferson County, but afterward moved to Franklin County, where Mrs. Crull was born. To the Doctor and wife were born two children, sons, named John and George, and both enterprising farmers of Big River Township, the latter owning the home farm of 113 acres. After marriage the Doctor first located at the head of Belew's Creek, and a few years later moved to where he has since made his home, twelve miles northwest of Hillsboro. The Doctor farmed until a few years prior to the war, when he began the study of medicine, under the instruction of Dr. Charles Rugge. After a few years' study he commenced his practice in 1861, and continued this successfully until broken down by age and hard work, although he still continues an office practice. From 1875 until 1883 he was notary public. He was formerly a Democrat, and cast his first presidential vote for James K. Polk, in 1844, but after the organization of the Republican party he identified himself with that party and remained for several years. He then became dissatisfied with some of its principles, and is now strictly conservative, voting for the man without regard to the party. His parents were Hon. John and Josephine (Stein) Crull. The father was procurator in law, a position of high rank. He served during the French War, under Napoleon I, and was a lieutenant of the "Black Hussars" in Germany.


Jefferson Democrat Feb. 6, 1890

Mrs. CRULL, wife of Dr. A. CRULL, of near DITTMER'S store, died on day last week. She was somewhat advanced in years, but we have not learned her age. She was a daughter of the late George MCFRY and a sister of ex-sheriff MCFRY, and a much respected lady.


Jefferson Democrat Feb. 13, 1890

Amandus Crull

Died - Mary Ann, wife of Dr. A. CRULL, Jan. 23, 1890 at the residence of her son John CRULL of pneumonia and heart failure, after an illness of nine days. Mrs. CRULL had been unwell for some time previously, and went on a visit to her son on a cold stormy day, where she was taken sick on the evening of her arrival. Her husband was taken sick at the same time at home, and was unable to see her during her illness. She was a daughter of George and Ducia MCFRY, and was born on the 24th day of September, 1838? In Franklin county, Mo. She was married to Amandus CRULL in 1857, and became a member of the Baptist Church in 1859. Mrs. C. was not only a Christian by name, but proved to be one by her acts and deeds; she was kind to the poor and suffering, always ready to assist the sick, and that she was much liked and respected by all those who knew her could be seen by her large funeral procession and the sorry faces of those who attended her to her last resting place. Deceased was buried in the Union graveyard at Cedar Hill, and Messrs. J. LUCAS and Frank HERRINGTON delivered short, but touching addresses at the funeral. Dr. MANSON who attended Mrs. C. deserves much praise for his assiduous and untiring attention paid her during her last illness.       Relative, at Dittmer's Store, Jan. 31, 1890


Facts from the book Dr. Amandus Crull of Jefferson County, Missouri by Albert J. Crull, great-grandson. Published 1992.  (Jefferson County Library, Northwest Branch)



Amandus Leo Friedericus Victor Crull was born 26 August 1820 in the small village of Warin and was christened there 31 August 1820. Warin is located about 26 miles northeast of Schwerin, Mecklenberg, in what was known as Prussia.. . His father, Johann Gerog Friedrich Crull…His mother was Josephine Stein.”



Amandus came to the United States on the barque Sir Isaac Newton. It embarked from Hamburg with Jerome Wenant as captain and arrived in New York City 27 July 1840…”


p. 164

“When Amandus traveled to Missouri in 1842 he may have used a series of stagecoaches on public roads ….”



“In one of his autobiographies he wrote that he was a guide for a German company settling immigrants in Texas…”



“He married Mary Ann McFry on April 9, 1847..Their two sons were born while they lived on Belew Creek, John in 1849 and George in 1853…”



“In addition to practicing medicine, Amandus was a Notary of Public from 1875 to 1883”



Amandus enjoyed writing. He wrote poetry throughout his life and for a time wrote a regular column for a St. Louis newspaper..”



“Picture of Amandus taken after his death. He died March 23, 1890 and was buried alongside Mary Ann in the graveyard at Cedar Hill”