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J. J. Commerford (as signing physician)


Doctor’s Permits to Prescribe Ethyl Alcohol and Wine 1922-33

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J. J. Commerford, Crystal City


Glass Rays 1938

Dr. J. J. Commerford was a company physician for the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company at Crystal City, in the old "dispensary days." Long before the present hospital was erected, and when first aid was given in the building that now houses the company telephone exchange Dr. Commerford came to Crystal City to serve factory employees and to open an office here. He has remained here every since, has established a life-long friendship in the community, and has rendered many years of service to residents of the Twin Cities.


Dr. Commerford has served the community in other ways as well. From 1935 to 1937 he was mayor of Crystal City. He is a member of the Crystal City Lions Club, and during his term as mayor, he also became a member of the Lions Club Blind Committee. This committee, on which Dr. Commerford still serves, has been of great service in the prevention of blindness through care and treatment of eye disorders among Crystal City school children and other. He has been on the board of directors' of the Crystal City Savings and Loan Association for the past several years.


Dr. Commerford was born in Saline County, Kansas. He attended St. Louis University four years, and from 1909 to 1911 he served an internship at St. John's hospital in St. Louis. In January 1912, he came to Crystal City, his choice of two positions and locations available at the time. In 1920 Dr. Commerford married Miss Katherine E. Bond, daughter of Mrs. Cora M. Bond and the late George C. Bond of Crystal City, but formerly of St. Marys. Mrs. Commerford is a sister of Mrs. F. J. Hess and G. H. Bond of Crystal City and Valle Bond of San Francisco, Calif.


Dr. and Mrs. Commerford have six children, five sons and one daughter. The oldest son, James, is attending pre-medical school at St. Louis University. Three of their children, Valle, John and George attend Sacred Heart school, Thomas, is a sophomore in Crystal City high school, and the baby Catherine, is two years old. For several years the family resided at 362 Taylor Avenue, and last year they moved to their new home on Mississippi Avenue.