C.E. Crosby


Pittsburgh Plate Glass Hospital Death Records

C. E. Crosby (as signing physician)


Tanglefoot Vol. II - Howard Litton

Also in 1955, Dr. C.E. Crosby, an osteopathic physician and surgeon of wide and excellent repute, opened his office here. He will be remembered as the tall lanky doctor with the gentle hands. He always wore soft gloves, both in summer and in winter, to keep his hands soft and sensitive so he could feel the bones and joints in the spinal column more accurately and easily. He always wore a hat and smoked his cigarette in a long thin holder. He was a tremendously efficient and proficient doctor. One of his specialties was the treatment of hemorieds. Dr. Crosby moved upstairs in one of the offices in #111A from #202 Main Street, and he occupied this office until he died.